(2017-01-06) Black Panther in the Lounge
Black Panther in the Lounge
Summary: Betsy and Rogue come upon the Mansion's latest guest, Shuri of Wakanda, in one of the staff lounges. They get to know one another.
Date: 2017-01-06
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As a guest at the Mansion, Shuri of Wakanda has tried to minimize her disruptions to the school - after her arrival. As such, while she has graciously welcomed students who wanted to look over and even inside of her Talon jet hidden in the hangar downstairs, she has tried to stay out of the way of the classes being taught, despite having a very real interest in the curriculum. Instead, she has perched herself in this space or that one during class hours, out of the way, and only come out and about during free time periods.

Which is why Shuri is currently sitting in one of the adult lounges off of the administrative and teacher residence halls. Her Kimoyo card is sitting on the table in front of her, projecting a three-dimensional hologram up above the table, as her hands push and pull projected objects this way and that within the interface, making changes. Currently the hologram is displaying what can only be described as a noticeably feminine armor with a vaguely feline motif. She seems to be examining various weapons systems built into the bracers.

News travels fast in any sort of school; children whether they be young or old, love to gossip, and so do the teachers. It's the same here as much as it is anywhere else. It's why it doesn't take Betsy Braddock particularly long to here about the unusual new arrival at the mansion; finding the time to get to see her in person, however, is another matter.

With all the rigors and duties she has for herself, some given by the school but many self-inflicted, Betsy rarely gets a free moment to herself. It's only by sheer cosmic coincidence, then, that the strikingly-violet haired woman finds herself wandering into the teacher's lounge just seconds before that distinctive holographic image pops up. Deep purple eyes shutter in a flurry of confused, blinking lashes as she tilts her head to the side, casting a curious gaze onto that feminine array of armor. A smile tugs at the corners of her painted lips.

"Making some personal touches?" Her voice is calm and wondering as she strides into the breakroom proper, her smile something charmingly friendly as she casts it Shuri's way. "Or just making some more dangerous additions?" A warm lilt to her voice, Betsy makes her way towards Shuri, looking to politely step around that projection in order to offer up her hand. "Elizabeth. Braddock. But you can just call me Betsy. And you must be our exciting newcomer."

Rogue had come home from a store run and was pulling an old fashioned Radio Flyer red wagon through the school loaded with shopping bags. She was making pit stops in various locations to drop off supplies that the school needed.

Wearing earbuds, the young southern gal was quietly singing along to whatever music she was piping directly into her ears, her long dark brown leather trenchcoat gently flowing around her body as she moved. She was wearing a green tanktop beneath it, and black jeans with black leather boots up to her knees, the jeans tucked into those.

Rogue entered the lounge where Betsy and Shuri were, she ddin't seem to notice them as she was just wheeling the wagon over to some cabinets to put away soime items she'd purchased.

The equally striking African young woman glances up as the purple-tinted Asian beauty enters, and she inclines her head respectfully to the other woman whom she recognizes at a minimum from Ororo's descriptions, though she has likely seen Betsy this time or that when the X-Men have been to Wakanda. Even amongst such august personages, this woman tends to stand out.

"Considering some changes, yes." Shuri admits, offering a hint of a smile to the ninja and educator. "The Midnight Angel armor was designed for the Dora Milajae, and does its job well. But I am traveling with very little in the way of retinue, and I am considering that it may be best if I did so with more options than … what was the term? A 'standard load-out'?" It is an English vernacular, after all, and not her first language, however capable she may be with it. Her rich Wakandan accent is obvious, but her diction is clean and precise, her education top-notch.

Shuri unfolds her legs and stands smoothly, gracefully, as she extends her hand to take Elizabeth's. "Miss Braddock. My former sister-in-law has spoken of you often. Please, you may call me Shuri? It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Granted, her tone sounds a bit more neutral than her word choice; but that's the nature of the professional diplomat. "I hope I have not been too exciting. Miss Grey did ask that I do my best not to disrupt the school and its students."

