(2017-01-13) Mutants in Spaaaace!
Mutants in Spaaaace!
Summary: Star-Lord brings students from the Xavier Academy into space on a training mission. Everything works perfectly and nothing at all goes wrong.
Date: 2017-01-13
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NPCs: Becky and Kathy (Students, portrayed by Shadowcat and Serenity); Yondu Udonta and Ravagers (portrayed by Star-Lord)
Scene Runner: Star-Lord / Shadowcat
Social/Plot: Plot

Location: Hangar

Negasonic Teenage Warhead is not terribly keen on school, at least not when it comes to the basic, boring subjects all schools teach. But Ellie isn't quite as down on the more unusual courses Xavier's offers. The little black cloud of student body is in the hangar, chewing gum, and wearing her X-uniform under a school-labeled sweatshirt that is two sizes too big. Her fingers are currently flying over the surface of her phone as she send her thoughts out into the twitterverse.

@SullenSilence: Learning to fly on Friday the 13th. On second thought, maybe this isn't smart. >:/ #NotInAPlane #BadMovieIdea?

Peter hasn't made an appearance yet, though you can make out a figure looking through the cockpit canopy.

Serenity has not made a habit of exploring the hangar of the school since she has been splitting her time between her budding music career and her time at the school. She makes her way in slowly, looking around.

Not long after the singer arrives, a shy young brunette comes in with a fanny pack firmly belted around her waist. She does not say much but is munching on the open bag of chips she is carrying with her.

Douglock arrives in the hangar decked out for space travel wearing black boots, black polyester pants with a slight flair below the knee where they extend over the boots and a long sleeved, golden yellow tunic with two solid gold colored bands at the wrist and a small Xavier's logo on the upper left breast. ":Hello everyone,:" he says cheerily as he steps in and looks around then, after a moment's pause, he adds ":Hiya Negas,:" with a huge grin to Negasonic's typical demeanor.

Kitty stands out the walk way up into the ship, Milano, she wears a X-men uniform with a black leather jacket over it. A pair of leather motorcycle boots on her feet. The hair pulled back into a Ponytail. She smiles seeing Nega and nods to the teen. "Hello Ellie" She fully steps off the walkway "This is the Milano"
A quiet early teen students dressed in a students uniform walks in. Dark hair and blue eyes. She is all smiles and bouncing with eager joy. "Hello Professor P, great night for a flight it seems, I checked the atmospheric conditions, and with the huge full moon" Kitty grins "Hello Becky. Becky do you know Ellie? And please, just call me Kitty"
Kitty looks over "Hello Serenity and Kathy. She looks to Doulock and smiles "Hello Douglock" She pans the group "Does everyone know each other?"

The face at the cockpit window pulls back and the figure is seen headed aft.

Negasonic glances up from her phone and snaps her gum loudly. She pushes off of whatever piece of equipment she was leaning on in the perfect image of casual disdain. It takes a lot of work to look this disinterested! She aims her steps towards the gathering group of students with her perpetual scowl firmly in place. At Douglock's greeting she grunts at him in what might be her form of hello. "Did you join Cirque de Soleil?" she asks him with a smirk.

She then gives Becky an incredulous look. "Did you happen to see what today's date is when you were doing all your research?" Friday the 13th. Bwahahahaha.

Serenity gives a little wave to Kitty's greeting, "I haven't met everyone here but that's okay. I would like to ask though… Is the ship really noisy? I'd like something to filter the noise a little if so."

Kathy looks up from her ever-present bag of chips. "I've met people. Know would be a strong statement. I mean who really knows anyone right? The only way to really know anything is to be it, right?" She flashes a bland smile.

":I know everyone to one degree or another,:" Doug says before smiling warmly at Kitty and adding, ":And hello to you too, Kitty."

The lower hatchway of the Milano opens, and a ramp extends to the ground for easy boarding. Peter comes out and follows the ramp to the floor, joining the group. He nods slightly to Kitty, "Professor," he says, with an affectionate smile. He looks around at everyone.

"Okay. Looks like we have a decent group, glad you all could make it. For those of you who haven't met me, I'm Peter Quill, but might as well start calling me 'Captain'.

He says to Kitty, "So who's in our crew today?"

Becky looks around and grins "It is, but really, that's superstition, not like magic is real" She giggles "I don't know anyone, I've only been at the school a few weeks. I'm an empath. And i like tech stuff, building engines and drones. Professor P thought this might be a good fit"

Kitty smiles wide at the gathering "Well, welcome to Flight Training. This is not a classroom so folks are welcome to call me Kitty, or Shadowcat. If people have names they'd rather go by, just say." She lifts her Ipad and clicks a few buttons. She looks to Peter and smiles "Well, Star-lord, there is Ellie, Serenity, Douglock, Becky, and Kathy. The crew I briefed you on."

Negasonic rolls her eyes at everyone in general, or perhaps the situation. "I prefer Negasonic," she notes. She taps away at her phone.

@SullenSilence: Please don't let me die today. Not with THESE people. So NOT calling Star-Dork 'Captain'. #FridayThe13th #NoCrashingPlease #BasicBitchesEverywhere #CaptainTightPants

Kathy speaks up quickly, "Please call me Chips. Everyone calls me Chips. Kathy's a boring name don't you think?" She stops talking since it's hard to talk while putting chips in your mouth.

Serenity takes the lack of response to her question as a statement that the ship is not overly loud rather then repeating her question. She offers a faint smile to Peter and briefly hums the opening of Old Time Rock and Roll.

":I have to add a brown coat now since we've at least one fan in the group, Kitty,:" Doug says having been monitoring Twitter. After saying it he modifies his attire to include a brown leather long coat which drapes over his Star Fleet uniform in a strange fandom justixposition.

Star-Lord claps his hands together, "Now. The first thing that has to be done when you're going into space, is just like with a jet liner, you gotta do your Pre-Flight Check." you can hear the capital letters.
Peter gestures to the ship, "It's a very important safety procedure, where you make sure the intakes are not obstructed, that moving parts don't have anything caught in them, you check the heat shielding for microstresses and give it a bit of sealant where needed, and so on. There's actually a whole checklist. It can take about an hour and a half for an experienced flight crew, but with this group…" he looks out uncertainly at everyone, then smiles, continuing, "with this group, I'm betting you're eager to get moving so I took care of all that before you got here. Why doesn't everyone come on board. Through the airlock, then up the hatch, then to your right onto the bridge."

Becky scampers, near skips, up the access. "I'm going to space, I can barely contain myself. I've got no nickname, yet"

Kitty is all smiles "Kathy is okay, but Chips seems to suite you. Negasonic, Chips, Serenity, Douglock and Becky" Kitty smiles and blinks. She looks to Serenity and smile. "Sorry, checking everyone into the flight roster. I don't find the ship loud, but your hearing might be more refined then mine. I have Bose noise canceling headphones on board that you can use, in case" She looks to Douglock a bit quizzically "I don't get it"

Negasonic leans in near Becky, "You don't believe superstitions can be real, but mutants and dudes from space are? Really?" Seed of worry planted perhaps? Ellie tromps up the ramp into the Milano with her boots clunking loudly. "Do we get to drive?" she asks while passing Quill, before blowing a bubble and sucking it back into her mouth with a loud pop. Tappity-tap-tap-tap

@SullenSilence: If I die, no flowers at my funeral. Just copies of Twilight and Katy Perry CDs, preferably lit on fire. #WhoBuysThatCrap? #PossibleLastDayOnEarth

Serenity winces at the loud sound of Nega's boots clunking up the ramp and hangs back so she can put her hands over her ears until Nega's onboard. She smiles her thanks at Kitty for the offer of the headphones. She seems happy to let everyone go before her so she can walk into the ship in relative quiet.

