(2016-10-9) WarWolves Attack
WarWolves Attack
Summary: Kitty is attacked by WarWolves. Alex helps fight them.
Date: 2016-10-9
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NPCs: WarWolves
Scene Runner: Havok
Social/Plot: Plot

-==[ Memorial Gardens - Xavier Estate ]==------—-

Dedicated to those who have fallen, this area bears markers and statues that represent mutants and non-mutants alike who worked diligently towards Xavier's Dream - those who were casualties of the war. The gardens themselves are no more than an acre in size. The plaques and stones tell of the lives and accomplishments of those lost.

-==[ NC-17 ]==------------

Obvious Exits:

[NG] - Northern Grounds - Xavier Esta

The autumn evening is cool and the stars are bright. There's a sliver of a moon present however it's caught behind trees at the moment. There's a light breeze and it's a nice time for a peacoat or something warm. The memorial garden is where there are several of the X types who have fallen. Doug Ramsey is one of them. A close friend of Kitty because of their computer language sharing. And even when she was demoted to the New Mutants (for a few issues) he and she got on well. But the weirdness comes because Doug is alive, merged with Warlock and from an alternate universe. Surely this can bring dreams to Kitty and cause her to venture into the Memorial Gardens.

No one else is within the area and it seems eerily still. The various gravestones and statues seem to move with the shadows cast by the sliver of the moon upon the moving leaves of the trees in the light breeze.

The eyes flick around, enjoying the quiet. She runs her fingers along the memorial marker. "Hey bud, Wish you were around. The new and improved you is awesome, but not quite the sympathic ear. My life is slightly fucked up again, Ray is no where to be found." She sighs. "Another Peter.. when will I learn the name is just voodoo. I'm engaged, or was, or is, Jean says my Peter's out there, closer then I think" She grins and shifts "I can imagine you and it tearing apart the new you's coding though. That'd be fun" She grins "I'm gonna teach again, computers, shocker" She crouches and sits, leaning her back to the marker, pulling her leather ravagers jacket shut. She looks up at the stars with a dopey melancholy sigh.

There is little to no indication that she's being watched, but there's a very clear hint of something silver emerging from the wood in her line of sight (20 yards away outside the garden). It's one of the four Warwolves from so long ago. It slinks to the side moving counter clockwise around the garden while watching Kitty. It intones, "Kat." in a metallic resonate voice.

She shifts and hops to a crouch. "Oh you slippery little monster. There will by children disappointed at the zoo right now in London that your cage is empty" She mutters softly and flicks her eyes around wondering if it's solo or there are 3 more in the woods, they are a pack, she bets they came together. It's instinct, she ghosts, phasing and stepping back through the stone marker, and walking along, hoping the warwolf loses her location. She feels her hip, no blaster or weapons. She'll just have to kick the shit out of them.

Before she is able to exit the garden; Another emerges to the south of her (opposite the first), also walking counter clockwise like the original. It intones, "The same Kat that imprisoned." It also maintains a 20 yard distance.

A third and forth (East and West) emerge from the forest and also walk counter clockwise while looking upon her. The third says, "Children annoy." Then the fourth states, "Kat will be put on display." Which brings back around to the first to say, "For all children to see."

She feels her pulse kick up a notch, that surge of adrenaline. She exhales slow and thinks of her training Master in Japan. She mentally reaches out for Lockheed. The eyes flick, trying to keep tabs on all 4 as they have her surrounded. Not a good start to this interaction. "I'd be only too happy to put you back in your cage. But honestly, I've had a really shitty week, i'd be just as happy to send you to the 3 pack members i already ended." She unphases ever so briefly, jumping and unphasing again, body flying up with the momentum. Cause heck no is she being surrounded. She pans the grounds for anyone around to alert. She shifts slightly and floats towards the north wolfy.

The third says, "She taunts us."

The second states, "I will have her first!"

The fourth counters, "No, she is mine to devour!" in a tone of irritation.

The first calls out, "Quit bickering, there is enough of her to go around. ATTACK!"

Which is a clear indication that they are attacking. They all begin to leap. But not at the same time, in a sequence, they seem to go by the numbers. First, second, third, then fourth at various angles and heights trying to land solid attacks against Kitty. Her phasing may or may not react to them as it did before, which was as if they could definitely touch her while phased.

