(2016-09-28) Serenity Meets Star-Lord
Serenity Meets Star-Lord
Summary: On her way home from a promotional event, Serenity runs across Kitty Pride and Peter Quill.
Date: 2016-09-28
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Shadowcat looks over "Not that I'm aware of, but who knows if you did anything dumb lately"

Star-Lord and Shadowcat sit on a fountain edge in the courtyard chatting. Shadow cat looks over as someone comes into the area and smiles.

Star-Lord explains, "Yeah, where I shifted from, I kinda sorta… gave him something else instead of the Infinity Stone I promised him for his help. Hidden in a duplicate container. He's probably going to be mad about that."

Star-Lord looks also, and waves, friendly smile and all.

Serenity walks slowly in from the drive, heels are not the easiest thing to walk smoothly in when you don't have a lot of practice even if you do have natural rhythm. She pauses when she sees faces she hasn't seen before even though that's become pretty common place of late. Finally she offers a smile and waves.

Kitty shifts "Hello. I'm Kitty Pride. This is Peter Quill" She flicks her eyes around "Are you a new student?" She asks quirking a brow. She shifts where she sits and tuck a foot up under her.

Star-Lord turns his head to have a look, "Hi there." he waits to hear more.

Serenity smooths down an imaginary wrinkle in her dress. "I'm Serenity. I haven't been enrolled for very long. The school's helping me get my equivalency." She looks over the pair of them briefly then tilts her head as her eyes widen a touch at the sight of Peter's walkman. She ventures a soft, "You a music fan?"

Shadowcat nods her head and smiles "Well welcome." She shifts on her perch and looks to the walkman. She gets a wistful look and is quiet. The eyes flicking to Peter.

Star-Lord pats the tape player gently, with a slow smile. "Hell, yeah. I, uh… like the oldies." he says that like they're not really old to him.

Serenity grins, "I like everything. I am now officially a professional singer thanks to Peter Parker. I'd ask if you wanted to make a request but my guitar's in my room."

Kitty shifts and smiles "That's too bad. Music is always lovely" She shifts "Are you enjoying your classes?" She asks and flicks her eyes around.

Star-Lord suddenly seems to realize something, and asks Kitty, "You're not a student. Do you teach?"

Serenity nods to Kitty. "Always did like school. Well not my schoolmates but the learning definitely. It's been a challenge working in my classes around recording sessions and appearances planned to promote the single that's going to drop any time now."

A laugh "I was a student, and then was the Headmistress for a brief spell. I am a Professor when asked to be. But, I met this guy.. long story, but he lured me into a life if adventure. And now, I've no clue." She looks to Serenity. "Fame is fleeting, knowledge is forever. Focus more on your classes here. Hone your skills" She quirks a grin "See, Headmistress is still in me" She laughs softly.

Star-Lord says to Kitty, "Gee, I wonder who that was…?" then says to Serenity, "Do we get a sneak preview around here?"

Serenity smiles wryly at Kitty's mini-lecture then nods at Star-Lord. She closes her eyes and begins tapping out a drum beat on her thigh. When she sings it is with crystal clarity and perfect pitch. "People around us, They stand up and fight, For the things that we all want, for the thing that are right. In a world filled with heroes, With their capes and their tights, we're all blind to the brave ones, Who just stand up and fight, To the every day heroes."

Kitty shifts and leans back on her hands. She smiles wide hearing the lyrics and tilts her head watching serenity sing. She nods her head to the lyrics and listens.

Star-Lord raises his eyebrows at the unexpected talented voice. He too pauses to listen quietly.

When she finishes the chorus, Serenity stops and opens her eyes again. "I'm contractually forbidden to sing any more than that outside of the studio before the official release."

Shadowcat laughs softly "Such a tease" She smiles "You have a beautiful voice" She nods her head "I still say focus on your school work but" She nods "The lyrics were nice, do you write your own?"

Star-Lord chuckles, "You were right about not being able to leave the teacher in you behind."

Serenity nods, "It's the first thing I've written for a long time. I've been singing covers mostly for the last few years." She gestures toward the mansion. "I'm going to head inside so I can take off these heels. I'm headed to the conservatory to play some…" She gives the walkman another glance. "Old 80s hits? If anyone wants to come in and listen."

A twitch and shift "I ah, I think I'm all set" She smiles "I should finish getting my head back on straight" She eases up to stand. "Nice to meet you" She glances over "Don't steal anything Star-Lord" The eyes teasing.

Star-Lord says, "Heh, trying to get rid of me already, hmm?" he retorts back to Kitty.

Star-Lord stands up, as well, stretching.

Serenity flashes them both a smile then head toward the building. After a few steps she pauses to ask, "If I wanted to get you as a teacher, what would I need to enroll in?"

Mirth with a pang of pain in her laugh "Get rid of you, get my you back, get some sort of balance." She looks to Serenity and blink and thinks a second. "Computers, or um, piloting, maybe combat training. Still not sure I'm doing a class, but if I could get enough students interested in one of those"

Star-Lord says back to Kitty, "Thanks for the good company." with a smile. He hesitates for an amount of time precisely calculated to be least likely to convey any hurry to leave. You have to be careful in these situations. He remarks to Serenity, "80s player, 70s music. But you can sing whatever you like."

Serenity nods to Kitty, "Well send me a message at my school email if you decide to give a class. Whatever it is, I'll take it." Either she was serious about liking school or she likes Kitty. "Ah. I know that era. My mother used to play it a lot. You have a favorite song?" She begins walking toward the building again.

Star-Lord catches up to Serenity. "Hmm… some Jackson 5, 'I want you back'?" is heard faintly as they converse walking away.

