(2016-10-24) Milano... is ALIVE!
Milano… is ALIVE!
Summary: Douglock and Shadowcat discuss building an AI for the Starship Milano with Star-Lord present. After Doug leaves Kitty vents to Peter about the loss of Doug.
Date: 2016-10-24
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Location: The Starship Milano in the Xavier Mansion's subbasement hanger.


Kitty has invited Doulock to help work on the AI for the Milano, named Milano. Milano greeted Douglock happy and now stands on a holo platform. Kitty sits at the front left terminal, tapping away on code. She's has Star-lord's music playing. Cherry Bomb by the Runaways playing. She taps and clicks, and brings up a screen of code. "Okay, I cleaned some stuff up" She twirls in her seat to look at Douglock

Shadowcat says, "What are your ideas to take mine to the next level?""

":Well,:" Douglock says from the rear most seat of the bridge, ":It depends, do you want save ideas or my wilder, more dangerous idea?:" At the same time he's examining the code via a finger USB connection into the computer console.

Kitty twirls herself again and shrugs "Pends on how wild you want to be. I want her to learn, to adapt. I don't want her walking door to door asking people if they are Sarah O'Conner" She quirks her eyebrows "And Peter wants her to feel like she crew, have a personality" She stops spinning and looks slightly dizzy.

Douglock nods at Kitty's words and figures he should demonstrate. While she is speaking he creates a new betafork of himself - RamAarDou - stripped down to be similar to urRamsey (pre-Death Doug) but including the entirety of Charmed as he recently acquired the series and watched the whole thing via upload and assimilation.

As Kitty stops spinning he allows RamAarDou to slip into the Milano's systems. ":Alright, why don't I show you something, Kitty,:" he says as his fork takes some system time to get a feel for the controls and also analyzes the AI structure Kitty's built up. ":In addition to connecting to computers I can treat my own mentality as a program. I make copies which I call 'forks'. urRamsey is one, for example and I've installed one onto the ship for the moment…:"

From the bridge speakers RamAarDou speaks: ''Hello Kitty,'' his voice sounds like Doug's would have though a radio in the past. ''Doug, should I switch to the other vocal pattern?''

The question from the fork in the computer elicits a grin from Douglock, ":Should I have him show off some of the idea, Kitty?:"

Peter can be seen through the cockpit canopy approaching the ship.

Kitty grins wide as she sees Peter walking up. "Charmed stuff will be lost on Peter, show was on after he left. But excellent for her patterning" She looks at the ship "H him show me your genius" She mutters softly "You my one of my best friends a fork, I think he'd like that." She grins and grabs her phone and snaps a bit of Douglock

Peter now disappears from view walking under the ship. You hear the sound of the outer hatch opening and closing, then the inner hatch.

Doug gives Kitty a surprised look and asks, ":You went with Charmed also? That's where I went to mine for the phonemes for building a vocal pattern!:"

From the speakers, RamAarDou speaks, at first his voice is normal and then he slowly switches to Alyssa's vocal pattern ''See, Kitty, once we've sampled enough data we can work into our behaviors, but sir, you really should tell him the keystone of your idea.''

Douglock nods as his fork speaks. ":Theoretically, if I soul merged with someone else we could make a fork based on the merged mentality or… of the other person's mentality. Like I said, its fairly dangerous but I /think/ between my senses and your phasing we can reduce the risk far better than Warlock ever could alone with me.:"

Peter emerges from the corridor, bending down at his side a little in a searching pose, having heard voices. "Oh, you two are here. Umm, did someone say something about a soul merge…? Also I heard danger. Distinctly heard "danger".

Kitty actually almost drops her phone at that suggestion from Douglock. The phone getting baubled hand to hand a few times. She looks to Peter and blinks her eyes a few times, then sets her phone down. She looks to Douglock "I" The hazel eyes blink a few times slowly "Me be part of the AI?" She flicks a glance at Peter then back "I" she said that before, yes, Kitty Pryde stunned to silence. She blushes slightly.

Douglock nods vehemently. ":Sure,:" he says and then is interrupted by RamAarDou (still sounding like Alyssa) as the fork says, ''Hey, as nice as this system is, you know it better than we do.''

