(2016-10-26) Darts at Harry's
Darts at Harry's
Summary: Peter and Kitty enjoy an evening at Harry's; Polaris joins the fun.
Date: 2016-10-26
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Location: Harry's Hideaway in Salem Center, Westchester County, New York


As we leave the vehicle for the sidewalk, Peter remarks offhand, "Did you know that as long as you have a driver's license they don't check to see if you actually know how to drive if you say you need one of these cars?"

Kitty laughs "Oh please don't drive" She walks for Harry's and grabs his hand. "I am not bailing you out of jail when you crash"

Peter tickles your hand with his and then just hangs on. "Well, I drove a little. That's what I was doing before I came to the ship before."

She walks into Harry's and shakes her head "Did you crash? Did the steering wheel confuse you?" She teases and laughs "Did you beep the horn? I bet you beeped the horn, more then once" She smiles wide clearly picturing him driving

Peter sighs. "Ok, yes, I beeped the horn. But I took it easy, I actually stayed on the grounds. I only hit one hedge." following you in.

She laughs softly and shakes her head. "Nice, i'm glad you are exploring. Driving can be fun. We'll have to grab a couple of Logan's bikes and go riding." She grins and flicks her eyes around "Booth, table, pool tables?" She asks and shifts to smile at him

Peter looks around, "How about the darts this time, haven't tried that yet." he tugs her over to the dartboard to look at the colorful circle target.

Kitty follows along and nods "You and sharp objects, hurled, sure, why not." She grins "Darts you actually do get from the bartender unlike the pool table. Gimmie your liscense" She slips her hand from his. "You want a beer?"

Wandering into the bar with hands tucked in her coat pockets, Lorna smiles at Harry and glances around. She passes by the bar to order a pint before ambling over to Kitty and Peter. "Hey, looks like things are smoothing out?" She wonders, meddling a little. There's a quirk of a grin aimed at the pair.

Peter digs in his pocket and hands Kitty the license. "Yes, please teach me more of this Earth custom you call beer." he grins innocently. Glancing back at Lorna, he waves, "Hiya! Well…" he glances at Kitty fondly. "Yes." simply.

Kitty walks over and asks for the darts, and beers. She looks to Lorna and smiles wide. "Heya Lorna." She looks to peter then back, a faint blush. "Yeah, smoother. Thanks for the use of your husband, he saved my butt" She nods to Harry "Put her beer on my tab"

"Oh, well…" Lorna shrugs some and smiles. "He has a tendency of doing that." She nods at the offer to cover her beer. "Thanks Kitty, that's sweet of ya. So! Peter's not in on the beer scene huh? They don't have booze in space?" She wonders and looks at the dart board.

Peter responds, "Oh, they do, but it's different on almost every planet. Sometimes you have to be careful." he discloses that, perhaps from personal experience. "Ok. So you know the rules I hope?" he asks Kitty.

Hazel eyes flick to Peter and she grins. "Yup. You chuck the darts at the board. And then, you keep score.. and, I think it's like firt person to 300 wins?" She grabs an itouch from an inner pocket, looking up darts "I have no idea" She looks to Lorna "Alex compared th pair of you ro orbiting binary stars that brighten eachother days." She grins wide

"What a nerd." Lorna rolls her eyes, smiling. "I guess that's fair enough. No matter how far apart we drift, we always seem to come back to each other." She sips her beer once it arrives and looks at the pair. "Pity he's busy, he loves coming here for a cold drink." She murmurs and slides into a seat, relaxing.

Peter grins, "It's better than most of my lines." then waves Lorna over, inviting her. "What's the sense you sitting there by yourself. We can count to 300 with three people instead of two just as easily, right?". He watches Kitty look up the rules and says, "Oh here we go, she'll have the international tournament regs available any second."

"Nerd or not he saved my skin. Took me for stiches" She lifts the beer and sips it, licking her top lip, thumb scrolling her screen. She sets her beer down and flips Peter off with her free hand. "Ah, okay, we start at 301 or 501, then subtract out scroes, you have to get to zero and then get a bullseye?" She shrugs "Oh man, there are like a gazillion ways to play"

"Oh, no. You don't want me to play Peter, I totally cheat." Lorna smiles and looks at Kitty. "She can tell you. Metal is kinda my thing." She murmurs and sips her beer. "I'm good watching, maybe I'll text the nerd for fun."

Peter shrugs a little, "Doug said something similar when I challenged him to Tempest back at the academy. Heh." he lifts his beer and takes a long sip, then smiles to Kitty, "You and me, then? I'd say just pick something simple for now, unless you feel like doing a lot of math that I'll totally make you be the one to keep track of."

Kitty looks at the board "Oh, cricket. See the chaulk board, with the number. You put a tick when you get the right number. you need three of each. No math, yahoo. Just get three of everything" She looks to Lorna and smiles "Tell the nerd I say hi. And he works too much. Oh, Did you hear Scott's back?" She pulls the three darts from the box and offers them to Peter

"Scott Scott, or Else Scott?" Lorna wonders, shrugging. "Alex hasn't said anything. You know how those boys can be." She murmurs and quirks a smile at Peter. "Figure it's nicer to tell you than just mess with ya." She adds and turns a bit, snapping a selfie with Kitty and Peter in the back. "He really does work too hard."

