(2016-11-29) A Bad Situation in an Alley
A Bad Situation in an Alley
Summary: Amanda runs into Steve Rogers while tracking down another occurrence of a dimensional rift with the same signature. Steve helps her defend against the incursion while she closes the rift then walks her home.
Date: 2016-11-29
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It's a normal busy day in New York when Amanda Sefton comes strolling down the sidewalk in midtown with her compact mirror in her hand. The majority of her attention is on the mirror rather than the people around her which is generally a bad idea. One might expect that to lead to collisions on the busy sidewalk after all.

Steve Rogers happened to be out walking the streets today. He wasn't in the old Stars 'n Stripes today, opting to wear a casual civilian attire to mitigate attention. Sure, he'd catch a few people staring curiously at him, as if trying to recognize him from somewhere, but for the most part he is completely ignore. It helps that he is wearing a mask most of the time. He wears a simple dark blue hoody, with long, comfortably fit blue jeans. Adorning his feet is a simple pair of black and white sneakers.
He was quietly walking, minding his own business as he runs through recent events in his mind. He looks up just in time to notice Amanda, but not 'in time' enough to prevent him from brushing into her. Instinctively, he extends an arm about her to keep her from stumbling backwards and falling. "Oh. Excuse me. I wasn't paying attention." He grins a bit awkwardly (but in a charming way), before looking down to the mirror in her hand. "Looks like you weren't either. Good thing we ran into each other instead of a moving car, I guess."

Amanda Sefton lifts her gaze at the last second when Steve extends his arm to prevent her from falling. Her gaze goes directly to those blue eyes then she offers him a wide smile, "No apologies necessary, I assure you. I certainly don't mind almost running into you so long as you don't either." She flashes him a wink.

Steve Rogers can't help but expand that charmingly awkward grin into an innocent smile. "Well, I…" His face flushes a bit but not in any uncomfortable sense. "That's a good point I suppose." At this point, noticing his arm was still extended and hand clasped gently around her lower back, he steadies himself and retracts his arm. "At any rate, I should have been paying more attention, ma'am. I'm glad our carelessness didn't cause either of us to get hurt."

Amanda Sefton glances at the arm as it is retracted, "Oh please don't call me ma'am. If I cannot get it on the airplanes, I certainly don't want it on the street. Please call Amanda. I was just headed for that alley over there following something." She tilts her head curiously since his build is making him seem quite familiar. She spends more than enough time around costumed heroes to be able to identify the type eventually. "I suppose I really shouldn't take up any more of your time…" There's a pause then a blatantly teasing, "Unless you just wanted to escort a poor helpless young lady into that potentially dangerous alley. I understand some men in New York like to be heroic that way." There's a soft, husky chuckle before she starts to move around him toward the alley.

Now Steve's interest was tickled. He turns halfway as she moves around him. Being the gentleman he is, he doesn't even allow his eyes to roam over her as she walks by. At least… he doesn't let them roam long enough to be of consequence. "Following? Following what?" He then looks towards the alley. He chuckles beneath his breath before mention of heroic men. "Well, I can't very well just let you walk down there alone. I mean, it's broad daylight and all, but… the criminal element doesn't seem to care too much about that lately." Naturally, he walks just behind her, following her into the alley.

Steve Rogers pauses, realizing after following her for a second that he had been rude in not introducing himself. "I'm Steve Ro-…" He pauses for a bit, catching himself. "I am Steve." Best not to reveal himself to her just yet, even though it would likely be harmless to do so. Also assuming she hasn't figured out who she is on her own, yet…

Amanda Sefton laughs softly as she moves into the alley. "Well Steve Ro… just Steve, what I am following would be a bit difficult to explain unless you are a believer in magic. I've found it's best not to assume that any longer since an argument about the subject got me attacked by the Hulk."

He gives pause for a moment when she mentions magic and the Hulk. This is no mere random stranger, it would appear. He furrows his brow a bit. Steve didn't know anything about the Occult, but he did know that usually no good came from it… even the most practiced of those tended to have catastrophic errors sometimes… and Steve has found himself on the bad side of many of those exchanges. Suffice to say, when magic was mentioned, he tenses up considerably. Never mind mention of the Hulk. "Ah. Well, mother always told me not to follow strange women into alleyways." He pauses, hands going back into the pockets of his jeans as he lets his eyes roam over her some more, from behind. "If you know the Hulk, and actually survived an attack from him, then I suppose there's no harm in letting you know who I am really am." He looks at her. "Not that you don't already know. Even without his mask and shield, Captain America can be an easy man to identify, so I am told."

