(2016-11-08) Will the real Yondu Udonta please stand up?
Will the real Yondu Udonta please stand up?
Summary: Peter gets a chance to speak at length with the heroes he met in Central Park.
Date: 2016-11-08
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Things have been quiet for the Milano. Or at least, there haven't been alien bounty hunters looking for the son of the Spartax Emperor wandering about the innards of the ship. Odds are, they would have been surprised about a lot of things anyway but that's beside the point and I digress.

The comm station links up with Star-Lord's earpiece and transmits a ping to announce an incoming call before Aleta's voice says, "Guardian Quill. It is Guardian Ogord. I was hoping that you could meet with me someplace to discuss…" she pauses, "The future… pun intended.. of your team."

Peter is working on some schematic with "Milano" the AI avatar of his ship overlooking and discussing it with him. Her appearing to view the floating projection is of course just a visual convenience, as the AI is well aware of the contents. When the message arrives, he sits up, and presses a control to send a response back.

"Hello, yes…" a little abrupt at first, but then he changes his tone to match the incoming. "Guardian Quill here, and that's a fantastic idea. I'm sure we both have many questions."

"Excellent." comes a professional sounding Aleta, "As this is your world. And your time. Perhaps you should choose the time and place of such a meeting. I would welcome the opportunity to meet any of your teammates if you so desire, or if they are available. I could meet you on the surface, or in orbit if you prefer as… I am quite capable of sustaining myself unaided in the vacuum of space."

Peter speaks back, never quite achieving professional but keeping on topic, "It's probably just as easy for us to meet on the surface. Do you remember the town we overflew on the way to the Academy? There's a place there called Harry's Hideaway, do you think you could find it?"

"Excuse me, Star-Lord", comes the holographic projection of the Milano's computer, from where it stands next to Peter. "We are receiving a pre-arranged communications attempt of which you wished to be informed. It is audio only", she adds, without waiting for him to give her the go-ahead to continue.

"I think.. given enough time, I could." says Aleta in a tone of voice that makes it sound as if she's wondering about the wisdom of having an official team meeting in some place called the hideaway… but she agrees since it is not her world or time. "I will be there soon." she adds. "Guardian Ogord out." And she hangs up before whooshing through the air in an effort to find that town again… but she has pretty good navigation instincts.. not as good as her ex-husband but hey.. nobody's perfect.

Peter says, "Ok, yep, ready for next call. Grand Central here tonight…" he chuckles. He sits back, "Hi there, who am I speaking with?" in a nicely friendly tone.

"Hi, this is Ultragirl… you said I could call you whenever… and, well… I don't know anyone else who's like me in that from-a-different universe kinda way…", comes Suzy's voice, from the mouth of the holographic Milano. Her words trail off, there, as if she doesn't know what else to say.

Peter responds back, "Well! It so happens that I'm about to meet up with the same unexpected visitor we encountered in Central Park, it's going to be at Harry's, do you want to show up, know where that is?"

"Uhm… no…?", replies Suzy. "If you can give me an address, though, I can…", she goes on, but then pauses as if something interrupted her. "Oh… uhm… my phone's showing me where to go on Google maps, already. Guess I'll meet you there?", she says, a moment later.

Peter says, "That works, I'll be there as soon as we can."

"Communications terminated from the other end", Milano says. "I will continue to deliver coordinates to the girl's comm-unit to ensure her arrival." With that, the hologram winks out.

Ultragirl lands in front of the bar, pursing her lips. "Well… my phone says this is the place", she says, and heads on in. She's stopped at the door and asked for an ID. At first she hesitates, then, as if remembering something, pulls her driver's license out of one of the little pouches on her belt and offers it over — and it shows her age as being 28.

"You look a lil young for 28, girl", says the doorman.

Suzy smiles brightly, as if he just made her day, and says, "Thank you!", before retrieving her ID and going on in, having taken advantage of that official records show the details of this reality's original Ultragirl, and not her own.

Peter arrives on foot, presumably having parked nearby. He walks in, dressed in civilian clothes. A pair of jeans, a black T-shirt, and his short jacket. He still wears his boots, though. His ID is given and accepted without any conversation, then he looks around the room.

It's not too terribly late when Aleta finds her way there. She starts by going to Central Park to get a frame of reference, and then flying off in the direction that Star-Lord had her fly the time she flew him 'home', so to speak.

