(2017-01-17) Vibranium Hunt
Vibranium Hunt
Summary: Princess Shuri of Wakanda enlists the Lady of Thunder's help in capturing and returning stolen vibranium.
Date: 2017-01-17
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Scene Runner: Shuri
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Lower Manhattan, Financial District and Seaport — New York City
When most people think of Downtown Manhattan, this is what they're thinking of. Skyscrapers block the sun, turning the streets into the familiar glass- and steel-walled canyons. The Financial District serves as a magnet for daytime traders and office workers; the buildings of Battery Park City are a twenty-to-forty-story sea of orange brick. Battery Park itself, named after the artillery sited there during the Revolutionary War, provides an expanse of green right down to the shoreline from which the Statue of Liberty can be seen.

The Financial District and Lower Manhattan are dense with landmarks and significant buildings; among them are Federal Hall, the fort and national monument Castle Clinton, The New York Stock Exchange, the National Museum of the American Indian, and the ferries to the aforementioned Statue and Ellis Island.
To the southeast, one will find the South Street Seaport. The Seaport is one of the biggest tourist destinations in New York - in, at least, that it covers the most space. The area features some of the oldest architecture in Manhattan, much of it renovated and still in use; the preservation goes so far as to include a section of cobblestone street, lined with shops, bars, and restaurants. Most of the shops are admittedly high-end chain stores, hideously overpriced, or both. The top floor of Pier 17, a three-story mall, is crowded by cafes offering the best view of the East River, the museum ships, and the nearby Brooklyn Bridge.

This area also houses the Civic Center, the heart of New York's government. Tourists may be inclined to pass by City Hall, the Municipal Building, the Hall of Records, and most of the city's courthouses, but nonetheless, this is where the city is actually run.

RP Begins
The docks and shipyards of New York City are some of the most active in the entire world, and they never sleep; they are never still. Twenty-four hours a day, ships come in, cargo is moved, and ships go out. In the midst of that humming hub of activity, a figure in matte black crouches on the top of a stack of shipping containers, watching the activity, even as one hand continues to manipulate bits of a dully glowing hologram projected down front. Lenses over the eyes with ultra-advanced optics and sensors feed more and more data to the woman in question, as she evaluates more data presented by the Kimoyo card's holograms. Down there is the ship she has been waiting on. The one she believes is carrying a small shipment of stolen vibranium that has been smuggled out of Wakanda. And Princess Shuri of Wakanda is here in her brother's stead to bring those smugglers to justice and see that precious resource returned to her people.

"I would ask how it is you knew how to contact me, but I suspect I wouldn't understand." There are numerous options. Likely? Shuri just used the Kimiyo Card and somehow tracked a frequency Thor was operating on. After all, she worked with a group of people during the Battleworld events. She had a comm thing in her ear at that point. Notably she does not show up in a flash of lightning, crouching as she gets close to Shuri. "Care to explain this?"

The crouching Black Panther doesn't even flinch at the other woman's sudden voice. She just points down at one of the ships currently docked and off-loading cargo. "My brother's people tracked a stolen shipment of vibranium to that ship before it left port in Nambia, but too late to get clearance to take action there. As we are a landlocked country, Wakanda does not have a navy. But we do have satellites, and we have tracked the ship to here. There were no signs of an at-sea rendezvous, so we believe the stolen vibranium is being off-loaded here. I am waiting, scanning every parcel and container to come off the ship, waiting for confirmation. Then we can move in, seize the vibranium, and take out anyone stupid enough to resist us." Given the incredible value of vibranium, one can assume someone will be stupid enough to resist, trying to get away with it despite being caught.

Unseen, behind her helmet, Thor's eyebrows lift. "Very well," she murmurs. "Let me know what you find." She remains crouched. Hopefully her colourful costume doesn't send off alarm bells with anyone who may be watching below. It wouldn't do any good for the two of them to lose the element of surprise.

Shuri didn't bother trying to explain how she figured out how to reach Thor; she doesn't explain now, and likely won't unless she is asked. A few moments later and the black-clad figure crouches a bit more upright. "There. The reading is muted - probably tried to shield the container with lead, but not enough. But that container definitely has vibranium particles."
Shuri taps the Kimooyo card and continues manipulation, and suddenly the feed from her lenses is being projected in the hologram, for Thor to see. That should help the Asgardian heroine to pick out which 'there' Shuri means, as it includes all the readings from her heads-up display parameters, including the vibranium signature detections. "Let's let them get off the ship and see where they try to take it, at least until they get to a vehicle. I assume you can actually fly, rather than simply falling impressively out of the sky?" The old Thor could, so it seems like a good assumption.
Shuri is figuring a flying Thor will make less noise than a clambering one, while she herself is pretty good at the stealthy movement game. She proves this by slinking off, leaping from one container to another, tracking the container in question, just after she turns off and tucks away her Kimoyo card. Off they go!

