(2016-09-04) Officially a Student
Officially a Student
Summary: Jean meets with Serenity to officially enroll her as a student at Xavier's Institute.
Date: 2016-09-04
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Jean has set up a meeting with Serenity in the administrative wing's meeting room, after having received an email stating that the girl has reached a decision about the school. Jean is already sat at the table, having arrived a few minutes earlier.

Serenity knocks once on the door of the meeting room before entering and offering Jean a shy smile as she moves to sit down at the table with her. She says softly, "I've decided to give things a go. It was very nice of you to let me stay while I thought about it."

"Come in," Jean speaks up as Serenity knocks on the door, smiling at the girl as she walks in, and gesturing at the open seat across from her, "so…what do you make of the school so far? Anything specific that made you come by a decision, before you share it with me?" She nods at the appreciation for the time given.

Serenity sits in the indicated seat before replying. "It seems like a nice place. Everyone has made an effort to either be nice or to leave me alone so far. I figure if you can all do that, the least I can do is try to overcome my instincts. I need to finish school and get an equivalency. And if there's something I can learn about these abilities, that's probably a good idea too."

"That's good, I would have been extremely disappointed to hear otherwise, Xavier Institute is a haven for mutants, we will not have anyone mistreating anyone on school grounds." Jean starts, before adding, "though it is our mission to make that a reality outside the school's boundaries." Jean nods, "I agree, education opens more paths in life…and learning to hone and master your gifts, well, that would go along way as well." She opens a laptop that was sitting in front of her, and clicks a bout some menus, "so you would like to join officially as a student?"

Serenity nods, "And you said my schedule of classes can be worked around my duties to my recording contract right? I have to be in the studio for a while this week for instance. I do want to make it work here too though."

"That's correct," Jean affirms Serenity's words, as she recites Jean's offer from their meeting in the conservatory room. "Right, now just for the student file, I'll need your name, last name, phone number if you have a phone on you. If not the school can arrange one for you. Also, how would you describe your gift?" Some of these questions Jean already knows the answer to, and she could get them all directly from Serenity's mind if she cared to, but she isn't interested in that and is keeping formalities per regulations.

Serenity hesitates over the first part then finally says, "Serenity Angelica Monroe. But I'd like to ask you not to try and contact my relatives." She rattles off the number of the cellphone Peter Parker gave her then pauses to think again. "I didn't realize it was a mutant ability at first, but I can mimic voices. It take a bit to get a voice perfect but I can do pretty well after a few minutes. And I never forget anything I hear."

Jean types away on the keys, nodding at Serenity, "so long as you are 18 years old, emancipated, or on your own due to unfit parents, we are not bound to contact them for any reason. If there are any such circumstances, I'll be happy to assist. But don't worry, if you want nobody else to know of being a student here, it is your choice who to tell." Jean then shifts a webcam connected via USB to the laptop, and aims it on Serenity, "smile please, this is for your student identification card," Jean explains, waiting for a good capture to take the picture.

Serenity flinches and looks down for a second by instinct at the mention of a picture. She has to take several calming breaths before finally looking up at the webcam. "Sorry. Habit." She forces a smile but it looks it.

Jean gives Serenity all the time she needs, before taking the picture, and then she pauses a moment while sending the print of the new student id. "Would you care to tell me about your habit with evading pictures? Or is this for now a private matter? I would like to help, if I can."

Serenity closes her eyes. Rather than speaking aloud she thinks very loudly instead, «I spent the last few years on the streets afraid of being sent back to where I ran away from. When you're potentially one image away from being found and sent back some place you don't want to be, you avoid cameras.»

«I guess it wasn't a regular home you escaped from…?» Jean answers telepathically «would you care to tell me more about it, please? Or not yet?» Even as she asks the question, Jean whirls around, working out the card printer as she completes the lamination process, before turning and extending a Xavier Institute for Higher Learning Student ID towards Serenity, "here you go, you're now enrolled in the school. You've been assigned a school email, accessible from any computer on school grounds and of course your dorm room. You'll find an email with instruction on how to register for classes and what classes you're eligible for. If you have any issues, you can see your teachers, and of course you're always welcome to see me."

Serenity nods as she takes the card from Jean and murmurs, "Thank you. Hopefully there won't be any problems." She takes a breath and closes her eyes, «Honestly, I'm afraid to talk about my foster home. I don't want to have to relieve it and sometimes when I let a memory come up I literally have to relive it. Word for word.»

«Then that is something we can work on, Serenity, you could avoid it with better control of your gifts. But that's not for right now…you get situated and we'll see you around the school,» Jeans says with a warm smile, "are there any people you met around the school that you like? Or think you could befriend?"

Serenity smiles, "I'm rather fond of Remy already… and James Proudstar taught me how to brush the horses and maintain an old engine. Polaris… Lorna has been very nice also. And Doug tries. I just… find his voice really disturbing still."

"Excellent, I'm glad you have found some nice and interesting people, I think you'll find over time, we are like a family at the Institute, welcome aboard," Jean says, getting up and extending a hand to Serenity.

Serenity stands up and takes Jean's hand to shake it. "You'll find I don't find that particularly comforting. I don't have many good memories of family, but that's for another time." She gestures with the id card then slips it into her pocket as she turns toward the door.

<I don't think you have an experience of what a family is, with all due respect, when you're comfortable we'll explored what you had to call a family. For now, leave them behind, have a good day, Serenity.> Jean moves to look over some emails, before wrapping up and moving to her office.

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