She has a good feel for places, but sometimes you need visual reminders. So she stands on her disks of light and whooshes through the night skies. A beacon to some, an annoying flash to others. Sometimes both. What? People are weird! Either way, she damn near traumatizes some poor young man walking home from work as she drops down out of the sky and asks, "Pardon me. Can you tell me how to find Harry's Hideaway?" And.. the young man blinks a few times, and then gives directions, "Down that way two blocks. Turn left at the Seven Eleven. Then one block down on your right."

She grins and says, "Thank you citizen!" before she whooshes off in that direction… wondering what in the name of the nebula a seven eleven is, until of course.. she sees it.

She shakes her head as she turns left and drifts along, making a point at the end to land and walk the last half block. She doesn't have a change of clothing though… and when she gets to the door and is asked for her ID, she gestures to her GotG Comm-Badge. The guy at the door just lifts a brow as she gestures to her left breast.. and he sucks his tongue a bit, "Boss." he says in the door, "Another of them capes who don't wanna show ID." he states.

Ultragirl's there in her yellow Ultragirl jumpsuit, standing at the bar. She's drinking what looks like a cola through a straw and glancing towards the door every so often… and spots Peter as he's making his way in. Moving away from the bar, she quickly walks over next to him, taking her drink with herself. "I was kinda starting to worry you'd stood me up!", she says to him. Then she looks past him to the door. "Uhm… that's the girl who fell out of the sky the other day, isn't it?", she says, lifting her chin in a gesture towards where Aleta's making her cleavage-powered entrance.

Peter nods a greeting, "Yes, she's having trouble getting in, I didn't think of that." he shakes his head, "Maybe save them the trouble and head out with her?" he looks over to the door to see if she's making any progress?

"Look. I am from… well that wouldn't help. I am fron Arcturus Four. I do not possess ID from your world." offers Aleta. To which the security guy rolls his eyes and says, "Oh, not even a Green card? Great… Illegal Alien." he mutters to himself, and into his radio.

Inclining her head, Aleta sighs, "I have worked with your Avengers in the past, if that helps." And the guy snorts, "Yeah, you about about eight million others." he adds. But.. she just shakes her head and is losing her patience. "I am meeting someone inside if you please." she states, moving forward, and when the guy interposes an arm.. she just phases past him, which… yeah, not a wise choice. Everyone kinda freaks out….

"Oh, boy", says Suzy. "Maybe we should go somewhere else…?", she suggests, lifting her drink to suck more up through the straw — it cost enough to buy that she's not quite willing to leave half of it behind!

Peter sees the commotion beginning and moves closer, using his patented disarming tone "Hey, hey… we can solve this. Let's just all three of us take it outside and find another spot to talk." hoping it's not too late before security or authorities start being called.

Well, security is definitely involved. But Aleta sees Star-Lord and points him out, "There is the one I am meeting." she states, as if that explains everything. And.. of course, the staff then says, "Yeah, yeah you take it somewhere else. All of you go somewhere else." And Aleta just snorts, "People here are rude." she says as she turns and just heads back out the door.

Glass empty enough for her to not feel like she's wasted perfectly good Dr Pepper, Suzy sets it down on the nearest table on her way to the door. "Bad for business to turn away paying customers!", she quips to the doorman as she once again steps past him. She smiles and even lifts a hand to waggle her fingers bye-bye.

Peter follows everyone out and turns his head this way and that when he gets outside. "So… where would be good after all? Aleta, I didn't get a chance to say, this is Ultragirl, she contacted me right after you did. I think she's maybe… slightly… more Earthbound than us? A little?"

"Born and raised and never even been into space!", Ultragirl admits, offering a hand to Aleta

Glancing towards Ultragirl, Aleta lifts a brow, "You were in the park when those multi-species mercenaries were attacking. Well.. when I arrived, yes?" asks Aleta of her. "I am Guardian Aleta Ogord of Arcturus Four. Pleased to meet you. Are all… taverns?" she says, trying to make sure she gets the word right… "so prone to excluding others?"

But she shrugs, "I know of no other place we could go except perhaps… right here?" And then she takes Ultragirl's hand firmly before asking, "Are you a Guardian as well Ultragirl?"

Peter says, "We just need a relatively quiet place. I don't suppose any of you saw one on the way in?" mimicing flying with a swoop of his hand.

"That sounds like the title the way you say it… so, probably not, except in just the generic meaning of the word", Ultragirl replies. "… and that was actually my first time ever in a bar, so I really wouldn't know. I showed 'em my ID and they let me in", she adds with a shrug. "Why don't we just go up to your ship?", she then asks of Star-Lord.

