(2017-02-13) Too Many Tentacles
Too Many Tentacles
Summary: On the way home from an international flight, Amanda has another run in with the thing from the other dimension. Wonder Man comes to the rescue.
Date: 2017-02-13
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An evening arrival home from a long international flight has Amanda arriving home in a cab. A traffic backup causes the young sorceress to tell the driver to let her out up the street since walking is actually faster and she can see her building from there. For once, she's not looking for trouble, but she always does seem to find it though.

An evening on the Upper East side. What's an Avenger to do? Wonder Man was quite casually floating, hovering above some of the trees in Central Park. The night was young, and he didn't need sleep. So, the idea was to observe whatever was going and causing the traffic jam.

In this case the traffic jam is caused by a perfectly normal accident, but things start to get a little hairy as the young blonde makes her way down the sidewalk toward Silver Crest. As she passes the alley between two buildings a Line of light splits the air. The young sorceress just has time to say something very complimentary in German before her travel bag clatters to the sidewalk as a giant tentacle lifts her off her feet. Unfortunately a couple of other people near her get snatches up as well.

And it just so happens that the yelps and cries for help caught the attention of the Avenger. And like a rocket, Wonder Man flew towards the commotion. Stopping in midair, he surveyed the situation and gasped. Tentacles! But from where?

In order to protect the people who have been caught with her, Amanda allows the tentacles to drag her nearer to the rift as she summons a blade of fire in the air and directs it toward one of the other tentacles.

Whoa! There's a woman with a burning sword and a… glowing rift, as well? Better intervene quick. Wonder Man zoomed forth, utilizing his sturdy frame to try to sever one of those nasty tentacles - the one wrapped about Amanda, to be precise! Yes, he was using his body like an enormous bullet. "That's no way to treat a lady!"

Amanda Sefton throws the fiery blade which severs one of the other tentacles and then Wonder Man severs the tentacle holding her and she drops to the ground. Tentacle sizzles as the fire cuts through it and faintly luminescent green blood goes everywhere. "Get that man before it kills him."

On the move, the very fast Wonder man worked to grab that tentacle, and just tear it right in half before floating to try to catch, and free, the ensnared fellow. "Don't worry, buddy. Rough time after work, huh?" He gave a salute to Amanda, his hands covered in green goo and bits of tentacle. Ew.

As Amanda summons another fiery blade and strides toward the rift, her flight attendant's uniform vanishes and in its place is a costume of shimmery purple fabric. She swings the sword toward yet another tendril as her left hand begins to draw a sigil in the air. Toward the rift she calls out, "Okay I get it. You're using me as an anchor to draw yourself here. I am not cooperating!"

Seeing the woman draw sigils in midair impressed Simon, who - for the time being - focused on trying to keep the thing's attention, by providing himself a strong and annoying target. Punching tentacles. Setting people three. Giving snappy patter.

Several tentacles shoot out of the rift to try and entangle Simon as a bolt of energy shoots out of Amanda's hand toward the rift. Now that she is focused on attempting to close the rift, yet another tentacle reaches out to try and grab her as well, drawing her closer to the rift.

Leave it to Wonder Ma-oh, crap. That's too many tentacles. Simon had to fight against them, but physics was not in his favor when he's got six nasty tendrils ensnaring his sculpted frame! So… Refusing to be pulled in, he started to pull back, himself. "Oh, no you don't!"

As Simon pulls back the tentacles pull out of the rift rather than letting go, "NO!" Amanda cries, "You can't help it come through! That's what it wants." Her fiery sword vanishes as the right hand joins the left in the attempt to manipulate the rift closed.

"Oh? Well, darn it." Simon then just tried to twirl his arms, to sort of corscrew two of the bigger tentacles, and then he sought to wrap them together, to begin tangling. Then, using his own ionic propulsion, he sought to fly, fighting against the tendrils that still had him ensnared - to try to knot the rest of them together. "What is this thing!?"

Whatever the thing with the tendrils is, it tries to eliminate both its enemies by swinging Amanda at Simon. This draws a quick shriek of surprise before she manages, "64 million dollar question." The rift flares a little wider as she is briefly stopped from working to close it.

The thing about super heroes is some of their uncanny ability to catch damsels, or vice versa. "Whoa! You okay?" he asked, as he still tried to twist free of those other tentrils. He was incredibly strong, but these tentacles were pesky!

Amanda Sefton grunts just a little as she hits Simon and then is caught. "I'll be fine. I think." She turns and directs the energy bolts back at the rift which slowly begins to close. "I'm Amanda…" She drops the talking in favor of muttering something arcane under her breath.

"Simon," Wonder man responded as he managed to get an arm free, and started punching at the various tendrils, and tearing at them. "These things sure are grabby, huh?"

