(2016-09-08) SHIELD Physical
SHIELD Physical
Summary: Summoned to SHIELD for a physical, Mary Jane Watson meets Doctor Barbara "Bobbi" Morse.
Date: 2016-09-08
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Location: SHIELD Helicarrier in the skies over New York City

The Med Bay on the helicarrier is well-supplied and efficient. It's also a mandatory stopping-off point for all new recruits to verify their shots and run a standard physical. While there are many qualified SHIELD staff, today is Bobbi's turn in the rotation. Being a field agent, it's often overlooked that Bobbi has her PhD in biochemistry. Doctor Morse is in the medbay wearing a white lab coat over street clothes, a digital tablet in hand, while waiting for her next appointment.
[OOC] Mary Jane Watson says, "Okay to assume I got a call from SHIELD telling me to report but not who I was going to be meeting?"

Iron Spider-Woman arrives at the helicarrier via quinjet and then, following the directions given to her by the agent who met her in the landing bay, walks though the craft's corridors unescorted for the first time. Arriving at the Medical Bay she enters saying, "I'm here for my appointmen-…" and interrupts herself when she sees Doctor Morse waiting there. Instantly her cowl begins to melt from the back forward, her long red locks becoming visible first then her forehead and eyes before it is completely retracted and she is clearly Mary Jane Watson from the neck up despite the red and gold armor she wears. "Barbara!" she exclaims in greeting. "I had no idea it would be you," she adds excitedly.

Doctor Morse looks up from her tablet, eyes brightening at the familiar face. "Mary Jane? Oh my God, how are you?" The tablet is lowered as she approaches, offering a rather enthusiastic hug. Bobbi is still faking her way through as her Earth-616 counterpart, but MJ is certainly a familiar face from her 'proper' reality.

"How have you been? Actually, scratch that. I'll do the exam with unbiased eyes." The blonde's smile is nearly infectious now, as she steps back to give the redhead a once-over. "There's a lot we should talk about, but this isn't the time or the place. And please, call me Bobbi."

MJ raises a hand to her mouth as a look of surprise paints across her features as she realizes her own mistake… so like when she met Simon weeks ago as well. And then the surprise melts into a friendly and sympathetic smile that starts at her eyes and then is seen more clearly after she lowers her hand.

"Oh, I'm sure there is, Bobbi," she says as if she has never used that name in conjunction with the woman before her. "Are… is there surveillance in this room even?" she asks with concern that could be due to the nature of the visit… a physical is a fairly private event after all… but could also be in reference to something completely different.

Bobbi's eyes widen as well, as if in mutual realization. Her smile softens into something that's almost sheepish and she regards MJ in a different light now. Shaking her head at the question, she replies softly. "I disabled the cameras and microphones myself, just to make sure."

Gesturing towards the table for MJ to sit, Bobbi continues. "If we've even met in passing, it didn't warrant an entry in your diary. I know. I've been doing my homework." She flashes the screen briefly, showing a complete dossier on Mary Jane.

MJ laughs at the sight of the dossier and asks, "But is that a dossier on me or on Mary Jane Watson the model?" She doesn't have anything to hide here since Black Widow almost assuredly reported that she wasn't from this world after her vetting interview. "We're similar yes, but I'd be willing to put money on the table that the psych exam your shrinks put me though earlier this week would be enough to prove we're not the same." She then asks softly, "Do they not know about you?" still uncertain but obviously ready to bet on that matter also.

Bobbi's brows lift at that, her smile becoming wry. "Oh, a couple people know. My ex-husband here figured it out when I didn't bite his head off. We had dinner, and it turns out he's really a nice guy. Even if he does prefer jailbait to a real woman…" The grin widens and she winks.

"But in general, that's still the big elephant in the room as far as SHIELD goes. People from alternate dimensions aren't exactly threats, even if they aren't necessarily who you think them to be. It's a bit of a quandary that the big brains are still sorting out."

"Only a few people know the truth about me also right now," MJ says as she hops up on the table as previously indicated. "Should I retract the armor for the actual examination?" she asks as a reminder of the business at hand.

Bobbi nods to that, tapping the screen to minimize the dossier. "Have you seen your counterpart's dossier, by the way? If not, I can arrange to get a copy for you. Off the record, of course. It's been tremendously helpful for me to read up on what I've been doing in this part of reality." She flashes the grin at that, again. "And yes, please retract the armor. We'll test the hardware separately."

The armor retracts from her chest and up her arms and legs as if a mass of crawling insects retreating to the golden half-sphere on MJ's back.

"I am not leaving my armor in SHIELD's hands, Bobbi. If your superiors want the information on it they can request the data Parker Industries has from their analysis of it," she says. Having allowed it to be examined once she doesn't see the need for a repeat performance.

MJ is not nude, as she was wearing lacy black panties and a matching sports bra beneath the armor.

Bobbi purses her lips, shaking her head. "I wouldn't ask you to, Mary Jane. But it would be useful to perform some sort of -functional- testing on the armor, or at least your capabilities with it." She considers, watching as the armor retracts. "I'll make a note to touch base with Parker Industries."

