(2016-09-25) At Last We Meet Again For the First Time
At Last We Meet Again For the First Time
Summary: Peter Quill wakes up with a strange woman, again.
Date: 2016-09-25
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NPCs: urRamsey (Douglock's fork, briefly)
Scene Runner: NA
Social/Plot: Social

Location: Kitty Pryde's room at the Xavier Institute outside of North Salem in Westchester, New York


Morning light filters in around the edges of the heavy curtains. Two figures recline under the blankets of the four-poster-bed. One of them stirs, surprised hazel-colored eyes popping open.

Star-Lord looks left and right, at first uncertain of where he is at all.

A slight startle as she feels her bed shift then the rush of memory, he's here with her. She rolls slightly and her own hazel eyes flick open. A sweet smile as she looks at him. "Nice to know that wasn't a dream and you are really here. Though is would have been a nice dream" She reaches her hand, finger toying along his jaw "Good Morning, Star-Lord" a hint of tease to her voice.

Star-Lord's head is still turned away from her. He almost jerks in panic at the unexpected touch, but being called by name he relaxes and tries to think. "Good morning," he pauses, "…honey". His gaze countinues to flick around alertly, getting his bearings.

She rolls and snuggles up behind him. A soft kiss to the nape of his neck. "So, how long do I have you for? Please say more than just last night" She shifts to lean up some, looking at the clothes strewn about her room with a grin. She looks to Lockheed's empty perch.

Star-Lord responds softly, "Hold that thought… I'll be right back, gotta visit the head." Yeah, that'll buy a few minutes for sure. He slips from under the covers and strides towards the bathroom door. On the way he snags a pair of boxers he sees out of the corner of his eye.

Shadowcat blinks a few times as he heads to the bathroom. She leans up and runs her fingers through her hair. "If you have time, i'd kinda like you to meet my Mom" She shifts and flicks her eyes to the bathroom door. "Though, it will be tempting to keep you all to myself" She yawns "I'm famished after last night"

Star-Lord mouths to himself, "Mom?!" and if anything his pace increases, hurrying into the room and closing the door behind him.

Her eyes blink as the door bangs closed. She tilts her head "Really?!? Scared of meeting my Mom?" She rolls her eyes. She slips from the bed and walks over, grabbing her tank and underwear, slipping those on. "Why I ever said yes to you, everyone thinks I've a screw or two lose, or I'm a glutton for punishment"

The sound of water running obscures any response he may have made. After a minute or two, the water stops, the door opens, and he faces her directly. "Look, I'm gonna be totally honest with you—" he begins.

She stiffens slightly and her eyes look at his. "Honest.. " She gives an awkward chuckle "What's up with your eyes?" She thinks back to looking into blue eyes last night, right, they were blue, prettty sure they were blue. She stares at hazel eyes though.

Star-Lord pauses, confused. He turns his head towards the mirror, blinks a couple of times. "My eyes? They're alright. I think?" he looks back at her, and pauses again. For all the world it looks like he could be seeing her for the first time, and is distracted.

She blinks "You have blue eyes, you moron.." She sees him oogling and squeaks "Oh what the fuck?!? Did I slept with some alien imposter.. ew" She reaches down and grabs her sneaker and sends it flying in his direction. "Stop gawking at me and where the hell is Peter?"

Star-Lord holds his hands up, ducking slightly and deflecting the shoe, which falls to the ground. "What? I'm Peter…" his voice raising in pitch a little, not expecting to be suddenly assaulted.

Shadowcat the eyes widen and anger starts to well. "Yeah, you are huh?" She holds up her left hand, a small silver band with an inset green stone "My fiance Peter.." She stares "Oh, if this is some lame brained idiot way of you to get one last fuck before you break it off I will make sure you get torn limb from limb" She blinks at him, eyes starting to look hurt "I will phase your into solid marble and let go"

Star-Lord says, hurriedly, "I didn't do anything to your fiancee… just gimme a chance to… phasing?" that doesn't sound pleasant, whatever it is. His head turns slightly towards where his gear is laid out, and towards the door.