Amanda Sefton pauses just inside the alleyway to give him a hopefully soothing smile. "Did she really? Well I suppose it's good thing I'm not at all strange. And I did notice you looked familiar but I wasn't going to say anything. Sometimes people don't like to be recognized when they're out of costume. I didn't so much survive the attack as duck it. He jumped over my head and out of the building by accident." She gestures to her compact as she looks down at it. "As to what I'm following, I'm actually not entirely sure what it is yet. Just something trying to come through to this dimension from another one. I'm following the dimensional disturbance."

Steve grins a masculine grin, folding his large arms over his broad chest. "Well, I hate to break it to you, but… you are indeed strange. Or a stranger, at the very least." He pauses, walking past her as he unfolds his arms. "I've known you for five minutes and so far all I know is that you…" He pauses, looking around. "…. chase magical beings down alleyways… and you've been attacked by the Hulk." He grins a bit, looking back to her. She was good looking too, there is always that, though he'd never hint at such a thing to someone he just met.

Amanda Sefton pauses without looking up from her mirror again, "I suppose that does seem strange when you put it that way, but most of the time I'm just a flight attendant. I normally don't mention the Hulk but I thought it would be a good way to see if you were who I thought you were. It's fascinating to meet Captain America after all. One hears things about such famous heroes as you, but you never can be too sure what's true." She's not immune to his good looks either since there's no other reason for the extra sway in her hips as she walks beyond showing off her lovely figure. She teases again softly, "Despite all my strangeness I notice you're still following."

Steve Rogers manages not to mention her alluring nature being one of the reasons he was still following her. Granted, that wasn't the main reason… hell, it wasn't even in the top three… but it was there. And he could do nothing to deny it at this point. He was still a man, after all, despite his values and the time in which he was born. Piercing blue eyes roam a bit more over the sway of that lovely figure, before his face flushes again and he averts his gaze. "Well, I couldn't just let you chase… whatever this thing is… all by yourself, now could I?" He has yet to determine if he can be of any actual assistance, but at the very least, he can punch something should the need arise, or get her to safety should she need it.

Amanda Sefton flashes him a smile, "Well that's very kind of you Steve. Hopefully I can seal off the incursion before it opens. Otherwise these things tend to get nasty. I don't suppose you heard about what happened in Grand Central?" She's focused on the magic she's following through the scrying window in her compact mirror.

She doesn't even seem to be aware of the drug sale they just walked up on with money and cocaine quickly being tucked out of sight upon the realization that someone's walking up. One of the young men looks obviously strung out which makes the other the dealer. Neither of them looks particular happy about being interrupted.

Steve perks up instinctively as they walk up on the two young men. He can smell the drugs… having slightly more enhanced senses than most people. And it was no secret the other man was strung out. He steps forward a bit, instinctively stepping between Amanda and the two men, though eh has made no further commitment to approaching the men. "I know what you two were doing, there's no sense in hiding it." He pauses, stretching out a hand. "Give him back the money, give me the drugs, and both of you scram. Your fortunate that there's more pressing matters down here than drug deals getting busted." He pauses. "I won't ask more than once."

Amanda Sefton mutters something under her breath in German at the mention of drugs. Why are there always thugs in alleys? She puts her compact away and takes another step so she's on a particular spot. She doesn't seem to mind Steve being protective even though her additional step practically puts her in contact with his backside. She stretches out one hand and murmurs behind him, "Let's hope I got here soon enough." Said hand is suddenly encased in a glove where before it was not… Did she change clothes behind him? Then there's a faint light that grows brighter as it erupts from her gloved palm toward a spot about 20 paces from her hand.

That would be the point at which both the drugee and the dealer try to make a break for it without either surrendering the drugs or giving back the money as instructed. Maybe they're hoping the magic will distract him or maybe they're just scared by it.

Steve is probably just as shocked as the criminals. He looks down at that hand as she reaches around him. If not for the fact that he could literally feel her against his back, he would have turned around to see what was going on. He decides against it, instead, watching as the light erupts from her now gloved hand… something else which he chooses not to question. The proximity between them was also a minor distraction which led him to just be silent for the moment, and instead watch what was occurring with her hand and the magic spilling forth from it.

In Steve's distraction the dealer and his mark manage to escape from the alley and its ensuing strangeness. Amanda stretches out her other hand now on the other side of him. It's less than ideal for her purposes but short of picking him up and moving him, it will do. She leans to her right just enough to see around his taller frame as light erupts from the other hand as well to stream toward the same point. She's basically pressed against his back now but she's really not being flirty about it. I mean it's Captain America. Do people actually flirt with Captain America? She seems to be softly murmuring something in another language. Probably something arcane.

