(2016-10-11) How Do U Apologize for Ship Theft?
How do U apologize for Ship Theft?
Summary: Kitty Pryde heads to Stark Tower to apologize to Pepper Potts and Tony Stark for stealing a ship to leave Earth
Date: IC Date (2016-10-11)
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-==[ Penthouse - Stark Enterprises — Times Square ]==----
The elevator doors open up to a spacious apartment. Modern wood paneling covers the walls, while the windows at first appear to be large plate glass pieces going around the perimeter. With all the technology in the room, the windows are a part of it by being able to change their opacity at the behest of the owner. A multi-level living area with a fully stocked bar contains a large screen television with all the components that are ever needed. The furniture is a soft brown leather to match the stain of the paneling. The rooms are tastefully decorated, mostly with newspaper or magazine clippings or some form of honor to the man, Tony Stark.
A small kitchenette with the most modern appliances exists on one side of the suite, while the spacious bedroom occupies the back. Of to the side is the private office and workshop. On every wall is an access panel to the apartment's built-in J.A.R.V.I.S. system.

Tony Stark is not an easy man to get an appointment with. Personal appearances alone could take up 125% of his day, but he's got a multinational company to run and the next great bit of technology to unveil to keep the world on the cutting edge of the future.

JARVIS, who could easily handle all of Tony's calls without even cracking into the bank of servers dedicated to the AA, alerts the CEO that he has an eleven o'clock meeting. "She's on her way up, sir." So he may have mentioned it ''at'' eleven o'clock.

AA have senses of humor too.

Tony is already cracking the bottle at the well stocked bar at this early hour, chuckles against the rim of his glass and waves a hand at the holographic diagram he's been looking over. "Send her up."

"Already doing so, sir."

Just that much easier.

JARVIS in this 'new' incarnation, still somewhat new to Pepper and not so new to himself, that is, is a God-send when it comes to scheduling. No more EXCEL, no more, well.. anything. Appointment books are a thing of the past; even if she wants to keep things off of the 'public' schedule and only have it behind a password for surprises. The door to the office opens to Pepper, and she leans in, "You have three other meetings after. I'll push those back until after you have lunch." The last word is stressed a bit more, particularly in that he's reached for that scotch.

Kitty Pryde exits the elevator, eyes flicking around. She is dressed civilian and holds a crystal bottle that contains a faintly blue glowing liquid. She swallows and pushes out a chagrin smile. "Hello. Um, thanks for ah, seeing me.. Mr. Stark" She adds and her cheeks color slightly. She looks over and nods her head "Miss Potts" She looks to Tony near the bar. "Well, I came with a peace offering" She holds out the bottle "Spartaxain Whiskey" The bottle swishes and glows more brightly. "It's aged like 300 years, something reserved for the royal family" She swallows again. "Very smooth, and packs quick the punch, depending on your chemistry you may or may not hallucinate"

Tony inclines his head a little when Pepper pops in for added meetings and grunts a quiet acceptance of the trivalities of corporate management. All the same, he raises his glass to her and presents a believably affectionate smile. A smile that quietly replaces with something more camera friendly when Kitty steps in from the elevators carrying a glowing bottle of what he can only assume is alcoholic in nature.

"Three hundred years…" His eyes cut to the glass he's holding with a little frown, looking slowly between his and hers… whatever decision he's ripe to make isn't long to make. He tosses his wrist a little and empties his glass all over the back of the bar, "Well, bring it over here." Flicking his fingers towards himself as he leans over to grab a couple cubes of ice.

"What's the peace offering for, anyways?"

The appearance of Miss Kitty Pride brings Pepper's attention around, and there's a welcoming smile from the woman as she steps out of the path though not from the office. She's got a comfortable lean going on, and she simply shakes her head at Tony, the smile still playing upon her lips, echoed in her eyes. "Don't forget to EAT."

That's enough, then, as Kitty then goes into her 'peace offering' gift, and brows do rise as well. That is the same question that would come to her lips; if she didn't look so damned apologetic. This was unexpected! Normally she was on the ball, had things worked out, gotten the backstory on everything before they moved forward, but this?

