(2016-11-01) A Strange Phone Call
A Strange Phone Call
Summary: Part 1 of Ultragirl meeting Star-Lord again: Peter discovers Ultragirl again while investigating the scene of his attack.
Date: 2016-11-01
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Star-Lord's ship floats above the skyline of New York, cloaked. He positions it to pass over Central Park. "Milano," he says, "Please scan for non-terrestrial metals, life forms, energy signatures, that sort of thing."

The holographic woman projected behind the pilot's seat responds, "Yes, Star-Lord. Metals, Life-forms, energy. You'll need to be more specific on anything else." some lights activate by themselves on a nearby console.

This evening, Suzy's walking along in Rumsey Playfield in jeans, a t-shirt, and a baseball cap, with a jacket and scarf added out of deference to the evening's Autumn chill. She has the cap pulled down low and the scarf pulled up over the lower part of her face, as if trying to keep warm — although she's really more just hiding her face from easy recognition, because she's trying to just have a night out without anyone realizing she's Ultragirl.

Her first stop, on this particular visit to Central Park, were the Strawberry Fields, where her parents were killed not at all very long ago. After a short time spent in contemplation of her parents, and how she wishes they could be restored to her as easily as the park was restored after the damage done by the Sentinel's attack, she moved on to Rumsey Playfield, to try and enjoy the music and other performances that are always taking place there.

Up on the bridge of Star-Lord's ship, Milano's holographic projection tilts her head slightly to one side. "I am detecting one bio-energy signature of note, however", she says. "A type of signature you've previously instructed me to bring to your attention should I detect it", adds the hologram, before pausing a moment, as if teasing him to actually ask what it is she's sensed, before going on. "There is a Kree energy signature below, although I am having trouble locking onto it. It seems to register as Kree during one computational cycle, and vanish among the crowd of humanity in that location during the next computational cycle."

Peter says, "I didn't expect it to be that easy. A Kree? There were Kree there last night when I was attacked." He moves the controls and the ship comes to a halt, hovering in place, still higher than the buildings.

Milano says, concern wrinkling her eyes, "You were attacked? Are you injured?" she pauses, engaging some kind of scan. "No, you're fine." an eyebrow raises and she says in a slightly huskier tone, "Are we going to counter-attack?"

Peter laughs and says, "Cool your gun barrels, babe. Let's just get a look at them first."

Suzy, with no clue what's going on above, meanders along the entertainments available in the park. Along the way, she pauses to buy a hot chocolate at one stand, then moves over to stand and listen to a guitarist as the man plays and sings. Standing still like that, she's more easily focused on by Milano's scanners.

"It appears that the Kree is standing still. I am detecting no known sort of cloaking field. Attempting to adjust and vary scanner algorithms to attempt to determine why the Kree is difficult to lock onto… ah!", Milano says, making a small sound of success to indicate she's solved the problem. "I have established a solid lock on the target, after combining the algorithms for scanner humans and kree. Target is female. Shall I display an image for your perusal?", offers the hologram.

Peter responds, "Oh! Yes indeed, do that. On the canopy, please."

Instead of one of the usual floating displays, the image displays directly in front of the pilot's seat as if projected onto the transparent material. It shows Suzy standing and listening to the music. He looks closer and says, "That's the girl that helped me last night, actually. Weird. Keep monitoring."

Milano says, "Yes, Star-Lord." without further commentary at the moment, though she moves closer to the seat, as if to watch with Peter. An interesting affectation, since she's generating the image in the first place.

Suzy nods her head up and down a little with the music she's listening to. After a bit, she turns and steps away, moving towards another performer's area, sipping at her drink as she walks.

"I detect no weapony or even body armor on the target. Even accounting for typical levels of Kree strength and unarmed combat ability, she should be easy to capture and hold", Milano says, eyeing Quill. When she speaks again, her holographic eyes narrow a bit. "Or would you prefer to continue watching the target?", are her words, said in the same flat 'just a computer talking, here' tone that she's used before. Well, maybe a little more flat than usual.

Peter flicks a glance at Milano, but seems to let her behavior slip by at the moment. "Oh, I think I can go without committing kidnapping today, especially on someone who saved my life. But I'd like to speak to her, just the same. Hmm, I can get down there with my boot rockets, but that would draw a lot of attention. I wonder if—do you detect one of those phones everyone carries around these days?"