Finally the rift snaps closed and the tendrils fall loose as they are severed from whatever they belonged to. Amanda falls limp against Simon as the tendril drops her.

Wonder Man caught her easily, and he descended. Did the tendrils remain solid, or did they vanish as the portal finished being shut? "Are you okay?" he asked the woman in purple, staring at her past his sunglasses.

The tendrils collapse is a gooey mess of dead meat and stinking green blood. "Not entirely," mutters Amanda. "Wait… Simon. Didn't I meet you while I was recovering from these things after Grand Central?"

"I think, maybe? I meet so many people, please don't be offended if I've forgotten you!" he said sheepishly. "Are you sure you're okay? You went a little limp there, for a second." His shoes finally touched the bare ground. "Whew."

Amanda Sefton leans heavily against him once they are on the ground again. "Just.. exhausted. It's getting harder and harder to fight that thing."

He frowned, and he - very carefully - rubbed her back. "Should we call someone? Strange, maybe? Anyone? If you've been handling this thing all on your own, all this time…"

Amanda Sefton sighs, "I don't suppose you could fly me back to my apartment? I need some rest. I have a nice balcony I can point out for you."

"Easily!" Simon says, quite cheerfully. "It's no problem at all. All I ask is permission to use your bathroom. I need to wash my hands." As they were covered in green slime.

Amanda Sefton lays her head on his shoulder as he flies up. She points to her balcony on the outside of the nearby Silver Crest apartment building. "Of course. My bathroom is at your disposal. You can even use the bath if you like."

"Oh no, I'm not about to do that in the home of a woman I just met. Uh, for the second time." He blushed just so, cheeks glowing a soft purple. Then he'd set her down at the balcony, touching down softly. He'd wait for her to open the balcony door, as he didn't want to smear any more green goo on anything else.

Amanda Sefton unlocks the balcony door and holds it open for him, "Well aren't you just properly old fashioned. You could just have saved my life."

He was blushing as he stepped into her room, before he had to stand around and look around a little helplessly. "Er, where's your bathroom?"

Amanda Sefton Follows him inside then closes the door before walking over to open the bathroom door as well. "Through here. And I'm serious about saving my life. I'm worried that thing might be sampling my magic for ways to counter it."

"Lucky for me," Simon said, as he approached. "I'm a product of good old-fashioned mad science." And into the bathroom he went. He left the door open, as indeed, he was just going to wash his hands. And forearms. Vigorously.

Amanda Sefton leans against the doorframe. "Something is trying to break into our dimension from another one. It's using me as an anchor. Eventually, I am going to have to go through one of those rifts and end this."

"Will you need any help?" asked Wonder Man to Amanda. "I'm not sure how useful I am against magical things, but… I pack a pretty nasty punch," he admitted rather proudly.

Amanda Sefton admits softly, "I think if I go through alone I am going to get myself killed. I've fallen out of touch with the people I was going to ask to help me."

A large hand set against her shoulder, still wet from the washing. "Well, count me in."

Amanda Sefton offers him a warm smile. "I suppose we should exchange phone numbers if you're going to help. The least I can do is help you out in return."

Wonder Man nodded quite cheerfully. "Happily. I'll see if I can't get in touch with someone-or-other, maybe to give an additional hand for you. Traveling into weird dimensions to fight tentacle monsters sounds like we could use a couple extra friends."

Amanda Sefton turns and brushes a quick kiss on his cheek. "That sounds great. Now. I am going to make use of that tub since you didn't…" She sighs. "MY bag is still down on the sidewalk. I'm too tired to teleport it inside. I don't suppose I could trouble you to get it for me?"

"Sure - what's it look like?" he asked, as he made his way to go back to the balcony. "Hopefully someone else hasn't grabbed it, first."

Amanda Sefton smiles, "It's New York. If it wasn't near the tentacles I wouldn't even try. I dropped it at the mouth of that alley when the thing grabbed me."

Wonder Man was off in a jiffy! He showed up, about half a minute later, with the bag. "I hope this is the one," he told her. Here's to hoping it was, indeed!

Amanda Sefton smiles at him. "That's the one. Flight attendant's best friend." She pulls out her phone and offers it, "You put your number in mine, I'll do yours?"

Wonder Man would produce, and hand over, his own phone. Then he'd punch his number into hers when he took hers. "There you are." He smiled at her once more.

Amanda Sefton programs her number into his phone then takes hers back. "Thanks Simon. Now if you'll excuse me, I trust you to see yourself out. I am going to take a long bath full of bubbles." She turns toward the bathroom.

Nodding, Simon would politely excuse himself. "It was great seeing you again, considering the circumstances." He even made sure to shut the balcony door on his way out!

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