"It never hurts to change things to be more suited to one's personal tastes," Betsy notes, an amiable warmth in her voice as she regards the Wakandan curiously. "Yes. The 'standard load-out' is exactly right." Her words reassuring, her smile moreso, she takes a look back at that holographic display, lifting a brow. "And you're absolutely right, too. There's nothing wrong with sticking with the basics, but I've always thought it's a bit better to always come as prepared as possible. Less messy that way, too."

The smile she flashes is a wry but amused one as she turns those violet eyes back to Shuri; taking that hand in hers, she purple-tinted ninja offers the diplomat a gentle squeeze of her fingers and a brisk shake before her hand slips away once more. "Shuri, I'd love to. It's a great pleasure to meet you — I hope the stay here's been enjoyable. And I hope dear Ororo hasn't said -too- many bad things about me." Something more playful tinges at her smile, sparks up in her eyes. "Don't worry — you've only been -just- exciting enough, I promise."

She might say more, but the violet-haired ninja catches movement from the corner of her eye. "Oh — Rogue!" she greets, voice tinged with a friendly ease as she turns to face the Southern Belle, hands crossing over her abdomen. She sees those earbuds, though, head tilting before she just reaches with her mind to give Rogue's a gentle prod of greeting. Just enough to catch her attention, like a mental poke, so she can see Betsy standing near Shuri, fingers wiggling one by one in greeting.

Rogue went about putting some items away in the cabinet from the brown paper grocery bag and she was humming along to her music up to the point of getting that mental nudge from Betsy and it made her halt what she was doing and turn around to look at the source of the nudge. "Well heya there, Purple Rain." She said with a big smile, her left gloved hand going up to pluck her earbuds out and tuck them down into the left spaghetti strap of her tanktop. "Hows it goin'?" She asked her, her green eyes regarding Shuri then. "Who's you're pretty friend?" She added, motioning to the Wakandan then turning back to her off-loading of goodses!

And personalize things Shuri most certainly does, and will. She seems gratified that she got the idiom correct, if the hint more sparkle in those dark eyes is any hint. "I assure you, Ororo is not one to speak ill of anyone she calls friend, only those she would call enemy and threat." Meaning that the last time she spoke with the former Wakandan Queen, she spoke well of Elizabeth, surely, as one of her oldest friends.

Rogue's greeting brings a wider smile to the Wakandan woman's face, as she inclines her head towards the Southern Belle. "Miss Rogue, I presume? My former sister-in-law spoke of you quite often as well." She tilts her head slightly, herb-sharpened sense of hearing enough to pick up the music Rogue was listening to, and she nods. "I see you are putting away groceries. I would offer my assistance, but I am afraid I do not know where things are meant to go.' She steps towards the auburn-haired woman and extends her hand. "I am Shuri of Wakanda. I am sure Miss Grey mentioned I have been visiting?"

"That's a relief," Betsy offers to Shuri's reassurance, though the clever little smile on her lips seems to suggest she knew that was the case all along. A little, light tease, and the woman's violet-eyed attention is on Rogue, brows aloft at that nickname. "… huh," she utters, considerate. "I like it." A grin briefly decorates those painted lips of hers before she rolls her shoulders in an easy shrug for green-clad woman's question. "Taking a brief and blissful reprieve from work. Hoping it will be enough to recharge my sanity."

Still, when Shuri and Rogue turn attentions to each other, Betsy offers the faintest smile. "That's right. Shuri, this is Rogue. Rogue, my pretty friend is Shuri." Making more formal introductions, the violet-haired Asian woman makes her way towards the kitchen area, arms stretching leisurely over her head. "It's fine, Shuri. I wouldn't want to impose, we can take care of the groceries. If you want to, though, I can show you where everything goes. If you're going to be here for a while, it might help to get to know the lay of the land a little bit." She looks back, casting Shuri a friendly grin. "Starting with the most important part — where we hide all our food."

Rogue, in her usual upbeat way, gave Shuri a continued big smile showing off her pretty pearly whites. She reached out to shake the hand of the other with her green-gloved right and then tipped her head back and forth, Psylocke tossing the woman's name in as well. "Shuri. Pretty name too!" A little grin shown. She released the handshake and then waved it at them both.