Doug ahems at his fork, who stops speaking, and then says, ":Seriously, do you want me /experimenting/ to learn how the ship works or /you/ who already knows how it works?:" He grins. ":Plus… we'd considered it… Alright, sorry, now it is my turn. That wasn't /you/ you who was considering this move with me in my past.:"

Peter seems to have caught up to what's going on from Kitty's rundown of it. "You can do that?" he asks Douglock, too startled by the idea to remember Doug rarely jokes about such things. He walks over to the captain's seat, nodding to it, "Unless you're going to need this?"

Kitty blinks and puzzles her brows "I ah, I.. " She shakes her head slightly "You'd see all my memories and, I'm not so sure I'm comfortable baring my soul to anyone" She looks at Peter and blushes red. "Um, and, it's dangerous." She clearly thinks about things in her head. "I, well, I'm not really sure that.." She shrugs "I know this ship better then.. anyone but Rocket"

Doug nods. ":That's all true, and you'd see all of my memories… even some that could be embarrassing for both of us,": he says hinting about that time he head a crush on Kitty which he suspects is time that both is world and this share in common. ":I guess I could make a Gamma fork with almost nothing of me remaining and then merge it with your code and personality emulation as the start of the AI, but… you wouldn't be able to recode 'her' anymore at that point. 'She' would be a new person basically.:"

Peter goes ahead and sits down. If it bothers him that Kitty and Douglock are so engrossed in the conversation it's not showing. He just grins and gets comfy. Then he stands up again, immediately restless for something. "Anyone want coffee? I'm getting coffee." he announces.

The hazel eyes flick to Peter "You don't want me in your AI, right? That'd be like.. weird, creepy.." She shifts and chews her bottom lip "The ship would be able to use my hacking.." She flutters her eyes at Peter "Hi, sorry, geeky. Um, Coffee, yeah" She gives a lopsided grin at him then looks back at Douglock. "How dangerous. And my phasing can fry stuff, you don't expect me to phase you.. Do you?" The eyes widen slightly

":Oh, absolutely not… but I could scan you after we ended the merge and … well, you could fry any micro infections potentially…,:" he answers and starts to explain and then stops. ":Hey Peter, no coffee for me,:" he interjects to Quill before asking the pair, ":Neither of your really know how I came to be do you?:" He doesn't ask if they care, he figures they'll tell him if they don't and if that is the case they can continue the rest of the conversation.

Peter nods to Douglock, indicating he heard. "I don't know if it would be too weird or if I'd kinda like it." he starts heading aft again towards the mess, but before exiting, "Would it be 'Kitty' or is it sort of just a baseline for a new personality? Am I thinking about it right?"

Kitty pauses and her demeanor changes dramatically. Dorky science geek girl slapped back to reality a moment. "I know and i don't. I know Doug Ramsey died. And i know Warlock did as well. I .. still go out to Doug's marker when i need to think. And, I know Warlock's ashes were scattered there. You guys were friends. And that somehow the ashes sort of .. reanimated.." She shrugs after that. She looks to Peter "It would be a baseline for knowledge. How to control the ship, as well as i do. In an emergency, you could have Milano fly the ship, at least as well as i can. And a touch of my snarky personality"

Douglock nods. ":Of course, here Warlock wasn't really dead I've found out, reviewing the school records. In my world he did die…:" He pauses and says, ":Did Doug ever tell you about the nightmare he had of being transformed into a technarch? From a micro-infection in … well, when I had the dream it was in my eye. Turned out to be real and Warlock's 'ashes' awoke the transmode cells of me and I basically consumed the corpse of Doug Ramsey to build my body. This is why I can think of myself both as being him and not being him…:" Yeah, there's paradoxical thinking for you.

Addressing Peter's question, Doug says, ":We could actually strip most of Kitty's personality from the fork. Leave her intelligence and creativity, overlay a Milano personality template and use the phoneme library I built from Charmed to have the AI sound like the real Alyssa.:"

From the speakers RamAarDou says, ''Like I do right now, Peter,'' in said voice.

Peter nods, "Makes sense. I'll be right back,"… he walks off the bridge to head for the mess for the coffee maker.

Peter pauses to smile at the image and voice. "That's really good." he praises.

Kitty stares at Douglock "You consumed.." She visibly twitches and her eyes look at the floor. "I could have lived a million years and not known that" The whole conversation derailed and she stares at her boots.

Peter seems to pick up the pace at that comment. Yes indeed, now is an excellent time to be in another room making coffee for a few minutes.

