(2016-10-17) It's A Good Thing Holograms Don't Have An HR Representative
It's A Good Thing Holograms Don't Have An HR Representative
Summary: Peter establishes a rapport with the ship's AI; Kitty pranks the interaction but later proves useful
Date: IC Date (2016-10-17)
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NPCs: Starship Milano's AI Avatar
Scene Runner: NA
Social/Plot: Social

Peter is seated in the command chair for a change, focused on a checklist floating holographically next to him. Nearby "Milano" stands coolly by, appearing to watch him, and answering occasional inquiries. "Milano, please test swapping command functions between stations."


Milano says, "Yes, Peter." Around the bridge, color-coded, also holographic control screens light up, and then cycle from seat to seat. One moment the front right seat is Navigation as usual, the next it's Tactical.

Kitty pauses outside the ship. She has the display on her ipad open. She can hear, or see scrolling text as he talks to Milano. She smirks.

Milano looks to Peter. "Yes Star-lord, I can switch command between stations. But, wouldn't you rather kiss me?" She reaches a hand out to Peter and flutters those eyes.

That makes him look up from his screens. He turns and grins, "You tease. I should be so lucky." he looks around as the displays change. "That seems to work." he notes, satisfied, and ticks something off on the screen.

The sweet face pouts "Star-Lord, I want a kiss. Am I not everything you dreamed? Is my top too small?" She runs a hand along her bare stomach. "Are, you too busy?" She looks around the ship, changing holo platforms to be more in the line of sight.

Kitty clicks commands from outside, snickering.

Star-Lord responds, still sounding indulgent, turning the seat slightly. Through his words he sounds intrigued. "You are a vision in perfection, I wouldn't change an inch. Is this light sculpture you, or are you the ship?" he muses philosophically.

Kitty pauses, not typing, letting the AI program reset, cause frankly she is interested.

The hologram assumes it's normal pose again. "I am the ship, and this hologram is my interactive interface. The ship is my core, my body, this is my face" She smiles and looks her head around. "Do you have tasks for me?" Kitty smiles

Star-Lord continues the odd conversation that Milano started, anyway. "Alas for me, you have no tangible lips… but maybe I can oblige in other ways…" he runs his finger along an unused part of the control sensor, registering contact without a command. Then he begins a defragmentation of some high level command buffers. "How does that feel?" he asks.

Kitty blinks and then laughs as she heads in. "You would just flirt with anything in a skirt"

Milano looks over "Miss Kitty, I'm being defragged. It's a tickling cleansing sensation Captain." She looks around and Kitty looks at Peter "Flirting with your ship, that is sick. Rocket .. he'd have words for you"

Star-Lord stands, and responds, "And then I'd get on his case about how often he's stroking and stripping his weapons, and he'd have to shut up. Hi there." he steps towards you, though his intentions aren't clear, perhaps not even to him.

She blinks as he stands and steps towards her. The lips purse then curl into a grin. A slight pink in her cheek. She helps him decide, stepping in, to slide her arms, to hug him. "Sorry I .. made her ask for the kiss"

Peter hugs Kitty warmly, but for now keeps it to a momentary closeness before slipping back again. "I kinda liked it. I don't mind if she's a little feisty as long as she doesn't go boiling rabbits or something."

Star-Lord glances at the holo where she watches with what appears to be bland curiosity.

Kitty does not cling but the sweet grin stays on her lips "It's your ship, I figure she has to be a bit flirty." She taps a few buttons "But the growing AI learning tool answered the question on wether she was the hologram, or the ship. Was a great question." She drops down in front of a consol and cord her ipad in. She taps a few times. "Boiling Rabbits?"

Star-Lord goes ahead and closes the checklists and station arrangements he's been working on. The holo displays flick off. "You know, that one where that attorney takes on a mistress, but she gets all stabby when he decides he prefers his wife?"

The hazel eyes flick over. "Oh yeah. I get it." She chuckles softly "Your ship getting jealous of woman" She tips her head slightly and taps away on her ipad. "So, seems like you've done quite a bit of work Mr. Quill"

Star-Lord shrugs, "Well, you know, just sort of adjusting the mirrors and all. If any of my clumsy meddling needs a retooling, let me know and I'll stay away from those systems," he offers.

