(2017-04-24) Pete and Re-Pete
Pete and Re-Pete
Summary: Peter and Kitty visit Pete Wisdom to get his thoughts on the "New" Emma; Peter gets catalogued
Date: 2017-04-24
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Peter Quill and Kitty had flown over in the Milano. Kitty had asked Pete Wisdom for a favor. Kitty stands near a MI-13 door, she swipes her ipad near a door scanner. She types a bit then swipes her guest badge and scowls at the red blinking light. "What the.." She types again, clearly not the most patient thing. She swipes the guest badge again. "Oh.. flibbin gibbet" She looks to Peter. "See, i can't hack everything" She shifts, wearing a pair of black dark pants, fitted. A dark cropped sleeve black top, sporting the Xmen logo on her right shoulder. A loose jacket over it.

Quill stands behind her in his usual flying outfit, geared up with the jacket and #tightpants but helmet retracted. He looks at the entrance, "You're just being polite though, I figure…" he says.

Of course a guest pass may expire in a short time. But having received word that Kitty needed a favor, Wisdom was already on his way. With MI-13 HQ taking a couple floors of the tallest skyscraper in London, and weirder, being bigger on the inside than the outside (magic, right?) it took him some walking down the corridors and hallways to finally get to the elevator… where Kitty and Quill were waiting.

The door slid open, and Pete brightened and simultaneously scowled behind his sunglasses. "Kitty. …Star-Lord." He took a step to the side, gesturing for the two to step in. Immediately it was apparent that it was bigger on the inside. No single floor should have ceilings that high, or room for such large, intricate, and arcane machinery.

Kitty smiles wide at Pete "Heya Pete" She steps in and flicks her eyes over. "Pete Wisdom.. this is Peter Quill, yeah, Star-lord." She blinks a bit. "Yeah, so…" She shifts and her eyes flick back and forth "Nope, awkward, i was delusion" She swallows "Anyway, So, anything on Emma Frost?"

Quill follows Kitty in. He opens his mouth to greet Peter, a hand extended, but balks when Kitty dives straight to business. Then he forgets about social clumsiness and stares into the room behind Pete Wisdom. While Kitty opens the conversation he walks back through the exit to stare up at the building, then back inside again.

"It depends on what you wanted to know. Back and forth she's been affiliated with the Hellfire Club, the X-Men, the Massachussetts Academy, the Hellions… As far as dirt goes? That's dangerous stuff to mess with, Kitty." Wisdom loosened his tie, as he walked a bit down a corridor. "See, Emma, if she so bloody well wanted, could shut down the neurons from my brain to the rest of my autonomic functions."

After a pause, Pete sighed. "I don't want that to happen. Aren't you resistant to that kinda telepathic bollocks, Kitty? I don't want to tool around wearing a bloody Magneto helmet."

Kitty look to Pete "She is turning over a new leaf. She's trying to clear her karma leger. I've kicked around online, in her shit and she honestly looks on the up and up now." Kitty pauses "More, after Emma tried to, kidnap me for lack of a better term. I learned to block her. Also, holding into a granite ledge and telling her the next time she went in my head I'd unphase hers in rock, she's stayed out." Kitty shrugs "Peter and I are thinking of joining, what better way to keep tabs"
"And she can't shut down your neurons.. But she could read whatever you didn't want found. And work her charm to convince you to stop breathing" She looks to Peter "You met her, she seemed sincere right?"

Quill grins in approval at the facilities, and finally stops gawking to join the conversation. "She got my attention with a finely toned agenda." barely pausing before the last word. "Seriously though, I really like what she SAYS she's doing. If it's for real, I could be back in the galaxy-guarding business, in a way."

"She never seems sincere," Wisdom observed. "I'm one of the best spies in the world," he said without pride. "But as good a mundane spy as any, not even the best can hope to stand against a telepath of her level. Since Xavier's gone… he's dead again, right?… She's now the most powerful telepath in the world. And I don't want to risk touching that diamond arse if I can help it. I know too much, and am responsible for too much to risk it. If you two wanna join the Club - and Star-Lord, I highly question why because you can just sod off anywhere else in the bloody universe and have a ball that way - you two go right ahead. But it's not just Frost you'll have to worry about. Selene, Hellstrom and his sister, and other such folks'll be there. And they'll want to either use you, or worse, if they know about you. And you two're pretty famous." Wisdom had genuine concern… for both of them. Probably because of how important they were in the scheme of things.