Kathy grins at Star-lord and hurries up the ramp as soon as they are given permission to do so. "Do we get to learn how to do all the pre-checks ourselves? I think that would be fascinating."

As Doug follows the students up the ramp he chuckles at the unseen hash tags and begins streaming Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" at a level that is barely perceptible to normal human hearing… enough where it could become an ear worm but cannot overwhelm conversations. Speaking to Kathy, the languages professor says, ":Wish you'd be as enthusiastic about your Spanish assignments, Kathy.:"

Peter individually greets each student as they come on board, responding to the handful of questions. To Negasonic: "Actually, yes… you'll have the chance to fly her." To Kathy, "I'll get you a copy of that checklist, if you want. A nice detailed one."

Becky looks to Negasonic. "I've never had stuff go wrong on Friday the 13th. I look for empirical proof, but, i hope I don't get that today" She stares at the sullen teen. "And I can feel it from you, you are excited" She looks all around the cockpit.

"If you don't get out of my head, I'm going to throw you out an airlock when we get to space," Negasonic growls at Becky. Sure enough, her excitement has turned to anger at the empath poking about. Taptaptap

@SullenSilence: Why am I always surrounded by mind readers!? Aren't there privacy laws against that?! #MyFeelingsArePrivate #FML #IsThatKatyPerry?

Kathy rolls her eyes at Douglock. "How could anyone ever be as enthusiastic about Spanish as flying in space? Be serious Professor Douglock. Besides. I speak Spanish as well as I need to. Don't I?" Another handful of chips goes into her mouth. Just how many chips are in that bag anyway

Serenity turns her head in the direction of the Katy Perry. It's not bad enough Doug has a weird tone to his voice, now he's streaming music? She gives him an odd look but does not actually object. Instead she goes over to Kitty and asks, "Can I get those headphones please?"

Douglock chooses not to comment on Kathy's Spanish proficiency in open company. Instead he says, ":Space flight is a bit more exiciting, yes.:" He then sits in one of the seats and allows the song to fade out of human hearing while still tapping his foot along with it as he interfaces with the Milano's systems at a basic level and routes a Twitter feed though the holo emitters so that, with a slight delay so that he can hide things that are too personal, Negasonic's posts are projected behind her in such a way that they are always outside of her field of vision. He gives Serenity an apologetic smile since he noticed her reaction to the song, but otherwise just sits back to observe for the time being.

Star-Lord stands near the center seat, and says, "And now, the piece of resistance," (deliberately flubbing the idiom Daffy-Duck style) "I'd like you to meet Milano."

Milano appears on cue, projected from a celeing emitter so that it looks like she's standing in the room. It's a generated image that looks exactly like Alyssa Milano (big surprise there), although today she's appearing as dressed in a mimicry of schoolteacher or librarian.


Peter explains further. "Milano is an avatar of the ship, with higher functions able to use and manipulate all computer and control systems. She's been a great help when I need to fly the ship myself."

Milano smiles to everyone and even curtseys slightly, "Welcome aboard. Are we launching now?"

Peter says, "Soon, please get everything on standby."

Milano falls silent, but the hum of the ship changes slightly, there are the sounds of different consoles activating and coordinating.

Peter finally addresses the group again. "So, before we get going, let's everyone pick a spot. You can swap out later if you don't get your first choice, but for now…" he points to the front two seats, "Left is helm, that's the pilot, right is navigator, behind me is tactical and communications, and over there are the bridge-based engine systems. There's a dedicated engine room aft, but you can do lots from here. Everyone pick a spot." he opens his hands, inviting the students to explore the bridge.

Becky blinks at Negasonic then steps a bit further away. "Right, don't linger near airlocks."

Kitty glances around and then then give Nega a look "No threatening" the Becky "no spying" then in general around "no making me have to sound like a professor." A small wheeled servo robot comes into the cockpit ferrying a set of headphones. Kitty grabs them then looks to Serenity and holds them out. "The switch has three settings, normal, dampen, then you can nearly block out everything. They are blue tooth so Milano will be able to get you people's communications and filter out the racket. I wear them when Peter is singing sometimes, i have Milano filter him out" She smiles and looks around "Okay, all four students, grab a seat and buckle in." She looks to Douglock "You know the ship, make yourself comfortable" She looks to Peter and walks closer to him. "You almost sound like a professor" She nudges him with her elbow.

Ellie flops down into the communications seat, because it might be her only means to tweet once they take off, and stretches her legs out, crossing her booted feet at the ankle. Slouching seems to be her posture du jour. She keeps her eyes mostly on her phone screen, but admittedly they stray here and there to take in the spaceship. She would never admit it's cool, but it totally is. Tapitypoketap

@SullenSilence Star-Dork might actually be dumb as belly button lint. Those pants might be cutting off circulation to his brain. #NASAHasNothingOnMe #SpaceOddity #CaptainTightpantsIsKindaHot

Douglock lets the post appear but delays the hashtags so they appear slowly, one at a time.

Serenity gives Kitty a grateful smile and immediately puts the headphones on as she makes her way over to the communications spot and sits down. "Thanks Kitty." She sets the headphones to dampen sounds a little.

Kathy hurries toward the navigator position. She's into technical things like that even if she's not strictly speaking very good at math. Well better than she is at Spanish, but that's a given since Spanish is her worst subject despite Doug's efforts to change that.

Serenity stops short of sitting when Nega gets to the comms seat before her. She moves over to the next nearest seat at tactical instead.

Douglock nods to Kitty from the seat he chose in the back, not associated with any station directly. He says ":Thanks,:" to her and ":I'll just make myself at home here for now,:" as he maintains his connection to the system and quietly monitors the situation.

Peter ohhhs, raising his eyebrows, "Nobody wants the hot seat? Scared, are you?" he taunts lightly.

He continues calmly "Nothing to worry about, Milano here is ready for a training exercise… throughout the whole process there will be onscreen guides highlighting the controls you're expected to use, and if you mess up too badly, she'll override and get us back on track. So operate with confidence!" he raises his voice slightly for that last word. "Ok, last chance to be the pilot… anyone…? Beuller…?"

Milano nods at Peter's description, and mimics his expression, her own eyes scanning the students for someone adventurous.

Kitty looks to the posted twitter feed and blinks. She stares a second then looks at Negasonic. "Ummmm, really? Posting that for all to see"

Becky lifts a hand and covering her mouth and she blushes, snorks and giggles reading the twitter. "Captain Tight Pants, like Firefly. I call Wash!" The student looks to Peter and flicks her eyes over his pants. She dashes for the Helm position and hops into the seat, pulling her shoulder harness on.

Kitty looks to Douglock "I get the jacket now, cute" then to Peter with a smirk as she looks at his pants then back up. She taps her tablet "Okay Captain, the triple check of the hangar is complete. We are clear of take off"

"Oh My God you're all pussies!" Negasonic grunts out. Hey, she's from a rated hard-R universe. But she doesn't have to get up, because Becky skitters to the seat. When the girl mentions Captain Tight Pants she frowns. Becky is TOTALLY not following on her twitter account. She looks over at Kitty. "What does an empath DO exactly?"

Serenity glances around the group for anyone else to take the helm and relaxes when Becky takes it instead of making someone else do it first. She turns to look at the station and quietly begins reciting what she sees to herself, a habit anyone who knows her will have noticed is her preferred way of studying information.