Noticing her lean around him, Steve turns so that she no longer has to lean, aligning his body perpendicularly to hers. He looks down the alley to where the two points of light meet. Without realizing it, at least partially, the arm closest to her snakes around her in a mostly innocent way, a large hand resting at her lower back unless she would turn to push it away. He hears her chanting but he tones it out, instead focusing on her and the magic she was doing… as if expecting something horrible to happen which would require him to spring into action.

Amanda Sefton leans forward slightly to be sure her hands will not actually touch him as she warns, "Do not touch the light whatever you do. I would feel horrible if you got drawn into whatever dimension that thing is coming from." She makes a gesture as she mutters something unladylike in German under her breath before beginning the arcane chant again.

Steve turns to look at her as she speaks. His lips curl in an uncomfortable frown as his hand withdraws from her lower back, though the proximity between them remains. He finds himself wondering if he should have brought his shield with him, after all. He watches the light, a perplexed look on his face. "Whatever it is… is it going to come through?"

Amanda Sefton shakes her head in denial of the possibility but there is worry on her face as she works. She's obviously not sure of her answer. She makes another gesture then abruptly grimaces in pain. He can hear that pain in her voice when she says, "Can you duck down under my arms without touching them?" She actually lifts her arms a little in an attempt to make that easier.

Without responding, Steve turns and ducks nimbly under her arms, even though the height difference between them makes that a bit trickier than simply moving out of the way. He walks around behind her. The proximity remains, though it isn't so close as to cause them to be touching like before. After all, she might think it rude if he were to do what she had done with him… and he's a bit more proper about things anyhow.

Amanda Sefton may actually have been taking some support from him since when he moves she staggers forward a step and her left knee drops down to the ground. She frowns as a line of light begins to form in the air where the two lines of light meet.

Steve Rogers looks up at the line beginning to form, then looks down to Amanda, then back up to the light at the end of the alley. He reaches down, scooping a long, strong arm around her upper torso (in a very gentlemanly way), and hoists her back up to her feet. They were definitely touching now, the front of his large body pressing into her smaller one from behind as he holds her up. "Come on, Amanda. You can do this. You have to."

The line in the air continues to widen and what looks like a tentacle begins to reach through stretching out toward Amanda. She says something else in that arcane language then makes a forceful gesture with her right hand. A stronger pulse of light races toward the rift.

Steve Rogers was still holding her up. It was nothing for the Super Soldier to hold someone of her stature, given his enhanced strength. He holds her close, in such a way as to provide support and keep her upright. Naturally, this caused the closeness to increase - the front of his body now completely pressed against her he holds her upright. If he had his shield, he would have reached over her front to hold the shield in front of her protectively… alas, he has no shield at the moment, so he does what he can instead.

The tentacle manages to grab Amanda's leg and tries to pull her from Steve's grasp. As she is jerked between the two, the beams of light momentarily falter but she brings them back quickly.

As the tentacle gets dreadfully closer and actually wraps around her leg, Steve sets her down and with no small amount of agility, he drops down to a crouch, does a spinning roll around her and under her arms, and sends a forceful kick into that tentacle. A kick hard enough to send a normal man flying several feet… but against some tentacle from the magical abyss? He wasn't even sure if he should touch it in the slightest. He reaches up, putting a supportive hand on Amanda's waistline as he moves up to one knee in front of her, trying to stay between her and the tentacle.

The moment of respite is all Amanda needs to send a second strong pulse of light toward the rift. As the tentacle tries to get around Steve to grab Amanda, the second pulse strikes the rift and it snaps shut, severing the tentacle which then flops to the ground and begins twitching like a fish out of water. The lines of light vanish and Amanda allows her hands to drop to her sides as she leans against the support his hand is offering.

Steve Rogers gives that tentacle another kick as he stands, sending it further away so as to not wrap around either of them in its writhing. His hand remains on her waistline as he turns to face her, other hand coming up to rest on her opposite hip, continuing to hold her up. "Is… it done? Is everything safe, for now?"

Amanda Sefton manages a soft chuckle as she nods, "I sealed the rift at this location. Bet you wish you'd brought your shield with you today." She lifts her right hand an rubs at a point on the upper curve of her left breast for a moment as she grimaces delicately. "I think I may need to gather some sort of team and go through to stop this once and for all."