The eyes flutter "Blah. I slept with some.. metamorph, some other dimensional Quillish creep." She sees him eye the equipment. "Run, i dare you." She grins "I feel less guilty on some level if someone else mangles you" She looks to a com panel on the wall.

Star-Lord doesn't need a second invitation, and makes a quick move towards his gear.

She darts, passing through the bed and stands between him and his gear. They eyes stare at him and she seethes "You scheming little weasel"

Star-Lord's move was a feint, and just as she goes to intercept him he's already turned to the exit and gotten the door open, rushing through.

She lets out a frustrated yowl as he runs and she chases after. She dips and grabs her shorts, trying to tug them on. The fingers swiping the com panel on her way out.

Location Change: Second Floor Hallway of the Administration Living Quarters Southern building

Star-Lord in his boxers, is fleeing from Kitty's room, headed for the nearest stairwell.

"Intruder Alert Southern Admin Second floor" sounds out. Kitty hops through her door, wearing blue panties and a tank top. She trying to haul jean shorts up her legs, barefoot "Who ever you are, I'll make sure you never see the light of day again"

Bursting out of her room, in jeans and a bra, Lorna is scowling. "I swear to god I'll gut someone if this is a prank." Then she sees a man in his boxers and a Kitty jumping through her door. "Shit." She reaches out and throws a force field up at the end of the hall to cover the exit. "Katherine?" She grumbles, very displeased at the ruckus.

In his room on the other side of the courtyard, Doug goes for the fastest route to the southern admin building. Climbing out of his window he clambers onto the roof of the northern building and runs towards the south intending to leap across the courtyard when he reaches the edge of his building.

Star-Lord pulls up short just before dashing straight into the force field. Whirling, he tries running in the other direction, possibly hoping to dodge through Polaris and Shadowcat? "I don't want any trouble!" he cries out.

Shadowcat looks to Lorna then points "That creep is not my creep, he's an imposter creep." She stares as he comes back at her "You slimy bastard" She seethes and shifts a balance her body and the hands come up.

"Not your creep? Oh, damn it. We didn't prepare for this kind of mix up." Lorna steps in front of Kitty, and holds her hands up to Star Lord. "Alright, pump the brakes, mister." she says with authority. "You really don't want to see my co-worker's methods of catch and release."

As Doug prepares to leap he creates pistons in his legs to launch him into the air. As he travels though the air between the buildings he broadcasts his voice into the PA system of the southern administrative building to say, ":Incoming, there's going to be a thump in a moment but that's just me!:"

Moments later, as predicted, there is a loud *thump* as he lands on the roof and looks for an open window to pass though and then decides to break though a window into a second floor office building causing a loud *crash* as he shatters though the window.

In his head space Doug says ("Order a new window pane to match the dimensions of this window, urRamsey,") to his assistant-fork who says, ("Sure thing boss,") as he sets to the task immediately though the campus WiFi.

At the commanding tone of Polaris and the cutoff of his hoped for daring window escape, Star-Lord gives in and comes to a halt. His hands go up slowly, and he says "Okay, okay, enough. What, did I come out in the girls' section of a wizard school or something?"

Shadowcat glares from behind Lorna "It will not be my fault, i was phasing him into a cell, he struggled and pulled away, sadly it's a 3 foot thick concrete wall, I'm.. sure he'd died quick" She has a temper and it is apparently red hot at the moment. She flicks a glance back as the window breaks then looks back to Peter again, eyes hurt.

"Wait, both of you, slow down." Lorna shakes her head. "Why are you both in your underwear? Don't answer that actually-who thinks they know who-let's start there."

Doug darts out of the office and looks down the hall, though the magnetic force field at the trio at the other end of the hall. ":Is this man the emergency?:" he asks as he forms a blaster at the end of his left arm in case he needs to launch an attack.

Star-Lord shows the front and back of his hands to Douglock, hoping to emphasize his unarmed, nonaggressive status, "Easy, there, Mr… robot…type…security guy?" he guesses. Responding to Lorna, he says, "I'm sorry. I don't think I know any of you."

