(2016-10-31) Mind if I drop in?
Mind if I drop in?
Summary: Star-Lord gets accosted by apparent bounty hunters in NYC, and is rescued by Ultragirl. Aleta comes back to Earth in the middle of the fight.
Date: 2016-10-31
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Scene Runner: Aleta
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It's Central Park! It's New York! This means anything can and does happen here. Star-Lord may or may not have been comparing various food cart vendors to decide which was best when interstellar bounty hunters glommed onto his current location. With a mouth full of processed meat, a voice came from behind Mister Quill. "Quill! There you are!" comes the voice, along with the sound of particle beam rifles charging or being primed. "I am told I have to offer you the choice to come quietly. Personally… I hope you will refuse."

Peter straightens up, startled, but quickly relaxes and lets his hands go slowly to his sides, nice and easy. He turns around casually, to see who he might be dealing with. "Well," he says, "That depends on how much fun it looks like I'd have."

There is a motley group of extraterrestrials there.. a well-armed group at that. Two nondescript individuals with sidearms off to either side, one who appears to be the leader.. male, deep voiced, but not overlarge. He has a rifle in hand, a primed rifle to be exact. He appears to be Shi'ar. Meanwhile, a pair of grim-faced Kree heavy weapon wielders a few meters behind the leader, each with an over the shoulder plasma cannon.

"Please resist. I was told to bring you in alive. But I was offered extra if I delivered evidence of your death." says the leader.

Star-Lord continues to talk, "Do I get to know whose bounty you're collecting? Might affect my decision," his voice remains casual, friendly even, but his body is tense for action and that isn't fooling anyone.

Ultragirl's doing her 'try to be a hero' thing, trying to live up to her contract with Ultra Armor. To that end, she's flying along just above the rooftops in the Manhattan area… and pauses in her patrol to look out over Central Park. Her expression saddens and her gaze lowers along with her spirit. As she turns her gaze down that way, she spies the interstellar bounty hunters aiming their rifles at Star-Lord. Of course, she doesn't know they're Shi'ar and Kree. All she sees is guys with guns pointing at someone who doesn't have a gun… and that snaps her out of her oncoming funk.

Flipping heels up, she doesn't take the time to scan auras to pick out the aliens, diving down to flips right-side up, again, and land in a crouch between the gunmen and Star-Lord, rising to her full height to make herself as a big a target as she can. "Okay boys, put down the guns…", she says, then realizes those guns look a lot more high-tech than she thought they were at first glance, pondering to herself: "I wonder if I'm laser-proof, too?…"

"Why would I tell you anything?" asks the leader of the gunmen. He just gestures to his flanking handgun armed guys. "Wrap'im up." he says. The guys start moving forward with binders in hand. And that's when Ultragirl lands. She's speaking already, and her words are difficult to overhear over the itchy trigger fingers of the plasma cannons. Plasma cannons that could damage warship hulls… the Kree fire because.. they know a threat when they see one. The biner-wielders dive out of the way, and the leader is raising both hands, waving them and yelling, "Hold your fire!"

Peter springs into action, suddenly yelling, "YAAAAAAARGH!!" and running… directly towards the heavy firepower. If he's fast enough maybe he can get inside their firing arc. Instinctively, he tries to grab Ultragirl and carry her out of the line of fire as well.

Ultragirl brings up her arms and actually steps forward, covering half the distance between herself and the gunmen in all but a blur. This moves her out of Star-Lord's reach, and right into the plasma blasts… which splatter off her arms and body in the direction of her movement, instead of simply exploding all around her, thanks to the way she used her body to contain and shape the splatter of energy. Her costume looks a little singed, as do her cheeks, but she really doesn't look very much worse for the wear.

"Holy ow! That stings!", Ultragirl says, stopping to slap her gloved hands on her legs, putting out some little plasma-bits that are still stick to them… before reaching up to slap at a plasma bit that's singed off some of her hair. Then, she grins… and looks at the gunmen, doing her level best to look very upset as she says, "My hair! You shot my hair!!!"

The leader has jumped back as Ultragirl moved forward. He's fast too, but not superhuman. He lifted his left arm and an energy shield formed to cover most of his body. The plasma bloom reflects from it harmlessly and he yells, "I said hold your…!" Yes, he's trying to yell over the chaos of the battle, when things go all wonky. Yes, that is a scientific term. Wonky. Similar to Futzed up, but more to the left side of it.

