(2016-09-13) Dinner with Remy
Dinner With Remy
Summary: Amanda makes dinner and pleasant conversation with Remy.
Date: 2016-09-13
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It's been three weeks minus one day since the night Amanda promised him dinner when Remy's phone finally rings and displays the gypsy's number.

Remy LeBeau answers the phone. "'S Remy." His voice is calm and casual. His usual (in his opinion) sauve tone. The one that doesn't as often impress as much as he thinks it does. But then where's the fun in something that always works without a need to fine tune it?

Amanda Sefton's smile can be heard through the phone. "Well hello Cajun. It's Amanda. I know by now you've probably written off the dinner as a broken promise, but it's not. Do you have any plans for dinner tonight?"

Remy LeBeau chuckles quietly. "Naw, chere. Remy figured y' jus' busy. Y' had a house guest t' entertain an' all. Wasn' gon' worry 'bout de timin'." He pauses and considers. "T'night? Not'in' goin' on dat Remy 'ware of anyway. 's that an invite?" he asks playfully.

Amanda Sefton chuckles in return, "Indeed it is. Do you remember how to find the place or do you need directions?"

Remy LeBeau considers, "Mmm… Remy t'ink he can find it 'gain. What time y' wan' Remy over? Should 'e bring anyt'ing?"

Amanda Sefton asks, "Well that depends… Do you just want dinner or do you want to watch me cook? I'm perfectly fine either way."

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Chere… ain' no man 'live willin' t' pass up th' chance t' watch a pretty woman who can cook. But 's your place. Jus' tell Remy when t' be dere an' 'e'll show up."

Amanda Sefton laughs softly, "Well then show up at 3 and bring a bottle of good, dry Reisling with you."

Remy LeBeau grins into the phone, "Yes ma'am. Remy'lll be dere." He hangs up and does show up later as instructed. With two bottles of extremely rare Reisling. The sort of label one would not simply run to the local grocier's wine section to grab.

When Amanda opens the door, she's wearing a little black dress that no one should even be considering cooking in. A glance at the bottles draws a warm smile, "Very nice selection, Cajun." She lets him in then closes the door before brushing past him to head down into the apartment and over to the kitchen.

Remy LeBeau is wearing… well.. a black turtle neck and a pair of jeans. He's still scruffy. It's part of his charm. He smiles and offers up the bottles. "T'ank you chere. Remy T'ought they'd be fittin'." He smiles as she moves past, comfortablly following her in. "Anyt'ing Remy can do t' help? 'Sides admirin' how beat'ful y' look?"

Amanda Sefton smiles, "You are here to help me relax. That is your one duty for the evening, Cajun." She picks up an apron on her way into the kitchen and deftly dons it to cover the delicate fabric of her dress. "I still have prep work to do like letting the pork lose its chill and such. So if there's anything you've been thinking about asking me, now would be a good time."

Remy LeBeau chuckles quietly. "Remy been t'inkin' 'bout openin' one o' de bottles and pourin' two glasses from it all de way over." He watches her bustle about and prepare for cooking. "Otherwise? Remy jus' happy to watch y' work de magic an' share simple conversation. Ain' no need t' make it complicated."

Amanda Sefton gestures to the appropriate cabinet, "Wine glasses can be found in there if you wish to go ahead and pour." She takes out the pork cutlets and sets them aside as she gathers the rest of the ingredients for dinner. "You always so accommodating?" A wink is tossed his way along with the words.

Remy LeBeau gets two glasses and opens the bottle of wine easily. He fills the glasses and walks over offering one to his hostess. "Wit' de right people, Remy can be ver' 'commodating." He grins at her.

Amanda Sefton takes the glass and sips from it before setting it aside so she can continue working to set everything up. "That's very good of you. Clashes with your bad boy image though."

Remy LeBeau chuckles. "Remy a walkin' contradiction of terms an'way." He leans on the counter, watching her work. "Ain' like dat bad boy image did any good wit' you, hmm?" He winks as he sips from his own glass.

Amanda Sefton winks at him, "Oh I don't know. You did beat someone up and shove a knife in his mouth. That qualifies as pretty bad in some circles." Pork is wrapped in plastic so she can begin pounding it out nice and flat with a mallet.

Remy LeBeau chuckles and dips his head. "Mmm..Remy don' recall dat… but if 'e did… dat would be awful bad, dat would. Oui." He smiles charmingly at her. "What dat say 'bout you chere. Kidnappin' kinda 'llegal."

Amanda Sefton smiles benignly as she continues to pound out pork, "So it is. And I did worse than kidnap him. I arranged for his illegal deportation and incarceration. However I think since he was apparently volunteering his body as a host of something particularly nasty from another dimension that no one is going to miss him."

Remy LeBeau pushes off and saunters over brazenly. "Mmm. indeed. Y' a bad bad woman, Ms. 'Manda." He stands behind her, not touching but standing only a few inches away as she beats on the poor cutlet. A brave man hemming in a woman with a metal mallet in hand.

Amanda Sefton mms as he moves in behind her. "I only seem like a bad girl. I'm actually quite the heroic sort when I do such things." She finishes the pounding but does not move away from her position in front of him.

Remy LeBeau watches for a moment then presses in the rest of the way, hand on her left hip. "Oh? So… y' a good girl who jus' looks like she's bein' bad?" he asks in a quiet tone. "Y'sure 'bout dat?"

Amanda Sefton holds her breath for a moment then releases it as he moves in against her back. "I used to be, but not always anymore."