"Don't ya'll fret'a bit about helpin' me. I need stuff t'do or my mind gets all frazzled'n I end up gettin' myself deep inta trouble." N'besides, If you're a gestt here, then you just relax'n enjoy the place." She turned back to put another item away. "I ain't seen Jean in a bit, so I haven't had a chance to get any such memos though. But, she's a busy bee, that one… so I ain't too surprised neithe'ah."

A pause as the Southern gal looked back to the Radio Flyer wagon and she saw all the groceries and then recosnidered what she'd just said. "Course, if ya'll insist on helpin'… I won't complain too much." She added with a little smirk.

Chances are, even if Rogue didn't get the four-one-one from Jean, she has almost assuredly heard the excited utterances from students about the mysterious black stealth jet which decloaked just as it was lowering itself into the hangar hidden beneath the outdoor basketball courts. Shuri made quite an entrance for herself when she arrived. There was tizzy. Well contained and controlled, but there was tizzy.

"A proper guest is one who contributes to her own stay, or one who stays only briefly and does not overstay her welcome." Shuri offers by way of wisdom. Then she leans down and fetches up a few things from the bags, only too happy to figure out where they go and put them away.

"I have taken time off from home, to see the world. My brother has resumed his throne, leaving me free to do so without shirking my duties. And I came here first, hoping to catch up with Ororo. Sadly, Jean says she has not been here for a while. I have been gathering myself, trying to decide where I will go next, what I wish to see next." Unlike T'Challa, Shuri didn't get to go to school outside of Wakanda. She never really experienced the world outside of their land, except when leaving it to solve some crisis. Now is her chance, it would seem.

Rogue insists they don't help — but then, she thinks better of it. Betsy's response is an easy laugh, shaking her head as she quirks a brow in the Southern girl's direction. "Very generous of you," she teases, patting Rogue on her covered shoulder as she passes by. "I'll impose my help upon you, then. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

Pearly whites flashed in a magnanimous smile of her own, Betsy gets to work unpacking groceries even as she listens to the two talk. "Unfortunately, I haven't seen much of Ororo in some time, either," she offers, expression tinging apologetic in her thoughtful frown and furrowed brow. "Sorry, Shuri. If I knew, I'd tell you. We sometimes have a habit of drifting in and out of the Mansion as we get older. It's still hard to see anything else but this as home, though."

As Shuri starts to gather food, Psylocke gives her a gentle tap on the shoulder with one outstretched index finger. It'll crook, to beckon the Wakandan along — so that she may start showing her the cabinets to go to for what she's picked out. "We'll be happy to play host for you for however long you need, of course. And I'd be more than happy to help you with deciding the next leg of this journey of yours — it can be daunting, after all. The world's a rather big place."

Rogue grinned at them both and when they started to assist her with groceries she stepped back and took a moment to look at her phone (typical, right?). Thumbing through it she listened to what the others said. "I did hear about that fancy jet landin'. Part'a me wants t'check that thing out, but thats a part'a me that I often try'ta keep locked away in the deepest corne'ahs a'my mind. Its the part that has me suddenly realize I'm up at three in the mornin' readin' a 'world war two' novel and then I look up at the mirror and'm all like… 'What the hell are you even doin?'." Rogue smirked after rambling about all of that, she had a lot of random thoughts going on inside of her head all the time.

Shuri follows Psylocke's guidance, putting away what she picked up and then continuing without a hurry but with a consistent intent and function. "I find having a broad palette of interests to be a pleasure, rather than a burden." she offers to Rogue, with a sad little smile. "Then again, I did not get mine broadened the way Ororo says you did. My apologies. But, should you decide you would like to see my plane, I would be only too happy to play tour guide. The Talon is a beautiful craft." A wonder and marvel of Wakandan technology, to be sure. "Miss Grey promised to hold a message for Ororo, and deliver it when she next sees her. I suppose that will have to do, for now, until Ororo 'wanders back', as it were."

Tucking away her own groceries as she helps Shuri with hers, Psylocke seems content to listen as the other two have their conversation. Opening the fridge, she slips some groceries inside, leaning in to make room even as her brows furrow faintly at the exchange. "Yes, it's… unusual, having one's perspective on things unexpectedly broadened," Betsy murmurs faintly. "Difficult, sometimes. Exciting others. But mostly, just confusing." She looks back to Rogue, offering a faint smile as she tucks her hands into the pockets of her shredded jeans. "At the very least, it couldn't hurt to see it, right? I have to confess, I'd fancy a little peek myself sometime. But I wouldn't want to impose."

