(2017-05-01) Fly Me To The Moon (But Not That One)
Fly Me To The Moon (But Not That One)
Summary: Star-Lord takes Kitty Pryde out for the evening… a little farther than she expected.
Date: IC Date (2017-05-01)
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NPCs: Milano-holo
Scene Runner: Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde
Social/Plot: Social

Peter calls Kitty on the old holo-device, the signal light blinking and alert sound lilting through the room. Yes, he's using a supertech interstellar FTL communicator to reach her in a different place on the same estate.

Kitty smiles wide and walks over, she touches the ball and that wide grin is obvious. "Hello" She stands there in her room, wearing a Xmen suit, black and sleek. But bare feet and her hair loose.

Peter looks like he's geared up. He's in his flight suit and long jacket, and his helmet attachment is on, even though it's not active. "Hi there slinkypurr… you doing anything for the next… ohh, two days or so?" he grins hopefully.

She flicks her eyes over that image. "Hey Captain Tightpants." She grins wide and shifts, stepping to grab her tablet. She taps a few times and looks up at him, those hazel eyes sparkling. "I'm free.. i feel like you have an AI who can spy on my calendar"

Peter says, deadpan, "I have no idea what you might be referring to. But anyway, pack some stuff, especially… Milano says you've got your own version of my helmet and suit? Make sure you bring that, but you can wear what you like." Kitty's view rotates around his cabin as he turns the projection of her around in a circle to have a good look.

She shakes her skin tight suited ass back and forth. "Will do, be down there in 10." She kisses her palm and blows a kiss at him. The eyes sparkling "Hi Milano" Then she taps the ball.

Peter checks the ship's stores for the supplies he brought, and some last mintue system checks with Milano. She rolls her eyes slightly at the redundancy, being able to tell him if there's a problem, but goes over it again with him patiently.

Kitty walks across the hanger, a small pack slung on her shoulder. She walks in and up. She wears a pair of black leather pants. A red jacket, so similar to Peter's and a black V neck tshirt under it. She smiles wide "Hello Handsome" She flicks her eyes over Peter then side glances "And Second Mate Beauty" Milano laughs and winks "Hello Miss Kitty"

Peter comes down the ramp to greet Kitty, "Hello back," he says, putting his arms around her low, like even too low to be grabbing her butt, but she figures out why when she's lifted and spun around, first in a kiss and then pressing his face into her chest before putting her down.

She squeaks as she gets hefted and whirled "Peter!" She nuzzles to the kiss and runs her fingers through his hair as he snuggles her chest. She slides down him, her head tilting up to smile at him. She grins at him "I feel so welcomed"

Peter offers her his arm, "May I show you to your cabin?" he says all self-important, like he's a cruise captain trying to impress some cutie that came on board. Milano steps smartly behind him. She'd probably carry Kitty's bag if she could lift it.

Kitty can't help the girlish giggle that escapes. She shifts and slips her arm to the crook of Peter's arm. "Well, Captain Quill, a personal escort, i feel so special" She flicks a side glance to him.

Peter leads her through the ship and down towards his cabin, of course. "Hoping you'll like our destination, but I'm going to make it a surprise."

She holds his arm and smiles wide. "I was good, i did not pull it up. I just packed and walked down" She grins at him "I'm all yours"

Peter opens the hatch and says, "Let's just put your bag in. If I take you in there we'll probably wind up late." he smirks, and offers a hand out to take her luggage.

Those hazel eyes flick over his. She reaches and trails two fingers along her jaw, then leans to kiss him. Then presses the bag to his hand. "And we'd have to wait for another flight window" She smirks "Good and bad" She steps back though with an impish grin.

Peter lets the kiss linger, and then takes the bag, chucks it in the room in what seems like a careless manner, but it lands gently on the bunk. "Ok then, to the bridge!" he points onward heroically offering his arm again.

She smiles wide and retakes his arm. She glances sideways "Captain Quill, has anyone ever told you how handsome you are?" She grins and leans to his side.