Steve Rogers finds himself still holding her hips. Those hands didn't seem to be moving. He looks to the point on her breast where she seemed to be experiencing discomfort. His lips curls once more into a tight frown. "Did it harm you before I was able to kick it?" He pauses. "And, yes, in hindsight I should have brought the shield, but I couldn't have know this would happen. And I would volunteer to go with you but I am not sure what sort of assistance I could provide…"

Amanda Sefton shakes her head, "It didn't hurt me. This is something that came before this. I didn't realize what a difficulty it was going to present." She rubs once more then lowers her hand and offers him a smile, "Thank you for helping me. Could I presume upon you a little further for an escort home? I can just grab a cab if you would rather not."

Steve Rogers nods a bit, clearing his throat as he removes his hands from her sides, taking a small step back as he realizes that he held them there perhaps a bit longer than was necessary. "Well… after all that? Yeah, I suppose I should walk you home, at the very least." He pauses, grinning a sleek grin. "Though I think I should probably stop and get my shield on the way home, at least." He chuckles faintly as he starts to move out of the alley.

Amanda Sefton laughs softly as they move out of the alley and she puts her hand on his arm so he can escort her properly. "Well if you think we'll need it I don't mind. I don't expect that to happen again so soon though."

Steve Rogers chuckles a bit, looking over to her as she puts a hand on his arm. "Well, as it stands maybe we should just get you home without making a pit stop by the Tower. It's not so easy to get in and out of there without being noticed sometimes, and, well…" He shrugs a bit. "If I carry the shield with me, I may as well be wearing the old stars and stripes and well. Then I'd never be able to take you home…. too many people would be stopping us along the way.

Amanda Sefton glances down at herself and the costume that she instinctively shifted into when the heavy magic started happening. "I think people might stare a little anyway given how I'm dressed now. Perhaps I should just take us the short way."

Steve Rogers grins, following her glance downward. Of course, he noticed how she was dress. What man wouldn't? But it did occur to him that he didn't realize that, a hero's attire was usually enough to warrant a few stares, at the least. Regardless of how provocative, or uninspiring… said costume was. He grins a bit wider, looking back up. "Maybe that would be best."

Amanda Sefton chuckles then gently tugs him back into the alley. "Okay. Prepare yourself. It can be a bit overwhelming at first." She keeps hold of his arm and gathers magic then wraps it around them as her. Pink and gold light surrounds them and briefly there is a sound of magic like a thousand harps all playing the same note at once. When the music fades and the light drifts away from them and clears, they are standing in the middle of her apartment.

Steve Rogers closes his eyes as the lights swirl around them. He was no stranger to being subjected to such magics… probably the first time he was subjected to -her- teleportation magics, but Steve had been teleported before. He opens his eyes as they emerge in her apartment, and he looks around briefly, before turning to face her somewhat as he looks down to her. "Well… I suspect that if you were capable of doing… what you just did… then there probably was not much need to have me escort you, was there?" He grins in a playful but matter-of-factly sort of way.

Amanda Sefton immediately proves there was every need for it by swaying and collapsing against him since she was already tired from fighting the rift closed and probably should have known better than to teleport when she felt that way after the last time it knocked her out. She breathes out heavily, "Maybe a little reason for it. It's not normally bad on me but if I'm already tired it can be harsh."

Noticing the faintness in her stance, Steve had already begun to position himself to brace for her fall. That Super Soldier serum at work, it would seem. Gently, and perhaps even a bit romantic without the intention of being so, he scoops her up into his strong arms effortlessly and takes her over to the sofa, sitting her down gently on it. "I had no idea it was that taxing. Perhaps it would have been easier to just walk, after all." He sits down gently next to her. "Are… you going to be okay?"

Amanda Sefton smiles faintly as he sits beside her. She curls her legs so they are beside his instead of potentially falling over his. "I'll be fine." She pauses then admits, "You should have seen me after Banner. I nearly killed myself using magic to calm the Hulk back into Banner then someone talked me into getting him off the street to a safe place. The only one I could think of when I was that tired was here so I brought him here. I had to buy a new sofa after he ripped my old one in half the next day before trying to kill me."

Steve Rogers nods. "Dr. Banner is a good man. Unfortunately, it's not wise for anyone to try and give shelter to him… unless they have the sort of means to defends theirselves against him." He pauses. "And not many can claim that." He leans back into the sofa a bit, relaxing somewhat as he does so. He looks around quietly, before looking back to her.

Amanda Sefton nods, "I gathered as much when he threw my sofa at me. Fortunately he missed when he jumped at me and went off my balcony. I had to turn him into a bird to keep him from making a hole in the pavement. If it hadn't been so terrifying it might have been humorous." Oh yes. She vividly remembers the big angry green bird.