She whirls "Hostiles in the Memorial Garden!" She screams out and phases to intangible. She feels two of them pass a touch through her. That life stealing power drawing a scream from her lungs. But without the ability to hold her they can only get in single hits which hurt and weaken. She follows the first down and unphases as she gets there. Years of ninja training kick in and she lashes out. She fought them before so goes for lethal blows, weak spots. A strike at the eyes then the throat. A fast series of strikes and the last solid impact she phases, planning to use the momentum to push off and way.

They aren't all that good at dodging, but their skin gives them good resistance to normal, even ninja attacks. Two still get kicked and knocked around but they continue. Thrashing, leaping and biting. Trying to make contact with the mutant girl.

Her calling out does alert the environment and lights kick on from trees thus illuminating the area. The warwolves don't hesitate however, they continue to come at her. But somewhere in the mansion, an alarm is resonating and alerting to the situation.

She screams again as the physic life draining hits her even phased. The happy glee in the warwolf eye making the feeling all the worse. She is weaponless and alone, this isn't a fight she can win. She can't fly but she can climb, she wriggles in the air, trying to get altitude, to be out of reach. Another yowl as a grab at her ankle draws my life from her. She roars out in frustration and her main combat training partner awakens in her, She goes Wolverine, throwing caution to the wind. She unphases and drops onto the back of a warwolf. The arms shift and wraps in neck, she pulls and heaves, looking to snap the large beasts neck. "I came out here to zen out, you are SO harshing my mellow"

Then suddenly there is a very audible, very loud, very bright illumination of "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! as one of the Warwolves is blasted into oblivion by Havok who has emerged from the path through the wood.

Havok calls out, "Kitty, line them up!" as he prepares and braces himself for another shot.

The third warwolf sees the fourth blasted into the woods. It perks up and spies Havok. "We eat him too!" then starts to leap in the general direction of Havok but in a side to side dodging pattern.

Kitty is on the first one, she pulls back, going for blood. The warwolf is stronger than the average human but it's vulnerable to some extent to choking. It stops, and starts to try and shake. It raises up on hind legs and uses hands to grab and claw at her arms.

"Havok" the name said in a clear expulsion of air and relief. The temper flares and last week of having her emotions kicked around gets the best of her. She loses any sense of fair fighting and honor. She focuses, letting the warwolf claw at her, her leather keep her torso better protects, a nice set of claws shredding her right leg. She phases her right hand, reaching into the beasts throat. "Hard candy coating, soft squishy inside" She unphases her hand and rips at arteries, viens and trachea from within the creature, yowling in discomfort as she does so, then pulls her bloody hand free. She rides the beast down then springs, chasing after the two heading for Havoc "Line them up? Heel! Bad dogs!" She calls out "Go left" She heads for the right one to ensure it cannot bolt.

The warwolf tries to yelp as Kitty rips out inners. But instead of releasing a sound, it falls to the ground in a heap of squishy silver skin.

Havok's left hand glows as he raises it toward the approaching wolves. When Kitty calls 'go left' he steps to the left and expects her to step to the right. His left hand releases a beam of superheated plasma just to the right of the warwolves FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!. They dodge to their left, and aren't hit. Then without missing a step, he raises his right hand and does the same along the line in which they dodged. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! and that shot hits the first in the face, knocking him back into the second and blasting both along the ground and into a few headstones. They will, like the fourth one in the woods, will be unconscious.

Kitty does not slow her run as the pair slide into a heap. She is splattered in her own and the warwolves blood. She hits onto the top of a limp warwolf. "You fucking pathetic Zoo exhibit" She reigns down blows, letting the week of frustration explode out of her. They have tough hides and frustrated she leans over to grab a rock. She smashes the rock down onto the muzzle of a wolf, breaking teeth. "Try and eat someone now" Tears falling from her eyes as she loses her shit.

It seems her clear wild eyed intent is to bear the warwolf to death with a rock unless stopped.

"oh shit." Havok whispers to himself as he sees Kitty's reaction to the moment. He starts to move over quickly. The glow lines of his uniform continue to emit a bright glow of his plasma charge within him. He will close and say, "Kitty.. it's…" and he's not sure what exactly it is. But he knows she's pissed. He tries to grab the rock from her grasp to keep her from making the mess worse. If he's successful, then he'll toss it to the side. If not, he's likely going to get hit himself.