Kitty shifts, clearly fidgeting. She finally shifts her arms, and tucks her fingers into her pockets. She nods "Honestly, i've looked into Daimon as well. He's got a past too, but lately, just, making sure demons don't take the senate or sway votes. Yeah, Charles is dead. Jean's back again, though. Jean or Emma, tough call." She rolls her eyes "And you'd touch her ass, you big liar" Kitty snerks and laughs "Shoot, I'd touch her ass, it's perfect" She looks to Peter "Sadly, he's like.. Peter but another reality Peter. So, alot of people here hate him, want him dead, not even i know all of them. So galavanting about is limited"

Quill listens to Pete Wisdom's commentary, "Thanks for the insight, just the same." nothing like a smart British accent to make someone listen. "A lot of these players are completely new to me. I need an information network to be really effective, and shouldn't lightly spurn friendly offers. But it IS good for me to keep in mind she isn't the only game in town."

Pete Wisdom visibly perked. "Star-Lord's an alternate-dimensional Star-Lord?" Wisdom lifted up his wrist, and spoke into it. "O, would you mind coming to the elevator level, please?" A moment later and Pete waved a hand. "Sorry about that. I've just made it my job to document new and unlisted alternate-dimensional versions of folks, here. Because there's been a lot of it lately, and I don't want *another* alternate-universe Shadow King possessed Xavier running about. Or, like, an even worse Doctor Doom, or symbiote-controlled Galactus. You understand, I'm sure."

About thirty seconds later came a a short, slightly older Asian fellow with large classes wearing a white labcoat. He stopped behind Pete, gave a broad, friendly smile and said, "Oh, hello! I'm O, MI-13's quartermaster and-" "That's enough, O," Pete interrupted. "Oh, okay," said O.

Kitty blinks at Pete "Hey.. no, you don't get to catalog my.. boyfriend, like a bug in a collection" She flicks her eyes to O. She blinks and exhales and looks to Peter. "Actually, up to you. If you'd like to be proded at, by all means" She looks to Pete and glares slightly, a clearly known look to Pete "He's not evil"

Quill raises an eyebrow, and brushes Kitty's arm. "Just eager to do one of his jobs, I'm sure." Addressing Pete, "We can get to that… maybe. What does it involve? A few questions, some notes to compare? If you're wanting an examination of some kind we'll have to talk…"

Star-Lord looks over O with just as much curioisty.

"Oh, it's nothing like that," O said before Pete could get a word in. O produced a small, hand-held device from a pocket, where two prongs extended and it flashed and sort of chirped. It rather liked like a PKE meter. "We're merely studying the multiversal vector wavelengths in comparison to this reality's. See, our big goal is to get the ones from here who aren't here anymore, home. And to send the ones that want to go back to their dimensions, back."

Wisdom cleared his throat, clearly annoyed with O's big mouth. "And to contain those that may be threats. I like to think I've done an okay job in protecting the UK's borders, preventing both Skrulls and vampires from ever setting foot on British soil again."

"Well, yes, but at a major cost, Director Wisdo-" "That's enough, O. I like to think I've been doing a good job cleaning up that mess." "And so you have!" "Don't flatter me, O, now's not the time." O was then waving the device over Pete, who looked at O with even more annoyance. Then a wave at Kitty, and her partially-insubstantial nature shorted the device. "Oh, no!" said O, suddenly looking glum.

Kitty blinks as a meter starts running. She smirks at O clearly annoys Pete "Nevermind O, your not bad." She grins as she gets scanned. Then her eyes widen "Oh dear, I screw with electronic. That thing is trash" She smirks a bit. "My phasing capability, well, it does not get along with electrical fields." She glances around "I should phase and walks through your labs" She shifts and looks to Peter "And he doesn't share info, he'll tell you it's national security, and Queen wants you to sod off"

Quill reflexively reaches for his belt holster when a device gets pointed at him, but it seems he can cancel his reflex as quickly as he can choose to draw. After all, Pete is hardly going to do something dangerous right in front of Kitty. Moving his hand away and flexing his fingers to show he's over it, he smiles, friendly and at ease again. "Sorry there Egon," he says to O, "No harm done. Except for the gadget. Gotta be even more careful what you point at her." he chuckles.

