(2016-10-14) She Has A Type
She Has a Type
Summary: Shadowcat, Rogue, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead figure out who is and isn't who on the patio of the school. Also Dragons are real!
Date: 2016-10-14
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NPCs: Lockheed
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Rogue had been helping random teachers all day (as it was her job) and she was now outside on the back patio near the covered kitchen area. She had a chair pulled out, was seated upon said chair and she had her legs crossed at the knee while she thumbed at an ipad that rested on her right upper thigh.

The Southern Belle was quietly humming to music she had playing from earbuds stuffed into her ears, cord going down into the ipad itself… Her other hand was clutching a military-style canteen and she was drinking 'something' out of it.

The girl known as Negasonic Teenage Warhead has already filled her once a year requirement of getting into a bathing suit and into the pool at the mansion. Ellie Phimister isn't about to do that again on a night where the weather is a not-so-balmy 48 degrees. However, with her layers upon layers of black gothy clothing she is perfectly happy to sit on the patio on one of the cushy pieces of furniture with her phone to tweet and websurf.

The explosive teen with the close cropped hair is chewing gum, with her own earbuds stuffed in her ears, and likely a much different sort of music blasting through them. She scowls when she sees the place isn't empty, but it's still less full of people than anywhere inside. She settles onto a patio sofa and grunts her version of a hello at Rogue.

Kitty comes trotting up from the grounds. Her cheeks flushed red from the chilly night air. "Come on slow poke" She calls back over her shoulder and walks through the patio rail and onto the patio. Moments later a small purple dragon flies in and lands into the patio. A garffuled snuff at Kitty, a bright spurt of flame. Kity flicks her eyes over and smiles wide at Rogue, lifting a hand to wave. Then a looks towards the gothy teen and a nods of her head. "GO ahead bud.

Rogue didn't notice Ellie until she plopped down on that sofa and then she looked up at her, her music quiet enough in her ears to hear the gruff gruntish greeting. This got a grin out of Marie and she looked up at her. "Heya there, sunshine." She said in her thick southern drawl. "Whats shakin'? Rough day?" She asked.

At the sound of Kitty's voice, Rogue looked over at her and watched her appear… as well as that dragon. It was odd, Rogue wasn't from this timeline and the version of her that was… was now MIA. Where THIS Anna-Marie came from, Kitty did not have that purpley companion, so it was a curios sight to behold. Rogue lifted her right hand up to Kitty and wiggled her fingers at the other inside the black glove she wore over her hand.

Negasonic tugs her earbuds out when she realizes Rogue is talking to her, and she opens her mouth to reply. Instead of addressing the other woman, it hangs open there because she's suddenly busy boggling at the dragon. Clearly the Kitty Pryde of her universe didn't have this fire burping little friend. "What the hell is that!?" she blurts out. Tact is not her strong suit. She doesn't look afraid, more surprised and maybe a little bit in disbelief. Hey come on, mutant powers might be everywhere here, but dragons are TOTALLY not real! Right?

She taps on her phone rapidly, opening her twitter and typing the on screen keyboard with the crazy speed only a tweet-addicted teenager seems to ever have. <SullenSilence> OMG I swear I see a dragon! A REAL ONE! #Notkidding

The dragon does not pause after she says go ahead. he darts, taking flight then plunges into the steaming hot tub. Kitty looks over and smiles wide. "That is a Flock, his name is Lockheed. He's an alien race. We became friends fighting a different alien race." She looks to Rogue then Lock to Rogue "And, since you are surprised by Lockheed, i'll refrain from grabbing you in a hug. With all the crazy going on with time and realities, you might not be the you i knew." She sighs "Wonderful, I sound like Dr. Seuss" She looks to the gothy student "And hello, I'm Kitty Pryde, Shadowcat, Ghost.. a million other nicknames" She smiles wide and looks at Lockheed, then back at the gothy teen, her brows puzzling.

Rogue glanced to Nega when she exclaimed the same thing that she was thinking. Where Marie came from, Ellie was a younger kid at the school, not quite this old yet but she'd always admired her way of speaking what was on her mind.

Sweeping her green eyes back to Kitty and Lockheed, Marie shut off the ipad and dropped it into the leather bag she had at the foot of her chair. "He's cute, in a weird… sorta… 'oh my god is that thing gonna eat my face off' sorta way." She grinned though, as she was just joking, if Kitty considered it safe then she trusted her.