Rogue dawdled on her phone, texting someone, probably some boy. She heard the others and grinned at them while doing so (her generation was the worst about this phone stuff). "Its just weird… ya know… Havin' this desire t'go and fiddle around inside'a airplanes and heliochoppe'ahs, when I… really don't care about'em at all. Its like I'm fightin' with myself ove'ah it… sorta like when I get a hankerin for them caramel hershey kisses." Speaking of which, Rogue lowered her phone and put it back into her jacket and then walked toward the Radio Flyer wagon.

She started whistling a little tune while she searched through the bags that were left and then grinned big and plucked out a giant bag of said candies. "Hell yeah." She said, catching them after tossing them up into the room. "I'm gonna have t'exercise some self control ove'ah this sweet bag'a guilt!" It too was stuffed into her leather jacket and she smiled at the others.

"I'd check out your plane though… Already looked around in Quill's weirdo ship. It was cool though. I liked the troll dolls most."

Given Shuri is only three years older than Rogue, and grew up with the wealth and technology she did, one might wonder why she isn't more obsessed with her smartphone - her Kimoyo card - than she is. But she merely uses it as a tool; it does not use her. "I would be only too happy to show both of you." Shuri promises Elizabeth and Rogue, thus making sure to explicitly include both women. "I must confess, there are no candies, nor 'troll dolls' in the Talon. Boring, I suppose, in a way."

Betsy knows what it's like to have thoughts that aren't quite your own in your skull; it turns her gaze more empathetic than sympathetic when she looks back to Rogue, even as the other girl fiddles with her phone. "It's like a little tug of war in your head that you weren't even aware was happening until it's forced to the front of the stage," she remarks off-handedly, in a way that suggests she knows more than most. She looks back down at Rogue's phone, a teasing smile dancing smoothly at her lips. "But at least you have boys and chocolate to distract you, eh?"

Her friendly jab is delivered with a teasing lilt as Rogue produces all those Hershey kisses. Putting away the last of her own share of the groceries, Elizabeth hops up onto the countertop, crossing one long leg over the other as she turns her attention back to the striking Wakandan. "That would be lovely, Shuri. Thank you so much," she offers with a small but genuine smile. Her head tilts, violet bangs spilling towards the left as she considers. "Perhaps you don't have those toys, but after seeing how much care you put into that lovely suit, I'm sure your ship has something to it that makes it yours. I'm looking forward to getting to know it first hand."

Rogue grinned at Shuri. "Can always go out and buy stuff for your ship even if ya don't got nothin' fun it now, doesn't mean ya can't in the near future." She glanced sidelong to Psylocke and nodded at her. "Pretty in Purple here's got the right idea."

Rogue then glanced down at her pocket that she'd stuffed her phone into and then back up at Psylocke "You're dead-on about the brain games… its like a damn personality war inside'a my skull. Sometimes I look down at my feet and realize I have two different shoes on… cause I sorta space out while grabbin'em and.. well.. yeah. As for the boys, well… they'r eeasy t'get these days. Just throw a few pics up on the internet and bam, ya start gettin' like nine hundred messages a minute."

Rogue reached for a bottle of sweet tea and she cracked it open and took a sip, pointing at both of them a gloved left forefinger. "Eithe'ah one'a you could do the same damn thing and have as much success as me." Tea sip, cap back on bottle then. "More, really… cause once the ones I actually like enough t'let meet me for real…?" She slowly nodded her head. "They usually jump ship within the first few hours, neve'ah t'be heard from again." Rogue flashed a frown then spoke in a mocking-tone-of-voice. "'Oh, hot babe… listen… I don't mind that ya can't touch me, I think thats unique'n… charmin'… We'll figure out a way t'make it aaaall work.' Then like, tires screech'n… vrooooom. They're out. Like a fart in the wind…"

With a heavy sigh, the southern belle walked over to a chair and she sat herself down.

