(2016-08-30) The Return of Mantis
The Return of Mantis
Summary: Mantis returns to the Avengers Mansion and meets two temporally displaced Avengers there.
Date: 2016-08-30
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Location: Foyer of the Avengers Mansion in New York City.

Tuesday August 30th, midafternoon in the Avengers Mansion

MJ steps out of the hydraulic lift still towel drying her red locks having recently used the pool in the gym and heads towards the dining hall to pick up a snack.

The mansion has only seen a certain green not-Gamora/She-Hulk woman once in the last few days, though she did verify her existence and credentials in the most blithe of ways: presenting a rather out of date card, and smiling until Jarvis (or whatever passes for the same) could scan and confirm her. For the most part, Mantis has kept at bay out of respect for the current inhabitants. Now, however, she returns holding a backpack with a pair of paper handles, the sort obtained from a shop, sticking out. The bag itself is squashed next to several, giving a lumpy appearance. Assuming no trouble arrives at the front gates and whatnot, the bypass through security finds the very jade creature looking around to catch all the details of the new digs. Or at least new to her.

The system recognizes Mantis and allows her easy access to the mansion. As the team is effectively disbanded the mansion is almost more a clubhouse for the time being then a team base, but its systems are maintaining it normally.

MJ stops to look towards the front door as it opens and smiles as Mantis enters the foyer. "Hello," she says greeting the green skinned woman, allowing the towel to fall and drape around her shoulders as she lets go of it on the off chance there will be trouble. While the system is updated, apparently MJ isn't up on every update to the (very slim currently) roster.

The thin roster is, at least, enlarged by two more. That must constitute something significant, though lacking Nick Fury or Thor or anyone else recognizable, the public will simply have to wait to see what becomes of the next phase of the initiative.

The greeting meets with a pause, and Mantis raises her gaze off a sweep of the wall towards MJ. The lack of surprise is telling, as is the sunny smile welding itself to her features. "Hello. I do hope I haven't interrupted you going about whatever business you are. This one is simply appreciating the clean lines and the light in here. Rather good, don't you think?" A hand raised indicates the ceilings, though it's a passing comment to the other woman. "I do not believe we have met. You need not worry; I am not going to cause any trouble." A passing response from the empath resolves into a more direct approach. "This one is called Mantis. I was a member and departed on a sabbatical some time ago, but I returned after my journey."

"Oh! Alright, I haven't read though all the records myself but… its nice to meet you," MJ says. "I'm Iron Spider-Woman, just not currently 'in uniform' so to speak. My identity is not public knowledge however so I hope you aren't offended by this… but may I see your Identicard?" She seems sincerely apologetic about this request to Mantis' empathic senses, it is just clear that she feels she has valid reasons to be guarded on the topic of herself for the moment.

Iron Spider-Woman: clearly not a name that computes. Politely Mantis inclines her head, and her antennae held back by the wide headband she wears flick thoughtfully. Without a measure of concern, she slips her hand into the deep pocket of her iron grey coat, and procures the card, freshly minted, with a graceful ease. "I surrendered the other one. It was somewhat dog-eared by the end, and to be fair, I do not think that anyone has the technology to read it. So dated, even then! I know Thor was mightily impressed but this one doubts he would be so now. If he is about now." Her mouth is lightly quirked, a smile passing over it at memory.

MJ takes the card for a moment and glances at it. She promptly returns it and says, "Thanks. When you're keeping a secret identity you honestly can't be too careful." As she says this the concern previously felt is gone, replaced with self amusement as her face is hard to keep too secretive, but perhaps Mantis has been 'out of the world' so long she won't recognize a famous model. "My name is Mary Jane Watson, but you can just call me MJ," she explains. "When in private or in civies of course."

"I understand how it is for remaining low key. I surrendered that some time ago, but then being green now among others will leave me standing out somewhat. I could suppress it, but…" She takes back the card, sliding it into her pocket. Her hip cocked, she rests her foot against the ground lightly and stands in an easy stance. Her lips part slightly and she tips her head, "We all have our way to work through the world. I do not judge. And ah! I know your name, you're related to…" A pause follows, and her smile tips upwards. "Ah, I know the other Spider-Man. Or I did. I will keep to the codenames when necessary. This one is Mantis to almost everyone, though the bigger presences call me the Celestial Madonna. It is a title of respect or threat, I suppose."

MJ blinks, momentarily nonplussed. However, she's met gods in the past as well so she quickly recovers and says, "Alright… I can just call you Mantis and not be disrespectful though, right?" and then yes, Spider-Man is brought up. "Yes, I am related to Spider-Man in a way… but not in another way," she starts and then realizes this is not the best approach so she asks, "Are you familiar with the appearance of people not from this part of the multiverse? It seems to be reaching epidemic porpotions as I've observed it so far."

"Of course. I will not be upset for you using the name you like. I have much patience for it. Anything except a derogatory term will suit me," says the young woman, shrugging her shoulders and smiling easily enough. "I am learning that things are concerning here, but we felt the disruptions near a tear point and I had to come back. I fear those whom I have loved and embraced and fought with have disappeared, to be replaced by someone who knows nothing of me. It is difficult to ponder a dear friend will stare at me without comprehension in their eyes, or possibly worse."