Remy LeBeau doesn't move away. He stands there his hand lightly on her left hip as he watches over her shoulder. "Used t' be what chere? Good? 'r Bad?" He smiles lightly. His voice is close to her right ear.

Amanda Sefton presses back against him slightly to get some space from the cabinet so she can move to another part of the cabinet an begin slowly mixing a batter while the pork rests. "Used to be sure I was good."

Remy LeBeau backs up and lets her work. He doesn't trap her. He smiles and leans on the counter beside her, sipping again at his wine. "Well… dat likely go f' all'a us sooner 'r later, chere. Life ain' black an' white. S' more shades of grey den any book could pretend t' know 'bout." He shrugs. "All dat matter, Remy foun' is if Remy can get up in de mornin' and look hisself inna mirror an' not be disgusted by what 'e see."

Amanda Sefton flashes him a smile, "I've had days when that was actually hard, but not recently. So I suppose I'm doing okay." She sets the batter aside to tighten up slightly then moves on to chopping up button mushrooms.

Remy LeBeau nods. "Remy been dere 'isself chere. Ain't easy. Ain' good. But sometimes life t'row curve balls an' jus' hard t' see straight. 'r t'ink." He sips at his wine again as he watches her continue to prep and cook. He shrugs a shoulder. "Jus' hafta do bes' we can."

Amanda Sefton nods as she moves to making a roux in a skillet for her mushroom gravy. "Sometimes, but enough of that. I don't think either one of us want to talk about grim subjects this evening."

Remy LeBeau shrugs. "Remy'll talk 'bout whatever y' like chere." He watches her. "How long y' been cookin? Remy can make few t'ings. Won' starbe but no super star at it." He chuckles.

Amanda Sefton laughs, "I'm no superstar either, but anyone who can brew a potion can follow a recipe."

Remy LeBeau chuckles. "No wonder Remy can' cook" he quips as he watches her. "Remy got de knife skills okay.. jus' better lettin' someone else do de cookin. Remy'll admire and enjoy de finished product." He nods as if this totally makes sense as the safer option.

Amanda Sefton flashes him another warm smile. The roux slowly becomes a gravy as the various ingredients are added. "Well I had no choice about learning to make potions. My mother was quite determined. I am sure you could learn if you wanted to." The pounded pork is lightly breaded then placed into another skillet to be crisped up. She then pauses to wash off her hands so she can pick up her glass and sip from it again.

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Oh. Remy's sure he could. Maybe jus' need de right incentive." He smiles as he watches her work. He mmm's as the pork begins to cook. "Now dat sure smell good so far."

Amanda Sefton chuckles, "I'm sure being able to cook her a good meal is a wonderful way to woo a woman. Not that you need any help in that department." While the pork crisps up on the first side she begins to spoon the batter into a pastry bag for piping.

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Oh… ev'ry man need help dere. Ain' jus' so simple. You know better'n Remy." He winks at her as he watches her work, interested in the rest of the process. He's never seen this prepared before it seems. "More wine, chere?"

Amanda Sefton chuckles, "I'm at the point where I can't quite stop for a drink, but I will definitely want more once I can." She puts a small piping tip on the bag then begins to pipe out small noodles which are cut and then allowed to fall into the water. The whole bag is piped in before she quickly moves over to flip the pork to the other side and returns to stir the browning gravy.

Remy LeBeau smiles and refills her glass anyway just so it's ready. He watches the skill she displays while cooking. "S' lookin' and smelling good chere. Remy 'preciate y' doin' it." He smiles.

Amanda Sefton smiles, "Cooking is a lot more difficult than say… acrobatics, but you cannot eat a beautiful somersault so it's worth the work." When she finishes stirring the gravy to smoothness, the pork is flipped again to check for doneness then extracted with tongs and placed into the gravy to finish cooking. She turns and opens the fridge to pull out a bowl of icy water. This is placed on the cabinet. Then the spaetzle is strained out of the hot water it's been cooking in and immediately placed in the ice bath to stop the cooking. Butter is then melted into a pan before the spaetzle is drained again and placed into the butter to saute.

Remy LeBeau watches and smiles. "Remy agree dere… But 's a beautiful ballet an'way… the skill of managin' all de ingredients and t'ings 't make it all come together at the end." he seems more than happy to just hang out leaning on the counter where he can watch bit is (mostly) out of the way.

Finally both the pan with the pork and the pan with the pasta come off the heat and Amanda declares proudly, "There. Jägerschnitzel with spaetzle. Dinner is served, a little early but that just gives us time to enjoy it." She serves portions onto two plates then heads for the table, "Would you bring the wine?"

Remy LeBeau smiles and nods. "Abs'lutely." He picks up the two glasses first, taking them in. Then he returns for the open bottle. The other is slipped into the 'fridge (unless there's a wine cooler). He smiles. "Looks 'mazin' chere. Smells dat way too."

Amanda Sefton sits at one side of the table and places him to her right hand side so they aren't far apart. Once seated she lifts her glass toward him, "Here's to a nice dinner with good company. I hope you consider it worth the effort you put out on my behalf."

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Remy'll drink t' de firs' part. But not de second.." He looks at her seriously. "Remy already know gon' be great. And Remy truly 'preciate de work and care y' put int'a makin' it. T'ank you." He offers her a sincere smile of appreciation.

Amanda Sefton lightly chimes her glass against his then sip, "And thank you for the excellent company while I was making it. I don't have an excuse to cook like this very often."

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