(2017-01-02) Jean, Peter and Shuri
Jean, Peter and Shuri
Summary: Jean Grey shows up to check out the crazy person landing in the X-Men secret hangar with her cloaking jet. Meets Shuri.
Date: 2017-01-02
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A short while after Shuri has landed her Wakandan craft, Jean Grey, the school's current Headmistress arrives in the hangar bay, her visage a bit unsettled. "Princess Shuri," she greets, "what makes you arrive at our school in such a fashion?" She assumes something grave must have happened, else there'd be a subtler arrival. Stealth jet or not, the underground hangar needed to be opened for this unscheduled landing.

The X-Men hangar beneath the basketball courts is now no longer just occupied by the starship Milano. The Milano has now been joined by the stealth-capable - just showed that off - VTOL jet callsign Talon B01, a Wakandan aircraft and apparently the personal conveyance of one Shuri, Princess of Wakanda … who is now standing in the hangar, giving her aircraft the visual once-over with Peter Quill's departure, when Miss Grey appears. The other woman's arrival was expected, even if Shuri could not know quite who would be coming.

At Jean's arrival and question, the young former Queen turns to regard her, offering a deep nod of acknowledgement to the redhead. "Good day, Miss Grey. My pardon, Headmistress Grey, is it not?" Shuri's accent is on clear display as she speaks, one not quite the same as that evinced by Ororo Munroe, but there are similarities. "I arrived at the school in the fashion of my transportation, I am afraid. I did request clearance to land before flying over school grounds." She does not openly flout others' rules or property, but she may not always be aware of their views of their own strictures. Whoops.

"I apologize if the manner of my arrival has caused undue concern." Shuri offers, politely enough, even if her tone isn't quite as conciliatory as her words; she's not exactly the most emotionally giving young woman, but she is a professional diplomat. "As I was coming to the United States in my travels, the first place I thought of visiting was the school oft spoken of so highly by my former sister-in-law." She colors slightly. "I admit, I did wish to make an entrance, of a sort. The, uh … how you say? Rumors of my death were not so greatly exaggerated?" Jean should be able to understand that, right?

Star-Lord has stepped back from his casual conversation when Jean arrived, to let them get formalities out of the way. He busies himself with puttering around the outside of his ship looking for random small repairs to do and pretending not to eavesdrop.

"Titles can be dispensed with, if you would allow the same?" Jean offers Shuri, inclining her head at the courtesy she's given. "I trust there is something of great importance for you to arrive in this manner?" Jean fishes for the reason, "after all, we are decidedly not an airport." Jean's own words likely aren't as courteous following the tone Shuri took with her.

Hearing that it is mostly a visit to see where Ororo is from, Jean maintains a straight face, "I suggest on your next visit to come by car? It would prove less distracting for the students, and spare us unwarranted attention." She explains to Shuri, "you are aware of the concern we are raising a paramilitary force of mutants here, don't you? We like to alleviate such concerns."

The formalities more or less done with, she softens her tone, "how is Ororo? I haven't seen her in quite some time…" to say the least, what with being dead again and all.

Shuri bows her head to acknowledge Jean's request. "Certainly … Jean?" she offers experimentally. She would not usually be quite so informal with a woman she does not know personally, but she makes the attempt nonetheless. It was what was asked for, after all.

Shuri considers Jean's request, and offers a slight nod. "I suppose if that would be best, I could make some arrangement to that end. I confess, it would not have occurred to me. Having seen how your X-Men have visited Wakanda, I knew you would have proper landing facilities for the Talon, and I felt keeping the Talon with me would be safest." After all, if she's riding in a car, she's not with the Talon. That's not exactly the most secure thing in the world. "Nevertheless, this is your home, not mine. If you would prefer this, I will respect this in the future, and offer my apology for my misstep." This time, the apology is genuine; she didn't show up like this to make trouble. And anyone who makes trouble with the school over her landing will answer to Shuri.

Smoking craters and all.

"I came because I have not seen my former sister-in-law since my untimely fall. I had hoped I would find her here." Shuri admits. She has no idea that Ororo may not be here right now.

Star-Lord seems to judge it a good time to approach again, stepping away from an intake after smudging it off a little, to walk back over to where the pair are meeting. "Hello again," he nods to Jean, "I am sorry if I pre-empted your greeting by a few minutes, I just had to ask after the aircraft when I saw it land."

