(2016-10-05) A Star Trekker Returns
A Star Trekker Returns
Summary: Kitty Pryde returns from space, Jean Grey invites her for a conversation to catch up, along the way she meets Imposter Peter.
Date: 2016-10-05
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Jean is sitting at the meeting room, having checked telepathicly with Kitty if she chould meet. She let Kitty have some space, ironically, since Kitty's return from space, but now was the time to check what is up in the world of the Ninja with The Pet Dragon Who Is Also Really Really Ridiculously Awesome with Computers and stuff.

The door opens and Kitty peeks in then smiles wide. She steps in and closes the door. "Hello Jean. It's great to see you, sorry I have not checked in yet, and for the .. Peter kerfuffle" She walks into the room proper and pauses, a clear unsurity whether she she hug, shakes hand or just take a seat. "It's good to be home again"

"Kitty," Jean stands up to walk over towards the veteran X-Men, moving to give her a warm embrace, solving her uncertainty. "So good to see you again! How was Star Trekking?" She starts with an upbeat question, before losing a bit of her smile, "that is quite a mess with Mr. Quill, have you two had a chance to talk it out?"

The hazel eyes light up and she hugs tight. A soft content sounding sigh as she steps back. "Star treking was brillant. It's really changed me, having cosmic power did as well, a role I did not enjoy quite as much so let that power flow back out." She nods her head "And yes, Peter. I should be able to be all doe eyed talking about being engaged and how's he's a changed man. Well, he's changed alright." The eyes unfocus and look melancholy "We've talked. And, he's a stranger in a strange land." The eyes flicker "He has the same smile, and it breaks my heart slightly" She shudders a bit, trying to shake it off.

Jean smiles somewhat bitter-sweetly as Kitty divulges a truth, "those who covert cosmic power, do not understand, you've always been a smart one, Pryde." Jean laughs, "I got that part when you announced your engagement," she moves to give Kitty some space, breaking their embrace and sitting against the meeting table, clearly this is not going to be a very formal meeting. "So what do you think you're going to do? Are you going to break the engagement? Or is there no need because he's not even recognizing it?" Jean asks more quietly, sympathize, none of the X-Men has had nearly as much entire worlds turning upside down as she experienced during her time with the X-Men. Time being a very relative thing!

She shifts and sets her hands to the table then scoots back, sitting on the edge. "I don't know. He doesn't even know me, and it sort of freaks him out i know things about him. He knows we, or I was engaged to a version of him" She swallows "We holo dated, ya know. so, i tried to activate the call to him. Then i checked the ship, there is the connecting ball. So, where did my Peter go? Can he come back?" She shakes her head "My mind was swimming the first few days"

Jean looks thoughtful for a moment, as if considering just how much to tell Kitty, and whether to tell her anything at all. There's no doubt, if anyone knows anything about such question, the White Phoenix is as good a source as any can go to. "Let us say that he is not gone…, for starters," Jean muses, hesitating a bit. Not sure where to draw the line between being comforting, and saying too much.

Those hazel eyes lock onto Jean's eyes, wetter as she swallows hard. "That is all i need to know. That… is everything really" She shifts and lets out a long breath. "Is it weird i'm attracted to this one, the only difference I see is the eyes, same smile, same swagger. Same goofy flirt" She grins and clearly thinks back. "He actually mentioned trying to make himself less of a mooch, seeing what he could help with." She flicks her eyes "I'd like to do the same, rather then run, I want to settle. Maybe teach a class, what'd need Head Mistress? Computers, pilot, combat, though, you usually have no shortage of those teachers."

Jean nods at Kitty, smiling softly, glad that what she choose to say was enough. "I haven't had the pleasure to meet him yet, but I'm sure he is a dashing fellow, though, if you were to ask me, I'd dare say having a first name of Peter is a big part of the deal for you, is it not?" Jean teases, though she does note, "you are attracted to him, because it is still him, in a sense…" and just as they speak of him, Jean looks distracted for a moment, before quipping, "he's around now…would you like to have him join us? That way I can meet him for myself…and Computers would be good, and you can certainly help with hand to hand combat. Maybe offer the kids a flair of your ninja skills?"

She nods her head gently "When i met him and heard the name i knew, i knew he'd be trouble. I swear, though, any man I pick.." She looks towards the door then back at Jean. "We keep bumping into each other, more then seems normal. Locky didn't dislike so i know he's not all bad. Computers it is, any combat for those smart enough not to learn Ninja skills from Logan." A smirk and she looks back towards the door "Sure, invite him in, i can introduce you"

"I figured that's half the game for you, Kitty, you just hear the name 'Peter' and you start to swoon, don't you?" Jean jabs teasingly, giggling a bit at the thought. "Well, if the little guy doesn't hate him, that's certainly a big sign, he gets pretty jealous of anyone you give attention to, doesn't he?" Jean muses, before nodding as Kitty agrees to have Peter joins them.

Concentrating a bit, Jean sends a telepathic message to Star-Lord, «Peter…I am Jean Grey, Headmistress of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, I am with Kitty Pryde in the administration wing's meeting room, would you care to join us? I'll guide you here if you're willing.»

Star-Lord says, out loud in his guest room, "Hello? Yes? How does this work?" he looks around and up at the ceiling.

«Follow the direction I give you, and you'll get here,» Jean instructs before feeding the way to the administration wing's meeting room into Star-Lord's mind.

Star-Lord follows dutifully, and arrives to the meeting room. He opens it right up.

Jean looks over at Kitty, "he's on his way," she informs her, before a short time later Peter opens the door, "and there he is…" she quiets down, letting Kitty have a moment with him first.

