(2016-09-03) I Wasn't Talking About You Remy
I Wasn't Talking About You Remy
Summary: Remy, Serenity and Lorna chat in the kitchen. Later Remy takes Serenity to the cove to skip rocks.
Date: 2016-09-03
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It is a little after the normal lunch hour when Serenity finishes with the practice she assigned to herself. She slips into the kitchen to make herself a sandwich. She really likes having a kitchen she can slip into whenever she likes. She almost doesn't look like herself all cleaned up and hair brushed and subtle make-up applied in her new clothing.

Remy LeBeau is in the kitchen currently making what could only be described as a Scooby sandwich. A number of layers of break and meats and cheeses and condiments leave it easily half again as large as a typical Club. He's humming to himself as he skewers the towering masterpiece with a few large toothpicks (complete with little colored plastic frilly ribbons) to keep it together after he cuts it in half. He seems quite proud of his creation.

Serenity begins to laugh as she sees Remy's sandwich. "Oh my. How do you even eat a sandwich that big, Remy?" She looks over the sandwich makings he already has out then goes to the fridge and leans forward into it to grab out a few other items for her own sandwich.

Remy LeBeau glances up, "Mmm?" He chuckles. "Remy gotta knack f' makin' good sammiches, chere." He then double takes at the outfit. "Remy don' 'member seein' you try on dat one de other day…" He shakes his head as he carefully cuts the sandwich in half. "how y' doin' chere?"

Serenity straightens and begins to assemble her sandwich. "I found it at the second shop we went to. Do you like it? I have my first studio session this week. I'm both excited and nervous."

Remy LeBeau smiles. "It makes y' all grown up lookin' chere. S' a good look. Long's y' don' mine mos' de boys an' girls gawkin' at ya.." He winks as he finishes preparing his own sandwich. He grabs a dill pickle and quarters it, tossing the spears on the plate with a handful of chips. To round it out he liberates one of Logan's bottle's of beer to chase it down. He'll replace it later. Probably.

Serenity chuckles once at that. "Well I don't want to look like a little girl and I'm trying to become a celebrity right? People gawk at them anyway." Her sandwich is much smaller than Remy's. She grabs herself a soda to go with it when she's done piling on the meats and veggies.

Wandering into the kitchen, Lorna pauses at the doorway spotting the familiar faces. "Oh Remy! They let a scoundrel like you in here!?" She cries out happily and walks over to wrap the man up in a quick hug. "Good morning, Serenity, I hear you're recently enrolled. I look forward to seeing you in class." She's in training gear, green pants with a black and gray top lightly armored.

Remy LeBeau was about to pick up that monster sammich he crafted when he hears Lorna. He chuckles and turns to hug the emerald haired woman. "'lo Lorna. Lookin' good t'day. Y' gotta blame y' man f' it. 'e tol' ol' Remy de team needed a full time lay'bout on it 'gain… so 'ere Remy is." He winks at her then to Serenity with that trouble causing grin only he can pull off so well.

Serenity's openness draws down when Lorna comes in. Her smile for the woman is a bit shy compared to how she was for Remy. "Hello again. I don't even know if I'm going to be in any classes with you. My schedule of classes is going to be a bit… flexible. To accommodate my trips into New York for work."

Patting Remy's back, Lorna smiles. "Good! It'll be Serval all over again." She nods. "Well, maybe not quite the same." She shrugs and moves past them to pull open the fridge and grab a bottle of water. It's one of those fancy ones with the infuser. She gives the bottle a little swirl and opens it. "Well, if you have any earth sciences it's me or Alex." She nods though. "It looks like you're settling in-I'm glad." She offers and sips her water glancing at Remy.

Remy LeBeau smiles at Serenity as she seems to get shy around Lorna. He winks at her encouragingly. "Lorna's good people, chere. Remy an' 'er were on a team t'gether f' a while." He looks to Lorna and chuckles. "Remy 'ope it ain' like Serval s' much. Lotta t'ings went wrong" he recalls then agrees with her, "Mos' studen' like havin' either 'o 'em for classes. Make it more interestin' Remy hears." He pauses then adds, "lucky Alex din' ask Remy t' teach…. don' need a whole school 'o kids knowin' how t' pick pockets.." He smiles innocently at Lorna.

Serenity nods, "I'll definitely need sciences. I never finished school so I need to get some kind of equivalency for High school. I can't seem to stay out of the conservatory long enough to pick out classes." That produces pick spots in both her cheeks. Remy's comments produce a soft laugh from her though, "Oh I don't know. That would have been a pretty handy thing to know when I was on the streets."