Kathy finally folds over the top of her bag of chips and tucks it into part of her huge fanny pack. "I want to learn the navigation job first. Then I'll try piloting if you want. I'm a fast learner." No. She's really not.

Douglock grins at Kitty. ":Took you long enough,:" he says regarding her catching on about the jacket and just observes the students as they aquaint themselves with the bridge layout.

Peter says to Douglock, "Alright, but nobody's allowed to have a jacket cooler than mine." He looks around, seeing that everyone's settled. "Ok, kick it babe." he says to Milano. She smiles and folds her arms in front of her. Then she nods sharply, and holographic information and control screens pop up at each of the occupied stations. Peter actually double-takes, then laughs, "That's new… " he glances over at Kitty, "Your gag?" he asks… then waves it off. "Ok, go time. First, I'm going to need Negasonic to signal for launch clearance and ask them _nicely_ to open the hangar doors. Becky, activate the antigrav, we're going to hover just a few feet off the ground to start. Serenity, your station includes environmental readings, are the skies still clear? Kathy, you'll need to select a flight path first, as if we were a plane taking off." On each screen, the controls necessary are highlighted with the recommended setting blinking until the task is complete. The controls will let the student member go outside of the recommendations if they think they know better, but Milano will take over if it goes into a dangerous selection.

Kitty blinks a few times, confused as she looks at Nega. "Empaths um, read emotions. But you are.." She looks to Douglock suddenly "Take it down, now!" She taps on her tablet and shoots him a message about the importance of student privacy whether or not it's a public twitter feed. Following students twitter feeds is frowned on. She looks to Nega "Guest WIFI password is freeloader, all lower case" She glances around and looks to Serenity "Headphones working okay?"

Becky oogles her control panel then shifts to look at Nega "It's kinda like being able to see emotions, like.. wow, angry, I swear, i didn't spy. Your feed was on the screen, behind you" She then startles and looks to Peter, then her console. "Yes Captain" She clicks the highlighted button

The phone doesn't get put away, but gets set on the communications console so Negasonic can get to it whenever something tweetable happens. The wifi password totally gets put in, as she glances left, then right, then sticks her gum under the seat. Brat. She eyes Douglock because she knows he can display her stuff. She points her fingers at her eyes, then at him, then at her eyes before she arches a brow at Quill, especially the "nicely" bit and snorts. She pushes the button that Milano indicates. "Hey, X-Command-Tower-Thingy-Whatever. Open the doors so I don't have to do it for you." Big smirk at Quill.

Serenity blinks when the holographic control screens pop up. She looks over at Kitty briefly and gives her a thumbs up before looking back to the control screen and replying, "Everything looks clear."

Kathy stares at her controls a little blankly before she realizes that what she's supposed to do is highlighted. "Chips. Call me Chips, Captain Tight Pants." Did that really just come out of her mouth. Kathy flushes bright red then taps the recommended flight path selection.

Doug nods to Kitty and the Twitter hologram goes down, replaced for a moment with an ascii art picture of Douglock frowning disappointedly which then also goes away while he continues to observe Quill's teaching style and the students' activities both visually and though the ship's computer system.

As the hangar doors open, the ship's equilibrium shifts slightly, not enough to topple anyone, but when it stabilizes a moment later, the hangar appears to drop slightly, showing that we're now in hover mode. Peter sits down in his chair and presses a couple of controls. Music plays in the room, at a volume that still allows commands and responses to be heard. The song is Cool the Engines by Boston.

Peter nods a couple of times, satisfied, and with a few cues from him to the students, the ship lifts out of the hangar and flies over buildings and treetops, accelerating rapidly. Everyone is pressed into their seats slightly as the ship heads skywards. "Ok, Milano, mains in five, four, keep her steady Chips… one… go!"

Kitty's eyes flick around and she smiles wide. The eyes flick over Peter and she grins and seems happy with the role out of the class. The eyes flick to the four students then Douglock. She shifts to grab a ceiling hold, standing and phasing to make her weightless in take off.

Becky nods as she hears go and slides her finger up along a lighted bar. The ship almost seems to shudder then the deep press of everyone into there seats as the ship gains speed, heading into the space above the school. The hum and whoosh of sound as the Milano climbs. She flicks her eyes up to the looks out at sky "Coooool" She says softly, then keeps glancing at the controls.

"If they don't let us out I can always make us a door," Negasonic quips. She looks at Quill, balls her hands to either side of her face, and then expands them out while mouthing "BOOOOOM". Then they're lifting off and she sinks back into her seat with her phone clutched in her hands. The music has her nose wrinkling in disgust. "What are you, 60 or something?" she blurts out at Quill.

@SullenSilence: This. Is. Awesome! #GoinToSpaceBitches! #CaptainTightpantsIsOld #LessHotByTheMinute

Serenity sings along with Peter's chosen music but instead of her own singing voice, she sounds just like the Milano is singing instead. She sets the head phones to dampen the noise of the main engines as they come on. She continues to monitor the skies above them on her screen as they lift out of the hangar.

Kathy's eyes go wide. Isn't that what the PILOT's supposed to do? She stares at her control screen to see if there's something else it is prompting her to do.

":Don't blow a hole in the school,:" Doug says and then adds, totally straight faced, ":That would be as bad as jumping though a window to answer an alert in the middle of the night.:"

Peter says to Negasonic, "Hey, don't you be talking bad on the music. Timeless stuff here!"

Milano looks startled when Serenety sings, and appears to perform a quick self-diagnostic before noticing the source, and appearing to relax, probably after quietly logging the phenomenon. Becky's controls lead her through guiding the ship in its ascent, using bursts of thruster to stay on the orbital insertion vector. At this point all that can be seen is the sky and the rapidly passing clouds. Negasonic still has wifi, but the ship is now out of range of standard towers, so no data gets through. As the ship climbs even higher, the sky darkens, and the curvature of the earth begins to be visible.

Kitty looks to Nega "No Boooom" She looks partially translucent, her hand holding a grip solid. She looks to Douglock and smirks "I thought i was being invaded, you were like my hero. It was early morning, not middle of the night" A slight pink to her cheeks.

Becky watching out the windows, her eyes wide. The girl no longer looking to see if her controls light up.

@SullenSilence: I need my own spaceship. #SquadGoals ERROR: NO INTERNET CONNECTION.

Danger! Danger Will Robinson! Negasonic has no tweet access! The girl with the shaved head and nose ring scowls deeply enough to crease her forehead as she scans over the controls of the comm panel. "Hrnnnn." She mutters, before she starts pressing buttons to try and hook up to a satellite or something. There cannot be a universe in which Trump has twitter access but she doesn't. "Your music blows, dude," she quips back at Star-Lord. It doesn't, really, but she's not about to admit that old crap is good.

Serenity pauses singing to say, "I like it." She doesn't change her voice back to normal when she does it. It just sounds like the Milano said it instead of her. She then goes back to singing along with the music.

Kathy manages to relax once she realizes there's nothing extra important for her to do at this point in the process. She watches everything around her intently as one hand slips inside her fanny pack and she begins to idly finger something inside the pack.

Douglock smiles at the obvious signs that Serenity is feeling more at home than when she first came to the school.

The stars come out, and the Earth is a glow below the canopy, not quite visible. The ship shifts slightly, and Milano suddenly speaks up. "Helm control: please monitor flight vectors." alerting Becky of an override." Peter just watches quietly, no need to gang up on the girl. He himself seems distracted by the view through the canopy.


Kitty shifts "Space flight affects everyone different, i strapped some barf bags under all those chairs, anyone feels queasy" She also stares ot the canopy and gets a goofy grin.