Kitty sits on the table edge, feet dangling. She looks to Peter and nods her head "Peter Quill or Star-Lord, Head Mistress Jean Grey" She smiles and the eyes flick over Peter with a guarded "Hope everything is going okay for you. I did get on the ship, everything seems working"

Star-Lord responds, "Really! I can't wait to see it." definite enthusiasm in his voice, and then he remembers his manners. "Sorry. Hello." he nods to Jean. He pauses a moment, then adds. "Thank you for your hospitality so far."

Star-Lord walks into the room fully as he speaks, approaching the table.

Jean extends her arm towards Star-Lord, "likewise, Mr. Quill, I understand Kitty was engaged to the you that is not you, how are you finding this Earth so far? Confusing, I trust? If you need any help at all, you can rely on the good people here at Xavier's Institute."

Kitty leans back, setting her hands behind her. The eyes flick between the two, content to watch. The feet sway slightly, agitation or something.

Star-Lord strides over to shake the offered hand, then stepping back a moment. "I've already found that's true. It's a remarkable place you have here. And yes, it's been pretty weird even without finding myself in someone's place." he glances over at Kitty, and his attention lingers a moment. Hmm, doesn't take a telepath.

"I think you have the wrong perspective of it," Jean offers a different, perhaps less stressful way to look at thing, "you're not so much replacing someone else, as much as you are misplacing yourself." She thinks a moment, realizing it may not be simple for just about anyone to grasp willy nilly, so instead she offers. "Think of it this way. There's a house you lived in when you were 12, but when you're 30, you live in a different place. Your 30 year old self, suddenly walks into your 12 year old house. It's a bit sketchy, but closer to reality, then you simply replacing a different person. You, and him, are one and the same, only different in the cumulative choices you made in your respected multiverse placement…" having heard herself, Jean sighs, there's no way he'd actually just accept what she said.

Kitty flicks her eyes and nods her head. She thinks and looks to Peter. "All i know is I was with one and woke with another. Imposter Peter" Kitty rolls her eyes "Oh yeah, and i have to thank Douglock for that communication, via the evidence found in Kitty Pryde's bed…" She snickers and her face turns red. "The man has no social filter" She looks at Peter and her eyes flick. "So close"

Star-Lord snaps his mind back to the conversation at hand, and responds to Jean with some tone of positivity, "I'll give that some thought, I promise. If you'll pardon me reading between the lines a little, I'm taking it that I shouldn't get my hopes up for a return. That's okay," he adds quickly, "I've been trying to be ready for that news. As you've heard Kitty say," he grins her direction, "I've been interested in seeing non-Imposter-Peter's ship."

Jean shakes her head, though she does have a smile on her face, recognizing that Kitty is dealing with the situation with humor. A tried and true method of keeping one's sanity. "I'll give you that, Kitty, none whatsoever…he needs to work on that."

"I think it's up to Kitty whether she'd let you see his ship, even though in a manner of speaking, it would be your ship," Jean offers, leaving Kitty the one with the say on the matter, after all she was engaged to the other Peter Quill. She does, however, offers, "I'd expect nothing short of coping with any situation, considering what I heard of Peter Quill, which I assume holds true for you, Mr. Quill."

"I do love that everyone gives me control of the ship. That does seem unanimous" She nods her head "I already told him he could. I'm not sure the ship will even respond to him. Doug never got me any results back on a DNA match or anything" She puzzles "It's all so strange, and having been shifted out of reality, i won't deny him something that may make him feel more like him. Though I hope it's not the opposite, and makes you feel less, well placed."

Star-Lord says to Kitty, "I wouldn't worry. Working on a ship always puts me in a good mood." then he says to Jean, "As for coping, I guess we'll see. In the meantime, I actually did have a couple of questions. The first was, if I'm going to be staying for a little while, I don't want to be a freeloader. Is there any way I can help out around here?"

Star-Lord pulls out one of the chairs and finally has a seat, slightly slouched to the side.

"If there's anything you can teach, Mr. Quill, I'm sure our students could benefit from it. Even if it's extra-curricular, hobby-natured," Jean suggests, before looking over at Kitty and nods, "it makes sense. You, of course, can decide to let him have the ship, which in a roundabout way, would be his."

Kitty nods "Well, he can pilot, and he can teach scoundrel 101, flirting 303 and shady deals" She grins and looks to Jean. "Do you ever wonder about people who call life boring, i got, two weeks.. of boring" She flicks a glance to Peter "I'm going to teach computers, if you want to learn a thing or two"

Star-Lord says to Kitty, "Count me in. And please, I prefer 'expert treasure hunter'. Actually," he directs his attention to Jean, "I could probably teach plenty about alien races and cultures out there in space," though you get the feeling he wasn't on those planets visiting their art galleries and opera houses. "Except for the chance that something I think I know turns out to be different here. Second question, along with Kitty's computer class… I've actually been away from Earth since 1988 even in my own universe. Do you have a history class, and would it be out of line for me to sit in?"

Listening to Kitty and then Peter himself, Jean suggests, "how about Reading Body Language? Negotiations? Diplomacy? Or even…as you suggested, Space Cultures as a hobby?" Jean offers, "I believe it is Mr. Logan who teaches that one, seek him out, I'm sure he'll agree letting you sit in."

Jean then looks distracted for a moment, before she says, "if you'll excuse me, I need to rush for a different meeting, pleased to meet you Mr. Quill, and welcome back home, Kitty."

Star-Lord stands as soon as she does. "Thank you for meeting me, ma'am."

A pleasantly surprised smile as Peter as he asks about a history class. "You taking a class" She grins and flicks her eyes to Jean "Thanks for the warm welcome home Jean, i needed that" She smiles and nods

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