"I saw many quiet places. So strange actually. In my time, entire worlds were as populated as simple cities. The worst was The Starks. They had developed to the point of having to raid other worlds for natural resources." she says, shaking her head. "But.. there are many areas that actually have -trees- here!" she adds with excitement. "I have not seen such things in centuries!"

Then she looks to Ultragirl and grins, "Yes, I meant it in terms of a title. You are not then, a member of Guardian Quill's .. Guardians of the Galaxy then?"

Peter waits, to let Ultragirl respond first.

Ultragirl shakes her head. "Nope… I just kinda came into my powers a couple months ago, actually", she admits. "I'm kinda new to the hero thing, but I'm doing my best!"

Peter can't help but smile. "Okay… well, my ship's actually in a hangar at the Academy right now, we can visit there if you want but for now, how about let's go somewhere with some of those trees. Maybe you'd put me on one of those handy platforms?" he looks at Aleta.

"Of course." states Aleta as she gestures and forms a glowing golden platform… upon it grows three chairs as if flowing up out of the gold as a liquid… and then solidifying in an instant.

She steps up onto the platform, having no idea that Ultragirl doesn't need one, so forming her a chair to be polite. "One doesn't need powers… to be a hero, or a Guardian. One merely needs the will to help others." she says to Ultragirl. Easy for someone -with- powers to say…

Ultragirl's feet rise up off the sidewalk and she floats herself over and into the chair, crossing one leg over the other at the knee when she sits. "Been a while since I didn't fly myself somewhere!", she says, happily.

Peter walks onto the platform. Though he learned to trust Aleta's powers very quickly, instinct causes him to test his footing before finally settling down on the chair. He remarks, "I'm finding this Earth a very different place… I'm used to being just somewhat less of a dick than the people I have to deal with."

Lifting her brows as she steps up onto the platform and settles into a chair, Aleta remarks, "Pardon? You are intentionally rude to others? How does that engender a team spirit or an attitude of cooperation among teammates?" she asks. "Are you not leader of your team?"

"You two really -aren't- from around here!", Ultragirl says in a tone of amusement. "Most 'leaders' here on Earth are big-time dicks. Just take a look at Congress and the White House!", she says, before, eyes wide, glancing around as if to check if anyone heard that she'd not want to have hear her say that in public.

Peter looks down over the edge, then responds to Aleta, "Ohh, I wouldn't say it's like that. You start out trying to play nice, but it can go south very quickly. And as far as being the leader… that's complicated. I'm one of those 'shift-in's or whatever you call it. I'm not even the same guy that's been leading the Guardians here. Where I come from we had just formed the team."

"I see." remarks Aleta. "Well, our team leader, the heart and soul of our team, is -from- this time period. In fact, I met him a few days ago." Aleta smiles wistfully with a shrug of her shoulders as the chair-laden disk lifts and starts moving quite quickly. Of course, she erects a translucent windscreen to shield others from the buffeting effects of moving very fast through the air.

"Our team was.. less than perfect in their ability to get along. But that is the case any time you gather a group of individuals together. But… a leader should earn the trust and respect of their subordinates, yes?" she asks as if seeking your approval. "Oh, and Ultragirl, just so you understand, I am not only from elsewhere, but else-when. I came here from the year three thousand and twelve."

Ultragirl's eyes widen in surprise… and she seems dumbfounded. She just sits there and rides along.

Peter doesn't respond right away either, caught up in the view of being swept up and through the air. Very different from his passion of flying in machines, and he drinks in the moment. Then says, "No wonder you found my tech so primitive. You OK there Ultragirl? And maybe we should go with names here. 'Quill' is alright, but are we good with Peter, Aleta, and…" he nods towards Ultragirl. Forgot the name already, having only heard it once.

"Suzy", replies the blonde girl. "… and, yeah, I'm okay. Just wasn't expecting anyone to be from, like, two thousand years in the future, is all."

"I am fine with that. My team was not only a team, but we were friends… and more." offers Aleta with a soft voice on those last two words. But she shakes her head and gestures, "There is a grove of trees there." she states, as the disk redirects that way, "I have been to the past before. In fact, I and my team travelled back to thw twentieth century to team up with Captain America and his Avengers… to fight Korvac, a threat that existed in your time and my own simultaneously." She shrugs a bit, "So, I am passingly familiar with your world, but not.. all of your customs."