The cannons are glowing once more, preparing to fire another volley forward. But a ripple of energy flares in the air above everyone… and then it looks like a comet appears from nowhere. It strikes the ground at supersonic speeds, and the kinetic energy of the impact throws everyone back from it… to the ground. Well, all of the bounty hunters. The cannons release their plasma rounds skyward… and the two handgun armed guys are diving for cover once again. The leader turns and brings his shield about, leaving his back exposed. The impact is enough to disorient most people… but as the smoke clears… Aleta stands up in the crater… "What?" she asks aloud…. and it looks like Leader Dude is about to fire at her… she interrupted his job.

Peter kneels near Ultragirl, and slaps a contact on his neck, which forms his metallic helmet around his head rapidly. Just in time to protect his face from debris and allow him to see the newcomer through the fog. "What the hell?" his now filtered voice calls out. Then he sees the leader about to fire, and… that stupid rescue instinct kicks in again and he dashes from relative safety to try and drop-kick Leader Dude.

Ultragirl wasn't ready for the big kaboom, and was also busy trying to ham it up. Her eyes widen in surprise as she does her best to keep her balance… then dashes forward, flying past the two rifle-toting gunners to try and snatch their weapons away from them while they're down.

And… the Cannon wielders are a lot stronger than they look. The fact that they are augmented Kree is one thing and Kree are stronger than humans. But they also have exoskeletons to augment their strength and stability. This is why they were wielding the cannons. Cannons that are attached to their shoulders. So when Ultragirl grabs at them… they resist. The hardpoints hold long enough for them to reach up and get a grip on the weapons. They lie about five meters apart and each one fights with decent strength. But not enough in the end.

The leader gets jump kicked by Quill… not really doing much damage through his absorbant armor… but knocking his aim off. The particle beam rifle fires and strikes the ground at Aleta's feet. She turns her head towards him and her eyes flash with golden light. "Seriously?" but she notices she's in battle then and just smirks. "Well, it seems that contacting the rest of the Guardians can wait until after the fun is over." she states as she points a hand at the leader.. and a solid beam of light slams into him.. since he was distracted by Star-Lord's kick and his shield wasn't braced her way.

Ultragirl will get the weapons from the cannoneers, and the two unmolested handgun wielding smaller guys are rather happy that they are not engaged. One of them pulls out a comm and says, "Slip us to the ship. Now." And… dimensional shifts go off… the enemies all warping out, leaving those cannons behind in Ultragirl's hands.

Ultragirl, floating with a big plasma gun in each hand (and holding them as if they weigh nothing to her), wonders aloud, "Whoa! Where'd they go?" Clearly, she didn't hear that one alien calling for beam-up. Lifting the big guns she's now holding a little to look at them, she then wonders (again, aloud), "… what the heck do I do with -these- things, now?

Star-Lord jumps back up into a fighting stance. "HA!" looking around, then echoes, a little more disappointed, "Ha." he looks back and forth at the costumed ladies that have made an unusual evening completely bonkers. "So… guess we won?" he says. He presses on his neck again and the helmet folds away to show his scruffy smiling face.

Shaking her head, Aleta gestures to her feet, golden disks of light forming beneath her booted feet. She lifts off the ground and floats to the edge of the crater. She reaches up to activate her comm badge. Yeah, like Star Trek, but shaped like a red white and blue star. "Aleta to the Cap. Aleta to the Cap." She pauses, "Come in Cap."

She eyes the two of you and then looks about herself and asks, "This isn't.. Earth is it?" she asks. Then she says to her comm once more, "This is Aleta. Major? Martinex? Any Guardian?" She pauses and shakes her head, "Guardians of the Galaxy. Sound off!" she yells into her comm.

"Yeah, it's Earth", replies Ultragirl, floating over (and still carrying the two big plasma guns). She takes a moment as she comes down to land and set down the weapons she unintentionally captured, and focuses her aura-sight on Aleta for a moment, though she's already guessing that the woman's not human.

Peter tilts his head, hearing what Aleta called out. He looks really puzzled. "I know the Guardians… I am one. Well, sort of. It's complicated but… I don't know the names you just said." then to Ultragirl, "I owe you bigtime… did I just get rescued… proper?" he checks out the costume. And some more. And then the other costume. Really distractible, this one, but then his eyes snap back up to where they belong.

Snorting, Jace merely looks towards Star-Lord. "You?" She snorts once more, "I highly doubt Major Victory would have proposed a new member for us to vote on without us even knowing who the new team member might be first. So.." She folds her arms just under her bustline and glances towards Ultragirl. "Earth. The last time I was here… oh by the Nebula…" she shakes her head and adds, "I've gone back in time again. This looks a lot like it did the last time I was here… I believe it was the local year… nineteen seventy one?"