Becky is wide eyed looking out then looks down "She clicks the buttons on the panel then her head swiveling. "This is amazing, why do you ever go back to earth Captain?"

A stream of curse words come out of Negasonic's mouth that clearly indicate she is not from this verse. Her screen is scrolling with Chinese characters and she's getting all sorts of blockages trying to access social media. Stupid communist dictators. She begins pushing this button and that button, trying to bounce the feed to another satellite that doesn't think twitter is the devil. "Captain Tight Pants! Where is your internet access! I'm pretty sure you don't spank the monkey in space to old videotapes of the Facts of Life!"

Serenity winces instantly at the colorful phrases from Negasonic that the headphones are not blocking out for her since she actually wanted to hear the other people speaking. Her singing is abruptly gone about the same time as the verbal spewing begins. This is why she hasn't made more attempts to socialize. Never know what people might say that you'll never ever forget.

Kathy bursts out laughing at the commentary about Peter's sexual habits and puts her hand through the holographic controls at her station as she quickly lifts her hand to slap over her mouth to cover the laughter.

Peter laughs for a few moments, catches his breath, and says, "alright, alright" he tries to sound like he still has control, "next person to call me Captain Tight Pants, I'll have the robots build a deck for you to swab." He then turns directly to Negasonic, "If you ask Milano _nicely_" (same inflection as the first time) "she will take care of your needs," then adds hastily, "Your data connection needs." one lip twitches up slightly.

"Becky, we're going to need to fire the braking thrusters soon. Watch your screen, it will give you a slider." he takes a breath and looks over at Kitty to see how she's reacting to all this.

Kitty blinks "No, he does not, he's more of a Charmed guy. Language please, at least R, no NC-17, two of out students are barely teens" She floats over to Nega's console. She swishes her hand and clicks, then the fingers starts to move like lightning. The code looking strange, then is obviously clear she hacking a satellite bounce for communications.

Becky perks up and moves the slide, and the ship decelerates and everyone feels a slight weightlessness.
Kitty floats outright, then fully solidifies to set her feet down.

"Ew, gross, does he make you act out porn for him or something?" Negasonic asks Milano with a totally freaked out look on her face. She's just poking the bear at this point because it's too much fun. "I'm sure we can find you an Abused AI home if he does. By the way, can you get me connected to twitter again?" Well at least she asked. And the Kitty is there and she breathes a sigh of relief. "Thank GOD!"

Serenity groans just a little and puts all her pleading into one words, "NEGASONIC!" She presses her hands over the headphones and quietly asks if the Milano can screen out any foul language for her. She leaves it to the AI to determine what is foul in this case. She grabs for the bag under her seat just in case when the weightless feeling comes.

Kathy gets her laughter under control at the threat of swabbing non-existent decks. She grins at Star-Lord, "This is amazing. When can we do it again?"

Peter facepalms at the turn of conversation… he lifts his chin up, about to just skip it, but then Milano begins to cheerfully answer the question with no trace of embarrasment. "I have not acted out any pornography. I have sometimes been asked to change my outfit to—" Peter interrupts, "stop… answering that question." upon which she immediately stops and smiles, is there a touch of mischeif there? Peter sighs deeply. "Back on track, skip it, move on…" he mutters to himself. "Now," he says, raising his voice a little, "Lastly we need to fine tune our orbit—that means you, Chips. Look at your screen to align our heading to the goal orbit, then press the control to send the thruster guidance to Becky."

Kitty hacks a satellite access so WIFI is back for the Milano. She smiles and and walks over, eyes flicking amongst the students, watching each. She looks to Peter and can't keep in the laughs.

Becky laughs then her eyes flutter. She grabs for the bag, her cheek looking a bit pale. She inhales and exhales slowly.

Kitty blinks and head's that way. "Good, slow inhale and exhale. Look to your console not the canopy , fixed point till the feeling passes. Trust me, it will. Commands will be coming to you, focus on tasks"

Negasonic barks out a brief laugh at Milano's preempted response, complete with a momentarily visible, genuine smile. That made her day. She converts it into a smirk quickly and settles back into her seat, buckling in at the semi weightless feeling. She doesn't seem queasy, being as she launches herself into the air on a regular basis. Taptaptap.

@SullenSilence: Wifi sucks in space. Should be back on track though. #WhereDoAliensGetTheirPorn? #ChineseFirewallsSuck #INeedMyOwnSatellite

Kathy immediately turns her attention back to her controls with she's actually given instructions. "Yes, sir, Captain Ti—- sir." She coughs loudly for no reason then finally manages to select the proper orbital path and send the data to Becky's station as instructed.

Serenity loses her cookies. Literally. She had cookies before the flight and she's now thinking it may have been a bad move. Luckily she's got her bag ready before this happens. And it's a strange sort of thing. Who barfs that quietly?

Peter unbuckles his restraints and pushes off a little bit. It doesn't launch him across the bridge, but it brings him in a slow wide arc to the front of the bridge where he can get a good look out the canopy. "You are now free to move about the cabin," he announces. "If the low-g starts to get old, I can turn it back to earth-normal anytime." he notes.

Peter activates another music track, a quiet instrumental one. Stratosfear by Tangerine Dream.

Kitty moves towards Serentity, she pauses mid way to grab a small pack, a orbit pack, with towelettes, gatorade, crackers and a mint. "Hey, ya okay, deep breath." She sets the pack down and half crouches, checking on Serenity. She reaches up and adjust the air flow on the console, a cool breeze on Serenity, also greater air exchanges.
Becky unstraps and floats up, moving slowly, looking pale but awed "Amazing, this is so.. wow." She looks at Peter and scrambles out her phone "Can you take at pic of me? Or a selfie of us, longer arms, better frame."

Negasonic unbuckles now that Captain Tightpants has turned off the fasten seatbelt's sign. "Remember to return your tray tables to their upright and locked positions," she mumbles as she begins to feel out the low G. She frowns a little, wondering how the absence of strong Earth gravity might affect her powers. Probably not a good idea to test that out.

Ellie takes a few tentative strides towards where the stars can be seen out one of the windows. She presses her elfin nose to the glass or whatever starship windows are made from, and gazes out, eye widening at the vastness of space. There are some things that humble even the most Millenial of brats.

Serenity finally finishes hurling and gives Kitty a weak smile, "I'm sure I'll be fine as soon as my stomach stops trying to leave my body." She takes one of the towelettes and wipes off her mouth and just tries to breath slowly.

Kathy bounces out of her seat as soon as they are in a stable orbit and hurries to the window to look out at space. "Amazing!"

Douglock watches the students enjoy their first moments of zero-g from his chair which his body seems to be adhearing to. In the mean time he extends his mind into the computers to see if the artificial gravity system can be selectively on and off rather than ubiquitously on or off.

Peter takes Becky's phone and obliges with a friendly arm around her shoulder, holding his other arm out to take the selfie, with the canopy of space and the bright arc of Earth as the background. He lets go and hands it back, drifting again towards the Captain's seat. "Okay… now is a good time for anyone who wants a turn at the helm. The main thing to realize is that thrusting forwards takes you into a higher orbit, which actually makes your velocity slower. In other words, to speed up, you slow down, and vice versa. Takes some getting used to. But Milano won't let you steer into anyting or put us in danger, just avoid hotdogging." he flicks a glance at Douglock when he says that.