"Remy…" Lorna shakes her head. "He's also fluent in French-if I recall." She looks at him and narrows her eyes playfully. To Serenity she nods. "Well, absolutely follow your passion, some one needs to use that poor piano besides Madrox, he never could play as well as he thought." She makes a face. "If the school is anything, it's accommodating."

Remy LeBeau shrugs, "Well… Remy coul' show de kids 'ow t' bypass security systems… but still.. pretty sure dat won' get received well either." He's being trouble again. But what's new? He nods in agreement with Lorna about Jamie. "Lotta sour notes." He then chuckles. "Remy know Cajun Creole, chere.. an' bad English.. don' t'ink de kids need any help wit' dat" he quips.

Serenity grins at Remy, "That sounds fun too." She follows that up with a fluent recitation of an old poem in French before finally stopping to comment, "I wouldn't mind learning Cajun." She takes a bite of her sandwich and chews, seeming thoughtful.

"Well, the team kids could use help with that…but the students?" Lorna arches a green brow before setting down and resting her bottle on the counter. "I need to work on my training. I got sloppy and smashy at Serval. I killed Alex the other day in a training thing." She looks a little embarrassed by that. "Power growth always trips me up-hopefully you're learning goes smoother." She offers to Serenity with the last bit.

Remy LeBeau replies to Serenity in French then smiles. "Lorna's right. Remy know French. Not meanin' t' say he don'. But pretty sure Remy'd only teach French in a way dat'd get 'im in trouble.." Trouble follows him around after all. Mostly because he has trouble doing what is expected when he has other ideas.

He chuckles. "Danger Room scenarios don' count far as killin'.." he considers, "'less the room goes haywire 'gain… den…?" He whistles before looking at his towering sandwich of gastric doom that he has yet to take a bite of.

Serenity grins a little wider and replies in French, "So you can teach me all the naughty words my other teachers would not?" There's a wink before then she's looking to Lorna again, "I don't know how much there is to learn. My power's pretty mundane from what I can tell. No combat applications of any kind. Other than practical jokes and music not even any interesting ones."

"I mean, obviously he's not actually dead. Just frustrating. That room still kicks my ass." She drums the table with her fingers and looks at Serenity. "You never know. Everyone has a thing they do. You'd be a shoe in for espionage if you have the temperament for it." Lorna leans back a little, getting comfortable in her seat and adds "Remy knows a thing or two about that." She smiles at Remy and looks at the counter, considering something to throw at her trouble seeking teammate and settling with giving his stool a good rattle to startle him with a gesture under the counter.

Remy LeBeau chuckles as he takes a bite of that monster sandwich finally. He just can't wait any longer. It's huge but somehow his reptilian jaw unhinges to let him take a bite of all the layers. He sighs as he chews. "Mmmhmm" he offers as proof that he can make a good sandwich. He looks to Lorna then to Serenity as he swallows. "Mmm? Remy cannot confirm'r deny' dis…" he offers innocently. Then his stool is kicked and he laughs at Lorna who obviously remembers things he'd prefer not to speak about perhaps.

Serenity wrinkles her nose, "Espionage sounds too much like government work. I don't like governments. And I think being famous would interfere. I intend to become a famous singer. Gotta pay back all the money Parker Industries just spent on my clothes after all."

"Well there you go." Lorna nods to Serenity. "Not everyone who goes to school here gets dragged into the fighting. Just us crazies." She shakes her head at Remy. "Mutant metabolism, has to be." She teases and sips her water.

Serenity nods as she picks up her plate with its sandwich, "Well I'm going to go out in the dining hall and find a comfortable seat if anyone wants to join me." She nods to both of them then heads out the door.


A soft sound of singing floats through the eastern grounds as Serenity walks slowly along one of the hedges. Singing is the only noise she tends to make as she moves. It's a more pleasant sound to hear.

Remy LeBeau saunters along in no hurry. He holds a deck of cards in his hands, shuffling them up. He always keeps these fingers limber and trained. Man in his profession can't afford to be out of practice.

Serenity stops singing and bends over to drag her finger lightly through the stones of a nearby rock garden. The stones click softly together. Since she is leaned forward, the denim of her top slides forward on her back a little, baring the base of her spine. Instead of singing now she hums.

Remy LeBeau hears the humming and changes his course till he's not far away. The sound of his boots on gravel is heard. The subtle announcement of his presence mingled with the shuffle of those cards. A soft thrumming of the shiny cardstock slipping against each other.