Down below, Suzy finishes her drink and moves to a nearby trashcan to toss the cup before pulling her scarf back up over her face. Very clearly, she has no clue she's being surveilled as she moves to join and sit as a part of a crowd that's on blankets that are strewn about on the grass in front of a young band playing their music for those who are there.

The instant Star-Lord starts to look in the hologram's direction, it flickers out of existance and reforms back where it started, looking for all the world nothing more than the disinterested avatar of the ship's computer. "I detect two such devices on the target", Milano replies. The displayed image of Suzy rotates and two soft glows appear on her person, appearing to be stowed within inner pockets of the jacket the girl wears. "The devices' communication ability is simplistic microwave-based transmission and reception, but both are capable of synced video/audio communications. Only one of the devices has any sort of intrustion countermeasures active in its operating system, but I am having no difficulty masking myself completely from it. Shall I download all data from the devices?"

Peter chuckles. "Oh you devious girl." his tone is lightly scolding, but also tinged with a little bit of enjoyment. "Tempting, but I was just thinking of signaling her device and allowing her to speak to us."

"Do you wish audio only, or video as well?", Milano queries. "I am beginning reconfiguration of a secondary transceiver to transmit and receive the necessary bandwidths for both modes. I recommend contact through the completely unsecured device", Milano says through her avatar.

Down below, Suzy leans back, hands on the ground behind her and her legs stretched out in front of herself as she listens to the music played by the band.

Peter says, "Whichever works best. And, audio only, like a plain phone call." he sits back and kicks his feet up onto the console. He knows just where to do it to avoid jostling any of the controls.

Only about a minute later, Suzy's personal phone rings. Sitting up and pulling her legs in to sit cross-legged, she digs into her jacket and pulls out the phone in question. Her expression, easily seen in the image displayed in the starship above, becomes quizzical: Quinn's face is showing on her phone, although the caller ID shows 'unknown number'. "Who the hell's this guy?", she wonders aloud in a whisper, which Milano makes audible in the cockpit. Touching the 'answer call' button on the screen, she lifts the phone to her head and says, "… hello?"

Peter speaks casually from his seat, presuming there are hands-free speakers picking up his words. "Hello! Sorry for the unexpected contact method but it was the easiest way. I'm the guy you helped fight those thugs off last night."

Suzy is suddenly sitting up in a much more tense and alert way, looking around herself… not that she's going to spot Quill. "Uhm… yeah… how'd you get your picture on my phone? How'd you get my number?", she asks, as she gets to her feet… and, still looking about herself, starts moving to the nearest exit from this area of the park — away from the crowds.

"Audio will only pick up your voice and commands issued to me will be filtered from the conversation, Star-Lord", says Milano. "Continuing to track target, but she is going to leave the area directly below. Shall I reposition as needed to remain overhead?"

Peter turns his head to respond to Milano, "Yes, please… stay overhead for now." returning to the conversation, he says, "Pretty simple actually. I'm floating about six hundred meters overhead in a cloaked spaceship. The tech on board was able to patch into your phone. As far as how I got the number, I came back looking for clues about my attackers, and picked you up on a scan instead." Yeah, perfect. Not creepy at all.

Suzy pauses, looking up into the air, eyes wide. "You're -what-?! Where?!", she asks her voice loud. She then looks around, as if to make sure no one else on the ground heard or saw her reaction… and hurries out of the area, making for a more wooded and secluded area away from other people… and takes to the air, getting above the treeline in just a moment or two. "Where?!", she asks, again, looking up and about

Milano's holographic avatar actually looks… surprised. "I am detecting no form of technological propulsion. Target's means of flight is undetectable, suggesting abilities beyond those of typical human or kree subjects. Adjusting combat and capture algorithms accordingly."

Peter shakes his head in bemusement, "If you must," he indulges Milano, "but keep it on standby. She did that yesterday too. For now, can we disrupt the cloak in a small patch, and blink a running light at her or something? I'd like to invite her on board." Back to the conversation with Suzy, he says "Look for a flashing light, and approach with caution. You'll be able to see the ship when you pass through the cloaking field."

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