Kitty smiles at Serenity "I tossed cookies the first 3 times up. And I hated space, detested it. Till i meet Peter. Sip some Gatorade if you can, the electrolytes can help settle the stomach, allow a rebalance of sorts." A gentle hand touches Serentiy's shoulder then she moves along, eyes flicking, grin ear to ear. "I'm glad you are all awe struck. I hated just sitting in classrooms when I was your age. This gives you a feel of what is in your future as X-men if you take that route. Or a teacher, or a explorer, interstellar pilot"

Becky giggles wildly "Thank you, password was freeloader" She walks over and takes the communications seat, eyes looking at the buttons. Then starts tapping on her phone. Pick posted to various things, she then starts seeing what all the buttons here do.

Negasonic continues to stare out the window, even forgetting to chew her gum. There is that moment when you suddenly realize how minuscule and insignificant you ultimately are in the universe, and this is that moment for the young mutant.

She looks over her shoulder when Peter ousts Becky from the Captain's chair. "My turn to drive," she quips with a smirk. She settles into the seat, glancing over the controls with more interest now, and she finger-guns at Milano's hologram. "Don't steer me wrong." For all her bravado and feigned disinterest, she can't help but have an expression of glee on her face as she takes the ship through some basic maneuvers. She doesn't do anything crazy. Something about explosive decompression seems to have dampened her mischievousness. There may also be some pew pew pew sound effects and the occasional 'wheee' done through clenched teeth quietly.

Serenity nods to Kitty and stays in the tactical station seat. She's not up to moving about just yet. Maybe she can talk Peter into giving her a private flying lesson later.

Kathy turns toward the helm then stops and drops back into the navigation seat when Nega heads to the helm ahead of her. "I call next!"

When Negasonic is finished with the helm, Kathy takes her place and basically puts the ship into a dive for a second before pulling back up to a stable orbit and getting out of the seat looking a bit white-faced. "Cool."

":I've flown in space before, we can let the students take their turns without me taking any of our time up here,:" Doug says while watching the young women take their turns.

Milano seems to be interested in the reactions of the students. Even though she could easily observe without telegraphing it, she actually moves her avatar and stands nearby as if the image itself was literally looking at the student. Probably a programmed interactive behavior.

Peter nods to Douglock, "Are you sure? Alright…" he catches Milano's "gaze" and gives her a wink. Flirting with the holo NOW?

Milano smiles at Peter and winks back "Hi, Captain Tight Pants" Becky dives in to take her turn. She moves the ship about, more focused on the feel of the engines, the response, the mechanics of how the ship moves. "Wow, it's amazing, to think the Titanic couldn't avoid an iceberg and this thing" Milano coughs. Becky looks over "Oh Sorry, the Milano, turns on a dime." She shifts and settles the ship but into orbit. A wide smiles "Thanks Captain and Shadowcat, this is really surreal"

Kitty looks to Peter and smiles at him. She taps her ipad then moves along. A glance to Douglock and a smile "Gracious as always" Then to Serenity to check on her. A glance to Nega and a chuckle. Then the cockpit goes dark, pitch black nearly. Then black as the image of Milano goes fuzzy then disappears. Then dim lights come up and a urgent 'Beep Beep Beep'. Kitty looks to Peter "Idiot, what did you miss on precheck.." a clear nervous panic. Then a laugh "Just kidding, this is simulation. Something is wrong with the ship, the control panels are active, Milano is off line. Work the problem"

The other stations don't seem to interest Negasonic as much as the helm and communications, but she dutifully takes her turn, snapping photos out the windows and tweeting awe-inspired words that will likely have to be deleted later lest she ruin her reputation of being a moody teenager. Though at least her classmates and teachers are spared her mean comments for a while. At least until the "simulation" starts.

"What the @$&!" Negasonic hollers when the lights go out. As the panels go active she gulps and moves to the comms one, since that's the one she paid attention to the most. "Crap, let's see if I can get Quill's dream girl back online." She begins trying to bring Milano back up.

Serenity groans a little as she continues to sip on her Gatorade. She turns to check the readouts on the tactical station to make sure they have clear skies still. She's not one to talk much when there's work to be done so she focuses on the task of her station for the moment.

Kathy, on the other hand, after a quick look at her own station jumps out of her seat and points at the flashing red light she sees out of the corner of her eye. "Looks like we've got a major problem people." She hurries over to take a look at what's causing the flashing.

As the stations go down, Doug quickly examines the situation and finds which systems are down and then discretely extends filaments from his feet though the ship to establish bypasses so that he can 'keep an eye' on the ship's surroundings, so that he can act as a safeguard for his friend, their students and the Milano and her captain. ":And no calling back to Houston in this case,:" he says.

Negasonic finds the system reports that Milano will not launch due to insufficient power. Investigating further, the controls indicate a forced low-power mode ordered by the diagnostic systems.

The flashing and beeping is a general alert, easy enough to shut down from the command controls, which Peter does once he's sure they've got everyone's attention.

Peter sits back in the command chair quietly, watching everyone try to figure out what's supposedly going on.

Becky moves towards the flashing red light and looks down. "The engine has exceeded operational temperature. Huh? And it's still climbing… Oh, it says the engine room is going to breech in 15 minutes. No engines is bad, real bad" She clicks a few buttons "Shit, this system just monitors, we can't do anything from here" She sounds a sort of nervously eager. It's simulation but a glance to the canopy and space makes it feel real.

Kitty walks over and perch on the arm of the command center. "14 minutes and 50 seconds till this ship is a dead stick in space waiting for us all to suffocate, or collide into something"

"Power is insufficient, what does this thing run on? Duracell batteries?" Negasonic calls out to the others. She begins wandering around looking for anything labelled like it might relate to power. "If there isn't power, then whatever cools the engines is probably not working."

Serenity asks, "Is it just a simulation or would going to the engine room let us actually do something?" It's her first time in space. She has no idea how to fix an antigrav engine.

Kathy studies the controls on the mechanical station and tries to reset the cooling on the antigrav engine by pressing what looks like the right buttons to her.

As Kathy presses buttons a display shows Primary Cooling Pump failure

Kathy calls out, "We've got a cooling pump failure."

":Checking failing systems for necessary repairs seems to be the right thing to do,:" Doug says as he continues to send nano-scopic fibers though the ship without causing any damage to it. ":Simulations are to be acted upon as if they are real after all, that's the point really,:" he adds.

Peter nods, and says, "Doug's right, there's more information if you inspect the affected—" he is interrupted by the normal lights coming back on, and Milano appearing looking horrified. "Incoming fire!" she announces. NOTE: Douglock has detected the same reading, the blasts seem to be coming straight out of the sun. Before any defenses can be activated, the ship is hit, causing a REAL sudden movement on the bridge, as if with a moment of severe air turbulence. A sound of tortured metal can be heard through the ship, from the aft hatchway. "Peter! That was the shields," Milano barks. "One large vessel, incoming from sunward."

Peter leaps out of his seat and claps loudly. "Everyone… NOT A DRILL. Trouble's coming. Follow my lead, keep your head, and we'll make it through this." he quickly scans the room as if appraising the students. "If you can fight, get ready. If that's not you, come by me, I WILL protect you." his eyes meet Kitty's.

Becky bounces onto the balls of her feet, clearly a nervous tick. "Um, right. Um. Okay. Shit. This is all still fake right?" She looks at Kitty then looks horrified "You are scared, what the fuck, is this real?" Then at Peter and she starts to shake and heads to him.