Thor looks at the hologram, then back out to the dock, nodding. She spins Mjolnir around in one hand and then is just -airborne-, looking down on it all from above. With her free hand, she taps the comm unit in her ear. « I'll let you make the first move, Panther. This is your mission for your country and your people, after all. » Even if she could just drop down and make it easy. She knows and understand the measure of pride involved here.

Absolute proof that girl Thor is awesome! She understands! *ahem* Sorry. Overexcited, there.
Shuri scampers and leaps from container to container, nodding to acknowledge the communication channel. She makes very sure to keep a clear line of sight on the container in question, until it stops as it is being lowered into the trunk of a car that has been pulled in amongst the cargo containers, where passenger vehicles generally aren't allowed.
Shuri makes sure to get stills of the vehicle and its license plate, before she moves.
Then the Black Panther leaps … and lands on the roof of the car with a slam which is muted by the vibranium in her boots. "Halt, in the name of Wakanda!" she shouts, one hand on hip, the other pointing imperiously towards the smugglers at the trunk. Then she hops down onto the trunk, slamming the lid shut with the container inside, while putting herself right on top of the men who just put it there.
Of course, these goons aren't totally incompetent. They managed to steal the stuff, get it out of Wakanda, and get it aboard an international cargo ship and out to sea without getting caught. They're not going to just give it up.
That would be too smart.
"She's not the Panther. It's a girl, get her!" One of them shouts, and out come the weapons. This is going to get messy. And it sounds like the engine to the car Shuri is standing on just started revving up as well …

That's when a certain hammer appears as though from nowhere. It slams into one firearm after the other, knocking the guns from the hands of the men before returning to Thor's outstretched hand. The Goddess of Thunder slowly lands, as though trying to make an impression (and let's be honest, she probably is), putting herself in front of the vehicle that's revving its engine. "I believe you have something you stole from the people of Wakanda," she intones, eyes narrowing. "I suggest you offer to return it."

And just like that, what could have been a fight turns into … not a fight. The car pretty much bumps up against Thor's knees and doesn't move. That's enough impetus for Black Panther to leap out, grabbing one man and twisting him into a zip-tied pretzel, and move from one to the next in rapid order. SHe's not taking chances.
"Thank you, Goddess of Thunder." Shuri offers, with a nod. Then she shoves the men up against the car and comes around to seize the driver. "What say you, gentlemen? Aren't you going to thank Thor for the fact that I no longer have a reason to shoot you, or claw you into pieces?"

It would be a pretty big lie for Thor not to admit to herself how much she enjoys what her arrival on a scene can do to the crooks in charge. Oh sure, she's 'not Thor' - not the one they knew - but after proving herself time and again, word has started to spread around that she was just as tough as the original. "My pleasure. I enjoy being the one to inspire reason in those whose senses have temporarily fled."

Shuri hops back up onto the trunk of the car, peering intently at the men now that they have been captured, making sure to grab solid images of each one for Wakanda's records. Then she touches the Kimoyo card, which then calls the NYPD and summons them to come make the arrests official. "You should enjoy it. I would have to say it is a great public service you supply. Far better to intimidate them into making sense than to allow them to get themselves hurt."
The Black Panther waits for the NYPD before cutting open the trunk and then opening the container inside, revealing the vibranium, confirming the charges against them.
"The nation of Wakanda owes you a debt, Princess of Thunder. Thank you."

Thor has to get a look. If only because she's never really seen vibranium before. From there, she shakes her head slightly. "Wakanda owes me nothing," she insists. "Your thanks is more than enough." She starts to spin Mjolnir for a moment, then holds off. "Shall I wait for the police along with you?" Her thinking being that her statement could be valuable as evidence. Hopefully? "I could offer transport to wherever you need, afterwards."

"If you did not mind waiting with me, Thor, I would welcome your company." And her statement to the police. Shuri settles in comfortably. "I would not mind the company on the flight, of course. But it might be easier to fly with my Talon jet. You would be welcome aboard, of course." Easier to talk that way, right?

It takes Thor perhaps a moment to realize that the Panther is offering to take her to Wakanda. Or at least, that's how she is interpreting it. Eyebrows lift behind the helmet. "I think perhaps I will accept that offer. I have never seen a Talon jet," she says, allowing a brief small in Shuri's direction.

Shuri nods. "That sounds just fine, Thor. You should see the Talon jet shortly." That said, Shuri taps on her bracer controls for a bit, while they wait for the NYPD.