"I do believe there's a difference between a visit to a soverign, and a visit to a school," Jean says with a faint smile at Shuri's words, "nevertheless if you have no other means to park your vessel, you are welcome to use our hangar. Just be wary of the students, the courts have to be clear prior to take offs." She does look momentarily concerned when Shuri discloses a more relatable reason for her visit, and shakes her head, "I'm afraid Ororo isn't in the school these days, I'm not sure what she's up to. Still, you're welcome to board with us if you don't have more pressing matters, just keep in mind it's a school, not a palace. So, we may not be able to accomodate you up to royal standards."

"I would say space faring is your thing, Peter," Jean muses, leaving what the joke unspoken. No doubt Kitty already filled him in on the details, if Star-Lord hiself didn't already know of the vast cosmic experience Jean inhabits. "I am not surprised you wanted to take a gander."

Shuri offers an almost fierce little grin at Jean's response. "I am not quite so spoiled that I am incapable of graciously accepting the welcome of others of less opulent means." But she could land the Talon at a Wakandan Embassy. She just didn't think of doing it that way. "I would accept your welcome, but I do not wish to put you out anymore than I already have." She seems genuinely disappointed that Ororo is not at the school.

"I will stay until nightfall, if that is permissable. Then, when the courts are clear and full night has fallen, I will take the Talon and leave, and remember your advice for any future visits." Shuri offers. "I would be very grateful if you would hold a message from me for Ororo, should she contact you. I would count it a personal favor."

The Wakandan princess glances at Peter and smiles. "He has good appreciation for craft, air and space alike, and understands the principles of antigravity flight better than most. I do wonder what Peter Quill offers your school and its children, but such is not my place." So she doesn't ask, just admits that she wonders. "I would be happy to show off the Talon to you, Jean, or any of the rest of your staff as you see fit. It is the least I can offer for your understanding and hospitality."

"You are family, it is more than permissible, you are very much welcome to stay as long as you need," Jean states matter of factly. After all, it wasn't ever Shuri's arrival that was an issue for her. Rather the means. She does nod at the request to rely a message, "gladly."

"Peter Quill, aside for having the prerequisite first name of Peter, is also enough of a smart aleck to be Kitty Pryde's fiance. As such, it's only fair he gets to visit at her home, much like she visited his." That seems to be the extant of the explanation that Jean will give. Not everything revolves on complex politics after all. "Well…Peter has been teaching an extracurricular aviation club, I'm sure the students under his charge would love to see it, if you would allow it."

Star-Lord makes a funny mock-indignant face at the questioning of his purpose here, but the moment of visual petulance seems to satsify any desire to fire back. Likely the compliments helped. "I'll probably take you up on that if you're not busy later."

To Jean, he turns and says, "I never got to thank you for your good advice when I … arrived. Things are a lot more clear since, and going well. Though, I think technically it's not an egagement anymore," he grins.

Shuri actually gives a little half-bow towards Jean when the other woman calls her family; that is a profound statement in Wakandan culture, and one never offered, nor accepted lightly. "Family it is, then."

The Wakandan princess eyes Peter speculatively as Jean explains his beneficent qualities. "Well, if Peter's students can promise not to touch any controls without my permission, I would not object to giving them a tour of the Talon and her systems. And their teacher as well." Because fair is fair.

Jean does afford Peter a playful smile as she explains his presence to Shuri, after all some questions are posed without asking. If anything, she's pleased the students will get something out of this impromptu visit of a royal from Wakanda.

She nods faintly at Peter when he thanks her for her advice, "don't mention it, and perhaps for now, we'll see," she winks at Peter, having no doubt that with a name like his, it's only a matter of time before he winds up in a more serious relationship with Kitty once again.

"With Peter as a teacher, I'm sure they'll behave," Jean remarks jovially, before starting to drift away from the Hangar, "I have to attend to the Headmistress side of me, it does come with quite a bit of work, feel free to make yourself at home…Peter can show you to a guest room. I'll stop by later for tea, if you'd like to share a moment."

Star-Lord agrees, "Yes, I can do that. Place can be a bit of a maze at first." he bows slightly to Shuri, respectfully mimicing a gesture she made earlier. "Do you have any you need to bring from the Talon?"

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