(2016-11-01) Stranger, My Old Friend
Stranger, My Old Friend
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Date: 2016-11-01
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Rooftop, somewhere near Times Square. Vance Astrovik is standing on the ledge. He wears his super suit of blue and white. No mask. He doesn't appear to be contemplating jumping. Instead, he appears to be contemplating life. Or maybe he's looking for bad guys some 50 floors beneath. His hands hang loosely down by his sides and the cape of his costume lifts gently in the breeze. Midday sun casts lengthening shadows and warms the rooftop of the mid-autumn day.

Rooftops are interesting places. Aleta Ogord is new here. Well new to this time period. She has been exploring this city in this time and this universe. Her comm badge has picked up nothing of use and she shakes her head as she floats along the streetlines.

Golden discs of light rest beneath her feet and carry her along through the New York Skies. Of course, she flashes overhead past the radio antennae of the WKNY tower as she searches for… well anything to make sense of all of this.

The glinting of golden light draws the attention of Vance. His eyes glance up and over to take in the visage of a woman in golden attire flying on golden disks with honey golden hair. He comments to himself, "Talk about themely." and smiles thinking himself funny. But he doesn't recognize her and it's probably best tha the not rush up to meet her. She doesn't look like she's up to anything untoward. And even though he is a heroic/villianous fanboy, he's not going to rush up to ask for an autograph either. But if he catches her gaze, he'll give a wave of hello.

People standing out on rooftops in skintight outfits. Aleta catches sight of the suit and turns into a bank that circles her around the building. She dips down a bit as she circles and then comes up over the rooftop edge.

As she does so, she steps down off of her light disk as if it were merely a set of stairs, and her left foot reaches down to the edge of the raised lip of the roof, and then her other foot steps down onto the rooftop itself. She pauses though… almost frozen in place when she catches sight of your face, "Vance?" she asks softly, "Did you travel back also?"

Watching her disappear and then reemerge to then walk up the disks to the ledge is impressive and cool to him. Vance admires her display and even half smiles with interest. He takes in air through his lips as she draws near. His feet remain planted on the ledge, but he does turn to face her squarely upon her approach. With her identifying him by name, he smiles more like his non secret is out (public ID) and then nods with his answer, "I guess I did. I mean, it was a short trip." He really didnt' fully understand her take on the question. Instead, he answered thinking that she means from the place he was just at.

"Short? I suppose that is all relative." replies Aleta. But she draws a bit closer, a hand reaching your way before she stops and just… holds there a few feet from you, "A thousand years is short in relation to the age of a star, but.. you are human and you have finally come home to Earth. But how did you get here? The Starks blew up myself and Starhawk… you were not in the explosion."

He doesn't resist her approach or the reach. Though he does look curious and then says, "Crap… I actually don't have memories of those things. Ben said there were things that happened in that other place that I wouldn't recall. Sorry.". It's a simple enough response. Vance is clearly thinking that he missed out on some things. He sighs and looks disappointed. He even adds, "Believe me, I wish I could remember." is noted and he offers a slight shrug of discord.

"You've lost your memories? Temporal displacement is difficult. Perhaps it affects human physiology differently then?" asks Aleta. But she looks closely at your face before she inclines her head, "Wait… Vance, how old are you?" she asks. "Your suit looks a lot like your old containment suit, but… please explain this to me."

His answer comes with a puzzled expression of further confusion. "What?" comes his first response and then he answers further, "I'm 28. Why? Did I miss something else?"

Shaking her head, Aleta steps back a half pace now, arms folding under her bustline as she sucks on her teeth. "I see." she remarks, "Perhaps I have done more than travel through time." She shakes her head, "I sent Starhawk back to the past to relive his life…. the portal pulled me through as well, and I never thought I might see you again Vance. But…" she pauses, "You once told me that you were from -this- era of Earth's history, is it possible that…. by the nebula, have I…. no, the odds are so infintessimal.." Yep, she's rambling.

He doesn't follow her derailed train of thoughts. In this, he watches her body language and he also crosses his arms over his chest. He lets her process it for as long as she needs and even remains silent when she finishes the thought(s). Finally, he questions, "Infinitesimal?" as if giving her the opportunity to process out loud with the prodding of the word.

Shaking her head, Aleta does just that. She works through the thoughts in her head, "Of all the trillions…." she pauses, "Trillions? Or was it merely billions in this day and age?" She snorts, "either way, of all of the humans I could run into, what are the odds that I would find you now?"

"I'm guessing those are astronomical odds. But then again, I'm here. You're here. And that's kismet. Or something fate related. But, speaking of meeting. You know who I am, I don't know your name." and Vance leaves it at that, but unfolds his arms and will be ready to shake her hand if offered. His eyes remain in hers. They are curious, wondering about their shared /past/ or /future/ or whenever she knew him. Though, he still thinks it may have been during the Secret War that he cannot recall.

Shaking her head as if she was waking from a dream, Aleta laughs softly, "Oh. Please forgive me." she states. "Kismet.. she was Starhawk's mother. As for names. You are Vance Astro. I am Aleta Ogord. We…" she pauses and smirks, "We are friends. Were friends… will be friends in the future. It really is difficult to explain."

Then things come more clear. Vance says, "ohhhhhh" and then smiles broadly, "You're from the future and we know each other then. I totally get that now. I really thought you were talking about the Secret War thing that just happened. Which may also be the reason your here. In this time that is. Since Doom broke the Multiverse. " He seems genuinely excited that he figured it all out. Further he knows her name and says, " Aleta. That's a great name. And you're not from earth or this time. "

Shaking her head, Aleta offers a hand then. "I understand this is the traditional greeting of humans. In fact, I was told of this by you Vance." she offers. "And in the far flung future, you and I are members of a team called the Guardians of the Galaxy. You… you are the heart and soul of our team. When you left Earth as a part of your space program's slower than light exploration program… you went into stasis. So, are you an Astronaut in this time as well?" she asks.