Peter sighs wistfully, "Ahh, maybe in my younger days I was a heartbreaker, but time steals it away. Maybe not ALL of it," he winks. Coming onto the bridge, "Babe!" he calls out to Milano, "How's our flight status, are we a go?"

Milano shifts and smiles "We are a go, skies clear, scan reveals no horrid surprises. Miss Kitty is locked from bridge, using her own security protocol." Kitty smiles at Peter then looks to Milano "Traitor, what did he bribe you with a memory upgrade, a quick and dirty defrag?"

Peter says, "Sweet talking, and a little AI psychology? Actually, for all I know she's only pretending, and will flip on me as soon as she can make it convincing." he eyes Milano with comic suspicion, and she purses her mouth speculatively. "Ok, signal the ground controllers, open the hatch, and awaaaaaaaay we go!" he punches a button on the arm of the command chair, and music starts playing. "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4WiyxXpyZc

Kitty grins and watches him. Milano moves and her hands traces a console as if pushing buttons. "Milano with two, ready to depart" She says. Then clicks a button "Helm to you Captain or shall i take it?" Kitty grins at the music and looks to Peter.

Peter suggests, "Give those automated systems some practice," he sits down on the command chair. After applying a couple of safety straps, he holds his arms out with a grin. "Think I can hang onto you the whole time? Or you can be all safe and stuff."

Milano nods "Excellent" Kitty's hazel eyes flick over Peter and her cheeks blush. She flicks her eyes and walks over. She sits into his lap and snuggles into him. "I feel safe with you hanging onto me" She smiles "Take me away Captain"

Peter puts his arms around Kitty and holds firmly. His face nuzzles into her hair a moment, then he shifts a little so that he can still see forwards. "Ok, we're ready once you have your vector, babe." No sooner said than the ship catapults forwards and upwards on its powerful engines.

Kitty inhales feeling the ship move, that slight feel in her belly. She leans to Peter, happy to use him as a safety harness. She watches as well. Milano stands to the side and holds a tablet, fingers moving like she is clicking, mimicking.

Peter keeps Kitty nicely in place. He remarks to Milano, raising his voice slightly over the engines "Kind of surreal seeing you stand there unaffected. But it's good, makes you seem super confident."

Milano flicks a glance over "Oh, yes, should i have buckled in.. next time. This time I'll go super confident" She smiles and shifts. Kitty laughs softly and turns her head slightly letting her head rest to Peter's shoulder. "Phase Milano, gravity and pull are nothing when you are phased" Milano blinks "Ah, excellent" She shimmers to match Kitty's appearance phased.

The ship reaches orbital altitude, but clearly a quick couple spins around the globe is not what's in the offering, as the ship maneuvers into an aggressive slingshot loop. Some of the displays are showing enough to tease, and a little piloting skill tells you it's not even the moon we're after.

Peter, for his own part, can't quit smiling. "Been wanting to do this ever since I read about it in a book."

The music changes when the song ends, next one is "Takin' a Ride" by Don Felder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia2j50ydO80

Kitty shifts and flicks her eyes around. "Where are you taking me?" She puzzles her brow and smiles. The eyes looking back out the screen, watching the skies.

Peter responds, "On a picnic," simply. As the ship really gets moving, the g-forces actually ease, and the ship goes into simple artificial gravity mode. "Good job, babe." Peter salutes the hologram. "I knew you were good for more than just looking cute."

Kitty smiles and nods her head "Picnic, nice" She curls into him. Milano nods her head. "I do excel at being cute. Some would think you keep me as eye candy" She moves to a console and checks a few displays. Kitty shifts and hmmms "A girl could get used to this"

Peter cradles Kitty again, and skritches her back. The ship's long approach turns it away from the sun, and more stars are visible. We seem to be headed for a slightly brighter one.

Kitty shifts, eyes flicking around the stars. She smiles and tuns her head, lips brushing Peter's neck. "What is it about you and stars" She exhales and smiles "A bright star on the horizon"

Peter closes his eyes a moment, enjoying, then asks Milano, "Should I tell her yet?"