"Are you sure that's wise, Tony?" is murmured.

"That is very kind, Miss Pryde, but.. uh… peace offering? I'm sure a plant would have been more than enough.."

She smiles a bit more relaxed as security isn't called. She walks over and pauses as she hands over the bottle. "A plant.." She flutters those hazel eyes in slight confusion and blushes slightly. "Um, cause i.. Sorta borrowed a ship, and blasted your hangar doors open so i could go rescue my boyfriend who'd been kidnapped, like two month or so back?" She is just too honest for her own good sometimes.
She spills her guts in a long spew of what is clearly guilt."Clearly your security didn't pick me up phased, till I materialized in the ship. But by then all i had to do was blast the hanger doors open, and fly out. Of course the ship tried to shut down, but I.. just hacked into the system and removed your security program, and the drone on board, well I just phased through it and fried it's circuts. And well, the ship sorta got blown up when I was rescuing Peter, Quill, my fiance. So I thought an apology and gift, was um.. required" She exhales hard "And now i'm realizing maybe you didn't know it was me who took the ship"

Tony raises an eyebrow at Kitty when she starts explaining the nature of this peace offering, "JARVIS?" He asks once she's finished, quietly popping open the bottle without looking at the woman who gave it to him while he pours himself a glass.

"Hanger seventy two eight, sir. It was in an incident report filed a few days before your ''business'' trip ended and you came back home."

Tony rubs at his jaw with one thumb and nods slowly, "Phased through the circuits and fried them…" Said quietly, thoughtfully, "Show me." He reaches into the inside breast pocket of his jacket and slides his Starkphone across the bartop towards Kitty.

Pepper looks.. discomfited.. disquieted as she catches the reason for the apology now. She watches Kitty at the explanation and back to Tony, and back and forth before the final apology is made. The smile's slipped from her face, though she's trying like a trooper to keep it there.

Ships? Just not on her radar!

"You hacked into the system and removed the security programs?"

She cringes slightly and turns a bright red. "I'm really really sorry, and well, that whiskey.. it's rare. I only have it cause I um, saved th planet, and .. my fiance is their new King, maybe" She shakes her head trying to focus her thoughts. She looks to Pepper and nods her head. "Yeah, hacked in. Mr. Stark is good but.." She shrugs slightly "I guess i found a .. weak spot." She blinks modestly.She looks back to Tony and then to the phone then to Tony. "Um, show you, okay"

She clearly focused for a second and her right hand goes transparent as she reaches for the bar. The phone moves, makes a mewling beeping ring tone and goes dark. Then lifts up as her hand reappears. "I can phase my body, pass my atoms through nearly anything." She holds the phone out to Tony. "Electronics are disrupted, typically catastrophically."

Tony turns on the stool and leans against the bar to watch the light show at close range. When Kitty's hand passes through the phone and causes it to disrupt, his brow perks slightly… a look of interest flickering in his blue eyes and a little grin spreading across his face.

Specifically when she mentions finding a weak spot.

Challenge accepted.

"Interesting." Said as he leans over to take the phone and turn it over in his hand with curling fingers and a twisting thumb. Looking at either side as if he can see the problem by viewing it from various directions, "Phasing… atomic phasing at that.. I don't suppose you'd let me get a blood sample?" Tilting his head, an almost teasing grin on his face as he looks around the glowing blue beverage held up close to his lips.

"If I had to guess, I'd say your electronic disruption is actually the shifting of your mass at the atomic level causing a magnetic repolorization of subatomic electrons…" Still turning the phone over in his hand, "Sort of like an atomic bombs EMP side effect.. lots of uses for something like that.. especially when I figure out how to counter it." He says as he holds up the phone and taps the air with it, then slides it into his breast pocket. "Much better apology than liqour."

He does take a sip and squints an eye, "Which is tart…" Then another. "But it'll grow on me, I'm sure."

Pepper's brows rise and her back stiffens slightly at the unintentional insult leveled; Stark Industries is bleeding edge tech. There is no cut until it's done by them, and this? As if it were nothing. 'Weak' was the term. Still, her eyes flicker back to Tony and he's taking it well.

Even moreso with the demonstration.

