(2016-10-21) Blackout needs a Job
Blackout needs a Job
Summary: Something is stolen from Silver Sable. She wants it back. Blackout helps retrieve it.
Date: 2016-10-21
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NPCs: Eel, Blackwing
Scene Runner: Blackout
Social/Plot: Plot


It was in her own embassy, beneath her nose, and in the highest security section there was. Then again, /he/ is good at what he does. /He/ is the best at what he does. So it had to be /him/. Who is /he/, someone may ask. /He/ is the Spymaster. The master of espionage, industrial espionage in particular. When she went to check on the Wakandan documents that detailed a summit between her country Symkarian and the isolated nation of the Black Panther, they were gone. Gone. Vanished, devoid, amiss. The security tapes were checked, double, and triple checked. That's when they found the clue. A tiny blip in the images that detailed a certain signature. Through this, they were able to contact others in the know and identify the violator as the Spymaster. The mercenary that hires to the highest bidder. The bidder is not yet known, but it had to have been a pretty penny for the information he absconded with. So the chase was on. The first lead took her to the Paladin who has faced the Spymaster a number of times. The second lead took her to the dark recesses of the Seaport District where she found an abandoned hideout where she found yet another lead. Then the third lead found her in the middle of Little Italy. A seedy back alleyway where her recon leads her to discover a secret entrance into a social club. With all the clues coming together, the first thought is the Maggia.


She can never go incognito. Her identity is too well known. And the underworld knows that when she shows up there's trouble soon to follow. So the best way for her to enter a Maggia hideout undetected is the back-back door. In this case, the service entrance into the club where all the employees come in and out. Sure, she can dress the part of a delivery girl. Ball cap with wig, frumpy clothing to hide her stellar physique and a bit of ruddy makeup to present her as not as beautiful as she would normally be undisguised. Sadly she has to go it alone because too many new faces would attract attention. It's here we open our scene. She knows that the exchange is going down tonight. The underworld club is hitting a high note as there are several untoward people within the walls along with various persons representing various factions of evil. So tonight, Silver Sable does what she does best. Shows up to kick ass and take back what is hers.

The club has three distinct sections. Rear - service, kitchen, deliveries. Middle - offices and conference areas. Front - dining area with lots of private secluded areas for underworld dealings. The front and middle are dimly lit for ambiance, the back is a standard kitchen like area. Well lit, able to see what they need to see so they don't cut off a finger (accidently). She's able to get into the area unmolested carrying her delivery which she bluffs her way into the middle area where she finds a series of hallways that wind here and there into various doors and open rooms. Here she will move to find the main office to take cover and spring the trap to acquire her documents that the Spymaster stole.
When she finds the office, she will find it empty. The scent of the office is of cigars and flowers (febreeze). It's well decorated, leather, mahogany, and has a few areas of seclusion that she can prepare herself for the springing. An unused closet where she can observe the goings on in the room without detection.

Where Silver Sable goes, the Wild Pack is rarely far away, in this case, with the more covert nature their presence is minimal however, and incognito as well. An observation point down the street, a sniper team on the rooftops, that sort of thing, all there to provide a view of the outside, and minimize any suprises for Silver on the inside.

Meanwhile, Silver Sable has found herself slipping into the closet, tucked between a couple of unmarked boxes stacked atop one another, and a few coats that have likely been forgotten in the confines of this space, her attention focused on the crack she's using to watch the office itself, waiting to spring her trap.

The door opens and three men walk into the room. Blackwing (son of Silvermane), the Eel, and another man in an all-black padded body suit without facial features (Blackout). They're discussing business and wearing their standard costumes. Blackwing states, "Blackout, are you sure you're 100 percent? Cause I remember the last time we worked together. You went nutzo on Moonstone and tried to kill Zemo."

Blackout answers, "Yeah, I'm good. That was a long time ago and I've died and come back since then. My head is clear now and Moonstone isn't jacking with it no-more."

The Eel chuckles and comments, "I'd let her jack with my mind any day. That bitch is hot."

Blackwing notes with the shaking of his head as he walks around behind the desk, "Yeah, she'd jack you up and your brain would explode. She's crazy and no one should mess with her cause they get messed up."

Blackout takes a seat on a sofa that rests against the far wall. Clear view from Sable's closet. The Eel takes a seat in one of the high backed leather chairs. Blackwing takes a seat behind the desk.

Blackwing says, "Ok, down to business…"

The 'actors' step into the room, three men, each noted quickly by Silver, observing where they choose to sit, and drawing up plans, and contingencies for her eventual attack when the time comes.