Steve Rogers smirks as he tries to imagine that sight for himself. A soft half-chuckle escapes him as he stretches somewhat. "Well, I can see the humor in that, though I can't help but wonder if that would really make it easier… giving him the ability to fly and all that…" He smirks slyly as he looks at her, finding himself looking her over once more before the smirk fades and he is suddenly reminded of the situation. "I, uh…" He slowly moves to stand, straightening out his shirt as he does so. "I should probably let you rest. After all, you know…" He pauses, looking around. "I'd hate to for you to have the wrong idea about my intentions… what with you bringing me here, to your apartment, and all that…"

Amanda Sefton straightens up to place a hand on his arm. "You don't have to go so soon. I don't think you have any negative intentions. You're Captain America." She tilts her head consideringly, "Can I offer you something to drink or something to eat? I think there are leftovers in the fridge."

Steve Rogers grins a bit, relaxing a bit as she assures him that there was no ill-portrayed intentions. He looks over to the kitchen. "I'm not really hungry or thirsty…" He pauses, looking down to her. "Can… I get you anything?"

Amanda Sefton chuckles, "I don't normally ask my guests to serve me, but I wouldn't mind a glass of wine if you would like to pour for both of us. I don't really like to drink alone."

Steve Rogers nods a bit. "I suppose I could do that." He grins a bit before heading to the kitchen. He begins sifting through cabinets until he finds the proper glasses and a bottle of wine. Not being particularly picky, he merely grabs one (at least making sure its actually wine, of course), and he pours the two glasses carefully. Leaving the bottle out, he brings the glasses back and sits near her on the couch, extending one of the glasses to her. "I don't normally drink, but, I have enjoyed wine on occasion." He pauses. "Of course, since you are fatigued and did not wish to drink alone, well… it gave me an excuse." A weak grin as he sips softly from the glass.

Amanda Sefton slides back a little so she can sit up better. "A little wine helps to relax after a stressful flight." She lifts her glass to him slightly, "Why don't we toast to new friends, Steve. Can I call you Steve?"

Steve Rogers grins a bit, taking another sip. "Well, it is my name, after all." Another weak grin as he stretches an arm towards her slightly and delicately tips his glass against hers before taking one more sip. "…. to new friends."

Amanda Sefton sips from her glass, "So, I'd like to thank you for helping me. I'd normally apologize for having my arms wrapped around you and pressing up against you in the process, but it would sound very insincere. I am not sorry for that. Though if I made you uncomfortable I am sorry for that."

Steve grins a bit sheepishly as he takes a sip from the glass. He was seated like a proper gentleman… no surprise there, naturally… seated near her but not so close as to violate her personal space and the barrier of touch. "No apologies are necessary. And I was glad to help. I couldn't just let you go… do that… all by yourself, after all."

Amanda Sefton smiles, "That's very sweet. It's always nice to have a little backup." She takes another sip of wine then leans forward to set her glass on the nearby table. "I suppose you must have no end of women telling you how good looking you are."

That sheepish grin seems to get even more sheepish… as if it were even possible. He takes another sip of the wine as his grin turns into a smile. "Well, at the risk of sounding like I lack modesty…" He pauses, taking another sip of while. "It does come up, sometimes. I… try not to think about it."

Amanda Sefton chuckles, "I don't think you're being immodest." She pauses then twists her legs beside her on the sofa as she leans against the back cushions only a few inches away from him, "I'd love to offer you something more than a glass of wine for helping me, but I don't want to offend you either."

Steve Rogers allows an eyebrow to perk up a bit, his face flushing somewhat. "You won't offend me, I can assure you that. Still, I don't think I am sure I know what you are getting at." He notices her closer proximity, and it doesn't seem to bother him in the least. He takes another sip of his wine. "Thanks isn't totally necessary. Being able to help was its own reward."

Amanda Sefton murmurs, "Well some men of my experience get prickly where matters of their pride or honor are concerned. And heroes frequently get annoyed if you offer them anything that seems like a payment for helping out."

Steve Rogers smiles a bit wider, nodding his head, agreeing with her. "Not me, though. I'm… easy to offend, but only when it comes to certain things. Someone feeling obligated to say thanks? That doesn't offend me." He sits back against the couch, relaxing somewhat as he does so, legs spreading in a masculine fashion.

Amanda Sefton tilts her head as she consider him, "And you're older than you look right? I think I remember hearing something about World War II?"

Steve Rogers laughs a bit. "You're trying to make me feel old? That's a heck of a way to say thanks." He takes another sip of his wine, finishing it off and setting the empty glass down. "Yes… I was born before World War 2."