Breath escapes her, that which she didn't even realize she was holding, and Pepper tries to find a smile in all that. It's to see the gleam in Tony's eye that brings her around. Notice, nothing about the cost of a 'ship' required. "Can you do that without disruptions?" And should they look at her, Pepper straightens again and lifts a shoulder to shrugs theatrically as if it's 'no big deal'. "Just curious."

Kitty blinks a few times. "The X gene is infinite in it's mutation ability. I simply phased early enough, walked to the hanger and through the walls. Your security system is looking for people, or things, I was neither." She nods "And yes, as far as I have been able to parse out, when phased I'm a walking EMP, though the strange thing, is, it's not 100. Sometimes i have to phase through stuff a couple times. Countering it would be good, i know of a few other X who has it now as well. And not all of us are as candidly honest as me"

She looks to Pepper and smiles "I can, but I have to concentrate, really focus my thoughts, control my phase. But I can't seem to do it other other way, focus to fry stuff" She looks sheepish "I'm really sorry if i caused problems. I, saw Peter get kidnapped and well, A Stark ship was the closest and fastest thing around to get my off earth. I know I'd need guns as well so. I know i probably caused you a nightmare of paperwork and police Miss Potts."

She looks back to Tony "Blood sample, sure. Would be the least i could do. You want to scan me phasing a few times. Too be honest, knowing your tech, i could learn more about my abilities."

That is most certainly not the answer he expected, but it would be next to impossible to read that in his expression. Tony just nods a few times and sets the glowing beverage down on the counter so that he can lean an elbow next to it and watch Kitty with a critically squint eye.

"Given the nature of my previous occupational hazards, Stark Industries has adopted a rather liberal ''dummy fund'' for lost, stolen, or broken technology related to intersolar travel… which is just a very colorful way of saying, I break a lot of shit when I put on a suit made out of titantium and pretend that I'm hero named after a Black Sabbath song."

A little grin, very little.

"JARVIS." A small robot about waist height comes rolling from a cubby in the wall. There's a slot into which someone could stick their arm, "Shouldn't hurt." Pointing two fingers at the open loop at the top of the rolling bot. "Small sample of blood should suffice.."

Knowing that the ability can be staged; it's not 'on' or 'off' is more information than Pepper had to begin with, and she knows JARVIS picked up that information. Heck, everything that happens is recorded by the Artificial Awareness. There's no hiding from him! (Mostly.)

"I don't know how we could help you, but I'm sure if we find something, we'll certainly let you know." Pepper's smile grows warmer again; she's finding her way back in this strange, strange world, "If you'd like, we can set up an appointment for you for a full battery of tests?" Pushing it, maybe, but as Kitty had said, knowing their level of technology here? And, it's a completely different approach, perhaps, than Xavier's. Different mission.

Kitty laughs "Of course you have a robot to sample people's blood. And glad to hear you have a fund to cover lost ships. Though, I guess it makes sense. Shouldn't hurt, famous last words of every doctor" She walks over and looks at the robot, hesitating, then sticks her arm in. A quirk of an eye as she feels the pinch. She slides her hand free. "I just assumed you guys knew it was me. But i feel so much better coming clean"

She look to Pepper and smiles wide. "So long as I can get copies of all the reports and data. I know Stark has technology the Xmen don't, or maybe that's my naive assumption. Being a young computer dork and idolizing Mr. Stark likely taints my view. I applied for an internship when i was in college briefly but got turned down, should have written mutant all over my application. I should have brought you a gift too Miss Potts, this must seem like a lame apology"

"As far as apologies go, giving someone blood sample so they can monkey around with your genetic makeup to create a counter to electromagnetic disruption caused by mutations in your DNA is pretty good…" Tony reasons with a little shrug, while true to his word the prick is barely felt… it's still a needle though, so it's not completely painless.

"Don't worry, I'll give you all the reports on whatever I found out about you.. but to be fair, I'm not a geneticist… so you may have to bare with me as I muscle through twenty something years worth of science…" Tapping the side of his head while scooting off the stool on his way towards the stairs that lead down into the Bunker, his own personal work space. That's where all the magic is made.