A flashbang would disable all of them.. but would alert the club.. tear gas would be quite effective, but the costumed heroes might have air filters in their masks.. chais might be effective at quickly disabling the far ones while she moves on the near.. but first, time to let them get down to business, the documents haven't arrived on the scene yet, at the very least..

The others listen, quieten down. Blackwing continues, "Here's the deal. The Spymaster is due in 5 minutes. He's punctual. He did a job for me regarding the Black Panther and Silver Sable. You see, I'm trying to leverage the Panther's interests. The documents that the Spymaster obtained are key information in the Wakandan vibranium deposits. The information in the packet he stole will tell us where the other deposits can be found within Symkaria. Apparently, when the vibranium meteorite fell, it had some other pieces to fall as well. There's no way we can get vibranium from Wakanda. But we can get it from elsewhere and sell it to wakanda for a high price. Right along with selling some of it to the highest bidder. Or leverage that against the Panther by design. Either way, the documents are important."

The Eel asks, "Why don't we just keep it for ourselves? You know, make some super weapon and use it to get what we want?"

Blackout notes, "Because that's been done countless times and always failed. Heck, even Ultron can't win and he's made of Adamantium and or Vibranium - depending on the day of the week. No, I think Blackwing's plan is solid."

Blackwing nods, appreciating the compliment and adds, "Plus, that's way too involved. I know you like going straight against the enemy, Eel. But not all of us like the straight up fight. And it's too much trouble and high risk."

Five Minutes, that gives Silver Sable a solid timeline, and the ploy has been outlined for her wonderfully by Blackwing's admission. She does frown ever so slightly however, the fact that these criminals knew of the talks suggests a leak somewhere along the line, a problem to be dealt with later, however. She won't have much time to act once the Spymaster arrives, and the documents have to be the priority, interrogating Blackwing about his source secondary… She remains hidden away for the moment, biding her time, once more running through potential avenues of attack for the room full of costumed criminals.

Blackwing asks, "Eel, did you ever work with any incarnation of the Masters of Evil?"

Eel shakes his head, "No. Zemo and I would not have gotten along. He was to crazy. Which is why he and Moonstone got on so well."

Blackout adds, "I can't believe I stuck around as long as I did. Then again, I was completely brainwashed. So guess that's why."

Blackwing and Eel chuckle at Blackout's summary.

Blackwing then goes on to tell a story about how the Enchantress had this magic kiss, she could bend any male to her wishes. Which is how she made Wonder Man a Master of Evil and controlled most of the group when she was a member. That story goes on a bit longer before the knock comes at the door and a goon opens it to let the Spymaster walk in carrying a metal briefcase. The villains all stand. Eel and Blackout spread out to give Spymaster a straight shot to the desk.

Blackwing says, "Right on time. Good evening, Spymaster. I trust it all went as you wanted?"

Spymaster says, "You got the money?"

"Right down to business." Blackwing notes and pulls a briefcase from the nearby drawer and sits it on the desk, opening it toward the approaching Spymaster.

Just a few more moments.. Silver Sable thinks to herself, once the briefcase is out of Spymaster's hand, his focus will hopefully be on the money and escape.. his obligation to Blackwing will be complete, then. She eases out a pair of goggles, ones that will allow her to see in the dark, taking out the room's light will be the first move, a distraction, and little more no doubt, but perhaps all the edge she needs to accomplish her objective.

The cases are exchanged. Then suddenly the room goes completely black. Silver Sable will know it's Blackout's power (Darkforce) just from intel she's had on the Masters of Evil and how he encased the entire Avengers Mansion in darkforce which led to its destruction. She also planned for darkness with fancy glasses.


The Eel charges up and the Spymaster was also prepared for darkness. He has the money case in hand and darts for the exit.

Blackout silently waves his hand toward the Symkarian document case. It falls into a hole of darkness (Darkforce dimension). He then says, "IT'S NOT ME BOSS! IT'S THE SPYMASTER. HE TOOK BOTH CASES!"


Out comes Silver Sable, at about the same time it goes dark, of course she wasn't counting on the source of the blackness to be Blackout, at least not so quickly. She is content to allow The Eel to chase after the Spymaster, she uses the confusion to go after Blackwing with a quick kick towards his head as he's distracted by the sudden darkness, the fear of betrayal, and the misdirection towards the Spymaster.

Blackwing was defensive, but there's no way he could have anticipated or prepared for the attack. The wind is knocked out of him and he doubles over. "Dammit!" he calls out trying to catch is breath. "..who did that?"