Serenity slowly straightens which causes her jeans to be marginally less tight and the denim of her top to fall back into place. She turns to find the source of the sound and immediately smiles when she sees Remy. She teases, "Hello Remy. Come to give me a lesson in naughty french words?"

Remy LeBeau chuckles. "Remy don't tend t' teach dem. Dey jus' get picked up 'long de way." He shakes his head in amusement. "No, chere. Remy t'ought 'e'd just walk down to de lake an' skip few stones. Been 'while since Remy been up 'ere long nuff t' spend an evenin' at de cove."

Serenity perks up a little at that, "There's a cove? I spent so much time in the conservatory that I've not found anything outside but the stables. Where's the cove? Can I come along?"

Remy LeBeau tilts his head, "'s dat way" nodding to the Eastern path. He smiles some. "Tho… 's gettin 'late. Pretty girl shouldn' be out here 'lone. Let 'lone with a shifty thief" he jokes as he shuffles up the deck again.

Serenity asks softly, "Are you suggesting I shouldn't trust you, Remy? You're the patron of my success." She starts walking along the indicated path.

Remy LeBeau chuckles quietly. "Remy don't trus' Remy, chere" he quips as he starts walking along with her. "Remy been tagged as a badboy f' long time. Up t' trouble. De fox in de hen house. De bad apple." He never stops smiling though, seeming to enjoy his bad boy status.

Serenity laughs softly, "Well I suppose that's a good point. If everyone else thinks you're bad I shouldn't be out here alone with you."

Remy LeBeau shrugs and smiles. "Remy ain' bad. Just… ain exactly any white knight." He leans down to pick up a rock and flips it into the water, watching it disappear under the surface briefly before it erupts from the glassy water only to dive under a few feet later, then reemerge then dive and finally it disappears.

Serenity leans down to pick up a stone and toss is at the water, but instead of skipping hers just sinks. "You saved me. Gave me the money to get cleaned up. I will always hold you in a fond place in my heart for that."

Remy LeBeau chuckles. "Remy appreciate that, chere. Remy wish he could'a done more. But y' got y' feet under ya and dat's all dat matters. Off de streets and wit' a bright future ahead." He skips another rock, this one dancing across the water eight times before it finally sinks with a final splash.

Serenity tugs off her boots and rolls up the bottom of her jeans so that she can sit down and dangle her feet into the water. "You're very good at skipping stones." She pas the ground beside her, "Why don't you sit? It's beautiful out here."

Remy LeBeau chuckles. "Skipping stones… be like fallin' off'a bicycle chere. S' easy once y' understan' de way of it." He pulls out his deck of cards. He shuffles them up and then pulls one out between his right ring and middle fingers. The two without gloves covering them. He shows her the card and then with a flip of his wrist the card is launched with perfect accuracy to slice the fluffy bloom off the top of a dandelion some thirty feet away. "Flick one… y' can flick de other." He shrugs then drops down, still on his feet but close by her. "All jus' practice. Lotta practice."

Serenity nods, "That makes sense. Singing is the same way really. You just have to learn how to control your breathing to make the right pitch come out."

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Yes. An' no." He chuckles "Dere's more to it den dat. When you go past de basics, gets complicated real quick, music." He chuckles. "Den again.. Remy's talent does too." He draws another card, holding it the same way as before, ready to throw. But this time it begins to glow a neon pink hue. And then he flicks it out over the water. It spins around and around, slicing its way over the surface of the cove out some fifty feet before it starts to arc upward. Two feet above the water it erupts into a shower of pink firework like sparkles as the card is consumed.

Serenity can't help whistling softly at this display of power. "That is amazing. If I could have done something like that, I would never have been afraid on the streets. That is impressive. My ability is so useless."

Remy LeBeau shrugs, "Nonsense. Y' ability got more power den anyt'ing Remy could ever do, chere." He looks at her seriously. "Y'got de power t' bring happiness an' joy to de masses. Music and song? Singin'? It be one'a de highest artforms humanity ever learned t' use. Don' ever sell y' talents short."

Serenity smiles, "Oh I don't sell my singing short. That's a genuine talent to be sure. I meant my ability." A smile quirks her lips then in a perfect imitation of Remy's voice accent and all she begins to sing Amazing Grace.

Remy LeBeau chuckles. "Dat's witchcraft chere. Plain an' simple" he teases. "Remy could never sing dat well." He winks. "Havin' perfect pitch and mimicry of voices? Dat can be handy."

Serenity stops singing to smile, "It's good for pranks. I made Pete Wisdom sing progressive rock in the park because I was annoyed at him once."