Star-Lord glances at Shadowcat, a bit worriedly.

A deep inhale and Kitty narrows her eyes "I know one version of that space hooligan, Peter Quill, Starlord" the last said with a sneer. "And that version came to Terra, Earth, last night. And it was.. Peter, my Peter, with blue eyes. We.. " She stops as he voice catches a bit. "It was him. Fingers interlaced he fondly stroked my ring. Come morning I wake up with some hazel eyed knock off. Some space tramp who couldn't exit my room fast enough!"

Star-Lord interrupts, "Well, you were throwing things at me, and threatend to…" then suddenly interrupting himself, "EARTH?" he suddenly gets on his toes, trying to look past Douglock through the window.

Doug glances at Lorna with a 'oh here we go again' expression on his face. ":Any chance you can let inside the force field,:" he asks the green-haired mutant as he steps up next to the force field. ":Yes, Earth,:" he says to Star-Lord, ":And I'm not a robot, despite any resemblance.:"

Looking at Doug, Lorna shakes her head. "Come in, just a case of mistaken identity." Looking tired, Lorna glances back to her door and sighs. "Damn it. Kitty, haven't you read the reports on alternate Earths and the spill over problem?" She asks the girl, keeping her eyes on Peter. "Earth." She agrees watching the young man. The force field drops and she shakes out her hands.

Star-Lord blinkblinks, "Which Earth?" He sighs. "I've got an idea. Maybe if we're all sure that nobody's going to shoot anyone or "phase" anyone or try to run away, we'd maybe like to talk about this after getting dressed?" he directs the question at the person that seems to be nominally in charge (Lorna), and tries VERY hard to keep his eyes up. Almost manages, too.

Shadowcat's temper flares "I read the fucking reports. I went to bed with my man and woke out with a shift. He's an intruder now. And depending when he is from he is a space bimbo who'd steal half the stuff in the house rather then say hello." She blushes red "He'd changed when he proposed." She holds up her hand at Peter, wriggling the ring "Look familar, you won it from a Askervarian playing poker." She looks to Douglock "Take him to a detention cell."

"Doug, watch Kitty's…friend. Kitty, put some clothes on and grab his other him's for him-won't you?" Lorna says briskly, turning the foot stomping young woman to her door. Whether Kitty goes or not, Lorna walks back into her room to collect a shirt and exchange some soft words before she comes back out, tugging the simple black tee on. "Ok then? Shall we all go talk?"

Doug steps up close to Star-Lord and, sprouting a few sensors, begins to examine the man hoping to find that quality that defines him as not being from this world… something he's been trying to pin down for a while actually. ":So… 'Star-Lord' huh?:" he asks before saying, ":Tell me someone else gave you that name,:" with the hint of a chuckle in his voice.

Star-Lord sensing things are relatively under control, cooeprates with Doug's examination. "My mother," he says quietly, and again he looks out the broken window, now taking in a deep breath of the outside air making its way in. "I never thought to find Earth again…". He looks at Kitty, and says, "that sounds like me. I'm sorry, I must be a poor replacement."

Shadowcat gives a frustrated grrrrrr and balls her fists. She turns to walks through the wall and into her room. The sound of a few things smashing. She walks out via the door shorts done up and sandals slid on, carrying his gear and walks over, the eyes flicking over him and anger seems to ebb from her, replaced by hurt. She swallows and stares at his eyes, or not his eyes.

Gingerly collecting the gear, Lorna hands it off to Peter so he can get dressed. Doug doesn't need to be seeing so much skin on the poor young man after all! "Ok, rather than a holding cell, why don't we and other Peter head downstairs and I'll get us all some tea and we can work out what this Peter remembers and what all we want to do, hmmm?" It's not all that much of a question really. She comes back to Kitty to put a supportive hand on her shoulder.