"You applied for an internship and got turned down because of your genetic makeup? How… old guard of me.." Stopping to turn and regard her a moment, "I tell you what, resend your resume… Turns out I have a brand new job opening that I just created right this second." The gears, they are turning.

Pepper watches as Kitty gamely allows herself to be stuck, and offers a sympathetic look. She doesn't like needles herself, so this is something of a 'big deal', but coming from that other end.

"You did?" Pepper looks back to Tony, and she frowns consideringly. In the next moment, she's got the StarkPad and is flicking through applications, searching for— "It's here, Tony.." So it doesn't have to be resent. She inclines her head towards the CEO who now has a 'new', new project, as opposed to his day old, week old 'new' projects. "What he said," Pepper laughs.

The 'other' face of Stark Industries is ready to shoo Kitty from the office even as Tony begins his disappearing act. "You don't have to apologize for not bringing me a present. You made Mr. Stark a very happy man, and that is my present." Brows crease upon her face, and her voice drops conspiratorially, "Oh dear.. that sounded horrible, but it's true. When a man has something to do? He's so much easier."

She laughs "No, not cause of, my grades were sort of lousy. I didn't add I was a mutant or have anyone from the X pull strings. I was at a point in my life i wanted to be normal. Just a regular old person" She shudders "Glad I got over that" She blinks a few times and stares at him. "You.. um, really?" She goes crimson "I don't have a degree ya know. And well, I am X, so if shit blew up I'd have to.." The eyes blink.

She looks to Pepper and blinks again. "Okay." She flicks her eyes and clearly looks a took overwhelmed. Then she smiles at her and nods her head. "Right? And you know what they are doing, so you know what to keeps tabs on." She grins and clearly fully relaxes, she isn't going to jail but may have a new job. "That resume would be a few years old. I can add a few things. Like, Good enough to beat Stark security programs" She blushes "I'm really good with computers, when i'm not melting them." She looks slightly uncomfortable as she says it, clearly cocky isn;t her thing

"So you were a subpar student." Stark shrugs and waves a hand dismissively, "There was this guy a few years ago, couldn't read until he was well into his teens. Teachers said he would never amount to anything in mathematics because he had numerical dyslexia… or something. He said some famous thing that people now use a definitive absolute in the physics…" Again he waves his hand in dismissal, "It's bullshit, of course, but he was working with ancient technology and with a government that thought ''blowing shit up would be cool'', but he did develop the theory of splitting atoms, so I guess he can't be all bad."

Still walking backwards with an uncanny ability to dodge obstacles between himself and the stairs down into his lab. "The moral of this story is, I'd rather have passion than someone who thinks they're smart… I can teach you how to add, but you cannot teach a person to be interested in addition." Which is to say, "I really hope you can add, though.. that would make my job very difficult if I ''actually'' have to teach you to add."

He makes shooing motions, "Anyways, get out of here, I've got work to do. Send your updated resume to Pepper and I directly, then we'll talk internship and all that businessy shit where I wow you with how great working here for free will be for whatever future career you want after you get tired of being a super hero… and you would do well to get tired of it quickly. Talk about a fools errand, story for another day though."

"See?" Pepper's eyes are alight with amusement as she watches Tony navigate backwards before she looks back to Kitty. "You heard the man. Add what you wish and know that it'll only be me, Mr. Stark and JARVIS that looks at it. The other groups out there haven't yet learned how to do what you did, thankfully." And that's the truth! "No melting computers, and the next time I see Mr. Stark, I'm sure that our computers won't be in any danger of your melting them. So.. let me show you the way out." It's not an unkind ushering out, either! It's.. she has to prep for lunch and … more meetings which she'll now have to attend in order to give them Tony's regrets.

She smiles and nods "It'll be awesome if he does, I'd love to get a cell phone with the tech, i've lost count of how many i've accidentally tweaked." She blinks "No need, I can head out the window. Only atoms no weight, I can float home, stitches in my leg are killing me" She smiles "I'm moc.hsx|tacwodahs#moc.hsx|tacwodahs, send me your email and I'll get you the resume" She hits the window and pauses, fall in and half out "Thank again for not having me arrested"

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