Pete Wisdom wagged a finger. "You be careful, Kitty. Phasing through some walls may not be good for you. Got magic in here to help protect against smart ninja-trained folks like you. O, meanwhile, was looking sadly at his ruined device. "I suppose I'll just have to make a new one. Oh, dear. Oh, no." Two guesses why his nickname is O. But he brightened at the compliment. "That's one of my favorite movies!" O said.

Wisdom then waved at O, trying to usher him away. Which eventually… finally… worked. "So. You two want to join the Club? I've thought of joining it from time to time. But London has its own Hellfire office. And I don't think it'd be a great idea, politically, for me to be attached to such an organization. I'm already a mutant, even if the UK is more mutant-friendly than the US."

Kitty looks at O "Sorry dude. Stark is trying to develop something to block .. me. If he does I'll send you specs" She looks to Wisdom. "Yeah. I want to protect folks. Emma wants to focus the White court in inter gallatic brujah-ha. Red court has mystical crap, black court is currently not existing." She shrugs "And I figure, what kind of person am I, if i stop believing folks, the world, can change for the better"

When Peter mentions that he's a mutant, Quill with a complete deadpan look quick-draws his cassette walkman and mimics "scanning" Pete with it. Staying on conversation, though, he says, "How about this—I totaly understand you don't want to get caught snooping around, virtually or otherwise. Maybe you'd be willing to keep a sort of ear out, and if something important about Emma or the club crosses your desk, you can consider tipping us off?"

"Yeah, of course. It's my job to monitor weird shit, mate," Pete said to Peter. "I run the arm of government that handles that shit. Technically, I'm Captain Britain's boss, but we'll never, ever, ever, ever, ever tell him that." Wisdom laughed. "Kitty, *don't* let Stark do that to you. The last thing that man needs is to try to counter more of the world's wonders." A subtle compliment Kitty's way.

"I am so telling him" Kitty sighs softly "It's done. I let him scan me phasing and he took blood." She looks sheepish "I owed him, for, well not arresting me for phasing through his walls and.. stealing his spaceship, and.. sort of crashing it to rescue Peter." She looks to Peter "The other Peter" She blinks and her cheeks swirl pink.

Peter tries, tries to keep a straight face. "There's a… Captain Britain?" he asks. "Sorry, no disrespect. If he's anything at all like our Cap, he's a national treasure for sure." by the time he finishes his words are completely solemn.

Pete Wisdom says, "Yes, Brian Braddock, King of Otherworld. Er, former King. But yes, he's Captain Britain." Wisdom shrugged. "And you be careful Kitty. If Stark manages to somehow develop your genes into his own goofy biotech crap and allow his own phasing capability, he'll probably do something rash and irresponsible with it." Wisdom didn't like arrogance, and that was actually one of his qualities; he was rather humble. "You two need anything else, hm?"

Kitty nods her head to Pete "I owed him, it's done, now you can watch for tech he might develop" She looks to peter and grins "Yeah, Brian is cool. But i've often wanted to see them have a cage match, call in Super Revolutionary war" She looks to Pete "Just do a pull, let me know if Emma has any current red flags. Past transgression are in the past" She grins "Then I'll owe you"

Quill remarks, "They'd better be, or maybe people will warn the Hellfire club not to hang around me." He looks around, and says to Pete, "I'm good, though I'm glad we finally met. Hey… those 'war wolves' get squared away?" he looks between the two.

"Again. Yes. I don't know how they keep escaping. You'd think they'd know better, as they keep dying after they escape," Wisdom smirked. "Mojo's pets are comfortable enough, now. Dealt with them too many times." He sighed. "Better than some folks, though… Anyway, I suppose, run along you two. If anything comes across my desk involving Emma that's worth sharing, I'll share it. I'll keep any arse photos to myself, Kitty, whether or not you think hers is perfect."

Kitty smirks at Pete "Fine, and i'll keep any pics of her hands on mine to myself" She looks at Peter and grins wide "Want to go to the zoo? It's like the ultimate screw you to stare at them behind bars" She rubs her thigh where she got gouged last year

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