She bashes the rock into Havok's arm. Then looks and stares a second and drops the rock. The warwolf muzzle a bloody mess. She breathes fast and stares at him. A shimmer as she phases and unphases, flickering like a firefly. A throaty hiccuping sob like sound and she slumps slightly. "I'm sorry Havok" She says softly and she lifts her hand, brushing tears off her cheeks, leaving bloody smears. She shifts to climb off the beast as a set of security guards approach the garden, weapons drawn. "I'm sorry" She says again, fast, eyes looking around "Thank you Alex" She says his name as her fury seems to fade.

As she stands he'll intentionally place his arm around her to help guide her away from the warwolf. He nods to security and knows they can handle the cleanup. He will keep her close and say, "It's okay, Kitty. Let's get you inside. Are you hurt?"

His intentions are to guide her from the garden toward the mansion. She's a bloody mess and he's not sure if she's hurt or not. Maybe she needs to go to the medbay or just her room. He doesn't know.

As the arm goes around her, she briefly isn't there. Then leans into him, solid and staggering slightly. She swallows hard and the adrenaline begins to fade. She looks down at her right leg, jeans shredded, blood trickling. "I'll need a few stitches likely." She swallows again and looks at the suede vest she wears "Oh, well, the blood is never coming out of that." She looks to the torn leather jacket "Damn it" She moves along with him, leaning heavily to him, starting to limp the right leg. "So much for finding Zen to let go of bottled up anger. I feel better though"

Havok will do his best to give her support as she walks. Trying to keep from her hurting herself more. He listens to her surveying the damage to her clothing and then he smiles. He comments, "I know all about bottled up anger. But what in the world were those things and why were they coming after you?"

His body is warmer than the normal human - plasma can do such a thing. His uniform hasn't a scratch and with his free hand he pulls away the headgear to let it flop behind his neck revealing his blonde hair.

She looks back then to him. "Warwolves. They captured Rachael once and I, or well, the Excalibur team, made them pay dearly for it. There were 7, the 4 that lived couldn't be tried as humans, cause they are not, so they became a Zoo exhibit in London." She laughs slightly "Clearly they did not like that. They can drain people's life then wear thier skins like a suit. I'll guess the Zoo keepers let down their guard after years of keeping the beasties." She sighs. "Now there are only three" She leans into that warmth.

Alex continues walking with her, pacing himself with her steps and listens to her story. He doesn't seem to recall Ray ever mentioning things of that nature, but then again Excalibur isn't much talked about - not when current events are more pressing.

They meander through the path and into the mansion's side entrance near to one of the elevators which will take them down toward the med bay and the auto doc. In route he guides, warns of steps, and so on. He also notes, "Guess they didn't get picked up on security because of their skin. It may be reflective or deflective to the detectors." and he's just speculating, trying to keep a subject going because he is also worried about blood loss.

She shifts and wraps a arm to his waist. The adrealine and endorphins faded she hops now, leg throbbing where a set of scratches run down her thigh. "Yeah, I'd guess somewhere in the woods there are 4 skins. The poor bastards, I'll need to call London" She nods "Ray seems to avoid talking about the times we ran away to not face reality." She snickers "I'm trying to convince her to become a space pirate with me" She winces "That hurts" The hazel eyes flutter and she reaches hand down, feeling her leg. "New scars, yay" She says and it drips with sarcasm. "Man, those plasma pulses.. never seen them up close, just video. I felt the percussion force though"

The elevator doors open and they emerge in the sublevel heading toward the medical bay. Alex smiles and he notes as he turns and walks with her, "She just got finished playing space-pirate with me. We were in the Shi'ar and Kree space for too many months to count with the war and all the Vulcan stuff we had to fight. She may be happy to be on earth for a bit longer."

He glances back at the floor behind them to the spots of blood she drips. He really doesn't want to bring up other subjects because he's not sure on the whole Peter, Pete, Piotr or other P names. So instead, he keeps quiet while guiding her into the medical wing and to an autodoc bed. "Come on, we'll get you all stitched up and back to normal."