Star-Lord quietly accepts his things with another glance towards Kitty. His attitude is almost night and day since hearing the word "Earth". "Doug, is there somewhere i can…" he looks around, and looks down at his clothes.

Douglock nods to Peter. Putting a hand on the man's shoulder he takes advantage of the contact to take a quick needle prick blood sample. ":Right in here,:" he says pushing Peter to an empty room and stepping inside with him to make sure he doesn't try to get out though a window.

Those hazel eyes well with tears and she looks to Lorna "I'm, I'm sorry i lost my temper Lorna. It was him, and, it's been so long since I saw him, and to have that stolen while i slept, like it was a dream, like it wasn't real" She looks to the ring on her hand. "I wonder where my Peter got shifted to, i hope he's okay"

"We'll do our best to find out. It must have been a shock for this Peter too." Lorna tells Kitty softly. "These…switches haven't been easy or kind on folks, but we're here for you Kitty, alright?" She looks at the other girl and hugs her close for a second. "Let's put on some tea and work out what to do, alright?"

Kitty nods her head. "Alright. And well, It's Peter, it'd be less shocking for him to wake up next to a strange woman in bed then perhaps I'd want" She sighs softly and smiles "We've all got a past, right?"

Location Change: Lower Meeting Room in the Admin South building at the Xavier Institute

Shadowcat walks into the room and flops down into a chair. The eyes staring at the table top but the look clearly shows she is seeing nothing. The chin dropped, nearly resting her chin to her chest.

Star-Lord arrives into the meeting room, fully dressed in his usual outfit. His holsters, however, are empty. Seemingly filled with more curiosity now than any other emotion, he heads for one of the seats.

Douglock follows Star-Lord in moments later with the former contents of Quill's holsters in black with yellow circuitry mimicries of them on his hips.

Lorna comes in a few minutes later with a tray filled with a tea service. She huffs and puffs. "We need a kitchenette on this side." She grumps as she sets the tray down and goes about pouring tea for everyone in a manner of fact way, minus Doug. He gets oranges and a hand juicer. "So-Peter, what's the last thing you remember before waking up here, please?" She asks and looks to Kitty. "You knew your Peter, listen-it may help us place where this one is from."

Star-Lord nods a thank you at having tea poured for him. He clears his throat. "I was on my ship, with Drax and Gamora and Rocket and… mini-Groot. I was teaching Drax some human expressions, and then suddenly I woke up here. It was as quick as that."

":So you were awake in your world then you /were/ asleep for a moment after the transfer or were you awake here also but it was obvious by the circumstances that you "weren't" a moment before even though you were?:" Doug asks Peter. Then, as the analysis reaches a point where he has information, he says, ":He's not fully human.:" and then he asks, ":Kitty, do you happen to have any skin or hair from the original Peter I could examine?:"

Shadowcat lifts her head and looks to Peter the Imposter. She takes her mug and wraps her hands around it. "mini-groot?" She puzzles and shrugs "The names all sound right but, Groot is big. Rocket" She smiles as she says the name. She looks to Douglock "His father isn't human, just his mother" She thinks then shakes her head "No, well, I mean, I think it was the original between last night, there may be some hair or skin, on my bed. But nothing from before that"

"Doug?" Lorna asks softly with a nod towards Kitty's room, there's a smile seeing he's already on it. "So Peter knows…Groot? as a little thing…and you know him as large?" She rubs her neck. "What else Peter? Had you met Kitty here, or the X-Men maybe? You mentioned thinking you'd never find Earth?" She prompts the man for more info.

Douglock nods and says, ":Alright, I'll go up to your room and see if I can find any samples to collect that are in a condition that will allow for analysis.:" He then departs the room… /with/ Peter's weapons still on his hips.

Star-Lord contemplates the tea, and has a taste. Continuing, he answers Doug first. "Awake there… to awake here. It just sort of felt like waking up because of winding up in a bed. I didn't know about reality shifts, so I thought I was suffering some memory loss. Maybe too much drinking or something." he looks back at Lorna and Kitty. "I've never met Kitty before, or anyone called the X-Men. But I've been away from Earth for twenty-six years…" he considers. "You're not talking about just teleporting here through space. You're saying this isn't even the Earth that I left." he scowls a little.