"Not yet." He says with a tone of aspiration. "I've been to space before, when I was with the Avengers. But I've not really had direction in my academic life. Guess that sort of seals the deal that I need to major in rocket science." He grins to himself and when their hands are released he looks her over and then says, "So these Guardians, that name seems familiar. I'm sure I've read it somewhere."

Brows lifting a bit, Aleta inclines her head. "You were with the Avengers?" She smirks and nods, "Before we met you.. the Guardians travelled back in time and teamed up with The Avengers to oppose Korvac. It was a very jumbled up nebula-be-damned complicated situation." A pause, and the adds, "You were never a sceintist. You were our pilot. You manned the helm of our ship, the Captain America."

"Wait, Korvac? I totally read about that mission. That was y'all? That's amazing. But wait, pilot and the ship's name was the Captain America?" He smiles really big and even chuckles. "I'll bet i know why that wasn't in the report." Then he segues, "So i can totally do rocket ship pilot. I'll have to get lessons from Ben. Then to space i go."

Nodding slowly, Aleta grins, "Yes. That was us. Myself, Starhawk. Martinex, and Yondu." She shrugs and smirks, "You named the ship. You also… well, in a thousand years, we as a team locate the lost shield of the great Captain. And you carry it."

Vance's eyes widen, like he's excited, "No way." He looks off in the distance at the city. "I wish I could access the Avengers database. I want to read more about this. I do know that it was my future self that triggered my powers. But he, or me and he, never really got a chance to talk and he never told me about the future. I'll bet it's in the database. Still… " He gives pause and then looks back to her, "Hey, you wanna get something to eat? I really want to pick your brain some more."

Shrugging her shoulders, Aleta remarks, "I do not eat. But… I would not object to spending time in your company." That said, she inclines her head, "That is right. You said you never had any telekinetic powers until after you woke up from your stasis. I suppose that the past really did change."

"That's weird." He states as he hovers up off the ledge. "I'm all TK'd up. Guess my future self didn't want to wait till I was sleeping in space." He turns in the air and says, "Come on. I know this diner that likes supers. We'll fit right in."

"Or, he did not wish for you to be stuck in a containment suit for the rest of your life. Funny… he managed to solve that problem in the end." offers Aleta. "As for weird, I have not had an organic body for centuries. This body is made of light." And she flares with light across her body… flickering over her like a reflection of the sun going over a ripple of water.

"LEad on Major Astro." she states as she generates light disks under her feet.

There's shielding of his eyes for a moment as she flares and he shows facial signs of curiosity. "You're made of light?" and then he reflects internally for a moment, "Like the Klaw, he's made of solid sound. Trippy." Then he does indeed lead on. He's heading Southwest toward (Mutant Town). He continues to speak, "So you don't eat, made of light, are an alien, got super powers, and from the future. You're everything a nerd like me dreams of meeting."

Smirking, Aleta shakes her head, "I could likely make it even worse… or better for you. But I will not do that in our first meeting. Well, first for you, merely the most recent for me." says Aleta as she turns and starts floating after you on those disks of light. "Perhaps your Avengers might allow me to work with them?" she reflects.

He calls over as they fly through the cityscape. "Yeah, that's the rub. The Avengers broke up. There was a huge inner conflict and the team went their separate ways. I heard rumblings of the band getting back together. But nothing has really transpired. Cause I too want to get back together. Loved that team. " He rounds a corner and up another street then descends into an alleyway next to a diner. He waits for her to touch down before noting, "So i was thinking. When I get to the future, your younger self will be there. I'll know you, but you won't know me - yet."

"Such is the vagarities of paradox." offers Aleta with a shrug, "But… I have a feeling that your timeline has diverged such that we will never meet in the future in this one." offers Aleta as she steps down off of her disks onto the sidewalk. "You told me that you left Earth in your spacecraft before the turn of your recent millennia. That you joined the space program as soon as you were able to…. but that you never had any powers before that."

"Things sound definitely different. But not to be all kismet-y again. Maybe that's why you're here now. It's a way of the universe sorting itself out. Or maybe it's to spurn me to get to that Guardian's of the Galaxy part of my life and quit moping around thinking about things - wanting them to be as they were last year. Essentially, quit being a loser. Because I've been that for a few weeks now and I just need to suck it up and get over it. " - He' s given pause to the forward motion of the movement. Instead he stands in the all way way with her and reflects to the future, the past, and now the present.

Lifting her left brow, Aleta just looks at you as you speak. She shakes her head, "You definitely aren't the same as the Vance I knew." She smirks and shrugs, "But.. you have not had the experiences of your future self. As for kismet.." she shrugs, "I caused the temporal shift on purpose. But it was not my choice to travel through it." She stops as well and shrugs, "Perhaps it is a chance for you to learn what sort of man you wish to be centuries before you did before?"

There's a puzzled look on his face for a moment trying to figure or linear plot that question. He chuckles and nods, "I'd like that. To know the man I'm to become. If that's how I'm understanding how to answer that." He smiles with a slight chuckle behind his thoughts.

"The man you once became was my friend and comrade in arms." says Aleta. "That latter part seemed a bit more important but…" She shakes her head, "I am Arcturan." she adds as if that explains it. "So, is this where you desire to get food from?"

He looks around, realizing they're still in the alleyway and he says, "Yeah, come on." and he will guide, walk with her to the entrance of the mutant town diner. Where they will fit in a whole lot better than most of the clientele.

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