Amanda Sefton leans forward slightly to rest a hand lightly on his chest, "By no means. You look anything but old, Steve. So you aren't put off by all things German are you?"

Steve Rogers looks over at her as she asks that, as if the mere thought that he held even the slightest prejudice was the same as getting slapped in the face. The hand on his chest is not pushed away as it seems not to bother him in the least. "Of course not. I have nothing against people from Germany. To dislike someone or something simply because of its place of origin? That's wrong…"

Amanda Sefton has the grace to flush when she realizes she managed to offend him after all. "No. Of course not. It was mostly a joke. I'm sorry for even saying it. I just happen to be German in origin you see."

Steve Rogers grins a bit, patting her gently on the shoulder in a reassuring way. "No apologies needed. You were just asking a question." He shrugs a bit, rolling his broad shoulders. "You'd be surprised just how many people assume I hate Germans simply because we were at war with them." He pauses. "Hitler and his regime? I had problems with. But not all Germans were Nazis. They lost a lot of good people under Hitler's rule." He shakes his head, looking downward a bit as he shifts in his seat.

Amanda Sefton nods, "Well I didn't live under Hitler, but I know the gypsies suffered under his regime so I would have been as much his enemy as anyone." She allows herself a single stroke of that muscular chest before sitting back and turning to reach for her wine again. She clears her throat then asks, "Would you like some more wine?"

Steve Rogers looks up after that brief moment of brooding, perhaps caused by the stroke of his chest, and he considers the offer of more wine. "I normally don't imbibe that often… but the wine is good." He smiles a bit, standing. "I can get it. I'll just… bring the bottle…" He does so, walking back into the kitchen to get the bottle from where he left it. He brings it back out and refills his glass, even going so far as to top hers off before sitting back down and putting the bottle down on the table between their glasses. He takes his glass and sips off it before leaning back into the cushions once more.

Amanda Sefton smiles wryly, "I imagine you don't often find yourself sitting in the apartment of a woman you just met either so an unusual day all around." She takes another sip of wine to cover another flush.

Steve Rogers smirks a bit, his own face flushing again. "Yes, well, that is also true." He takes a long sip. "I was looking to get out of the Tower for a while. If that means sitting in the company of a new friend, even if its in her apartment? Fine by me." He looks at her, grinning a bit as he takes one more sip.

Amanda Sefton puts her cup down again and hops up from the sofa. She walks over to a pad and jots something on it before bringing both the pad and pen back to the table. She sets both down beside the bottle before ripping off the paper she wrote on. "Speaking of new friends… would you like my number?" She offers the paper to him.

Steve Rogers can't help but let out a small chuckle. He takes the paper and looks it over, folding it up and sticking it in his pocket. "Sure. It wouldn't hurt, should the need arise for us to communicate in an emergency or something." He pauses, looking up at her with a playfully suspicious look. "Was… that what you were getting at earlier? You wanted to offer some other form of thanks besides a glass of wine… by giving me your phone number?"

Amanda Sefton chuckles, "Oh my. When you put it that way that sounds entirely arrogant doesn't it? Do I seem terribly arrogant to you?"

Steve Rogers shakes his head. "No, no, not at all! I wasn't implying that." He chuckles again, taking another drink of wine, this time a bit longer of a sip. "I was just saying…. you had said, earlier, that you wished you could offer me something more than wine, yet you were worried about offending me. You never clarified, so I assumed that you meant… your phone number…"

Amanda Sefton reaches for her glass and takes another sip to cover her brief moment of thought before she says, "Well at the risk of sounding less than humble, I've never had a man be offended over getting my number before." She gives him a playful wink. "I was actually thinking of dinner when I said that."

Steve Rogers grins, finishing that glass of wine and sitting it down. "Well, you still haven't offended anyone by giving them your number. I was joking, you know." He pauses. "Dinner?"

Amanda Sefton grins just a little then teases, "You know, then meal that we eat in the evening? The next one coming up? There have to be a hundred restaurants that deliver to this building if not more."

Steve Rogers smirks a bit. "Yes, I know what dinner is…. but I wouldn't feel right letting you buy it for me. It should be the guy buying dinner for the dame. That's just how it is." He smiles flashingly at her as he nurses on that wine.

Amanda Sefton hmms softly, "Well that's hardly a reward, letting you buy me dinner. Unfortunately I don't really have the ingredients in to make dinner for you, at least not anything I'd actually be willing to serve a guest."