Kitty stares at the out the canopy at the ship, cringing slightly. Kitty glances around "Everyone just remain calm, okay, let Peter and I handle this, stay seated, no fast movements, no reaching for anything" The tone is serious and her eyes look eerily blank. "This is not part of my simulation training" She starts to mutter "Please don't be J'son, please. Or Thanos, or Kree.. fuck, too many people want you dead"

"Ok so, what does a cooling pump look like?" Negasonic mutters to herself as she begins following various arrows and labels towards wherever cooling and power are located. "Please just let it be that Captain Porcupine tripped over the power cord." Quill, porcupine, get it? Meh that one may fall a little flat. Actually it gets lost entirely with the real danger incoming.

"Wait, wait, I can fight but I'm not sure it's a good idea in here! I don't even know if my powers work in low gravity, or if they might blow a hole in the ship and suck us all out into space where we would decompressandsmushintonothingafteroureyesfreezeandourheartsexplode!" BREATHE.

Fighting is not Serentity's strong suit so she stays in the seat at tactical and turns her attention to the readouts on the screen. Maybe there's something she can do to help with the information there. "Just tell me what to do. There's got to be something we can do to help."

Kathy pushes up out of her seat despite being told to stay seated. She reaches into her fanny pack and pulls out the first thing she can grab from it and shoves it in her mouth. A penny. Her skin begins to take on a coppery tone. Might not be helpful then again maybe it will.

":Youch!:" Doug cries out as the ship is hit while he's integrated himself with it, feeling the damage as personal pain. As he severs his direct connections to the external hull he stands and says, ":Ellie, this is a combat situation, lets use proper names or code names now,:" to the sullen one. Then, turning to face Kitty and Peter he says, ":The shield emitters took a hit locking in the simulated 'damage' as real, they're going to be unreliable until someone gets down to engineering.:" He pauses a moment and cocks his head before stating, ":Also, the internal sensors seem to be down, including the Milano's ability to determine if they arefunctional I'm afraid.:"

Peter turns to Negasonic, "Good thought, no exploding please. Just use your wits and instincts, you'll know what to do."

Milano redirects a flurry of information to Tactical. The damage report, a positional diagram of the ship's orbit and the attacking ship's vector, and a notation that the ship's approach from exactly the angle of the sun allowed the ambush.

White cylinders whirl momentarily as seven humanoids of mixed size and species appear scattered around the bridge.


The bald one carries some kind of sidearm and points it at Kitty and Peter. The others menace the rest of the bridge crew with an assortment of homemade looking blunt or pointy weapons. The one pointing the weapon says with a snarl, "Everyone put all weapons down and stand against one wall. "

Peter looks over the bunch of intruders, glances down a moment. A long moment. The bald man's eyes furrow, and he readjusts his aim. "Now!" he insists.

Peter looks up, and he's… smiling. "Boy, did you guys hijack the wrong ship.". In a flash, his own quad blasters are in his hands, and in the same moment he's spread his arms fired a stunning blast at the one closest to Serenity, and the other has hit the bald man's gun hand, sending the weapon flying. "Milano, it's tricky!" he calls out. The meaning of that becomes clear as he closes his helmet around his head and the filtered voice of Star-Lord says, "Protect the bridge!" Music begins to play from the speakers. Tricky by Run-DMC.

Becky crouches behind the command chair, the eyes huge, and she stands there, frozen like deer in the headlights. A soft repetitive "please don't kill us, please don't kill us"
"Ravagers!" Kitty dives and grabs onto Becky, she phases and they both go translucent. She moves the pair towards Serenity "Anyone, grab onto Becky or me and youu can't be hurt" Her right hand stays solid and the blaster on her hip is drawn and fired, She stuns the man in the goggles but focuses on protecting the students.

Negasonic isn't used to fighting without being able to use her powers. She had some training, but she's no ninja. She is a brat though, and she turns and rushes down the gangway to the common room, where there is plenty of stuff to throw at these goons from a distance. She grabs anything not nailed down and begins chucking it at the heads of anyone following her who isn't from the school. Metal boxes, tools, various silly mementos Star-Lord has acquired over the years. She has a decent arm. Maybe she played softball.

Serenity glances a the information on the tactical readout, decides quickly she can't do anything useful with that then pushes out of her seat and grabs for Becky's hand.

Kathy's full on coppery now. She pushes off the floor and dives toward the knees of the mook closest to her.

Douglock steps towards the Ravagers, changing appearance into a more robotic form, looking like a suit of power armor about a foot taller than he normally does. As he forms a tendril out of his left arm he calls out, ":Kathy, brace yourself!" and wraps the end of it around her coppery ankle then transfers a non-deadly jolt of electricity down it, though her into the mook she's grappling… at the same time he forms a stunner on the back of his right arm and shoots another of the mooks with a blast that would knock a bear on its ass for a few moments.

The pale skinned ravager falls from Kitty's blast. The tall red-skinned Ravager swings a straight-razor-edged club through Kitty and her wards. The unexpected lack of resistance causes him to overbalance, and a souvenir Harry's Hidwaway mug hurled by Negasonic clunks heavily to his head, dropping him to the floor as well, where he cluches his head.

Between Douglock and Kagthyh, Goggles and Cornrows have been taken out of commission as well. This leaves the manic one with part of his head shaved and Baldy.

Peter swings his weapon up towards Baldy again, but the man catches his arm and swings at Peter's belly with the other hand. Peter twists sideways, taking a glancing blow, and a solid punch plows into the side of the man's face—and practically bounces off. Baldy's turn to smile.

The manic-looking one is hollering and charging after Negasonic, who's run out of things to throw. She concentrates, and a firey glow begins around her, which causes him to hesitate.

Kitty lets her phase shift, the two students phased, untouchable by blasters or weapons. She looks to Kathy and grins slightly. "Go Chips!" A mook swing passes through all three bodies. She looks her hazel eyes at him "Moron, I'm see through" She fires a stun into him on the floor just to be sure he's out. She sees the manic one chasing Nega and moves, Becky and Serenity weightless to stop her, ferried along. "You snooze you lose" She shoots a stun blast towards the back of his head.

Becky clings to Kitty on one side and Serenity on the other. "i'm like noncorporeal and shit, that things went through me"

Kathy screams as Douglock's electric blast channels through her coppery body with a disturbingly intense tingle. She looks around in a little bit of a daze and ends up doing nothing much as she tries to decide between the two remaining targets. When Kitty shoots the one chasing Nega, Kathy figures she'll try the technique again. She dives at Baldy's legs as he grapples with Peter.

Serenity turns to focus on Baldy and throws her voice as she hits a high C right in his ears.

Douglock lets go of Kathy's ankle, simply allowing the tentacle to change back into an arm. ":I don't have a shot that won't hit you Quill, so either you and Kathy take him down or get out of the way,:" he calls out as he continues to try to take aim around the obstruction caused by his allies.

Kitty's next shot sends Manic tumbling right into Negasonic's shield. There's a flash and he's thrown backwards, the partially charged power merely singing him a bit—however, he's definitely out.

Attention begins to be focused on the unusually tough remaining attacker. Becky's extra mass, Serenity's piercingly distracting noise, and a well timed haymaker to the head by Peter in the opposite direction puts Baldy to the floor, where, shaken but still not giving up, he slowly tries to climb to his feet. At Douglock's suggestion, Peter backs off a few steps.

Kitty and Becky both jump as the high pitch blast goes off, both turning to look at Serenity. Becky looks to Serenity "Sonic C"

Kitty shifts as Manic sprawls. She doesn't wait this time, two more shots into him, each punctuated with a word "Stay…down…" She glares like a Mama bear with cubs. The first shot stiffens him, the third makes him twitch. She whirls looking for Peter, holding tight to Becky hand.

Serenity holds tight to Becky's hand as her phased companions jump. She stops singing the note and shrugs at Becky and mutters, "I sing. It's what I do."