"It's twenty-sixteen, actually", Ultragirl says in reply to Aleta's questioning of the year, as sirens are starting to be audible in the distance. Glancing in the direction of the sounds, then at the small crater left by Aleta's arrival… and the small bit of burn damage done by the plasma-splattering… Ultragirl sighs. 'If I stick around, they'll probably blame me for all this…', she thinks to herself.

Floating up off the ground, and leaving the captured weapons there, Ultragirl says, "Uhm… I've gotta get going… I think I just heard someone calling for help or a car accident or something! Bye!", before accelerating up into the air and away from the area.

Peter says, "Wait… uhhh… okay then." he looks over at Aleta, "Do you need to fly away also?"

Peter walks over to the weapons, "I'd better take these." but then considers the sirens, "That'll be hard, actually."

"I've no idea where to go." offers Aleta. "Unless you know the Avengers." But then she inclines her head and lifts both brows, "Wait. The Guardians of the Galaxy never existed as a team until the thirtieth century. How is it that they…" she starts asking. "Perhaps someone changed the past. Or… our involvement in the events of the past inspired someone to use our name?" she asks. She leaves her arms folded and shrugs. "Do -you- require a way out of here Guardian?" as she forms disks under the weapons and then one in the air before Peter, "Step on and I will carry us to safety."

Peter smiles, "Looks like we can help each other. Fly north while we figure this out. We're going upstate." he moves to stand onto the disk, testing its steadiness. He closes the helmet around his face again to keep bugs out.

And up everything goes smoothly. A windscreen forming in front of you, and hooks to hold the guns in place. "North?" she asks as she lifts skyward and looks about to figure which way is north. She feels the EM pull even on her light base energy, "So be it." she adds as she starts gently accelerating that way.

Peter starts talking, again the mask filters his voice during the flight. "My name's Peter Quill, or Star-Lord. That name mean anything to you?"

Inclining her head to one side, Aleta flies along. "It sounds a bit… like something borne of ego." she answers as she turns to face you while flying. She doesn't fly like superman. She moves the disks and they go where they go despite her own facing. "I am Aleta Ogord of Arcturus IV."

Peter pauses, considering, "I haven't been to Arcturus yet… anyway, we're going to the Xavier Academy in Westchester. I don't know the Avengers, but I have friends there that do, I'm sure they can help you connect. I'm… a little displaced myself, but that's probably a longer conversation. The Guardians team that I know of here formed in the twenty-no, twenty-first century, I think. Rocket, Groot, Drax, Gamora, Kitty… know any of those names?"

"Gamora is a name that reached even Arcturus. I was -born- in the …" begins Aleta who then smirks. "I was born a few years -ago- actually. Arcturans average somewhere around eighteen hundred Earth years in lifespan. I heard Gamora's name when I was a girl. Drax the Destroyer is a name that all know and fear. Well, only those who are his enemies. He was from this world… from this time period." she says, gesturing about, "Not exactly the most efficient circuit in the diagram though…" she adds with a smirk.

Peter explains, "They are members of this time's Guardians, though they are not on Earth at the present. I'll explain later. Complicated," he repeats. "Now where the heck is it… yeah, there…" he points you towards a town and eventually the mansion itself.

Shaking her head, Jace shrugs her shoulders, "Obviously, more changed in the past than I was aware of." She smirks and inclines her head, "Gamora… on a team. I thought she was a lone assassin sort. At least that's the rumor I heard when I was a child." And with a thought, she redirects the disks to approach the indicated estate. "I should drop you here and go in search of the Avengers. I worked with them the last time I travelled to the past. They may have records of my aid."

Peter says, "Alright then… right there outside the front gate will do, will keep them from going on alert. The Avenger are still in New York City, I think? If you don't mind, I'll keep the weapons. I want to try and figure out who sent them.

"Do you have a subspace communications frequency?" asks Aleta… basically asking Peter Quill for his phone number. His digits. *sigh* She'll learn her mistaken in time, won't she?

She gestures to her comm badge and adds, "We Guardians should remain in contact, yes?"

Peter smiles behind his helmet. "Yes…" and gives the technical details of how to send a comm to his ship. "I might need that anyway or people might not believe me." he laughs.

"Radio signals. I had forgotten how primitive this era was." mutters Aleta. "I am sure my comm-badge can adapt though. I will tune it to listen to frequencies in the range of what you use. It is a good thing that it charges itself from ambient energy." she adds as she turns to walk onto disks that form as she steps on them like climing stairs. It is evident that her powers are something she has had centuries to practice the use of… and then she's accelerating away, far faster than she travelled to get here.

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