(2016-11-21) Milano Cookies?
Milano Cookies?
Summary: Peter pitches Kitty's idea for a practical lesson in tech and spaceflight to Rogue
Date: 2016-11-21
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The ship is parked in the hangar and seems to be in low-power mode. The engines are, of course, shut down, and it rests on its landing struts. There is a hatchway accessible from the floor that has some kind of intercom/access panel by it.

You can see a figure, or perhaps two, moving around in the cockpit.

Rogue had been keeping to herself for awhile now, her isolationist-ways in full gear. But when she received the request she followed through with it and arrived in the hangar… hands stuffed inside of her leather bomber jacket, she let her green eyes roam over the ship that was parked in the hangar. It was pretty, as far as weird space shit goes. With a sigh, Rogue walked toward the ship and tried to find a door or a ladder or something. She saw the comm-panel and keyed it. "Hey. This is Major Tom to ground control." She said in her thick accented English.

A female voice responds after a moment, "Permission to come on board." and the hatch opens, leading you into what must be an airlock. Lots of air vents and EVA equipment. You see a ladder leading to another hatch above, which remains closed.

Rogue inhaled and exhaled again. "Bete'ah not be any space diseases in this thing." She muttered quietly to herself as she boarded the ship, hands remaining inside her leather jacket pockets, she had slim fit blue jeans on and worn old leather boots on her feet. She let her green eyes roam around the ship's interior as she walked inside of it. "Yep… its spacetastic…" She quietly continued to speak to herself.

The hatch behind closes, and the overhead hatch folds away. You hear Peter's voice, "Hi! Come on up." through the opening. The ladder is metal and sturdily fixed to the floor and celeing.

Rogue's eyes went up to look at the man she'd seen around the school in passing. She heard the invitation and nodded her head once, but she didn't use the ladder… instead she just silently lifted up off of the ground and flew up slowly through the hatch and then set herself back down on her feet, her hands remaining in her coat pockets the whole way. "Hey." Rogue said to him then with a faint smirk on her dark red painted lips.

Peter actually steps back a moment, looking startled. "Oh. Of course," he seems to be reminding himself where he is. The hatchway closes behind you and you find yourself at one end of a corridor that seems to pass along to the aft of the ship.

Peter seems to get over his surprise and says, spreading his hands to gesture around him, "Welcome aboard the Milano. I was thinking to just go ahead and bring you to the bridge, easy to talk there."

Rogue walked around in a small circle as she let her pale green eyes wander around the ship's interior. She drew in a breath and then regarded him again. "Named afte'ah the cookies?" She asked him with a little smile. "Its a nice place, like… a space mobile home, or somethin'."

Peter turns his head this way and that, considering, "You could sort of see it that way. Actually I do tend to bunk here most of the time. And no, not the cookie." he grins a little. "Right this way," he gestures extravagantly through an opening that clearly leads into the ship's cockpit, letting you through first.

Rogue smiled at the man and his response. She swept her eyes to where he gestured and she turned then and started in that direction. "Kinda like the Blackbird." She said quietly as she stepped into the cabin and looked at the chairs and controls in front of them. "Probably flies differently though." Rogue was a trained pilot, at least of air craft.

Another figure that comes into view when you enter the bridge provides a clue about the ship's name. A holographic image of the actress Alyssa Milano smiles in glowy transparence as you enter.

Peter follows you in, and says, "In-atmosphere you may find it very similar. This fine figure here is Milano herself, a projection of the ship's AI core and subsystems.

Milano says to Rogue, affecting a hostess's politeness, "Pleased to meet you."

Rogue walked over to stare at the holographic image of the actress that she vaguely recalled. "She was popular, like nine hundred years ago or somethin' right?" She asked, speaking softly, hands still in her pockets. She looked away then toward the front of the cockpit. "Nice ship though, smells like you. Your manfunk is all up in this place." She looked back at him with a smirk. "So what'd ya want me to come by for?"

Peter makes a single soft chuckle at your remarks, but responds directly. "Kitty and I were planning a sort of practical lesson for some of the students based on tech and spaceflight. She mentioned inviting you as well, so I thought I'd ask." he grins. Then turns to Milano, "Hey, add to our maintenance list, check the ventilation system and recommend upgrades." Milano nods. "Noted." she says simply.