Shadowcat nods her head "No, it's solid" She looks to him and smiles wide "You can code, I'll always let you know if you goof but not today" She rests her chin onto her hand and props her elbow up. She half looks at him, fingers clicking the ipad as well. "I'm enjoying working at the code. I've gotten stuck a few times, but I love to tear apart puzzles"

Star-Lord turns his chair, reaching out to filter his fingers through the Milano holo idly. It distorts around his fingers but doesn't seem to feel like anything. "We'll turn this ship from great to astonishing," he vows. He glances towards the front screen. "So I did conceal a mat under a covering there," he chuckles. "Now all I need is a dreamcatcher and a transparent painting of a southwestern landscape or something."

She looks over at him and grins wide" The hand leaving the ipad, drawn out of coding completly. She looks to the spot where they watched the stars appear. She smiles and her eyes flick back over his. "Quite the little alcove." She smiles and shifts "Have you even left the school since you got here?"

Star-Lord pauses, another excellent question brought up. He has a ready answer, "Just getting things sorted out here had my attention," he takes a breath, "But maybe I've been putting it off. I guess I do need to see life outside of this sanctuary here. Maybe get proper legal credentials, or even enjoy some entertainment. Wanna go sometime?" he invites Kitty with practiced ease.

Shadowcat smiles and nods her head "Sure. I'll head out with you, show you Weschester. We can go into Manhattan too. I was over there last week, apologizing to Tony Stark for stealing his ship" She grins "Grab dinner" She shifts "Crendentials, hmmmm, that'll be interesting."

Star-Lord lets the chair face forward again, lifting his feet until it centers. "Well, should we do some hacky things to make an identity—or, well, there might be something a little easier to start from. If it's not too weird."

She blinks "I could hack in.." She turns to face him "Easier? Then hacking? Why would I be weird about getting you an identity?" She asks and her brows furrow slightly

Star-Lord takes a breath, "I like it better when you're not thinking about it, but there's a birth certificate out there with my name on it."

She blinks her eyes. Kitty stares a second and gears are turning. "There is, my.." She shifts and nods "There is a nearly completed NASA astronaut ceritifcation as well." She blinks "He left when he was older, he probably got a driver's liscence here" She shifts and nods "It will be easiest" A clear whirl of emotions in her eyes. She would be helping Peter steals Peter's identity.

Star-Lord just says, "I'm thinking so." but glances away, letting her think things over for herself. He changes the subject, addressing the holo again. "Milano… babe…" he pauses, and shrugs, "From now on when I say babe I mean you," he instructs as an aside, while thinking of something, "Been meaning to ask, what's the status on the hyperdrive?"

Shadowcat is quiet and trails her finger along the edge of her ipad. Milano anods her head "Babe, like a pet name. Yes Star-Lord. The hyperdrive is functional but your current fuel source is insufficient for functioning. The functionality is locked to Shadowcat" Kitty taps on her ipad, then tranfers to a console. She clicks away. Milano blinks "I can detect in the hangar through scanning arrays fuel sources sufficient to run the hyderdrive"

Star-Lord teases the ship, "Ohh, you're eager. I like that, but we'll get to it when the time comes, don't worry." then he asks an unfair question, clearly beyond her capabilities just to test the reply, "How will the other Guardians react to me, do you think?"

The hologram shifts, then shimmers. The eyes flick "I'm sorry Star-Lord, i have insufficient information. If you tell me about the Gaurdians, I can run a personality match based on the traints I observe of you" She offers and smiles. Kitty looks over and grins. "Okay. You, have a driver's licence and a series of parking tickets erased." She smiles and clicks a few times.

Star-Lord blinks, double-take to Kitty, "Damn, already? You got the tools and the talent…" he announces. "I'm happy with things here for now, wanna grab something to eat? You can tell me how things went with Mr. Stark."

Shadowcat nods her head "Sure thing. And yeah, If I can hack Tony Stark, i can hack the DMV. Lets hit Harry's, get you out into the world"

Star-Lord jumps up, "Babe, that's enough for now. Good work, go on into standby mode." he moves away, and pats at the holo ineffectively. If it were solid he'd have slapped her on the butt.

The lovely holo-avatar shifts to a neutral pose and then flickers off. Can a flicker manage to express mild indignance?

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