":Well… okay, I converted the body into techno-organic matter, absorbed its soul energy and used that to build a functional technarch body, but… yeah,:" he says as he stands. Before unplugging his finger from the ship he downloads RamAarDou into his mind space and archives him for potential reintegration or reuse later. ":Sorry if that disturbed you, Kitty, its… its just part of who I am now. I wasn't fully conscious at that point. Think of it like animal instincts in the first moment of birth?:"

Peter is now out of sight and hearing range.

The twitch at the first bit is minor compared to jar of her body at the last. "You are so not helping" She says softly and looks at him. "I'm, i'm not sure I can soul merge with you." She swallows hard. "It would be great for the ship but" She shrugs "I'll think about it"

Not unexpected. Douglock nods. ":Its about the most intimate thing I can imagine,:" he says, ":So… should I start pruning RamAarDou into a more basic form to integrate with your program to get a similar effect with it not being you?:" He then simply says, ":That's another option… or we could just keep working on it the normal way.:" She then says, ":Just let me know how you and Peter want to go with this… and I need to go grade papers now.:" Its an excuse, he can do it remotely, but it lets him give her some space which he can tell he needs to do.

Peter actually isn't gone long at all. He probably already figured out the quick-brew system. He walks back onto the bridge with two steaming no-spill mugs. "Is it safe to come back in?" he asks a bit jokily, hoping perhaps to break the ice again.

Kitty looks to Douglock. "I'm not sure i can be that intimate with anyone. There are things in my life I'm not proud of" She nods her head "I'll think about." She gets up and walks and smiles at Peter "Thanks" She takes a mug and shifts, a can either intentional or unintentional stance but she puts Peter between her and Douglock. A hand rested onto Peter's back.

Douglock nods, understanding better than anyone might think having been that intimate with his best friend (Warlock) many times in the past. He also notices the defensive move on Kitty's part and hides the regret he feels by not allowing it to show on his features (thank you conscious control of your form!).

":You two have a good evening,:" he says before stepping out of the bridge and then disembarking the ship.

Peter turns around, but takes your hand. "That is messing with your head a lot." he observes.

She nods her head "He nonchalantly told me he ate my best friends corpse to build he techno body. Then compared it to like.. a big wolf pup eating a smaller wolf pup at birth to ensure survival" She blinks and shifts "I, it took every drop of restraint I had to, not phase my hand into his chest and rip his circuits a new one" She swallows hard

Peter puts his cup aside so that he has a free hand. "I think the word 'ate' might be the sticking point. Sounds to me a lot like a merging that brought the essence of a friend back that would have been lost forever." he blinks and watches your eyes though, "Or stop me if you're not interested in looking at it different ways. It is a lot to absorb."

Kitty blinks "Repaidly deconstructed then reconstructed." She blinks "Doug's .. gone on. Douglock has his memories, made his personality into an algorithim." She flicks her eye around the ship "Which is what he'd do with me and Milano" She blinks her eyes at Peter. "He had such a crush on me, Doug" She blushes and sips her coffee. "I recruited him to come here" She smiles "I'm okay"

Peter squeezes your hand and lets go, determined to finally carry out his plan of coffee and captain's seat. He brings the mug over and settles into the chair. There. He turns the seat towards you. "And the ship? The idea seems a bit radical. No need to be that ambitious, especially not on my account. I think the current one's already something special. How much of you to put into it, is your decision." he pauses, lifting his cup to you before drinking, "Fascinating though how high that percentage could go."

She shrugs and nods "It's more then that. Coding a ship to fly itself would take years. I mean, you can set coordinates and go, but, Imagine a ship that can fly evasive maneuvers and allow you to focus on offensive. Or a ship that can hack the security code of the latest and greatest prison you are in" She blinks "Someone who knows the ship in and out" She pets a panel and the holo Milano smiles. "But he'd see all my memories"

Peter says, "I can't make you do that. You've brought me so much already." he grins at your interaction with Milano, "one of my tricks," he chuckles. "Maybe, MAYBE in a while of knowing him you'd be OK with that. It's not even on the list unless you decide sometime you are."

She smiles and walks closer, leaning the side of the captain chair, sipping coffee and the free hand rubbing his shoulder. "And there is a chance, that the walking sort of, almost, computer virus he is, could infect me. Overwrite me? For lack of a better term. But, he thought and I agree, if I phased I'd fry the creepy crawlies." She seems both enthralled at the computer side of it, yet horrified in the same breath. The eyes flick around the ship "I'm interested actually, the dork in me wants to see it work. The computer goddess in my would love the ego stroke" She chuckles and sips her coffee.

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