Once the NYPD has come and gone - along with the criminals in question, and the evidence of their perfidity - the Black Panther steps to the side of their staging area, gesturing with Thor to join her. A minute or so later, a sleekly impressive night-black A-frame vessel decloaks, hovering VTOL on vectored thrust thirty or so feet above the ground. The aircraft then vectors itself down to the deck as landing struts descend from briefly opened ports in the belly of the plane. The plane lands, and its side opens as a ramp descends to the ground, all the while Shuri continues to manipulate something with the controls built into her bracer.

"This, Thor, is Talon Baker-zero-one. My jet. Welcome aboard, Princess of Thunder."

Thor's eyes go wide, though how obvious that is - well, her eyes are completely black. It makes it hard to tell. "Please, Thor is fine," she murmurs. Thor doesn't go into the jet until Shuri does. She does not want to be impolite. "Is this jet… common issue in Wakanda?" The cloaking, well, that's pretty impressive. /Really/ impressive. "I don't think I've seen its like before."

"For the Dora Milajae and the royal family, yes." Shuri answers. She leads the way up the ramp and into the vessel. It is bigger than a fighter, but not quite a bomber, and definitely built upon the sleek lines and impressive agility of a fighter even with its greater size. It could likely carry a complement of twelve, along with their gear. "This one is mine." Yep. Shuri has her own personal, private team-sized hypersonic stealth aircraft.

First world problems.

Thor's feet clomp as she enters behind the Wakandan Princess. Blame the boots. "Forgive me - perhaps I misunderstood. Are you taking me to Wakanda?" she frowns, furrowing her brow. "I have no desire to see you receive some kind of punishment…" She was under the impression outsiders weren't allowed, after all. "Or have I misunderstood…?" Her gaze flits over the woman in front of her for a long moment.

Shuri cannot help chuckling softly at Thor, shaking her head slightly. "I am the crown princess and former Queen, Thor. I can bring a guest home whenever I like." She doesn't have to answer to anyone, save perhaps her brother and her mother. "And yes, Thor. I was inviting you to visit Wakanda, to take credit for helping with the recapture of our stolen vibranium and the capture and prosecution of those responsible for violating our people and our borders." She pauses to bring up the ramp behind them before making her way towards one of the bench seats, where she secures the container of vibranium, and then unlatches her mask and peels it up and back over her head. "Your predecessor certainly visited often enough to take credit for his help to our people. Why shouldn't you do the same?"

Her lips form a 'wow', betraying that professional veneer she really tries for. And then Thor allows a broader, warmer smile. "I'll accept again, then." Her gaze flickers over Shuri once the mask is gone. She isn't sure, though she tries, and the helmet does come off. It sort of 'poofs' again until she needs it. Her eyes are still black, her hair thick and blonde (obviously). "Then I will leave the piloting to you."

"You would be welcome to join me in the cockpit. It will make socializing easier than if you stay back here." Shuri offers, before she climbs into the pilot's couch and straps in, running through a checklist on her controls and systems. "Flight Control Northeast, this is Wakanda Talon Baker Zero One, requesting priority flight path and clearance for hypersonic corridor. Departure coordinates to follow. Please notify when Foxtrot-Alpha-Alpha clearance has been granted."

As might be expected, all of the controls are in Wakandan, although since they are based on tablet-style touchscreen interfaces, they can probably be reconfigured to English with a few keystrokes.

"As you wish," Thor replies with a smile. She approaches the cockpit and takes the seat. Oh sure, she looks over the control. While most of the time languages would be easy for Thor, she peers down at the written Wakandan language cluelessly. Hunh. Well, it serves to teach her something new. Apparently All-Speak is very literally that: speech. Still, she shrugs and leans back. "I know next to nothing about technology and this… this is all very impressive."

Shuri offers another smile to Thor, as she finishes her preparations for departure, checking on all of her systems and subsystems. "Well, I would be lying if I said that displeases me." she admits. "After all, part of Wakandan diplomacy has long been making sure we impress our neighbors with our capabilities." And she's not kidding.

Once the comm traffic relays that their clearance has been granted, Shuri pauses a moment with Thor to acknowledge them, and then takes the controls as the plane lifts off smoothly, brings up and seals its landing gear, and then rotates its vectored thrust and takes flight. The cloaking systems then come online, as the plane quickly climbs altitude on a least-time flight path towards international airspace, picking up speed as she goes until translating into hypersonic velocities. It's all quite smooth, though there's more sensation of movement than a passenger jet.