Shuri cannot help but chuckle wryly at the playful banter and interplay between Elizabeth and Rogue; it is something she misses by not being with the Dora Milajae, the interplay and banter of those sister warriors is something precious to her, given she grew up with it all her life.

The Wakandan princess eyes Rogue and sighs softly, nodding. "A challenge, to be sure. Try being the crown princess, or worse the Queen, of a mysterious and dangerous African nation most cannot even imagine really exists, not to mention a warrior proven to be able to beat them in any fight, and twist them into pretzels. And smarter than most of them." Shuri isn't shy, retiring, or humble. Which doesn't mean she's wrong about any of that. "There is a reason why my people long ago established the Dora Milajae. Sadly, I was not Queen long enough to transfer them to men." Yeah. No dating for Shuri thus far. Not really.

With the groceries finished, Shuri walks back to where she had been sitting, scoops up her Kimoyo card, and taps it, ending the projection of that hologram. Then it disappears somewhere into that costume of hers, while she comes over to join the others around the counter spaces. "Life is challenge." she offers, honestly.

"It's better to talk about it, I find," Betsy offers to Rogue, after a long moment. "But there's not many people that can understand just how ghastly it is to have that… presence inside you. Meditation, too. And chocolate."

Her smile is a delightful thing after that teasing statement, as if to distract from the ghosts that plague Rogue. Or perhaps herself. Either way, the woman lifts her hand, running fingers through her violet hair as an almost idle gesture as she rests against the cabinet, listening to Rogue with the tug of a frown. "At least you know what their priorities are," she utters after a moment. "I can't really be bothered by a sea of men right now, to be honest. But… I know, that must be difficult. Frustrating. I truly am sorry, Rogue. -I-, on the other hand, find you quite unique and charming regardless. If I can, I'm sure you'll find someone else who can, too. And if they try to cut out like a fart in the wind, I'll have a very… polite chat with them."

A little wink, a friendly laugh, and Betsy slides off the counter once more. She gives Shuri a gentle pat and a "Thank you for the help" if allowed, before moving to the cabinets, stretching out to open one up and search inside. "Indeed it is. But no challenge that can't be overcome with some good tea. Would either of you care for any?"

Rogue lifted up her bottle of tea to show Betsy she was already good on sweet beverage, flashed her a grin too. "Can't eve'ah have enough people around t'make ya feel hot'n'bothered. Thats my motto anyhow."

Seated now, the Southern Belle tossed her brown/white hair out over her left shoulder and then looked upon Shuri. "That all sounds supe'ah impressive… But the most I know about bein' a princess was taught t'me by the many movies a'the Disney corporation… And…. I'm not all that certain that those hold a lotta contextual realism toward how shitty that title's gotta actually be t'hold for reals, ya know?" A little smirk then and she exhaled.

"All the same, Princess Peach…" Rogue looked again at Shuri. "You eve'ah wanna go bummin' around for some sweet boy bottom, ya just give me a hollar'n we'll roll out."

Shuri does quirk a wry smile at Elizabeth's and Rogue's teasing comments. It's ironic. She's not one with much comfort for teasing, as she never learned to take it, and she has far more pride - or is that arrogance - to take it well even with maturity of self that comes with time. But she lets it slide without any negativity. She's trying to be gracious. "I … do not go 'bumming.' Which is not to say that I would object to an evening out with like-minded women, and some enjoyable times." But she's not going to go hunting men. Because hunting, for Shuri, only has one outcome. And it isn't fun times in the sack. Or on the dance floor. "I have to admit, I would not mind some tea. Thank you, Elizabeth."

"Maybe I ought to try taking that advice to heart sometime," Psylocke quips wryly, giving a brief thumbs up to the Southern Belle as she indicates her sweet tea. "Lord knows I've spent far too much time working lately. A little reprieve might be nice, for a change." She considers, looking back at Shuri with the faint hint of a smile. "So. Girl's night out it is, then. We'll have to set something up. It'll be a welcome change of pace for me, at least."