Kathy grabs Baldy around the legs as he tries to get up and calls out, "Get him Doug!"

Having a clear shot, Doug fires at Baldy's center of mass with his stunner supplimenting Kitty's shots with his own. ":Just go down!:" he yells at the Ravager.

As Milano fades the music, everyone checks themselves and each other for injuries. Peter checks after everyone, and says, "Ok, let's see if we can manage to tie these goons up. But we'd also better figure out fast—" yet ANOTHER interruption, as a loud and slow clapping is heard from the aft corridor. A chuckle is heard, and a voice calls out, "Peter… I said I would find you…"

Peter looks down, and genuine dread crosses his face. "I know that voice…"


Yondu Udonta comes through the entrance to the bridge, followed by an alert, wiry looking henchman. Yondu holds his hand up, as if to forestall any resistance, "Hold up, hold up, don't go trying anything. It's been a fun rumble, but the fact remains my ship has the drop on you." he presses a contact on a techie-looking wrist bracelet and, as if in response, another barrage from the bandit vessel rocks the ship. More alarms sound, and some screens malfunction to a digital mess. Yondu talks over the racket. "You just sit tight and keep your folks behaving. I press a button, or anything slips on my vitals, and I'm back on my own ship and you're space. Do we have an understanding?!" he raises his voice for that last sentence, staring down Peter.

Peter holds his arms out, signaling everyone to be still, and finally lowers his arms. "If it will save my crew from harm… yes." that last word almost spat out, painfully.

Kitty keeps a firm hold on Becky's hand, keeping the threesome phased. Becky is wide eyed and scared. Kitty looks to Peter and blinks. She also lowers her blaster and flicks her eyes, breathing deeply, trying to collect herself. The body stance neutral. She seems to follow Peter's lead as the blue guy and he seem to know each other

Negasonic is crouched on the floor near where Yondu and his pal enter. She glowers at them angrily. She also kicks the guy she hit with the mug, just because.

Serenity keeps a firm hold of Kitty's hand since she's definitely not qualified to be fighting someone that scares Peter Quill.

Kathy gets up from the floor and quickly retreats behind Douglock.

Douglock turns his face towards Quill to follow his lead. At the same time he creates a tech scanner to scan the bracelet while extending tendrils into the ship from his feet to mine the ship's computer database on information to help him interpret the results of the invisible scan of the alien tech.

Yondu nods slowly when Peter effectively surrenders. "You got lucky, kid. I was just gonna killya, but I suddenly found this itty bitty soft spot in me… Nobe, how small was it?"

His henchman responds in a droll voice, "Real small Yondu. Miniscule."

Yondu continues, "So just do as you're told and pretty soon you can all go home." He starts looking around, with a searching, greedy expression.

Nobe says, "Okay. I figure you people know the drill. He points to a wall without so many controls on them, "Line up over there, keep hands where I can see them."

Peter says to everyone, slowly, "It's better this way, we all make it home. Go ahead." but there's still a flicker in the way he looks around, like he's watching for a mistake.

The bracelet contains a signaling device, probably used not only for communication but to lock on for the teleportation. Also, he appears to not be bluffing that it's monitoring his life signs.

Kitty shifts and swallows. She stays phased, looking translucent along with Serenity and Becky. She walks for the wall, eyes flicking around. The watches Peter, looking to make a move is he does. Becky clings, shifting to step slightly behind Kitty when they get to the wall. "Everyone along the wall, cooperate"

Negasonic snaps her gum at the commands, and she takes her good old time getting up and moving over to the wall. Yondu has known Quill since he was a kid, right? He's been through this rebellious teen crap before. "Blue really isn't your color" she snaps at him as she takes her spot and raises her hands with a smirk.

Serenity makes her way to the wall along with Kitty and Becky, but she isn't paying attention to that any longer, she's focusing on the voices. She quietly analyzes them for emotions and other possible data about the people talking.

Kathy puts her hand into her fanny pack again. She pulls out a steel pin and tries to hide behind Doug as she raises it toward her mouth.

Doug quickly retracts his tendrils, severing his connection with the Milano, and moves along with the rest of the group. As he appears to be complying a small projection forms on his shoulder as he creates an antenna to scan the signal from the tech bracelet and then begins to record the biometric data as soon as he detects the signal.

Nobe smiles approvingly, and presses a signal on his own bracelet, which is also on his blaster hand so he's able to keep covering the apparently helpless bridge crew. Four more Ravagers beam over. Two of them start hefting an unconscious body, two others look at Yondu, who gestures them aft "See what you can find," he says. He himself has picked up a Funko Yoda "Pop" figure that Peter seems to have got a hold of somewhere.

Peter lifts his hand as if to protest, but grits his teeth and puts his hand down again.

Becky is starting to sense something unusual from Nobe. Something not quite up front about his intentions.

Becky speaks softly "Professor Pryde, that one is shifty.. up to something" She motions her head at Nobe. She stays back, happy her body is see through, confident in it since that weapon passed through her. Kitty blinks and her eyes flick around. "Okay" She exhales and shifts "Prolly just a bad guy vibe" She says softly. But the balster is still in her hand, lifted slightly towards Nobe.

"Dude. Taking another man's Yoda is totally uncool. Seriously," Ellie says as if that should be something everyone knows automatically. "It's like part of the Bro Code. Do you really not know the Bro Code?"

Note: At some point in this mess, Milano has disappeared and is nowhere to be seen.

Serenity presses her face into her hands as if she is crying as she continues to listen and take in the voices of the intruders.

With the steel pin swallowed, Kathy's skin begins to change colors as she shifts from coppery to steel.

While continuing to record and monitor the biometrics, considering good looping moments, Doug says, ":I don't believe he does, Negas,:" regarding the Bro Code question.

Yondu says to Negasonic and Doug, "I only know one code, the Pirate Way."

"HIGH AND DRY!" yells Yondu, in unison with his other crew, who are still gathering their crewmates from the bridge. Laughter follows.

The two ravagers that are exploring the ship can be heard ransacking rooms. Occasionally a quieter version of the teleportation sound is heard. As they make their way to the cargo hold, they fade from all but Serenity's hearing.

Peter rolls his eyes, "Oh look, irony. We've got a sophisticated pirate here, folks. That was the first lesson he taught young Star-Lord, and had it echoed back to him later. Now he's giving it back to me." odd that he's referring to himself in the third person.

Nobe's eyes flick in Kathy's direction, but he seems a bit distracted, watching the operation and his captives carefully.

Becky shifts, eyes glancing at Nobe and shifting to always keep kitty between herself and the bad man. "Something is gonna happen, he's anxious" Kitty flicks her eyes to Nobe, then Yondu. Kitty shifts and states "Well, something is coming, or planned. Your goons are twitchier then a cat listening to a violin. I can only hope it's mutiny"

"And what's in that code?" Negasonic asks. "Bad teeth and space scurvy?" She is watching the players carefully, eyes moving between the Ravagers and her teammates.

Serenity quietly throws her voice and tries to mimic Nobe's voice from hearing it earlier. "When do I get to blast them Boss?"

Kathy shifts slowly from one foot to the other as her body slowly finishes transforming from one material to the other.

Standing still, Doug takes advantage of the time to enterface with the ship again. He sets up a jamming field within the room while broadcasting a looped rebroadcast of the biometric recording. After a few moments to confirm nothing is happening immediately he says, ":Get the students in space suits, Kitty! Jamming the signal right now,:" as he reforms the blaster he was using earlier and fires at Yondu.