Peter considers his darts and spots the line on the ground. He stands on it, "From here, I'm guessing?" he looks at the target. "Do the rings matter?" he asks Kitty. To Lorna, "Messing with me would have been more fun."

Kitty sighs "Else Scott, I've heard. like, back in time though, he's younger." She blinks "ALot of that going on" She looks to the board "Outer ring is double, inner ring is triple. Then bullseyes is center." She looks to the floor "Yeah, looks right." She sips the beer. "I was chasing around Lockheed at night, through the offices. He was still working."

"He really takes on too much." Lorna sighs. "I kinda thought being married we'd focus more on you know-the family life, but it's like living in the school he can't help but work. Lockheed? Where is the little hellin anyway?"

Peter throws one of his darts. It thwacks neatly into the 12-score zone. He frowns a little, more in study than annoyance, then readies the next one. "What does he like to do when he's not sniffing out people who get too close to you?" he asks Kitty. The next dart hits the 5 zone, and when he throws the third it thunks directly into the inner ring 20-score. He eyes the dartboard, and his distance from it.

Kitty grins "Locky is probably curled up in the Captain's chair of the ship. He sometimes goes off on his own adventures. He has a girlfriend" She watches Peter throw the darts. "I know that, the school being right there, students always around. Not sure i can go back to it after being a space pirate" She crinkles her nose "I think i'm being hustled." She goes to collect the darts. She walks to the line and feels the dart weight. "Hmmm" She eyes the board and tosses. The dart thunks into the wall "crap" She hefts the second one, feeling it's weight. She throws and hits a 3. She crinkles her nose and throws again for 10. "Ew, I'm losing"

"Come on Kitty! All that training we do and you can't win at darts?" Lorna clicks her tongue and gestures with a finger to help a few shots. Propping her head on her arms she sighs some. "Yeah. That damn school. I just want to steal Alex away to go live in the mountains and study some good old fashioned science. I mean, that's what we went to school for! But, you know Alex. He feels responsible."

Peter explains, "I'm very good at this sort of thing. But, I know a way to make it more fair, and more fun. On my turn, one of you gets to pick where I stand. How about that?" he grins. "Now you've gotta tell me about this girlfriend?" he asks Kitty.

Kitty looks to Lorna and nods "Yeah, you'd think right. All that ninja training and darts fight me" She grins "When i first got home I tried to convince Ray we need to run off and be space pirates together. I think i almost sealed the deal." She looks to Peter and grins. "Stand overby the bar." She laughs "Her name is Puff, she tried to eat Tokyo, She's yellow with Purple spots."

"I thought my relationship was wacky. You know Alex's dad is a space pirate? Man, is Earth so bad everyone is jonesing for space?" Lorna wonders and shakes her head. "Puff. It sounds so innocent." She chuckles a little and sips her beer. She'll screw with some of Peter's shots to make Kitty feel better.

Peter casually walks towards the bar. The bartender gives him an odd look, and Peter just nods and grins, turning to face the dartboard. "I almost always choose being a space pirate. Though sometimes being planetbound has its appeal." he winks at Kitty, then fires off his dart. It clinks against the edge and falls. "Heyyyyyyy…." he looks at Lorna "you weren't kidding."

Kitty laughs softly "Puff is cute, though, I have not seen her in years, maybe it was just a fling. We stay outa each others love lives. Well, expcept he hated Pete wisdom and would steal his smokes and set his britches on fire." She snickers at the dart throw. "Nice good job"

Ducking her head a little, Lorna grins and winks to Kitty. She bats her green eyes at Peter. "No idea what you mean." She quips and drinks her beer. "Well, maybe it's for the best between Puff and Lockheed, he doesn't need to be eating cities."

Peter says, "Menacing Tokyo like being a giant monster thing? Not little, like him?" he tries another throw. It is indeed more of a challenge from a different vantage, and his next darts score a 13 and just barely makes the 10.

A grin at Lorna. Kitty nods "Yeah, Puff got big, Godzilla big. Lock talked he out of destruction and she shrank back down." She walks and collects the darts. She hefts them and looks at the board. She walks backwards slowly. She exhales hard and throws. She sinks it into a double 20. She smiles and exhales hard again,eyes looking at the board. She throws looking cocky and sinks it into the chaulk. "DOh!" She laughs and throws the last, getting a 13. "I'm so much better at pool"

"I like pool, it's so much fairer unless you're Jean." Lorna rolls her eyes and smiles a bit at the story. She watches the two throw, opting not to meddle for a round or two as she drains her glass. "So, doing any training lately?"

Peter says, "okay, next spot for me?" walking over and picking up three darts again. "I thought Jean's thing was mind stuff?" he walks over to Kitty and impulsively kisses the side of her temple, an arm going around her waist briefly before stepping back to see where he's instructed to stand.

Kitty actually giggles a bit as Peter lean in to kiss her temple. She then pushes him off. She looks to Lorna "Trying to set up a training class for the kids, take them out on the ship, run some mock things going wrong. Not a ton ofinterest though. Just Nega. Serenity, but I'm not sure she has the computer skills." She looks to her Itouch and blinks. She clocks abutton "Shadowcat" She says into the phone. "Oh, yes, three Warwolves" She shifts and walks to head outside of Harry's

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