(2017-04-10) Peter Gets a Tweetorial
Peter Gets a Tweetorial
Summary: Negasonic and Milano's AI teach Quill to use Twitter
Date: IC Date (2017-04-10)
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NPCs: None
Scene Runner: Star-Lord and Negasonic
Social/Plot: Social

@CaptainPorcupine followed you.

@MilanoCookies followed you.

@CaptainPorcupine: Hello

@MilanoCookies: @CaptainPorcuipine Try using the @ tag in your message to address the person directly.

@MilanoCookies: @SullenSilence Hello. Peter asked me to guide him on how to use Twitter. I can help him with the basics, but I thought you might have a better idea of how to get someone started properly. #PleaseDon’tMakeMeDoThisAlone

@CaptainPorcupine: @SullenSilence Hello! #IDon’tKnowWhatGoesHere

@SullenSilence: @MilanoCookies OMFG fer realz? Captain Tightpants is trying to Tweet? LULZ! Ok, um, well, I’ll do what I can, but it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. #HeisSoOld

@SullenSilence: @CaptainPorcupine So this is what spaceship captains do in their down time? Try to learn how to tweet? #YouHaveAFriggenSpaceship #NothingBetterToDo

@MilanoCookies: @CaptainPorcupine The “hashtag” add ons are technically to label your comments with a subject or keywords. People get creative. #HumansAreWeird #SullenSilenceIsOldComparedToMe

@CaptainPorcupine: @SullenSilence I need to decide on a destination. Tired of looking at the same old solar system. #LookKidsGanymede #SaturnsRingsAgain

@SullenSilence: @CaptainPorcupine I got a D in Earth Science. Um, Is Alderaan real? Miranda? Klendathu? Vulcan? #NeverBeenToAnotherContinent

@CaptainPorcupine: @SullenSilence I think there was supposed to be a planet inside Mercury’s orbit they were going to call Vulcan. Hey… #OffToDiscoverVulcan #Dibs

@MilanoCookies: @CaptainPorcupine Vulcan was speculated to account for orbital anomalies of Mercury. When the principles of general relativity were applied to the orbital observations the anomalies disappeared. #Salute #GeneralRelativity

@CaptainPorcupine: Never mind. #ShortestTripEver

@SullenSilence: @CaptainPorcupine Well damn, I was gonna have you get me Mr. Spock’s autograph. #Bummer

@CaptainPorcupine: @SullenSilence Hangon, I’m going to try the picture feature.



@MilanoCookies: @CaptainPorcupine It’s usually considered dangerous to take pictures while operating a vehicle. Also illegal.


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