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Chere… y' do dat every time you see dat man? Make 'im sing de Spice Girls. Make 'im sing Beiber 'r Miley? Remy'll buy you a house. An' fill it wit' all de riches o' de worl'. Just fo' annoyin' dat Brit." He winks.

Serenity chuckles, "I promised him I wouldn't do it anymore. He looked so sad when I was singing sometimes and he didn't really do anything bad to me. Did he to you?"

Remy LeBeau shrugs. "O'l Remy jus' like t' see Pete get picked on. See his perfec' Britishness get ruffled an' messed wit'." He's a trouble maker after all.

Serenity nods, "I can see that. He can be annoying sometimes. I just wanted to see him ruffled when I did it."

Remy LeBeau nods and picks up a rock, flipping it into the water.

Serenity chews her lower lip for a moment then asks, "Do you ever get lonely, Remy?"

Remy LeBeau considers. "Sure, chere. Ev'ryone get lonely now an' again. S' natural." He looks to her. "But dat what friends for. Y just settlin' in here but y' got lot of friends 'ere once y' feel safe t' trust 'em."

Serenity shakes her head slightly, "I don't think I can. I don't… trust anyone. I'm fond of you though. I suppose that's part of what I don't trust. People I'm fond of never stay around long."

Remy LeBeau looks over. "Mus' be hard. But y' can' go through life wit' out friends. Trust be hard t' give. It's hard t' earn too. But the people here? They're good people chere. Better 'en Remy could ever be."

Serenity says softly, "I'm sure they are. This feels like a safe place most of the time. It just hurts to try and trust that. It's …. such an old habit, not trusting."

Remy LeBeau says, "Remy understan' chere. trust betrayed hurt. But y' never heal less y' learn t' trust again. Just de way of life. We don' grow till we get vuln'rble again."

Serenity murmurs softly, "There is one person I might be willing to try and trust. He seems like a very good man."

Remy LeBeau looks over. "Chere. Remy ain' good man. Maybe have good intentions. Maybe heart o' gold somewhere. But Remy a t'ief an' a crook. Been one since Remy coul' walk an' talk. Jus' who Remy is." He shrugs a little. "Y' a pretty girl. But Remy ain' de type f' bein' true an' loyal in de romantic sense. Remy love women. Get 'im in trouble." he shrugs some. "Got a wanderin' eye even when Remy been sure he found De One." he flicks another rock out into the water.

Serenity waits for Remy to stop talking then bursts out laughing. After a moment she claps a hand over her mouth to stop herself from laughing. It takes a moment of that before she trusts herself to say, "Oh dear. That wasn't very good of me. I definitely should not have laughed at that."

Remy LeBeau looks over. He smiles. "No. It's worth laughin' at. S' okay." He stands up to stretch his back and legs after squatting down that long. "Remy good at what 'e does. But Remy also ver' good at causin' trouble. In many ways."

Serenity pushes to her feet and crosses to his side to brush a kiss on his cheek, "No. That was very rude of me, but Remy… I wasn't talking about you. I'm fond of you, but you've said you weren't enough times. I'd never try to call you a good man when you insist so much that you're not."

Remy LeBeau chuckles. "Guess Remy got t' guilty conscience t' go wit' it. Remy glad y' coun' someone tho." He smiles down at her. "S" good."

Serenity smiles up at him, "Not that there isn't something very compelling about you, Remy. Something… I just can't put my finger on."

Remy LeBeau smiles. "'s th' boyish charm" he declares triumphantly. "Drives de ladies crazy." He sighs dramatically. "S' just de lot in life Remy got to endure.."

Serenity touches his lips with a finger then flushes and pulls away to go back to her boots. "Must be really tough." She sits down again and brushes the dirt off her feet so she can put her boots back on.

Remy LeBeau sighs dramatically. ""s real tough.. all de ladies chasin' Remy. Not a minute's rest. Why.. you were jus' doin' it too… Remy jus' can' help it.." he jokes and smiles.

Serenity shakes her head, "Well maybe but I don't think so. I mean I find you attractive. Very attractive to tell the truth, but I don't… Well there's someone else I'm interested in."

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Good. Follow y' heart chere." He turns, "We should get back. Dey might start talkin' den y' chances'll be zero 'cause 'a Remy" he jokes.

Serenity laughs softly then assures him, "I have no problem with anyone thinking I am carrying a torch for you, Remy. You are my hero even if you are a thief." She hops up again then brushes the dirt off the back of her jeans.

Remy LeBeau chuckles. "Alright. C'mon, chere. walk y' back."

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