(2016-09-02) Gambit Gets a Job Offer
Gambit Gets a Job Offer
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Date: (2016-09-02)
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Scattered about the room are a few students here and there, but the key feature of the room is Alex Summers who walks through the buffet line gathering foodstuffs onto a plate that lightly slides around his tray when he pushes it forward on the rails. He reaches beneath the sneeze guard, scoops some eggs, and the plops them upon his plate. Then slides to the right toward the hash browns. Presently, Alex looks like he's just waking up. It's early, and he's wearing jeans, sneakers, and a black pull over shirt. He yawns.

Remy LeBeau isn't one of those living at the Mansion on a regular basis. He sweeps in for an overnighter here and there then is back down the road. Just call him Mr. Breeze. Today it would seem everyone's favorite Cajun to love and to hate has made such a stop over as he casually saunters in, hands in his pockets. He whistles to himself as he picks up a plate and utensils, setting them all out on his own tray before moving down the line of offered breakfast like foods. He slows as he catches up to Alex in the line and offers, "Mornin' Mon Ami.

Being joined in the line is something expected, but being joined by the Cajun is not. Alex glances over at the casual greeting and familiar voice. He says in a 'pleased to see him' tone, "Hey Remy, welcome back." and will turn to offer an open hand of friendship and greeting.

Remy LeBeau chuckles, "T'anks, Alex. Ol' Remy won' be stayin' long. Jus' came t' check up on Serenity a bit. See 'ow she be settlin' in. Wen' clothes shoppin' f' bit wit' 'er yesterday down in Manhattan." He shakes the hand firmly and then whistles. "Remy gonna hafta 'member not t' get dragged into shoppin' sprees again. Exhaustin'!" he laments then pauses to stack up a pile of bacon and then crown it with a few sausage links. "How're t'ings goin' wit' you? De school?"

Offering a slight chuckle at the events recounted by Remy, Alex nods and says, "I hear ya, bro. Shoppin ain't fun for no man. I should know, Lorna and I go weekly and I do my best to be happy about it. Things are going good around here. Jean and the Professor are both back. They were dead or in the white hot room or something that I'm not going to try to explain. Things are also picking up with the return or entry of otherworldly people. I'll tell ya though, I wish you were hangin out more than sliding through. We could use the help on the team and of course this student stuff."

He also grabs a few biscuits and will push forward in the line.

Remy LeBeau shakes his head at the revelation of weekly shopping. "Po' man." He smirks a bit then nods. "Saw Jean." That went well. "Glad t' know de Professor's back too, 'course." He tilts his head, "yeah? Remy din' t'ink dere was much call f' truoble makin' t'ieves 'round here these days.."

Sliding his tray along, Remy adds a few more things to his plate. "Y'know Remy'll do what 'e can if needed."

"Dude… It's always good to have you around. Keeps the ladies in check. Plus, we could always use the help. We're still recruiting kids and there's something brewing on the front. I'm of the opinion that there's going to be some big bad show up from all this other world crap that is going down. And we'll definitely need your firepower for that."

Remy LeBeau considers. "Well… Remy been stayin' in Manhattan but ain' no real reason can't be 'roun' here more if y' need it." He chuckles quietly, "Tho' pretty sure dat keepin' de ladies in check i'n't gon' be too popular." The tone he uses suggests he'd be more of a fox in the hen house than Sam the Sheepdog keeping an eye on the flock. But then what's new, there?

He nods. "Remy help out, sure. Kinda b'tween jobs an'way." Meaning that as far as he knows no one is trying to actively kill him or claim he's the father of their child.

Alex smiles, pleased to hear the consideration of Remy becoming a part of the band again. "Oh, and just so you know. Scott's not around." - which is often a very good thing for Remy since Cyclops and Gambit don't always see eye to eye. Alex adds while lifting his tray from the rails, "Logan's in charge of the team. Jean is running the school. I'll let them know you're available for /jobs/." He lingers, waiting for Remy to grab the last bits of whatever and then Alex will start walking toward a nearby table.

Remy LeBeau would be even less unpopular with the other Summers sibling of late, likely anyway. "Sorry t' 'ear dat, Alex." At least mostly. He then nods, finishing with his food procurement. "Wait. Jobs?" Remy looks mock alarmed. "Remy jus' 'greed t' loiter 'roun' 'ere 'stead of Manhattan… din' say no'ting 'bout /work/…." Professional layabouts have reputations to uphold after all.

He saunters after Alex to find a place to settle. He puts his tray down then wanders over to get a drink. In this case, the Cajun taps in his request in the high tech coffee maker to brew something closer to pure caffiene in used motor oil than coffee by most standards. Once the strong cup is brewed he proceeds to use too much cream and sugar to tweak it. Satisfied he saunters back to the table and drops down in front of his plate. "S' what y' been up to, mon ami? Other'n worryin' 'bout de next end o' de worl' crisis?" he asks lightly.

His tray is also sat upon the table and Alex will walk over to get a soda from the dispenser. The grin remains on his face, especially through the work dramatics. Maynard G Krebs, Remy is not. But professional layabouts do have their reputations to uphold. Upon their return, Alex will engage with the answer, "Well, I'm sure you know. There's been a replacement of several people we know. Not like Skrull invasion level replacements; more like 'lost in the multiverse' replacements. And by several, I mean at least half the team. Even Logan isn't our Logan. But presently he's a suitable replacement. I'm sure you've even figured out Marie isn't your Marie. Which had to be tough."

Remy LeBeau nods some. "Remy been 'ware of de situation 'leas' to some degree, an'way." he looks to Alex, "If 'e be bristtly an' dour noone'll ever notice it ain' "our" Logan an'way.." he observes but there is a seriousness to the light hearted comment. He nshakes his head, "Remy ain' act'ully seen Rogue since gettin' back to de states month 'r so back. Figure she know Remy been 'roun an jus' didn' care t' see 'im so.." He shrugged a "what can a man do?" sort of shrug and sipped at the sludge turned syrup he considers coffee then took a bite of food.

"Probably more that she may not even know you. She's young. Like 20 or something. Way different than the Rogue we knew. She's very … timid and shy. I've not much had interactions with her at all. Seems she likes cloistering herself up in places and dealing with whatever she's got going on. Kinda like she was early on… way back. But still, young and inexperienced. I'm hoping that Logan can pull her out of her shell." Alex makes commentary on the whole Rogue thing and puts it into perspective, from his point of view.

Remy LeBeau listens and nods. "Remy'll try t' fin' 'er an' talk t' 'er mebe." He shrugs a bit and stabs at his food. "Ain' de Life if t'ings ain' goin' side ways 'r th' wheels ain' fallin' off de wagon, non?" He smiles wryly. "We lead charmed lives, mon ami."

Alex chuckles at the visual of wheels falling off the wagon. He shovels food in his mouth, chews, swallows quickly and then notes, "Definitely, charmed lives. Cause there ain't nowhere that's any better than this place."

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