"True, but this would be, not heroing. Just, two besties out carousing space ports" She laughs softly "I've been corrupted, engaged to a space scoundrel" She sighs softly "I think i still am." She looks to her left hand where a silvery metal band rests on her ring finger, a green stone faintly glowing through blood.

She pauses and looks at him as she stands by the bed. Then just undoes her jeans and shucks them off, kicking off her sandals. A pair of panties that does little to keep her modest, more lace then material in a cobalt blue. She shifts to try and ease up, 4 furrows along her right thigh. She sighs softly as the life stealing hits from the wolves and the blood lose get to her, she swoons slightly. "Oh, is the room spinning or is that just me? I might need help getting into the bed"

Alex isn't disturbed by her losing her pants. He looks, but not out of lustful curiosity or sexual interest. She's a teammate and he's seen plenty of his teem outside of the Comics Code Authority approval rating. He helps clear the pants to the side and then will not hesitate to actually scoop her up and place her upon the table. They are alone. Everyone on the team has some training with the Shi'ar autodoc and staff isn't needed unless it's major internal bleeding or something really bad.

"I think it's you." Alex notes while getting her comfortable on the table and then moving to the display to hit the diagnose and initiate treatment button(s). "Just hang on. It shouldn't take but a few minutes to get you stitched. But… tell me again what this is about you being engaged?" he glances to the ring and then adds, "Or not engaged? What dumbass broke up with you?"

She seems content to be scooped up and set on the bed. She stretches out, sadly no stranger to using the medical beds. She exhales hard. "Well, During that whole Kree thing you mentioned, I was out in space and met this guy named… Peter. yes, my achilles heal. So, Peter number 3" She settles still as the bed scans and starts to go to work. "We romanced, he's a scoundrel, woke up in a bed full of people with him, broke up, fought bad guys, dated, broke up, started to holo date and break up." She rolls her eyes slightly.

"Then his father, The emporer kidnapped him during one of our holo dates, which is rude. All cause Peter don;t want to be heir. I stole one of Stark's ships and went out to rescue him. His father had the Black Vortex, a mirror that grants cosmic infinite power. Peter looked into it after we stole it, but didn't take the power, cause he saw he'd become a maniacal philandering scumbag and.. he wanted me instead." She shifts and winces slightly as the bed injects novocaine to stitch. "So i took the power and saved the day. Then let it go, cause, well, infinite power isn't my thing. Too much responsibility. Then Peter proposed, I said yes, The Gaurdians of the Galaxy rejoiced. I came home and he went to see who could become King rather then him since we got his father ousted"

The med bed starts to clean and stich the claw marks. A IV up into her arm to help with the life drain hits. "He landed a week ago, here. It was awesome to see him, we had a glorius one night soiree. And i woke up with Peter number 4. My Peter but from a different timeline, dimension, reality. Peter the Imposter" She lets her eyes close, tears trailing again. "Jean said my Peter is out there, closer then i think. No clue what it means, she;s always criptic"

There's almost comedy in her initial tone about how the story went. Alex found himself partially seated on the edge of the bed facing her after seeing that the autodoc began. He was almost smiling at the crazy storyline and reflected upon his own storyline with Lorna for a second before Kitty then starts to tear up and his smile fades. His brow furrows and he swallows. Reaching he places his hand on her own and says, "Fuck, I'm sorry." - which he grimmices at his own usage of words. Still, he meant it.

She takes his hand, fingers squeezing. "And he's here, he's going to teach till he figures out what is going on. He is so much like my Peter. Identical looking, except hazel eyes. My Peter's are blue. And damn if i don't feel the same chemistry with him, and he does with me. I beat a unconscious foe cause I'm hurting and frustrated.." She sighs "The ship, it's my Peter's ship, but his. So i took my stuff outa the bunk, but he left my picture up. What the hell does that mean?" She sighs "This timeliens hoping, dimesions shifting stuff is shitty." She flicks her eyes open, hands rubbing at her face, brushing off tears. Smearing more dirt andthe movement causes the med bed tobeepand she yelps slightly. An automated voice "remain still during treatment" She glares at the bed.

There's little he can do to comfort her, and Alex knows it. He frowns and sighs. He simply says, "That sucks." and then bites his lower lip while trying not to say more. He glances to the machine when she does and tries to see it as a means to segue the subject, "You know though. He's a guy, you're a beautiful girl, and there's no way he's not attracted to you. Unless he's gay. And then if he's gay, well he's more like Wisdom than P3."