"I am glad that you are impressed, Thor." Shuri offers, resuming their talk. "If you would like, I can reconfigure your controls and readouts to English, or whatever other language you prefer. I believe we eve have an Asgardian linguistics overlay, but I confess I did not yet confirm that."

"That is all right," Thor assures. She takes a moment to look over the Wakandan Princess, and settles into the seat for a brief second… and then is leaning one way or the other, using the fact that she doesn't have to worry about flying herself to take a glance down and around. "It's always an interesting view," she murmurs.

"What is?" Shuri inquires, a mite distractedly, while she is piloting the aircraft. She is paying close attention to her piloting, given she is currently flying at transsonic speeds. As such, she's a bit slow to respond to non-critical non-flight related stimuli and conversation. But she isn't ignoring the blonde woman beside her by any means.

"The view in general," Thor replies. She understands the distraction. "I can fly and see all of this on my own, and yet… the view never stops being amazing, interesting." She turns her head slightly, flashing the Princess a little smile. "Forgive me. I am being distracting, and you're trying to fly the jet."

"If I truly needed you to stop distracting me, I'd say something. You're fine." Shuri offers. Still, it's a mite delayed, but not quite as distracted. She's engaged, and not nearly as snarky or bitchy as she can often be. "You're right, though. The view is amazing. I do not get to look around much when I am piloting, but I do look some, and it always takes my breath away. Flying like this … it makes the world seem so much more …" She doesn't finish that word, whatever it may have been.

"Perhaps one day I should take you flying myself," Thor offers, consideringt he possibilities. "Give you the opportunity to look." Despite Shuri's words, Thor does not want to even possibly distract her, and so she falls silent. Enjoying the view on her own. Perhaps when they land, she'll ask the Princess questions. Because no doubt, as they approach Wakanda, she will see things. And she will want to know what those features of the land are.

"I … have never been 'held' by someone flying before. That would be rather different." Shuri offers. "But I might take you up on the chance, Thor."

At these ludicrous speeds, it's not much more than an hour later when Shuri starts talking in Wakandan. "< This is Talon Baker Zero One on approach vector from North America. Authorization Whiskey Actual Zero Two. Repeat: Authorization Whiskey Actual Zero Two. Request priority clearance Birnan Zana field. Descending to Angels Twenty in sixty seconds to begin landing procedures, reducing speed to subsonic. Please confirm clearance. >"

Just a minute later, and the plane starts descending. Shuri doesn't drop it precipitously out of the sky, but it's quite a descent from their almost exo-atmospheric rapid flight. They're also slowing down a lot, which enables a much better view as they start approaching south-eastern central Africa. Wakanda.

As they approach the Golden City and fly overhead, there's quite a lot of that unique architecture to see, their incredible technology and their uniquely African sensibilities. And the panthers, everywhere. And then the airfield, including the six - yes, six - escort fighters that surround the plane.

"I'll keep that in mind," Thor replies, a little after she realizes Shuri has spoken to her. Each of those sights she spots as the jet descends from the sky is committed to memory. Thor intends to ask about this country that has been gracious enough to allow her entry. Even if that entry comes via the Princess. "Is there anything I should know before we land?"

"Most important thing is, let me exit first. They will be tense. Even with this being a Wakandan jet, we do not often get visitors. Once they see me, they will relax a bit. Give it five seconds, perhaps, then follow down the ramp? And do not reach for the case. Given the theft …" Shuri doesn't bother to finish that explanation. She continues chatting in Wakandan as she confirms clearance and then finally lands the agile VTOL jet. The others land all around the Talon, noses aimed towards the Talon. And more guards arrive at a quick hop to surround the planes.

Once they are landed, Shuri unbuckles her harness and stands, then lifts her mask, pushing it up and back to the back of her neck, exposing her face. Then she picks up the case of vibranium, and heads for the rear of the plane and the ramp, which descends after she pushes the button.

Shuri walks down the ramp to be greeted, tensely, by the guards, turning over the case of vibranium. "< Tell my brother that everything that was reported stolen ahs been returned. And I have brought a guest. >" This last is offered just as Thor starts descending the ramp. The guards stay alert, but no one aims at Thor. Their eyes widen a good bit, though, as they realize that this is … not the Thor they've seen before.

The requests make sense enough. Thor nods. She waits for Shuri to make every move first, only unbuckling her harness and standing once Shuri has done so. She takes a moment then to make sure Mjolnir is tied to her belt, well within view, but clearly not in her hands - ie, not threatening.

She nods politely, greeting each guard that is 'daring' enough to make eye contact with her. The widened eyes do make her grin inwardly. For some reason, THor just cannot get enough of those reactions. Everyone keeps expecting the Odinson. She doesn't blame them, but… the reaction is still funny.