Tappitytappitytaity <SullenSilence> It totally breathes fire too! #DragonsAreReal #StillNotKidding Negasonic looks up at Kitty, slightly disappointed at the revelation, and she types some more. <SullenSilence> Nevermind, it's just an alien #DragonsAreNotReal #Bummer

Clearly aliens do not rank with dragons. Probably because there are so damn many of them currently calling Earth home. Ellie gives Kitty a crooked smile. "I know who you are, but yeah, pretty sure you're not the you I knew where I was from. From what I understand, the me from this place was a total lame ass basic bitch."

She glances over to Rogue, "Guessing you're not from around here either?"

Kitty blinks a few times "Damn it, sometimes I think like I'm the only person left from this reality" She sighs softly and walks closer to the tub. "Real dragons are much bigger, i've only ever seen on outside of London. Maybe they never were in the US, not sure" She looks at the pair. "Folks having a good time, what ever doppelganger universe you are from?" She reaches and pets the dragons head as it lolls it over the side of the tub like a dog.

Rogue nodded to Negasonic's question. "Where I come from, LIttle Bit, you're this high." She put her left hand out and showed about 4-feet of clearance from the ground. "Cute as a button too." She flashed the girl a grin, figuring that would annoy the girl some since she seems kind of angsty now. A heavy sigh then and the younger Southern gal shook her head.

"Place looks mostly the same t'me, from where I'm from… just some minor changes." At Kitty then she frowned. "Jean is the same Jean ya should know well… Logan too, I think, though I ain't seen him in awhile… maybe he got ported out too?" Big inhale. "I'm sorry that ya've been losin' your friends too, I was tryin' t'hide away from here cause I didn't wanna make anyone feel sour about me… but Jean convinced me t'come back."

"Does he bite?" Ellie asks Kitty curiously, wrinkling her nose a bit as she seems to be torn between getting up and petting the dragonish little alien or huddling deeper into her layers on the wicker sofa. The earbuds have been forgotten and the music turned off. Congratulations, you've managed to engage the moody teenager.

at Rogue's comments about her other-worldly self Ellie makes a gagging sound and shoves a finger at her mouth. "Gross. Don't tell anyone I was ever cute anywhere, please," she pleads. "Hey we're all in the same boat, from here or not. Everyone has lost someone." She frowns. She's not actually sure she's lost the TinMan and Douchepool but she hasn't had time to suss out if the first one is the one she knows, and can't seem to track down the latter.

Kitty nods her head "We have, I lost my fiancee, Now Impostor Peter is here. But my two ex's, Pete Wisdom and Piotr, still the same. Lucky me" She looks to the teen and then Lockheed. "Well she's looking cause she's curious. Just like you are of her" She smiles "He says he can smell fire about you. He's very friendly, to most people. Though he hates a couple of my exs. Kept setting Pete's pants on fire" She smirks.

A shrug and nods to Rogue "I agree, I'm getting to know the new Star-lord. He seems decent. It's a chance for everyone to meet a second time. Had a great chat with Remy today, helped cheer me up. And no, Logan is not this world's Logan. He remembers some things, not others."

Rogue flashed a grin at Ellie and sent her a soft salute with her right gloved hand from her forehead. "Ain't eve'ah been cute, you got it, sugah." She told the girl before putting her eyes on the dragonlien-thing. "I've said it before'n I'll say it again… space freaks me out. No offense, Lockheed." She told the creature.

Toward Kitty she smiled at her. "Peter seemed nice, ran int'a him in the library the other day, I introduced him t'Youtube, rathe'ah than usin' stuffy old-ass books t'get his rundown on whats been goin' on around here for the past thirty or fourty years, howeve'ah old his ass is." She grinned lightly then.

"Remy… Pete Wisdom told me about him… that's a guy I'm guessin' be lookin' t'meet me any time soon."

"So wait, you dated guys named Peter, Pete, and Piotr? Have a type much?" Ellie quips with a grin. She shoves up off the sofa and approaches Lockheed warily, offering the little critter her hand to sniff. "So Colossus is from here then? Bummer. The one from my world was a pain in my ass, but kind of a great mentor." She pauses then adds," When he wasn't bitching about my swearing and internet usage."

She seems a little crestfallen at this revelation, but she hides it quickly. "Either of you know Deadpool? I've been trying to track him down. I was pretty busy saving his ass over and over in my world. Wanted to make sure he isn't as dumb here since I'm stuck with school work."

Kitty grins at Ellie. Lockheed flicking a tongue out, almost serpently along her hand. Then snuffs smoke out, nudging her hand. "Yeah, I have issues. Alot of issues. I dated Colussus, that should sum them up. Pete mighta been worse" She shrugs "And there all older.. thank goodness i have a shrink" Her hazel eyes flick to Rogue "Glad he's settling in. Glad you all are" She shifts a bit giving Ellie space to check out Lock "If either of you need anything, just ask. I'm always glad to help." She nods Remy Lebeau, Gambit"

Rogue nodded her head to Ellie. "I know Wade from my… timeline?" She wasn't sure how to phrase this sort of stuff, she wasn't a Star Trek nerd afterall. "But I ain't seen hide nor hair'a him since I woke up in this, place. Probably a whole different bag'a'bones runnin' around in a red suit here."