"For today's purposes, however, we're concerned with -your- capabilities, not the armor's." Picking up a blood pressure cuff, she wraps it around the redhead's upper arm and puts her stethoscope on MJ's inner elbow to check the pulse.

"OH! I'm fine showing off for the white coats then," MJ says with a smile and then she sits still and quite to submit to the blood pressure test. It comes out text book perfect.

Mockingbird checks blood pressure and temperature, uses the tongue depressor to look into the back of the redhead's throat, then checks pupils for dilation response. "Looking really good so far." she offers. "I was very sorry we couldn't save your baby, by the way." Pausing, she reaches for the reflex mallet and tilts her head to look at her patient more closely. "Are you okay, by the way?" It's not a -physical- question, and even though she will see the psyche exam results, Bobbi asks the emotional question.

Looking a little surprised, MJ frowns at the apology from Bobbi. "Its alright, it wasn't you nor anyone you work with after all," she says in response to the offered condolence.

Then… "Am I okay? Do you mean do I miss my husband? Yes I do, but I have come to feel like a widow I guess, particularly since the Peter here is only sixteen… Do you mean am I well? Yes, I haven't been sick since the treatment that enhanced my physique. Do you mean am I adjusting to this world? Again… I think I am. I've reconnected with an old friend and even gone on dates with a handsome mutant… so yeah, I'm okay."

Bobbi tilts her head, lowering the mallet while MJ talks. "I've met Peter here, actually. And he's also NOT the one from this dimension. Parker Industries hired me to locate him, and I managed to convince him to try out the respectable side of life. Poor kid was living on the streets, making a living with his powers." She pauses, then smiles a little. "Might want to look in on him sometime, awkward as that could be."

MJ nods. "I knew he wasn't from here pretty quickly also since I've read about him going to college in his late teens and early twenties. Its actually very confusing trying to keep track of everything…" she pauses and then says, "Even though I'm not counting on it, the chance of finding a way back to my Peter and the possible return of this world's MJ is the only thing keeping me from publically announcing myself. I was an open superhero back home."

Mockingbird nods in agreement. "Well your secret is safe with me, of course." she replies. "And I've heard rumors that Tony may be working on some tech to that effect. But I wouldn't hold your breath for too long." Remembering her purpose there, she reaches out to lightly tap one of MJ's knees a couple times.

Like everything else, Mary Jane Watson's reflexes test out at near perfect human levels. "He must be busy in a lab because I haven't seen even a mention of him in the news… and that's not true to the Tony I know at the very least."

Mockingbird chuckles softly at that, tapping the other knee as well. "I know what you mean. I've not talked with Gin-… Pepper recently, but I've spoken with a… mutual friend." Making a few notes, she adds. "Everything looks very good from a physical standpoint."

"Thanks for the clean bill of health, Bar-… Bobbi," MJ says, stumbling over the name but at least avoiding the formal 'Doctor Morse'.

Mockingbird chuckles softly at that, tapping on the datapad. "You're very welcome, MJ. We'll still need to get the psyche results back as well as your bloodwork, of course. But you're as healthy as a horse. Metaphorically speaking."

MJ laughs at the joke and nods. "I'm surprised the psychologist I met a few days ago hasn't at least submitted a preliminary report. You should follow up with him. I went to the location I was told to by an acknowledged contact from SHIELD."

Mockingbird sets down the datapad, leaning against a desk and folding her arms over her chest. "Oh, I'm sure I'll get a copy of the full report once it's available." she replies. "Besides, I'm a field agent. Reading people is what I -do-… something you can't get from a test."

"Alright," MJ says as a playful smile crosses her lips. She then asks "So… what's your opinion, Field Agent?" and raises an eyebrow slightly with her query.

Bobbi considers the redhead for a moment, looking thoughtful as she studies MJ's expression. "You have experience beyond your years, Mary Jane. Loss will often do that. You're wary, but you hide it behind a lovely smile. And you are a lot tougher… both mentally and physically, than you look."

MJ flashes that lovely smile and nods knowingly to Bobbi. "Thank you for your kind words, all very useful in our line of work as well of course."

Mockingbird's smile warms as well. "Welcome back to the hero business, MJ." she replies. Lifting an index finger, she clarifies. "That's 'hero', not to be confused with 'vigilante'. Something I hope Peter has sorted out by now."

MJ's smile lowers a little as she finds a serious difference in opinion. She follows up this faint darkening of her expression by saying, "One man's vigilante can be another man's hero, Bobbi. Who gets to draw the line?" After a moment's pause she says, "Oh, there is a line, but seriously, who decides where it is?"

Bobbi's brows lift at the question, then she shrugs. "Who decides? I think that's another big elephant in the room, to be honest. That all depends on which side of the government you're currently on as well. I'm not a big fan of legislation, even though I'm not gifted with powers myself. But I work for an agency who will ultimately be performing some manner of enforcement."

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