She blinks a few times and looks at him. Then cracks a grin and then laughs. She flutters her eyes and laughs again, snickering. "Man, that is funny. Oh, i needed that. Nothing bad to say of P1?" She giggles and the bed beeps again. She winces as the voice sounds "Yeah yeah yeah" She looks at Alex and quirks a brow "You held back saying something.. what was it? I'm a big girl now, I can take it"

"Nah, nothing really. I just suck at the whole trying to comfort a crying girl thing. But as for P1.. I love Piotr. I was sad when you died, then came back and yall broke up or something. I was totally hoping you two would get married and do all that stuff." Alex notes with a grin reflecting her own smile and pleased that the conversation is going to hypothetical instead of harsh reality.

She grins at him. "I was a kid when i fell in love with Piotr. And when I grew up, he .. well, things were hard. And i run when things are hard." She snickers "P1 always has a special place in my heart" She holds Alex's hand as she gets stiched. "How about you, How's Lorna? How's married life treating you?" She color is back into her cheeks, the med bed doings it's job. Two of the four furrows closed up.

"It's really not what I was expecting. I mean she and I always orbited one another. We were like binary stars brightening each other's day…" he pauses and says, "Oh that was horrible." he squeezes her hand and chuckles to himself, "What I mean to say… we're great. I know we had our problems in the past. Most of it was timing. But when we connected again a few months back, it was like we had to just do it."

"Binary stars brightening each other day, that is sweet actually. I'm so telling her you said that" She grins and looks at him "I'm glad you finally connected. She actually helped out the morning I chased Peter 4 outa my room, so I'm sure you heard the story" She shakes her head "And Douglock just had to put in the report once people were dressed" She chuckles. "I'm lucky you got there when you did. I went all Logan but don;t have his healing"

There's a few nods of affirmation of hearing the story and reading the report. Things that he's often glossing over because they reflect personal situations. But he does finally respond when she notes Logan. "Oh, did you know. He's also an otherworlder. There are several of us here who aren't from our universe. Like Rogue, Psylocke, Domino, and Skids. Also from other universes."

She nods her head "I had heard he was. Which is go so i don't throw myself at a stanger and hug them like i want to choke the life out of them" She looks down at her leg and sighs softly. "I really hope they didn;t kill zoo keepers but, i;d guess it's how they got out" She flutters her eyes "Sometimes I have to think it;skinder to the world to end them then imprision them and risk them escaping"

Alex gives a reticent nod to her last statement and sighs, "That's one thing that is sometimes necessary. But I don't like doing it and I think I've killed too many times already. I leave it up to X-Force." - He refers to the darker X-Men who go on more bloodier missions. He will glance to the work on her leg and then think about something she said before. Then with a smile, "Hey wait a moment… are you talking about me hugging the crap out of Ali? She needed it. She was all, 'back off Summers, you're the evil twin' and I was like, 'No Wai, I'm the good Summers brother'. So we hugged it out and then got seriously drunk.

She laughs again and shakes her head "I wasn't. But that is funny. And man, that is so what I feel like with P4, twice i've just wanted to kiss him. But I keep thinking it'd be sorta like cheating on my Peter with his twin." She laughs and sighs. "I think I need to get seriously drunk. I've told myself that phasing into beings and killing them is bad. And yet.. " She closes her eyes "I had no weapons on me, yeah, that's my excuse. Guess i'm ready for X-Force cause i do not even feel bad about it, life for a life" She flicks her eyes open.

"Well. Don't put yourself in that boat just yet. You're not that jaded or dark. And if you wanna get drunk. I'm sure we can arrange that. Harry's is still standing and they've got plenty of beer and shots." notes Alex with a grin trying to pull her away from the darkness and thoughts of killing. "Plus, I've not seen you dance in a long time. Not to mention, dance drunk."

She grins at him. "Harry's. That's a plan. Give me a day or two for the leg and we'll go. Have drinks, swap scar stories" She smiles wide and looks down as her stiches are down, the machine spraying sealant on the stiches. "Man, I was a horrid tease when i was younger" She says younger like it was eons ago, and she isn't only 24. "I'm glad no one blew up Harry's. I so remember stealing everyone's drink when i was still under age"

"I'm sure you're still a tease and still stealing drinks." rebuffs Alex with a smile while standing from the edge of the bed to return to the controls and watch the timer click down. "And I feel sorry for P4."