Peter grins, "I'm sort of OK with customs… but I left Earth when I was young, and that one didn't seem to have mutants, or time travelers, or anything like that." he pauses, and then adds, "Admittedly, I didn't think it had space aliens until Yondu picked me up."

"I've never heard of Korvac… but, then, I don't know everything that's going on, much less what went on before I got my powers", Suzy says. "And, well… Peter's way of doing things… being an ass when someone's an ass to you… that's kinda just how it is, usually. Really nice people are always nice, though."

Her eyes go wide, and Aleta smiles widely, "Yondu? Yondu is here?!" she asks, excitedly. "Oh, it does not surprise me that the most primitive, yet wise of our team found a way to come back. I doubt he would do so merely to find me, but… I should at least find him so that he knows that he is not alone." And then she blinks, "Oh my… he would want to visit Alpha Centauri. He was the last of his people after the Badoon attacked his world… and Earth. Such a deeply spiritual people… I would very much like to speak with him if I may do so Peter." she states as she circles a grove among the trees, shrinks the disk a little bit and then sets it down.

Peter looks rather startled, and then stammers out as the platform lands, "Uhmmmm… it's probably not a good idea for me to reach out to him right now. Kitty told me that Yondu's hunting for me… the other me. I don't much expect he's going to care which one he gets."

"Yes, he is a hunter. His instincts are second only to Starhawk when it comes to hunting. If he seeks you, then it can only be a good thing that he find you. Plus, I imagine he would enjoy speaking with me again." She sighs wistfully once more, "His meditation sessions helped me when I was in a very dark place in my life. I never imagined he would be here in this time, but if he is, then I -must- speak with him."

As she speaks, she lands the disk and it dissipates only when folks have gotten up out of their chairs. "This is a lovely grove." she says then, changing the subject.

** Ultragirl receives a news alert on her phone of a situation that could use her help. She assures us that she can handle it alone, and flies away swiftly.

Peter steps out among the trees, and stretches a little. He looks skeptical. "Meditation? Aaand… no, it's not a good thing if he finds me. It'll be all I can do to talk him and the Ravagers out of tying me to the prow of the ship without my helmet." he shakes his head. "No way."

"Ravagers?" asks Aleta. She shakes her head, "If you can tell me a way that I could contact him then… I do not know why you would wish to avoid him, but I do -not- wish to do so. I will promise you that I will not mention you to him if you are so concerned."

She places hands on her hip and lifts both brows, "Why would anyone do that to you? Have you… gone out of your way to insult or otherwise make him angry beyond reason? That would take great effort. Yondu is the most patient and compassionate individual I have ever met."

Peter leans against a tree. With nobody else to draw his attention on, he faces Aleta, but seems to be a little nervously unsure of himself. "I wonder if we're talking about the same guy. I didn't do a thing to him." he declares, then mutters, "in this reality…" amending. "But apparently my counterpart was an apprentice Ravager, sort of a space pirate on Yondu's ship, and angered him when he left. Making him lose most of his treasure probably didn't help."

A pause, and Aleta nods slowly, "Perhaps we -are- speaking of different individuals. The Yondu Udantu I speak of was born in the late 29th century, and fought the Badoon alongside Major Astro of Earth. The two of them founded the Guardians of the Galaxy along with others when fighting the Badoon and cleansing this system of their invasion. He is an archer, a mystic.. empathic and sensitive to the mystical. He is also a primitive yet skilled hunter who shows compassion for all life. Does that sound like any Yondu you have ever met?"

Peter holds his belly and actually doubles over laughing. Trying to catch his breath, he squeaks out, "A mystic…?" after a few coughs, he seems to shake it off. "Sorry, I am totally not making fun of your friend. But by all reckoning the Yondu running around right now is about the same as in my universe. And nobody would use any of those words to describe him."

Shaking her head, Aleta remarks, "Perhaps it is simply a name that is popular among Centauri." she states. She shrugs and adds, "I would like to meet him just the same, to find out."

Peter nods… "I think I get that you would want to. But you have to know, he's dangerous. In my universe, well, he taught me everything I know about making it in a rough galaxy. If he finds he can't bully you, he'll try to trick you." he seems less concerned for your safety as your lack of knowledge of him.

"I have a feeling that I could handle myself." offers Aleta. "After all, what can he do to someone he cannot even touch?" she asks as she reaches and phases her arm through a tree.