Steve Rogers grins a bit, patting the empty spot next to him as he notices she hasn't sat back down yet since giving him her number. "Well, I guess I will have to settle for your company, then. That is reward enough." He smiles warmly, his innocent tone of voice betraying that he has no ulterior motives in such a suggestion.

Amanda Sefton returns to the sofa and curls her legs back up onto it, "Fair enough. I have to admit I find it fascinating to have you sitting here out of costume. I mean what girl expects to have Captain America sitting on her sofa, right?"

Steve Rogers finishes off his second glass of wine, sitting it down on the table and extending his arm along the top of the sofa, hand brazenly brushing against her hair and the back of her neck as he does so. If it not for the fact that the Super Soldier Serum made getting drunk difficult, one might say that the wine had begun to loosen Steve up. But that clearly wasn't the case… he clearly just seemed at ease for now. "I don't always wear the old Stars and Stripes. Don't get me wrong, I am a patriot through and through, but I only wear that uniform because of how symbolic it is. It provides people with reassurance…"

Amanda Sefton turns toward him and leans her head against the back of the sofa, effectively resting her temple against his wrist now, "Knowing someone is there for you always helps put a person at ease. It's the same with a flight attendant's uniform on a flight. People know where to look for help." Her smile loses that flirty quality it had before in exchange for genuine pleasure now, "But I wasn't really talking about the uniform."

Steve Rogers finds his fingers start to idly toy with her hair. It as an unconscious thing… it just happened, naturally, as she rested her head against his wrist. "I see. What… did you mean, then?"

Amanda Sefton allows her eyes to drift closed as his fingers move through her hair, "I meant, you're quite a figure of a man, Steve. And on top of being very handsome, you're also very nice and a gentleman. Not very often those traits all come in the same package."

Steve Rogers grins sheepishly. No matter how much he heard it, he always got a bit bashful when someone complimented his looks or personality. "Thank you for saying so, ma'am." He grins a bit, his hand still idly toying with her hair as he looks at her.

Amanda Sefton opens her eyes again to look directly into his. "Amanda. Please do call me Amanda. Or 'Manda. Some of my friends call me that."

Steve Rogers grins. "Right. Amanda." He pauses, that hand dropping just below her hair to start slightly rubbing at the base of her neck. "…. it might take a while to stop calling you ma'am. You are a lady, after all. I've always addressed women in that way by default, if not using their name." He pauses, saying the name again as he gives her neck a gentle squeeze. "Amanda."

Amanda Sefton mmms softly at the rubbing of her neck, "Take your time. There's nothing wrong with politeness, I just don't want you to think you can't use my name."

Steve Rogers continues to rub her neck, strong and nimble fingers squeezing and kneading deeply into her soft tissue. This continues for a moment, in silence, before he pulls his hand away, as if suddenly realizing what he was doing. "So-sorry." He stammers out, face flushing. "I… you must think that was awful forward of me. I… didn't mean to.." There's that innocent tone again.

Amanda Sefton shakes her head, "I practically put my neck in your hand, Steve. You don't need to apologize. It was feeling very nice."

Steve Rogers smiles a bit, hand extending to begin rubbing the base of her neck once more, a bit more gently and tentatively this time. "Well… I was mostly worried you would think I was… making advances…" He scoots over towards her a bit slowly, closing the distance between him and her.

Amanda Sefton murmurs, "Oh I was really hoping you were actually. I was afraid you wouldn't since we just met."

Steve Rogers grins a bit shyly, hand still lightly kneading and massaging the base of your neck. After a moment, it moves to your shoulder, giving it much of the same gentle, squeezing, kneading treatment. "Well… we did just meet. It wouldn't be… gentlemanly of me to… make a pass at you." He pauses. "I… think it wouldn't be gentlemanly of me to deny your advances either, however, if you were to make some…"

Amanda Sefton laughs very softly, "So you won't make a pass at me, but you'd be more than happy if I made a pass at you instead?"

Steve Rogers laughs. "I never said I wouldn't make a pass at you." He shifts his weight a bit, leaning forward to close the distance between them even more. He speaks softly, his words a hearty whisper that washes over her. "I don't want to give the wrong impression. I was just saying… I wouldn't want you to feel disrespected, and…" He pauses, that sheepish look returning. "I wouldn't be able to refuse you if you made a move. I doubt many men would…"

Amanda Sefton lifts one hand to press softly against his lips. "You are not a drunk in my first class cabin asking to join the mile high club with me. I don't feel disrespected." She leans toward him very briefly and brushes his lips with her own before sitting back again. Her tongue flicks over her lips before she whispers, "Softer than I would have thought."