The guards do meet Thor's eyes, and then continue to keep themselves tuned in and alert to their surroundings. Once they have secured the vibranium in its case, three of them head off in one of the vehicles that have approaches, while three more - two women and one man - move into a triangle formation around Shuri and her guest.

"This way, Thor. I would like to show you the Palace, if you do not mind? And perhaps then the museum and libraries." And so much more. Shuri guides subtly and gently, more by presence and intent than any physical direction, as they make their way to a visibly armored hovervan. The guards peel off to surround the entrance to the van, and then climb in after the VIPs are aboard, as they head into the city, now at a much slower pace, giving Thor plenty of chances to take in the sights, the architecture, the sounds and art and wonder of the Golden City, and with time to ask questions of her hostess as they go.

"Of course. Lead the way." Thor follows, because hey. Visitor, strange land. Also she recognizes that customs here are vastly different than she is familiar with, so it's best to play nice and not make any assumptions. She will, definitely, ask questions as they progress through the sights and sounds of the city. Asking what that music is, or that building. The things that catch Thor's eye are as varied as they are numerous. More than once she wishes she had a camera, though she recognizes photos might not even be allowed, for the sake of the privacy of Wakanda.

Shuri actually makes sure that as they drive through the city, she gently but firmly directs the driver to change course, giving Thor a bit more of a tour of the sights and wonders of the city, and makes a point of answering those questions. As usual, Shuri isn't exactly the happy bright and smiling sort, but she takes deep and unabashed pride in her country and her people, and she wants to share the wonder of both with her guest. In her view, at least, Lady Thor has earned guest-right and respect here, and Shuri is determined to see she gets it.

And Thor is one to ask many, many questions. She is curious about this country she has only ever heard of in distant ways in the news. She leans over, carefully as need be, to stare out the window into the city in curiosity. Shuri is given periodic glances as she explains or narrates as need be. "Forgive my unabashed admiration," she murmurs. "This is unlike any city I have seen."

Shuri offers a soft chuckle at that and shakes her head. "Forgive? Thor, I am flattered and pleased by your admiration, not displeased. I am happy - no, I am proud - to share my country's beauties and wonders with you." It's a rather gushing statement from a woman who is always so reserved and aloof. "You helped my people. The least we could do, the least I can do, is share much of this with you."

Thor smiles. "You could have simply thanked me, retrieved the Vibranium, and returned home. I wouldn't have thought any more or less on it," she points out. "But I thank your generosity. And your kindness." Another smile and Thor leans back. It's hard to get used to just how much.. bigger she is since she held the hammer. Still getting used to it. "This city is so different from the American ones I have seen."

"And well that it should be. This is a city - the capital city - of Wakanda, a landlocked nation of south-eastern Africa that has never been conquered or dominated in its storied history." Shuri offers, with a preening pride that would be unseemly … except it is not in herself, but in her people and their history. "Naturally, this is a city far different from any you will see, almost anywhere else in the world. And I decided to share that with you." Far more than just a 'thanks' and a poof.

"I am honored." Ah, if it were only possible she could show Shuri Asgard. But that wouldn't be /entirely/ honest, now would it? Not that it matters, really. She doesn't think so. "I know… I know it wouldn't look like an American city, but…" she gestures around. "It looks so unlike any city! Every city I have seen, oh yes, things are different, but they're always living at odds with the environment…"

At least Shuri has enough tact - if barely - not to say 'and well you should be!'. Instead, she just continues gushing happily, with aplomb. "Yes. That too is a part of the purity of our culture, and the long-standing wisdom that remains. We have not been conquered, not even by the advancing technologies of the 'first world', as many of our sister nations in Africa have been. And so, our people have not been encouraged to forget their roots, their history, that ancient wisdom. They and our technical accumen have been a part of us from the beginning, growing together, into a society that has always embraced working with nature, being a cooperative part of it, rather than dominating it."

Quietly, Thor watches the Princess gush. She offers no comment, just nodding when appropriate to show she understands. A million questions run through her head, and none of them get asked. She recognizes that asking would only show how profoundly ignorant she is about the area, about Wakanda, its history and people. She is sure there are good answers for her questions, but they can wait, and she does not want to upset the good mood.

Shuri gives Thor a good tour, and lots of information, and then at last they arrive at the palace, she gives Thor a little tour, and a chance to meet her mother, Ramonda. She shows off art displays and libraries, and then she feeds Thor, a meal shared with Ramonda and several other ministers and members of the Dora Milajae. It is late that night when Shuri finally takes Thor back to the airfield and flies her back to New York, with the thanks of a grateful Wakanda.

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