(2016-10-12) Applying for Kitty's Class
Applying for Kitty's Class
Summary: Serenity asks Kitty if she can enroll in her computer class. Star-Lord asks to enroll as well.
Date: 2016-10-12
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After hearing that Shadowcat was planning to offer a class, Serenity goes wandering through the school looking for her as she promised she would when they spoke before.

Kitty Pryde smiles as she shows a 12 year old student out of Classroom 1. "Listen Heater, I promise, another year or so and you'd make the cut. I was hear at 13, and I understand your frustration. You just are not advanced enough in computers." She looks and sees Serenity and smiles "Hello"

Serenity offers a wave as she slips into the classroom. "So I heard you're offering a class. I'm here to ask for the details."

Kitty Pryde looks at Serenity a moment. "Really. Well. I am looking for someone with advanced computer skills, that isn't afraid to get their hands dirty and wants something beyond a classroom" She walks over and flops into a student desk and kicks her feet up. "You like tech?" She grins wide

Serenity nods slightly, "I used to. I haven't had access to a real computer since before I was homeless so I might be too rusty for what you're planning, but I'd love to try if I could. I learn really quickly."

"Homeless, that's rough. Sorry to hear it, glad to see you have made a home here." She flutters her hazel eyes "You have a laptop and what not?" She asks and shifts to sit up and reaches into her bag and holds out her ipad, swiping a few times to unlock. "There is a virus on this. Would you be able to clear it?"

Serenity shakes her head, "I've had access to the school computers so I haven't bought one yet. I did want to spend that much of my record advance." She walks over to take a look at the ipad. She seems to at least know how to use one as she looks at what's going on with it. "This is newer than the one I had."

Kitty watches her "Its the latest and greatest. I'm a technophile. I have my old one if you'd like it, can make use of it. I could also take two of three of the laptops I have and take the best of each, loan it out to you" She nods "If your serious about tech. In the digital age of recording it could help you there as well."

Serenity nods, "I would really like that. I know there are some really good programs for music on the computer. I used to be really good with my computer but it's been years and I know computers move really fast." She frowns at the ipad and pushes it away, "I can see where the virus is, but I am not sure how to clean it up. I guess I probably don't qualify for your class, huh? I could do it if you told me how though."

Kitty shifts up and walks closer. She looks at the ipad and nods "You found where it lived. You got better then most. So, you can see it's embedded in a photo. Which you tried to delete. Good first attempt" She flicks her eyes over Serenity. "You gave up pretty easy" She takes the seat beside Serenity and clicks buttons slowly. "Picture, so.." She clicks and pulls up the picture information. "Taken by this ipad's camera" She opens the camera program. She runs a diagnostic. "New file uploaded onto the camera program.." She clicks the buttons. "Removed the program" She swipes the picture to the trash and it goes in. She clicks a few more buttons. The Ipad shows the hard reset screen. "Hang onto the ipad. And do some research. Right now, your my first candidate. You may get bumped if I get alot of applicants." She smiles "You shouldn't quit so easy. You seem more of a fighter then that"

Serenity quietly repeats the steps Kitty is taking under her breath as they are taken. When she's called on quitting easily she flushes and admits softly, "I'm a coward with a talent for running away. It would take a lot for me to be something else. It helped me stay alive on the streets."

She blinks and looks to her. "I don't call that coward. I call that knowing your limits." She smiles "The called me ghost when I was your age. I can phase, and when hitting would start, I'd phase. Someone here taught me I could be more, a fighter." She crouches to be eye level "Don't sell yourself short. You survived the streets. You are a survivor. I can teach combat as well, if you ever want a different option."

Serenity hesitates over that, "It's hard not to keep running. Remy tried to help me the day he met me and I ran away. I've spent so long being scared it's hard not to still be scared and think this is all going to go away like a dream at dawn."

Kitty looks up as someone knocks on the door. She looks to Serenity "I ran alot as well. I got lucky when someone showed me another way. Xavier's takes care of their own. I was gone, welcomed back with a warm embrace from Jean. Once you truly call this place home, it's your home forever. You ever need a shoulder to lean on, reach out. And I will consider you for my class." She calls out "Come in"

Serenity retreats into herself a little at the knock even though she gives Kitty a nod. "I haven't called any place home in a long time." She seems to consider the comment about considering her for the class a dismissal and turns toward the door.

Star-Lord comes inside and leaves the door ajar. "Am I interrupting?" he asks, "I can wait my turn."

Kitty looks over from where she is crouched beside the desk Serenity. Those hazel eyes flutter as she sees that look. "Serenity.." She shakes her head and flicks her eyes to Peter and smiles. Then looks back over slightly concerned "Serenity, honestly. You have potential. I was serious, you are a candidate. Use the ipad, brush up your skills."

Serenity pauses when her name is said again. She turns back to pick up the ipad. When she sees who did the knocking she gives Peter a smile and sings out just one line from the chorus of Old Time Rock and Roll.

Star-Lord points and gives a thumbs-up. "Amazing." he still hangs back though, letting the two talk.