Kitty flinches as he says he doesn't know her. The eyes look at his eyes, then down at her ring. She sighs "And what's with the stupid old walkman, you seem to be taking better care of a $7 dollar hunk of crap then your blaster" She passive aggressively lashes out

"Kitty." Lorna says sharply, looking at the girl. "Neither of you asked for this-alright. Not one of the others here have wanted to slip to our world." She looks back at Peter. "I'm sorry. She has a history with a different version of you-as I'm sure you've pieced together. But you are on Earth. New York to be exact." She offers him and nods to the window.

Star-Lord stares out the window while he talks some more. "That," he said slowly and firmly, "is my music." he turns back to face the others. "It's from my mother, alright?" he admits. Suddenly he pauses. "If things are different here — Mom.. Meredith… is she still — ?" hardly daring to hope, or wonder what it would mean.

Shadowcat winces again. "I'm sorry Peter. You mother was murdered by Badoons.. years ago. They were trying to end your father's line by killing you and her, an Emperor without an heir is less of a threat" She flicks her eyes over him. "Is that what you remember?"

Star-Lord simply closes his eyes, pained. "No," he says.

Shadowcat winces again. "You fought them, you killed them trying to save both of you." She swallows hard and sighs. "You stole a ship but it malfunctioned. Do you even know Yondu?" She sips her tea and stares at him. "it's so strange, that you are you but not you, the mannerism, the voice, the body" She flicks her glance to Lorna "I've no clue what to do"

Playing referee is exhausting, Lorna drinks her tea and eyes it. "Should have grabbed the bourbon. Alright Kitty, what do you know about Peter's ship and all that as it stands now?" She asks and looks at the woman. More gently she adds "We're still working on how to send the others home. He'll need to know about what he might expect from this world."

"Is it?" Kitty asks and her face turns red. "I ah.. I assume, it's here" She looks to the side, not looking to Lorna or Peter "We didn't really discuss it, we ah, well, it had been a while since we'd seen each other. and we ah…" She sighs and sets a hand over her face. "I have no clue"

Star-Lord sits up, "My ship… the Milano is here?" he asks. "Well, that makes sense, if I was… if the other me was visiting Kitty, that's how he'd come."

"Ok, well Peter. I'm gonna recommend you avoid space for a bit while we get you adjusted to life here." Lorna advises, weighing in. She looks at Kitty, feeling for the poor woman.

Star-Lord says, "I think that might be best. Do I need to go find, like a hotel or something? I still do have so many questions. And of course I know Yondu." he smiles to Kitty. "Raised me from a pup."

Shadowcat smiles and her eyes light up as he smiles. Then like a wave crashing her smile falters. "Your smile is the same. You met him later in life for me, raised as a pup by Yondu" She shakes her head "And you were already scoundrel, i can't imagine how bad this you is. Well you are not bunking with me. It'd by like cheating on my fiancee with his twin brother" She swipes a display and taps the screen, a few more taps and she nods "Yeah, a ship is on the grounds, not one of ours." She clicks a few more times. "Yup, it's your ship, not called the Milano, but you, Imposter Peter, can call it what you like and bunk there" She looks to Lorna

Shaking her head, Lorna looks at Kitty. "Better you hold onto the keys. We can put him up in a spare room." She rubs her face. "I'll memo Alex and Jean to let them know about our guest." She says and looks at Peter. "Please be patient, we'll help as much as we can." She looks at Kitty and adds "I understand if you need time and space. You know where to find me if you want to talk." With that she stands up to collect Doug's untouched juice supplies. "I'll get you set up Peter, if you'll come with me. Let's give Kitty a moment to adjust."

Star-Lord stands up, "Alright. Kitty," he says gently as a farewell-for-now, and follows Polaris.

She nods her head gently "Okay, i'll hold the keys." An evil little smirk "Thanks Lorna"

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