Before the attack happened, Eel barely made it out of the room because he can't see in the darkness.

While, Blackout remained quiet and in the darkness. That's when he saw Silver Sable come out of the closet behind the faceless mask of black (which he mostly blends into the darkness since he himself is dark - but heat signatures can be seen with her goggles). In seeing her and her seeing him, he will hold up his left hand as if to signal 'wait' and then bring his right index finger to his lips in a 'shhhh' motion but still making no sound.

Silver Sable steps back a few steps at the suprising gesture from Blackout, her face skeptical, but she remains quiet for the moment, and manuevers herself out of reach of Blackwing, should he flail about in the darkness to find whoever just kicked him. She continues to slowly shift about, putting herself in a position to watch Blackout, Blackwing, and the door as best she can given the layout of the room.

Blackout stomps as if he's coming into the room. "BOSS, HE'S GONE. SO ARE BOTH CASES! I'M GONNA DO SOME OUTSIDE RECON SEE IF I CAN PICK UP HIS TRAIL!"

Blackwing says angrily, "See if you can get rid of this darkness too. I think someone else was in here with us!"

"I'll try." Replies Blackout and then moves toward the door motioning to Silver Sable to follow. He then exits the room and into the hallway where a portal is opened for his speedy exit. But he waits at the mouth of the portal for Sable to round the corner.

Silver Sable steps around the edge of the room, Blackwing will have to wait for now. She luckily is quite quiet, and luckily Blackwing doesn't seem to have much sense for the darkness.

As she rounds the corner, she casts a look at Blackout, "You've a lot of explaining to do." She says in a hushed tone, "And you have something of mine as well."

He says very quietly, "…follow me…" and he steps into the portal disappearing into the darkness beyond, into the Darkforce dimension. The portal remains open. It's perhaps 7' in diameter and fills the darkened hallway.

There is only a moment of hesitation, Silver Sable reaching to key her Radio, "I'm going off the grid, return to the embassy and await further communication." She was in a hushed tone, before moving to follow after the masked mercenary. Meanwhile, the Wild Pack operatives in the neighborhood begin their orderly, and quiet withdrawl from the vicinity of the club, entering unmarked vehicles and making their way back to the Embassy.

The portal closes behind her. The Darkforce Dimension is dark but things can still be seen without a light source. Globs and rocks of darkforce float by. There is a broken landscape on which they tread with mountains it the distance, craigs, and various pillars of darkstuff all around. Blackout's mask fades back off his face and he says, "I'm Marcus Daniels. Displaced and other universe version of the deceased Blackout you may have known or known of from this universe. I have been working undercover for an unamed organization who wanted the documents that I just stole. Learning what I did from Blackwing, I really didn't want them or him to have the documants and thought I should give them back to you. Funny that you would show up just when I was liberating them."

His left hand reaches off to the side and the case flies to his hand. He then offers the case to Sable with the handle faced her way.

"I see, Marcus.." Silver Sable says, her gaze slowly drifting across the new, rather strange environment she finds herself in. Her attention returns towards the man, nodding faintly towards Blackout, and she reaches out for the document case that is offered over to her, "That is a wise decision, returning these documents, I have little patience for people who hamper my operations. This organization you were working for, was it the same one that Blackwing was working for? Or something else?"

"Someone else. An unnamed benefactor that pays well. With the current distraction of the Spymaster assumed in stealing both cases, I'll have some leeway or viability. However, I know that bridge is about to be burned. Which brings me to my next point. You hire mercenaries. I'm a mercenary. And I'm soon to be unemployed. You have any job openings?"

His face seems honest enough when he delivers the request. He doesn't seem to have untoward goals, at least on the surface and there's likely more to his story and his need.

"I see.. well, this is quite the audition you've made for yourself, and I could find a spot for you on my payroll, on a probationary period, of course. Our wages and benefits are quite competitive, especially for someone with your talents, we'll need to see exactly what you can do of course, but I am confident we can come to an arrangement.." Silver Sable says, "Now, can you take us from here to my Embassy?" she asks, her brow lifting ever so slightly.

A smile crosses Blackout's lips and he raises his right hand. Another portal opens that peers out into the front lawn of the embassy in the Upper East Side. He will say, "Like this?" and then wait for her to pass through when she's ready. If she does, he will follow. His mask will reform upon his face when he exits into the outside world.

"Handy." Silver Sable says as she steps through the portal and onto the lawn, once there she turns towards the masked man, "Why don't you come by tomorrow, I'll have the contract drawn up and prepared for you, and we can discuss details of your employment then, as well."

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