"Yes, that's a serious concern," MJ says as her feelings turn towards sympathy for Mantis' concern and a fairly raw sadness directed towards herself. "I'm not from this world. The Spider-Man in this world now is not from my world, where I was married to him, or this one either. We don't know where many of the Avengers currently are as the team has gone inactive due to… problems. I'm still trying to catch up on those details myself."

(scene set for Wonder Man who was joining the scene)

MJ and Mantis are in the foyer of the Avengers Mansion. The redhead has a damp towel draped over her shoulders and her hair is still slightly wet as well from a swim earlier. Mantis is holding a backpack with a pair of paper grocery bag handles sticking out of it, the whole backpack has a lumpy appearance due to its contents. They are currently discussing the issue with trans-dimensional transferees, MJ's particular situation, and the uncertainty about the status of many Avengers.

MJ had spoken the last words in the foyer: "I'm still trying to catch up on those details myself." This was regarding the inactive status of the team as a whole.

The rawness brings a sympathetic smile to Mantis' face, though she shifts some kind of wall up before the emotional resonance rattles down her back. "You have two difficulties. A familiar world and lost family. This one feels for your losses, and will aid you however I can, if that will be of any assistance." Those bright eyes of hers crinkle at the corners, full of good humour and a deeper well of emotion close to the surface. "Who is currently in residence and what is their disposition? I am confused how the team had problems. It would sound as though these are not personal? Or are they?"

MJ smiles warmly at Mantis, accepting her offer without words. "The only Avenger I've see around the mansion has been Wonder Man… Simon Williams. He is, like I am, not of this world, but he accepted me based on my being an Avenger from my world," she says. "And, I've seen Black Widow as well. She vetted me for SHIELD since they're involved in the Avengers here… somehow, this is something else I'm unclear on."

Speaking of Wonder Man, he was headed down to the foyer, up from his room. His hair was combed but still wet, as he recently had a shower. Helping rescue people from a fire was smelly work. Smiling at MJ, Simon stopped, looking at Mantis. He asked, quite simply, "Mantis?" He sounded perplexed. "Is that you?"

"I heard something of their involvement, but the particulars could be old intelligence and this one would not stand on shifting quicksand knowledge as a foundation of great authority," says the green-skinned woman. Her hands come to rest in the deep pockets of her oversized, unloving coat. "Natasha. An age since I saw her. Time will preserve her well, I am sure, unless something has gone far wrong." Simon's entrance slays her musing thoughts. A broad headband in printed blue cotton spans her dark, glossy hair and mostly hides the thin filaments of her antennae, though they are much as a cat's whiskers, slowly moving with the precipitated comings and goings of nearly everyone. One little twitch gives her the consternation and other emotions bleeding into a wave. "Oh yes. The one and all of me. We should know. These issues of splinters, they are very different when viewed from my perspective." Whatever that means.

MJ chuckles and nods. "I see that the two of you know each other… or each other's trans-dimensional duplicates at least," she says as she turns to look up at Simon when he speaks behind her. Reunions being a personal thing she remains quite and, as much as Mary Jane Watson is capable of it, she tries to fade into the background for the two of them to have any sort of moment they require.

"My guess is my universe's version," Simon said a little sheepishly. His red eyes were on the green woman, and he was smiling. "Are you native, here?" he asked. "Don't mean to be forward, I'm just excited to see you!" He stepped over, ending up next to MJ. "How's it going?"

Coping with the fortified thoughts, Mantis tugs slightly upon the thick leather belt around her waist. "One was born in a country far from here, and I am sure the country is the same as the one I grew up in." She gives another of those faint, impressionable smiles. "Yes, me, unless you've reason to think I am mistaken for myself." Antennae flick and twitch at the very ends. Simon's excitement eases the matter a little. "This one doesn't consider your behaviour to be forward. I am pleased to find someone else who has not been subjected to a spatiotemporal rift!" She should be. "Iron — ah, Miss MJ has been very helpful to help me figure which is which about here. How delightful I'm not the stranger in a strange land I thought myself to be."

"I meant to say," Simon clarifies, "That I'm familiar with my reality's version. I'm not from here. Similar, but some very important differences." Namely that he didn't go ion crazy, or dissolve into Scarlet Witch. "I'm a stranger, here. Wanda and Janet are, too. Tony is, as well. Hawkeye and Bishop are the only Avengers I know, from here."

"Well, until Mantis arrived you mean, Simon," MJ says in a kind and friendly tone while she corrects the man who is not her old friend but so well fits the role.

Hands spread lightly enough before her, emerging from her pockets again. Mantis says, "This has changed a great deal from last I saw it. How did it come to be so large?" Her mouth lifts a bit crookedly, the curious little question there. "I shall expect everyone comes from afar until they prove otherwise. It will make for easier choices. And I can be welcome to everyone this way."
Daredevil pages: Mantis is such a weird character.

"There is no shame in being welcoming and friendly to everyone you come across," Simon wholeheartedly agreed. "I was actually on my way to get dinner. But seeing you two here… who's up for ordering?" After all, nothing brings people together quite like food!

"Probably best to assume that," MJ says to Mantis and then there's Simon's offer for dinner and she says, "Oh no! I have a photo shoot to get to!" She starts to move to the door and stops and returns to Simon's side and jumps up to give him a flying peck on the cheek. Then she says, "Nice to meet you, see you again!" to Mantis before she dashes out the door.

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