She looks at him and grins "What's that supposed to mean? I'm engaged now, i don't tease guys." She smirks fully when she says it. She looks as the IV is slipped from her arm and the hole sprayed with sealant. She lies there like a good patient. "I feel sorry for him too, I'm so going to program his ship to keep woman off it"

"See, that's just wrong." Alex says with a chuckle and shakes his head. He closes out the system when it's done and let's it to into self cleaning mode. He moves back to the side where he can help her off the table if she's inclined to slip off. "Do you want me to carry you to one of the beds so you can crash her tonight, or do you want me to carry you upstairs? Because you're not going to walk with fresh stitches."

"I can…" She stops as she is informed walking is not an option. "I ah guess, my room. No, here, I so don't want you carrying me through the whole mansion. " She looks humiliated as he plans to carry her like a child. "I can walk" She tries again and smiles at him

He doesn't let her try to far when he just scoops her up off the table as if she weighs very little then turns on his heel and starts walking toward one of the private rooms of the medical suite. "Do you want me to bring you your teddy bear?" is asked while in route.

She blinks her eyes "Yes, my stuffed Bamf. I always want my Bamf when i'm wounded. And i want hot chocolate and cake" She says as 13 year old Kitty re-emerges "This is so humiliating. You leave and i am walking to my room. You know that right?" She rolls her eyes

He stops in mid walk toward the private room and then turns around walking toward the door. "Then I guess humiliation is the way to go." He chuckles and then adds, "But don't worry. We'll take the back way. Plus, everyone is asleep. No one will see me carry you to your room. Hell, I'm not going to tell anyone either. Lorna would totally make fun of me or something."

She laughs softly "Yeah, that is what I need. A rumor spreading you were lugging me around in my underwear in the middle of the night. I'll just see a flash of green and she'll have ended me" She sighs as he walks "Thank you Alex" She leans her head to his shoulder. "I'll sleep better in my own bed"

He realizes how she's dressed. "Oh wait…." then diverts to a gown where he will say, "Grab that.". Then will start walking toward the exit, into the hallway and giving her time to cover herself (if only to lay it over her bottoms). "I don't want to die either." he says with a chuckle regarding the flash of green. Then quietly, he heads for the back elevator. Lets her push the button. Goes in, lets her push the button again and then says, "You know.. I'm a total idiot. There was a wheelchair in the medbay."

She drapes the gown on her legs and laughs softly "You just wanted to grope me, admit it" She giggles faintly and her eyes look hazy as she rests her head back to his shoulder. Clearly there were pain killers of some sort in the IV. "Gosh you are warm, like a walking electric blanket. There are nurses too, they could have taken me." She closes her eyes "Being carried by a warm guy is nice guy is nice"

Alex smiles knowingly but says nothing, there's just the light shake of his head and how so much could get him into trouble. Once on the upper levels, he exits the elevator and into her wing where he will silently move down the hallway, to her door, pushing down the latch and entering. Then carrying her to her bed. He mutters, "I'm totally not brushing your teeth for you."

She reachesacross the bed and grabs her Bamf, Kurt as a plush toy. She snuggles it too her "I have stuffed toys, so what" The bloody tore leather pulled off. She looks at him. "You should get out, just I'm stripping naked and sleeping." She grins "Or you wanna curl up and keep me warm all night" She giggles again, eyes unfocused. "Wow, that bed totally drugged me.."

Alex offers a lopsided smile when she asks him to snuggle and he chuckles, "Yeah, you're totally drugged. Go to sleep Kitty. We'll talk tomorrow. And not about me keeping you warm. Otherwise, the last thing we both see is that green light then we're greasespots." He turns and starts walking for the door.

She nods "Yup, thank you again. Bad dogs, very bad dogs." She tugs at the zipper on her vest "Sleep well" She giggles again "Stupid zipper"

Alex shakes his head with a grin and then exits her room. He closes the door and heads back to his and Lorna's room where he will tell of a crazy evening to his green haired wife.

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