Those hazel eyes flick to Peter then back to Serenity. "And I mean the offers, combat training, a shoulder to lean on, I'm around. X-men see after their own" She walks to her bag and grabs the charger and holds it out. "And you don't have to leave cause Peter showed up." She looks to Peter "What's up"

Serenity takes the charger from Kitty then nods, "I'm going to see if I can knock some of the rust off with this. I am interested in that combat training. Just not sure if I could make myself use it." She slips into a seat and looks down at the ipad in her hand.

Star-Lord responds to Kitty. "Actually, I'm here about the simulation course. Unless it's the same as that thing we talked about?"

"When push comes to shove, my first response is to phase and avoid. Without a choice I fight. And beside, learning to fight is a killer work out." She looks to Peter "What we talked about would be one of the many lessons. I'm thinking 8 total." She smiles "You want to be my student?" She snickers and grins wide

Serenity taps her way through something on the ipad as she speaks without looking up, "I would not mind having you for a study buddy, Star-lord."

Star-Lord's response banter seems almost instinctive. "With two invitations, how could I refuse?"

Kitty laughs softly "Okay, you can be candidate 2. But you may be too advanced. Though the tech is different. But if I get an eager student who wants to explore, you get bumped. I'm thinking maximum 5" She grins "I already had to tell a 12 and 10 year old no." She smiles "I want to cover any missions basics, transport, comms, infiltration, defense"

Serenity looks up, "Okay, so I know this is completely off topic, but has either of you heard my single yet? I want honest opinions."

Star-Lord nods to Kitty, "That's fair, someone who needs it more should have priority." to Serenity, "I've been a bit out of touch in the music scene, but I thought it was good."

Kitty looks to Serenity "I connected to the lyrics." She smiles and nods her head. "How is the release going" She asks and takes a student seat, kicking her feet back up

Serenity smiles, "I had to ask to keep my appearances shorter. I had an impromptu giveaway of a dinner a little while back and it went too long. I had an episode…" She shivers and closes her eyes then covers her ears for a moment.

Star-Lord finally comes into the room fully and closes the door behind him. The first desk he approaches is one of the unusual shaped. He sits down on the edge of it anyway.

Kitty quirks her eyebrows up and flicks a glance at Peter then back at Serenity "An episode? What happened?" She asks softly. The eyes a mix of curious and concerned

Serenity lowers her hands slowly, "I can't forget anything I hear. Anything connected to something I hear. I have really bad flashbacks sometimes."

Star-Lord nods, seeming to remember this from a previous conversation. "

Star-Lord says, "You said that the headmistress was thinking of trying something, if I remember. Did she describe what she hoped to do?"

Kitty nods gently, she looks to Peter then smile. She looks back to Serenity "Jean, Jean is.. amazing. There is no limit to what she can do"

Serenity licks her lips, "Do you think she can stop me from having flashbacks of every bad thing that ever happened to me?"

Star-Lord comments, still trying to get the chair to work for him, stubbornly instead of finding a more suitable chair. "I'm still learning what she can do. But I bet she can help in SOME way."

Kitty thinks and nods "She can teach you how to control it, or teach you how to parse out your memory. So that it doesn't overwhelm you. Minds are kind of her thing." She smiles "She helped me when I had my mental break down."

Serenity chews her lower lip, "My memory is strange. I have to dig back through everything before it to get to something. It makes thinking back really troublesome."

Star-Lord asks, "What's it like when you're singing, and it causes a memory?" seeming to have a thought about that.

Kitty quirks her brows and looks to Serenity. She waits for an answer

Serenity blows out a breath, "It doesn't happen very often when I'm singing. Songs are associated with themselves more than other memories. It's usually when something else stirs up a memory and triggers it into the present, but I really can't predict what will do that."

Star-Lord finally just stands up, still feeling fidgety apparently. "I've got one of those and it's more than enough."

Kitty flicks her eyes to Peter and nods "Indeed" She looks to Serenity and gives a half grin "Talk Jean. She can help. Extend her some trust, she'll never let you down" She shifts up "Well. It seems like you are all the applicants for today"

Serenity taps on the ipad again then gets up. "Trust is really hard but I am trying. I have to try and come back from the past and let it go. Thank you again for considering me for the class despite my being rusty."

Star-Lord nods, "I'm looking forward to it… unless I get bumped, but hey, that just means there was a lot of demand, which is good news too."

Shadowcat smiles and looks to them both "And you guys can be study buddies and trash the teacher behind her back" She smiles "Oh the names I used to call Storm and Cyclops" She snickers

Serenity offers them both a grin as she heads for the door. "And any time you want to hear music you don't have, just ask. I can play lots of things. One of the gifts of being unable to forget things. Even a curse sometimes has an up side. Oh and my single's going to come out on an album of Superhero theme songs I am almost finished recording."

Star-Lord says, "Oh, I'll be a perfectly well behaved student," he straightens an imaginary tie at his collar. "Teacher's pet, I promise."

Kitty looks over and smiles wide "An album, good for you. Can't wait for more great lyrics" She looks to Peter and rolls her eyes "Oh please, you could never be the teacher's pet"

Serenity offers a wave then slips out of the room with her new old ipad in hand.

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