Several things happen at once. At Kitty's taunt, Nobe stiffens and frowns at her. His hand goes for the button on his own wrist bracelet. Kitty lunges, but contact is made first, also before Doug's jamming signal goes live. Kitty's phased hand closes on the bracelet, and it sparks and the smell of burnt electronics comes. Nobe's going nowhere.

But it's too late. The remaining conscious crew members vanish. Yondu spins, "What the hell, Nobe?" and there's murder in his eyes… for about a second, then he's dropped by Douglock's blast.

Peter dashes for the pilot's seat and starts testing controls frantically. "Doug, see if you can reactivate Milano! We've got to get the shields…"

Peter's words are cut off as fresh barrage of energy slams into the ship. This one apparently took out the gravity, and everyone suddenly feels that roller coaster moment before beginning to drift.

Kitty lifts her blaster to Nobe's head and glares "Just try to…" Then a yelp as the ship lurches, her hand ripped from Becky's. She is sent staggering across the cockpit. She stays phased and her body slides through the air. She walks trying get her balance.

Negasonic tumbles ass over teakettle in the zero G. "Sonovabitch! Do we need space helmets!? Our uniforms have a "Ready for Space" don't they? I mean the damn Kree need an ass kicking every other week!" She pushes off towards the back of the space. "If you can get me a helmet maybe I can….maybe I can go out there and be our uh, boosters or something." Gulp. And not explosively decompress hopefully.

As she feels herself beginning to float, Kathy launches herself off the floor toward Nobe as she stretches out steel hands toward the enemy.

Meanwhile the sudden loss of gravity makes Serenity nauseous again and she staggers then floats off as she claps her hand over her mouth.

Physically Doug freezes. Mentally he dives into the computer system and finds the kernel and kick starts Milano's AI. ("Your captain is worried about you,") he says in cyberspace as he helps the computer mentality get up to speed on the past few minutes with a quick data dump.

In real space, Doug's voice - under the control of his fork urRamsey - says, ":The Milano's AI is revived, working on the shields,:" after a quick instruction ping sent from his primary.

Kathy collides with Nobe, and the two of them smash into a wall. *Klonk* That about does it for him. Milano appears again, slightly flickery. "Damage report, please!" Peter calls out—but before she can answer, a crackle of communication comes from Yondu's wrist. "You there, Yondu…?" says a deep voice. "Domon here… sorry about dis, but I think it's high time for a change of management. So… high and dry and bye!" there's a click sound, but voices continue. The voice of the mutinous commander says, "Engage engines, we're out of here." a pause. "Well??!" another pause, "The command codes are locked down." a frightened voice responds, "and…" *pause*

Domon: "WHAT?! The frightened voice responds, "…and trying to override locked down the weapons." A furious yell in response, stopped by Domon saying "Hey, dis thing's still on." *Fzzt* Peter looks like a lightbulb went off in his head. He pulls himself over to Yondu, and takes the wrist bracelet off, holding it in his hand.

"Hey… got an idea. Serenity, you think you can mimic Nobe, and convince your new buddy Domon that you're still alive and would REALLY like to come back to the ship?" He starts fastening the device to his own wrist.

Becky squeals and runs for a corner "I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die"

Kitty exhales slightly as there are not bad guy on the ship awake. She walks her phase making moving easier. She looks to Peter and blinks "What.. no" She walks over and grabs for the wristband. Peter and Kitty start to tussle over it. She hisses "You are not.." She blinks as his arm lifts the bracelet high over his head, his other hand on her head. She sighs "Really, sometimes I feel like you don't know me. She partially phases, her head passing though his hand and she steps up and air and snatches the bracelet, pressing it to her skin. She looks at Serenity and nods.

Serenity drops her hand from her mouth and focuses. "I can try." She still looks a little green but focusing on changing her voice helps her ignore her stomach. "Hey Domon! Get me out of here!" It's not perfect. She's not heard him speak enough but if you imagine he's gotten a wound that has him in pain it works.

Kathy rebounds off of the wall and floats across the cockpit.

Inside the ship's computer Doug finds the glitch in the shield coding system and reactivates it. As he does so, urRamsay says - from Douglock's body and in his voice - ":Shields should be back online now.:"

Peter sighs, and says, "Hold on with the shields just yet."… and Kitty vanishes in a teleport. Peter floats for a moment, watching everyone, and then relaxes into a smile. "Try to find something to hang onto for a few minutes. This should be interesting. Oh, we also should probably restrain our guests. Babe!" he calls to Milano, "Play something Kitty likes." Not a moment later, a tune begins. Groove is in the Heart by Dee-Lite.

After about twenty seconds, the first thing to happen, is a pile of stolen belongings reappears on the bridge, with a teleport beacon placed nicely on top.

Becky looks around, eyes wide, then out the canopy at the other ship. She looks around a bit of shock settling in. She scrambles her hand clinging to a wall.

Serenity closes her eyes and begins to hum along with the song in hopes this will distract her from the urge to hurl.

":Doug is working on getting the sensors online again now,:" urRamsay says in Douglock's voice while…

In the computer Doug is working with the Milano's AI to reinitialize the ship's sensors.

":And there they are,:" urRamsey says a moment later.

Milano says, dancing a little bit herself, "Scanning the pirate vessel. Fifteen life signs, one of them is Miss Kitty. Three are unconscious." she pauses her movements, "Make that five. Impressive."

Peter just grins and works his way over to Yondu, using some rope found in the pirate's own gear to tie him up, and secure him to a bracket.

NOTE: Direct RP ended at this point. Summary of events afterward:

Kitty rampages through the Ravager vessel, with the others getting occasional evidence of her work. After a little while, she captures the bridge and signals the Milano.
Yondu's release is negotiated and he returns to his ship. Milano gets back everything the Ravagers took. Yondu is careful who he wakes up first to make sure he is firmly in control of his crew again and stuffs all mutineers in a makeshift brig.
Kitty is transported back on board, and when Yondu signals his departure, Peter has a parting conversation explaining how he is not the original Star-Lord that crossed paths with Yondu before. Yondu tells Peter he'd better stay out of Ravager business from now on, and their ship leaves.
Because the antigravs are out, Peter explains they'll have to land the ship the old-fashioned way. He takes over the helm seat and everyone is strapped in.
Negasonic gets Peter in touch with NASA. He gets their attention by using his old credentials, and after some discussion he's arranged for them to receive landing assistance to White Sands Space Harbor in New Mexico. The landing area is evacuated and cleared. Peter begins the difficult task of using retro-rockets and thrusters to perform a re-entry.
(musical cue: Gravity by Dennis DeYoung.)
Peter engages the trainee crew to give him instrument readings or support from the various other stations, as some of Milano's automation has been disabled.
After an exciting and tense descent through the atmosphere, with much shaking and the glow of the heat shields giving the cockpit a dramatic lighting, the ship makes it below the clouds and comes to a landing.
They stay in New Mexico for a day or so, as the technical minded among them work on repairing the antigravs and most of the automation. Kitty gets lodging for everyone in the nearest town. Peter narrowly avoids serious difficulty when the USAF base commander brought him into the office, and found himself in a conference call with the assistant director of NASA. She wanted Quill to answer not only for this incident, but for Peter-616's theft of a Kree Warbird years earlier. When he explains about how he shifted in from another dimension, the assistant director threw her hands up in frustration, snarled at the amount of paperwork this was going to cause, and agreed with the base commander to bury the incident and send Peter on his way.
Everyone climbed on board the newly repaired Milano, took stations, and the ship floated into clear blue skies to head back home to Westchester.
(musical cue: Magic by Pilot.)

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