Peter grins. "I saw you do that before. Kitty does that, is it a similar power, possibly?" he walks closer, curious. "But, that's just it. If he can get into your head, and he's better at it than you might think… he'll have you convinced that something he wants is your idea."

"Kitty?" asks Aleta with a shrug, "Well, I have not had an organic body for centuries. My body is… somehow, and even I don't know exactly how, but it is composed of light energy. My power has always been to control light, so… I can control my body."

She shrugs and adds, "I can make it solid, or as intangible as a beam of light coming in through a window."

Peter asks, "What happens if someone shoots you or something while you're solid? Are you vulnerable?" curious the ramifications. "Kitty… she was Star-Lords fiancee, before I shifted in. It's been an interesting adjustment, but as it happens we've found a similar connection."

"That… can be awkward, believe me I understand." Aleta smirks a bit as she leans on the tree in her more solid form. "Well, you felt how solid my constructs were, yes?" she asks. "That is how solid I can be. Difficult to damage… very difficult." She shakes her head once more and then adds. "I also had a fiancee.. but I would prefer not to discuss that for risk of causing a temporal paradox, or perhaps merely difficulty for another."

Peter waves his hand imploringly, "Aww, spill it. I promise I won't paradox anything. You really can't tell?" he seems very curious now. "It was somoene on the team, wasn't it?" remembering your earlier words.

Smirking, Aleta nods, "Yes. Yes it was. And… it was not Yondu, I will say that." she replies. "But.. please, do not ask for more information. I do not seek to make difficulty for someone who thinks that perhaps I am waiting for them to behave as they have in the future."

Peter relents. "Ok, you don't have to tell me." Back to a tree again, one foot against it, knee bent. "But if you don't mind my saying… if they're like what you remember, they probably could do to have you in their life, even if it's not the same. Kitty and I faced that. We could have run away from the whole thing, but even as she kept careful, she was a little open to it also. I'd say give him the chance. Him? Her?" he shrugs, not caring.

"I wasn't planning to avoid him. I just do not want to place pressure upon him. His life has already diverged from that of the one I knew in the future. This is a different universe or timeline. I would rather not have the awkwardness of that knowledge between us. He needs to live his own life…" offers Aleta. A remarkably mature outlook. But hey, she is somewhere around nine centuries old.

Peter says, with a slight chuckle to himself. "You'll do as you think is best, I'm sure. Don't let me tell you otherwise." he considers a moment, "What can you tell me about the ship your Guardians had?" very curious.

"The Captain America? It was a large ship. Powerful but… not merely a warship. We had sophisticated sensors. It was found by one of our founding members. Charlie." She grins as she speaks of him. "A massive man with muscles that never quit but also a skilled mechanic. He found the ship. Logs show that it once belonged to mutants from Earth. And was made by one named Magneto. But it was damaged and left to float dead in space. Charlie found it and repaired it.. updating its tech." she sighs, "We had just lost that ship and gotten a new one that was even more powerful. We … commandeered it when we defeated them in battle. That was just before I traveled back, so I do not know much about the new one."

Peter says, "Sometime, I'll show you the current ship. So you know about mutants, I just learned about those myself. I can't remember, did you say you knew of the X-Men?" he stretches again, looking around.

"X-Men?" asks Aleta. "That name sounds somewhat familiar. Not sure -why-.. but it does. I know about mutants. Mutants of Earth as well as mutants of Arcturus…" she lifts a hand, summons a glow of light and shrugs, "You know, like me. Our people warred between mutants and reavers for centuries. I am one of the last mutants of my people."

"But… it is late, and I need to be at the Avengers base as early as I can be there in the morning if I hope to catch Captain America when he is available to talk." adds Aleta.

Peter says, "All right… it's been a very interesting chat, I'm glad you contacted me. Stay in touch, I'll show you the ship, and as you said, maybe it's a chance to discuss the future of the team." He steps away and offers you his handshake.

Peter hmmmms. "Maybe you could give me a lift back to Harry's?"

"Of course." offers Aleta. She makes what looks like an air-car from almost any sci fi movie… but glowing yellow, out of her light energy and climbs in. "I believe this may be more comfortable to ride in." she states.

Peter says, "Sweet!!" and climbs in.

Without all of the sound effects of an engine, the car races along and drops you at the door to Harry's. "I apologize if I caused trouble for you with them." says Aleta as she lets you out, shrinks the car down to a simple disk.. and begins lifting skywards.

Peter waves, "It'll be fine. See you again soon I hope!"

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