Turning about, she considers the pair for a moment, arms crossing under her chest. "Being a real princess is fraught with more headaches than they ever show in a Disney movie. Maybe just a dash more." Her smile grows just a bit — more sincere, than teasing. "But from what I know about you, Shuri, you do absolutely wonderful work for your people. I'm envious of your commitment." And with that, she turns again, picking out a few options as she asks their guest, "Any particular kind you have a taste for today? Or should I do my best to pleasantly surprise you?"

Rogue listened to them both and leaned against the table beside her. "Girls nights out can be a blast… a'course there's a small issue…." She looked from Betsy over to Shuri. "I am one hundred pahcent sure that you'n me are not 'like minded'." She showed a big grin then and sipped her tea once more. "I'd probably infuriate ya within the first few minutes. Not… ya know, outta dislike or nothin', but more-so outta hopin' to show ya a fun night… Cause yeah, ya got taht air'a… royalness about ya, like ya haven't eve'ah really gotta 'let loose' and shake your goods for anyone."

Rogue smiled and shrugged her shoulders inside her jacket. "But if I'm invited to ya'lls adventure, at least I've said my peace and thrown out a fair warnin'."

"Well, why don't we start the water, and then we can look over the selection together?" Shuri offers Elizabeth, as she stands from her seat and pads over into the kitchenette to look around 'helpfully'. Which means not much, but hey, she's trying. She has servants for this sort of thing!

Shuri chuckles wryly and nods. "It is true. Being a princess is work. No singing crabs, and no fairy godmothers. A princess exists to serve her people, and struggle to be the strongest leader she can be for them, despite that many of them will look down on her specifically because she is a princess." Rather than being the prince. Or the King. Such is life. "Thank you, Elizabeth, for your kind words. I appreciate it." The respect of others means something to her, which is why she offers respect in kind.

Shuri looks to Rogue as she says her piece, and considers her carefully, even curiously. "I will admit, I have not 'let loose' in quite that way. We are far less inhibited in Wakanda than people are here in the States. But you are right, in a way, as there is always that reserve. Service, the need to respect the position. But I would enjoy an evening to explore such rituals here, with those who do not view me as their royal."

"That sounds lovely, Shuri. By all means," Betsy offers to the other woman in return, her smile friendly as she ushers her over. She'll direct the Wakandan's attention towards the teas she's pulled out with a faint touch: varieties of matcha, oolong, black, white — and several others besides. "We can dig around for some others if you don't find one that strikes your fancy."

As the two discuss going out, though, Psylocke quiets a moment to consider their words. Despite herself, she grins, tilting her gaze Shuri's way. "Sometimes the best connections are forged through divisive bonds, y'know," she notes idly to Rogue. "I'm sure you two well get along smashingly. And if not, I'll be there to make sure you don't kill each other."

Those words are probably meant as a more playful sort of tease, further proven by the sly smile that splits her lips. She looks back towards Rogue, saying simply, "Of -course- you're invited," as if there weren't a doubt in her mind, before her attention shifts back to Shuri once more. "You know, I've never been to Wakanda. I'm a bit curious as to what the culture is like there — if it's not rude of me to pry."

Rogue grinned at them as she looked from one to the other. "I just don't really wanna push my craziness off on someone who could get an entire -kingdom- pissed off at me, ya know?" She said then as she rose up to her feet. She checked her wrist like she was looking at a watch, but she wasn't wearing a watch. "I gotta go meet a guy about a thing… if I don't come back in a few hours, please… just don't look in my night stand drawer, okay? There's… there's things in there I'm not prepared to answe'ah for." She flashed them both a grin and then offered a wave as she grabbed her beloved Radio Flyer red wagon and hoisted it up over her shoulder. The French teacher then started to skip toward the door, her leather coat bouncing around her body as she went!

Shuri glances at Rogue curiously, and - mostly - represses the urge to laughter at the other woman's comments. Just a broader than usual smile, and a bit of a snort, rather than the full-throated laughter that likely wants out. "Have fun, Rogue." she offers, and watches the woman depart before turning to concentrate on tea. She selects oolong. "What would you like to know about the culture of Wakanda, Elizabeth?" After all, Shuri cannot know what Ororo may have taught the other woman, so best to ask before beginning. It's a big subject, after all.

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