(2016-10-05) A (Dazzling) Disaster Of An Encounter
A (Dazzling) Disaster of An Encounter
Summary: Dazzler finds Havok; a monster in her own world.
Date: 2016-10-05
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A (Dazzling) Disaster of An Encounter
Summary: Dazzler is finally at the Xavier Institute only to encounter a man that was a nightmare in her own world.
Date: 2016-10-05
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Alison Blaire hasn't been at the Mansion long, barely twenty-four hours, but already she feels vaguely lost. Both mentally and not to mention physically. The Mansion itself is huge and it only gets worse when a person ventures out upon the expansive grounds.

Because of this, Ali has been simply lurking within the hallowed halls of this establishment slowly exploring where
she's permitted.

That also includes the areas that are chiefly dedicated to the school aspect of the Institute and that is where Dazzler currently finds herself. The swarm of students easily navigate around the blonde and as the tide of humanity lessens, Ali will step towards the doorway that leads into Alex's classroom. She'll lurk within the doorway for a few minutes, as her blue-eyed gaze roams the classroom. It only takes her a few seconds to look around before her eyes find Alex's form.

Seeing movement, Alex looks up from the rock and spies Alison. His eyes widen in excitement and he smiles. There's a raised pitch to his voice in surprise as he didn't expect to see her and he calls out, "Ali!" Hopping off the desk, the rock is placed on the top and he starts moving up the steps from the podium to the entry point (sunk in/tiered classroom). He comments, "No friggin way!" as if he's still very thrilled to see her.

Seeing the teacher … Professor? Whatever they're called here examining the rock in his hand so studiously starts to bring a smile to Ali's features.

She still feels like she needs to be pinched - as if this is all a dream, where things are so public.

That burgeoning expression of Ali's freezes, however, when Alex Summers turns to fully face her. In that one moment Ali's world seemingly comes crashing down, as she recognizes a figure out of nearly everyone's nightmare (within her world) steps towards her.

It doesn't seem to help Havok's case when he calls out her name, nor the friendly expression upon his face. In fact, she turns quite pale as she watches death approach.

When Havok is a stones throw away from Dazzler a halo of energy will suddenly flare around her whole body. It's primarily a white light, though
a rainbow effect ripples through the energy when watched long enough.

"No closer." She warns, her voice sounding hollow to her ears and while intellectually she understands this is a different world, her heart just can't parse it yet.

Bright light, bright light!. Alex raises his left hand to shield his eyes. He flinches, turns away slightly but does what she wants, he stops in his tracks. "Ali?!, what the heck?!? What's wrong… damn, I'm friggin blind." Alex tries to look back to her, but each time the light is far too bright and his blue gaze is averted by the pain of the illumination. He then pleads, "Come on Ali, It's me, Alex… you know; your BFF in Australia. Don't you remember that time we didn't kiss and that other time when you learned to fly because I was falling off a cliff?"

Indeed, bright lights in the city tonight.

In her world Ali would have attacked by now, but here in this world, there's a hesitancy to her actions. In fact, what likely saved Havok from being lasered into the next room are his words. In her world she knew exactly how Alex Summers, Elite of Apocalypse's forces, walked, talked and acted. And while their walk is similar (cocky swagger) how they speak isn't. Or rather, the inflections aren't. Alex Summers of her world spoke with a cruel sneer, this one? Not so much.

The halo around her body slowly begins to dim, as the reality of this situation finally breaks through the momentary shock of seeing such a hated foe come towards her.

"You've got it wrong, honey. I'm not who you think I am." Comes her voice, sounding very similar to the Dazzler of Earth-616, albeit with a faint rasp to it. "And you're not who I expected either, I suppose." There's a bit of cynical humor within that sentence of hers, even as she continues with, "What did Douglock call us? Displaced persons. I'm one of them. I'm from … Elsewhere. I'm sorry." She adds, apologizing perhaps for the bright light, as well as not being who he thinks she should be.

As the lights fade, Alex's blue eyes are drawn to her own and the sassy words that follow. His smile returns, "Sweetie, there is nothing to be sorry for. You're still Ali and a sight for sore eyes. Blinded eyes too. So… commere…" And he will put out his arms and try to step into her personal space to hug her in the fashion of a bear

A hug?

That totally takes her surprise and with that surprise, Alex is able to slip into her personal space and give her a hug. For Ali, her body is quite stiff but eventually she'll at the very least offer an awkward pat on the back.

Definitely awkward.

She'll likely be the first to disengage as she steps back out of his embrace. There's a moment of silence on her part, before she finally says, "So, you teach?" And with that inane question, Dazzler can't help the quirk of her lips into a self-deprecating expression. "And yes, I'll take stupid questions for $100.00."

Clearly her world had Jeopardy for part of it.

The bug even lifted her off her feet for a few seconds. He is very warm. But when she steps back he gives her those moments to acclimate and just as he was going to say something, she asks her question. So he answers, "Yep, geophysics. Physical science. And no, there aren't stupid questions, especially not from
you, a stranger in a very strange land. So you can totally ask anything. We'll just laugh about it later. But tell me… was i a complete asshole in your world? "'

His words are definitely listened to but occasionally he might see a flicker of amazement wash across her features. Or perhaps the expression says something more like 'someone pinch me'. Sadly, she'll likely have more of these moments as she finds the counterparts from her world here.

It's only with that last question of his that her expression turns strained. She considers tempering the truth, but eventually she decides against that. "More I'm afraid." She finally says, "You and your brother were the right and left hand of Apocalypse. Douglock tells me you have Apocalypse here, but I have a feeling the version within my world was worse."

That brings a dark cloud to Alex's expression. He sighs and then looks at the floor. He gives pause and then turns to walk toward the podium. He starts to talk and his words have lost some of the life they had before… "I'm sorry you had to deal with him.. the other me. I know first hand that version of me is a major jerk." Then, having a backpack from the desk, he says on a lighter note and trying to change the subject, "Let's go to Harry's and get drunk."

Get drunk? That was the least of what Ali was figuring he'd say and it startles a smile from the blonde woman. "That sounds like a marvelous idea." So says the songstress and when he makes it back to her side, she'll even fall into step with him, at his side.

"The only thing -". She begins, giving him a side-long glance, "- is you'll have to drive. I haven't the foggiest where this Harry's is."

And while there's still a bit of awkwardness from Ali, it's clear that Alex's demeanor is settling the nerves and awkwardness within her.

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