Steve Rogers grins, his hand stopping in its massaging of your shoulder as you lean in to brush your lips against his own. As you pull away, the flush on his face seems to grow a bit brighter. He clears his throat again as he manages a weak smile. "Well, I thought yours were exquisite." He pauses as he leans towards her once more. "Your lips, that is." He presses his lips against hers this time, and perhaps a tiny bit more firmly than what she did. His head cants softly at an angle as he does this, giving her a thorough and proper kiss.

Amanda Sefton's lips part as she starts to answer his comment. Thus they are already parted when he kisses her. She leans into the kiss and one hand comes to rest on his chest again.

Steve Rogers parts his own lips as well, allowing full exploration of that kiss to take place. He falls back slightly, hand still on her shoulder as he leans back, careful not to fall away so fast as to break the kiss. That hand on his chest does not go unnoticed, and acts to motivate him into committing to the current activity. He kisses her a bit more feverishly now, lingering for a moment before breaking away, but still managing a very close distance between his lips and hers.

Amanda Sefton draws back a little as well when he breaks the kiss. She's very cognizant of the fact that she just met him. The tip of her tongue moistens her lips before she whispers, "You cannot imagine how tempting this is."

Steve Rogers grins a bit, nodding in agreement with her as he bites his lower lip. "Yes, yes it is…" He pauses, looking her over. "I'm having a… hard time… coming up with reasons to ignore this and leave…" He pauses again. "I can't think of any." His hand slides to her lower back where he rubs some more, gently, as he leans back against the cushions of the couch, looking up at her. "I hope its' proving just as difficult for you."

Amanda Sefton slowly strokes his chest before finally murmuring, "Oh it's difficult, but I don't want to push it. You're not the kind of man who just has casual sex, Steve. Right?"

Steve Rogers shakes his head. "Normally? No… I mean, it has happened, but…" He pauses, looking her over. "Seldomly… and its usually under special circumstances." He looks her over some more and looks downward. "I, well… I can't deny there's been a certain attraction towards you. A certain… chemistry. It doesn't feel so bad, being this… personal, even though we just met. At least its never been this way for me before." He pauses again, as if giving it more thought. "I… wouldn't think poorly about it, if that's what happened… at any rate…"

Amanda Sefton swallows once then hops to her feet with the sort of grace only possessed by dancers, gymnasts and acrobats, particularly considering the fact that she had to unfold her legs in the process. She paces a few steps away. "It's one thing when it's just casual and I know that, but I have a tendency to get jealous as well. I don't want to start thinking of you as mine when you're not. Especially when I barely know you beyond your public reputation and you don't know me at all." Especially since the last man she tried to date ended things not too long ago.

Steve Rogers looks as she seems to jump up in a hurry and move away from him. That flush returns to his face, and not in a good way. He sits there for a moment, watching her, before he slowly stands and starts to walk towards her. "I… well…" He pauses. "That… is the downside to casual… intercourse." He pauses, now approaching her from behind, standing within just an inch or two of her. "I… mentioned a chemistry. That chemistry is there between us, even though I don't know you at all. That… that is saying something." He pauses, a hand coming up to rest softly upon her hip. "I didn't imply that… you couldn't think of me as yours. I certainly don't belong to anyone else, I can assure you of that." He pauses. "And, given time… perhaps we could have a relationship."

Amanda Sefton turns to face him, the soft fabric of her costume sliding beneath his hand as she moves. "Oh I know there's chemistry, but it's really complicated. Don't think I couldn't. I'm a gypsy girl. I'd have no problem sleeping with you." She licks her lips once again, "But to have a casual relationship with you, I'd have to think of it as that, a casual relationship with no hope of being something more. Is that what you want?"

Steve Rogers looks her in the eyes with deep consideration. He looks down for a moment, forehead coming into contact with hers as he does so. He stays this way for a moment, considering, before looking back up. "Well… I couldn't very well say that I want to spend the rest of our lives together. After all, I don't know you yet. But I feel confident enough in saying that we could definitely be more than just a casual relationship, given time. Is it not easy enough to simply start there? And if it evolves into something more… then so be it." He pauses… "Would that not be something you want?"

Amanda Sefton manages a soft laugh. "I wasn't looking for a commitment Steve." She lifts her right hand to gently caress his cheek. "I think we should talk more before getting involved like that despite how much I would like to just forget the possible complications. And right now I'm too wound up to talk. It's partly the adrenalin from what happened in the alley. I don't want either of us to come away from this with regrets."

«Steve takes the hint and leaves without fuss at this point.»

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