"Will do Serenity" She walks for the Southern wing. "And don't believe half of what he tells you" She smirks and walks through a wall and into the building.

Serenity chuckles softly, "Technically, that was released in at the end of the 60s not in the 70s." Once she's in the conservatory her heels come off and are deposited beside the piano bench as she slides onto it. Though the song wasn't originally written for the piano, she plays it on the grand anyway. She even sings along though she sounds disturbingly like the lead singer on the album when she does.

Star-Lord continues to stand for the time being, leaning against one wall. He looks impressed to start, but it changes to a level of astonishment when he notices the imitation.

Serenity plays the song through to the end then murmurs, "Another song from the late 60s that I enjoy." She begins to play Yesterday. This time she sounds like herself again. It's not difficult to hear her passion for music in her voice.

Star-Lord relaxes slightly, almost slipping on the wall. He looks haunted, actually. This time he closes his eyes as he listens.

Serenity doesn't notice his look since she isn't facing him but when she finishes this time she turns to ask, "Any more… requests?" She pauses, "Was that the wrong song to play?"

Star-Lord shakes off his reverie, and stands up properly, "No." he says calmly. "Would you believe I last heard that one twenty-six years ago?"

Serenity cocks her head in confusion, "You haven't heard Yesterday in 26 years? Were you hiding in a bunker somewhere?"

Star-Lord reverses a small chair and sits down on it straddle-style. "Nope." he says, "You'll never guess it," he challenges.

Serenity wrinkles her nose at that, "I don't like guessing games very much. I never guess the right things." And they invite people to guess about her in return. "So, another request?"

Star-Lord shrugs, "Alright, I give. I've been in outer space," completely deadpan. Hmm… do you know something by Alton John?" he sounds a little hesitant on the name.

Serenity mmhmms, "Well that makes sense with the nickname. You mean Elton John right? Because if there's actually an Alton John and I don't know about him I'm going to cry." She begins playing Candle in the Wind without singing since she cannot sing and talk at the same time.

Star-Lord nods, though it seems he recognizes the style more than the song. "That's right. Lovely," he compliments.

Serenity nods as she continues to play, "So you weren't even on the planet when I was born then. That puts my best repertoire of songs outside your realm of experience."

Star-Lord says, "Think of it this way, even the overplayed ones will come off fresh if I'm listening."

Serenity laughs softly and pauses to consider. "Okay. You probably know this one. Maybe." She plays the opening riff of Old Time Rock and Roll. Then she shows off and does a perfect rendition of Bob Seger as she belts out the song. Every cadence, every intonation just exactly the same as the recording.

Star-Lord jumps up, "Damn right I do…" throwing any self-consciousness aside and dancing right along to it. Absent, you notice, is any mimicry of Tom Cruise.

(The odds of being allowed to watch "Risky Business" at his age, being a goose egg)

Serenity dances a little as she plays. She grins happily at his dancing. Since she was far too busy with her music to watch old 80s movies when she was growing up mostly after the turn of the millennium, Serenity wouldn't have noticed a Tom Cruise impersonation if it happened. When she gets to the end of the song, she stops singing but continues playing a slightly jazzed up improvisation of the song with some of her own riffs mixed in.

Star-Lord ends up on his knees mimicking shouting into an imaginary microphone. As she begins her own spin on it, he continues grooving, just a little more subdued without the singing going on.

Serenity finally stops and dissolves into delighted laughter for a moment, "When you get into it, you really get into it."

Star-Lord responds, "Music is the best…" shuffling and relaxing now. "So where'd you learn all that? If you're new here."

Serenity chuckles, "Music? Oh I've been singing for almost as long as I've been talking. Music is something I've always been good at. I have perfect pitch."

Star-Lord says, "No doubt." He glances over at you, and says, "Alright, so… you being a student here, is it considered impolite to ask…" he doesn't seem sure how to finish. "I just really found out about this school yesterday."

Serenity smiles, "You have to ask? I just demonstrated it for you. Yes. I didn't even know I was a mutant until a few days before I first came here. Doug Ramsey produced a machine and said I was."

Star-Lord hears a name he recognizes. "Doug…" he grins. "He seems to share my affinity for theatrics."

Serenity nods, "I am trying to get over it but his voice still bothers me. It's not right."

Star-Lord takes his chair again. "The weirdness for me is just from it being here. A lot of planets have a lot of people with some strange sounding voices. You should hear the Ataraxians."

Serenity shakes her head, "I'll pass thanks. I'm sensitive to odd sounding things because I can't forget them."

Star-Lord responds, "So there's a little downside to the talent, then… but it's powerfully subtle." he notes.

Serenity nods, "It's a major down side however subtle it may be, but I have to live with it right? Jean wants to give me therapy."

Star-Lord says "Guess I need to see her eventually. She runs the place, right? Figure I can't just occupy a room indefinitely. Maybe I can be useful around here while I figure things out."

Serenity nods, "She let me live here several weeks rent-free while I was making up my mind about whether or not to go to the school, but then I was homeless so kicking me out meant putting me back on the street."

Star-Lord says, "Maybe it's about the same for me, come to think of it. Even my ship isn't really mine unless they decide it is. Have they told you about the reality-shifty thing?"

Serenity murmurs, "No one's talked to me about it, but they didn't need to. I've seen pictures of Spiderman before and he wasn't younger than me, but the one who arranged my contract with Parker Industries was."

Star-Lord speculates, "What's his thing, some kind of were-spider mutation? Just guessing from the name."

Serenity shakes her head, "I haven't the slightest idea, but he doesn't actually turn into a spider if that's what you mean. He still looks like a man… well in this case a kid, but you know what I mean."

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