Rogue leaned back against one of the tall chairs at the front of the room and she stared at him when he mentioned this. "Like… up'n space'n such?" She winced and hissed a quiet little noise. "Yeah… I mean, I like flyin' obviously… but… space weirds me the Eff out." She glanced her pale green eyes skyward and then back down at him. "The thoughta freezin' t'death or just, suffocatin' out in the blackness of it all? Not t'mention the radiation'n othe'ah weird ass shit found up there…" She gently shook her head, right to left. "I don't know if its my kinda thing."

Peter walks over to the command chair and takes a seat. "I hear you, and you're not all wrong there, space travel is full of some nasty hazards and scary ways to die. But there's amazing things out there too that I've found makes it worth it." he pauses, "It's your choice of course, but if you get to wondering whether you could benefit from learning something that scares you, you just let me know and we'll add you to the mission. How's that?"

Rogue watched him move to his chair and sit himself down, she grinned a little cause it reminded her of Star Trek, for some reason and he reminded her of well… Captain Kirk. She shook her head side to side then. "I don't know, maybe." She said back at him then, eyes going out the front windows again. "I'm sure there's a load'a neat shit out yonde'ah… But I like t'feel useful too, and out there, I'd probably be like Alice'n wonde'ahland. As in, doe-eyed and pretty much useless." She grinned at him. "I bet a lotta the kids would be excited t'go though. I mean, they sit there all day playin' the damn video games about it."

Peter nods, "We've already got…" he taps a button on a console nearby, and a flat display made of light appears in midair right above it. He looks, and says, "Serenity and Negasonic… coming along. I wouldn't worry about feeling useless, everyone starts somewhere. My first job on a ship was doing all the chores nobody else wanted." he grins, "I think I'll probably let everyone skip that part."

Rogue grinned at the part about the work he had to do. "You did all the Charlie Work?" She laughed then, referencing Always Sunny (her favorite tv show). "Nega would flip out if ya mad her do that sorta thing. So its probably best t'skip it, yeah." She smiled then and looked around the cockpit once more. "Well. I'll think on it. I mean, if there was like… an emergency up there that I needed t'help out with? I'd be there, for sure, ya know? Just not sure I wanna see Earth disappearin' in the rear-view mirror so much. It may have its problems… but… I kinda like it, ya know?"

Peter says, "That's all I can ask. Also, we won't be going too far, just into orbit this time anyway. Going over launch, orbital insertion, and re-entry processes. So you'll see it right there the whole time." He turns his head at another term you used. "Charlie work? I haven't heard it called that, but I think I get it. And by the way, thanks for the youtube tip. That's been very informative. When it's not distracting with videos of people trying stunts and face planting, and stuff like that."

Rogue laughed a bit at the last part. "Yeah, Youtube'll eat up your whole day… or a good chunk'a it if you get sucked into that rabbit hole." She smirked and pushed off of the chari she'd been leaning on. "Well. I'll think about the offe'ah. I appreciate ya'll thinkin'a includin' me, all the same. But… I don't wanna end up doing cartwheels in space like Sandra Bullock." She paused then and grinned at him. "Hey, there's a name for your next space boat. The Bullock." She smiled at him and started for the hatch he'd first brung her up in. "Love the ship though, as far as mobile homes go… I'd have'ta say this is the nicest I've seen the inside'a."

Peter stands up to walk to the exit with you, "Well, thanks for listening to my pitch." he leads you to the hallway and to the exit hatch, which Milano has already opened for you.

Rogue paused at the exit, hands still in her jacket's side pockets. She looked back over her shoulder at him. "Look, if ya guys need help… I'll probably do it. I think its a great idea really too… get the kids some more experiences'n such. It'd be stuff they'd remembe'ah like… foreve'ah." She flashed a smile at him. "Ya just had to go and poke at one'a my phobias though. Like askin' me to play with snakes." She started down the ramp of the ship again then.

Peter's light laughter follows you and he says, "Bye for now… we'll let you know when a launch time is set." You find yourself back in the airlock, and after the hatch behind you closes, the exit to outside opens up obligingly.

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