Rogue smiled at Kitty's rundown over lovelife, at age 22, Rogue's own wasn't that extensive, especially since most guys were turned off of her moments after learning about her mutation. "Gambit, yeah… Ain't neve'ah met him, here or where I'm from… but I got a brief rundown on how things were here, before.." She trailed her words off, went to stand up and put her canteen into her leather backpack.

The nudge gets what might be a smile from Ellie and she pets Lockheed carefully. "You're pretty cute for an alien. I still think you look more like a dragon. Alien dragons Eff-Tee-Double-You," she quips. She flips her scarf one more rotation around her neck to keep warm. "Ugh, I don't want to think of the Tin Man dating. That's like thinking about your way, way older brother going all Netflix and chill. Gross."

She arches a brow at Rogue. "So like he was dating you from here or something? Like Kitty was dating the spaceship guy from here? Now you're all like star-crossed make out buddies or something?"

Lockheed seems to be curious, inhaling along Ellie's hand. The wings stretch out in the water. then a garbles exhale from the beastie "warmmmmthhhhh". Kitty looks over and blinks, then looks to Ellie "He spoke in front of you, he likes you. Lockheed that's rude, i will not ask her to explode" Kitty blinks "Can you really explode?" She blinks a few times "I'm sorry, that's rude" Lock snickers softly. Kitty looks to Rogue "Are you.. teaching, or just, staff?" She puzzles as she knows rogue yet does not

Rogue laughed lightly at what Negasonic said. "I ain't neve'ah had a love'ah, so I don't know if I'd be tossin' around claims'a 'crossed stars' and such like that." She replied to the teen and her new alien dragon friend. Rogue looked up when the dragon spoke and she smiled at the thing. "Guy's a strange'ah t'me, so I figure it'll probably stay that way."

She shifted her eyes from the cute Lockheed over to Kitty then and she nodded her head one time. "I was in college… gettin' a teachin' degree. The Professah said I had a job here when I got it… but, now I don't know. I'm just like helpin' whoeve'ah needs it. Jean mostly. I think she's tryin' t'give me stuff t'do so I won't run off again. Keep me busy, that sorta thing."

"I don't…explode so much as I discharge energy and heat stuff outward. I dunno how to explain it. I'm not the Prof or whatever science-y guys usually explain this stuff," Negasonic admits. "And sorry Lockheed, but I don't have my…," she makes air quotes with her fingers, "…super official special X-uniform…" end air quotes, "…on, and when I go kaboom whatever else I'm wearing goes kaboom too except for that ugly ass leotard thing."

She wrinkles her nose again at Rogue. "You actually want to teach? These brats? Ugh why?" Clearly Ellie is not a huge fan of school.

Lockheed flaps his wings and perches on the tub edge, looking at Ellie. Kitty nods at Ellie "Cool. Sounds impressive. He'd love to see it, bask in the .. glow" Kitty smiles. "Yeah, i've phased outa my clothes before, humiliating." She listens to them talk about the school "I'm teaching again as well. And… if either of you is looking for fun. My class is going to be situational. Peter is going to let me use the ship, I'm going to use the danger room. I think I can get Stark to swing me a favor. Take students out in the field, run simulated tech issues. I still need students, and a aid to help me wrangle students would be great"

Rogue put her leather backpack on over her bomber jacket and she grinned at Ellie's statement. "Yeah… I like watchin' kids go from not unde'ahstandin' somethin' to figurin' out how it all works. I think that kinda feels cool t'be responsible for. Course… I'm just anglin' for like a music teachin' job, nothin' like what Miss Kitty here teaches." Rogue motioned to Kitty with her left gloved hand and she nodded her head at the woman. "I got flyin' skills, if ya need a pilot for somethin' and yeah… or if ya just need some heavy liftin' done. Whateve'ah, just let me know. I feel like kind've a useless presence around here now. Need somethin' t'get my mind off'a things."

"See now that sounds like a class that doesn't suck," Negasonic points out at the description of Kitty's teaching methods. "Sign me up. Do we get to fly in the spaceship? Because that wouldn't suck either."

Ellie grimaces as she glances at her phone. "I need to get back inside. If I break dorm curfew again they'll make me wear a dress or something I'm sure."

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