Milano responds, turning to look at Peter, "I say no, trying to see how long it takes before she recognizes it."

Kitty puzzles and looks at the star, the eyes flicking over the patterns. "I don't know stars, or.. constellations, I use nav" She flicks her eyes to Peter and puzzles then looks back to the star

Peter says, "How long till microjump?" to Milano. She flicks her eyes up a moment. "Three minutes," she says. The sound of the hyperdrive engines powering up is heard, sounding like deep pumps churning behind the bridge.

Kitty shifts in Peter's lap, snuggling her back to his chest. She reaches and takes his arm and wraps it around her waist "All belted in" She chuckles softly and smiles wide, eyes flicking the stars

Milano does a short countdown, then smiles and points, to the arm of the chair where a bright red control is blinking. Peter shifts slightly, squeezing, and says, "Wanna?" offering Kitty the option first.

"I do like to push buttons." She grins and shakes her head "I'm just passenger, i'll let you do the hard work Captain" She shifts her head and kisses his jaw "It's your ship"

Peter doesn't make a second offer, instead he reaches out and presses the activation button. There's no inertia, but someone might unconsciously shift back as the stars become trails and rush towards the canopy as the engines make a sudden whine that backs down just as it starts to become painful. Kitty might smell a rat though, she's been in this ship through hyperspace before, and the stars didn't do that. Everything just went to black for a minute. Plus, he said he wasn't going to other stars. The sound is right, though.

She shifts and flicks her eyes. "Am i on an amusement park ride? Are you simulating takig me away just to get alone time with me?" She chuckles softly and looks at him quizzically

Peter shakes his head, "Naww, we really did move about…" he looks again at the screen to his left, "Two and a half billion miles. I just decided the transition needed a classic touch. The star trails were fake… but, this isn't. Babe," he calls out to Milano, "Please rotate to face the nearest planetary body." The ship's thrusters cause it to spin slowly. After a few moments, a blue globe appears. Like really deep ghostly blue.

The smiles wide "You got me" She shifts and looks out. The head tips and stares at the planet. She flicks her eyes to his and blinks "Should i know it?"

Peter says, "Maybe…" tickling Kitty's sides a little, "I decided we need to go to Neptune." he says simply. To Milano, he asks, "Now that we're here, is there a good landing spot where I wanted it?"

Milano considers a few moments. "There's a decent spot in an impact crater for what you want. Locally inactive, but don't wander far." The ship starts maneuvering towards one of the moons.

Kitty shifts to sit up more, eyes flicking out "Neptune" She grins and flicks a glance to Milano then back to Peter. "We are going out?" She wriggles and clearly is excited "I've never explored my own solar system much"

Peter skritches Kitty's neck. "This is the first time I've really gotten started, myself." he shakes his head and grins, "I'm glad you're enjoying this as much as I am." he settles in as the ship comes to a smooth landing.

Milano says, "Welcome to Triton, Neptune's largest moon. Right now I'm extending the ship's shields out, and pressurizing within its boundary, so that you can walk around. You'll want your helmets on if you go past twenty yards though." she smiles knowingly, and Peter puffs up a little proudly. "Good job." he says. "Ready?" he asks Kitty.

She shifts and leans in, pressing her lips firmly to his. Then eases back "I am, I love adventuring out with you." She grins wide. She eases up and walks over, grabbing her red leather and tugging it on. Then her hands move deftly, sweeping her hair back in a elastic. She pulls her helmet piece out, securing it on her ear. She walks over and makes a motion, bumping her hip to Milano's, or at least mimicking that. She looks to Peter "ready"

There is a muffled hissing sound already going on. Milano mirrors Kitty's action playfully, but then says sternly, "Hold your horses, it's going to take a few minutes to synthesize enough oxygen and get it out there."

Peter says, "It's OK, I have stuff to get anyway," he starts another song. "Magic Man" by Heart. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vhveLJGxjY and starts moonwalking towards the corridor.

Kitty grins at Peter. She watches him moon walk back and grins. She leans down, checking the laces on her boots as peter fetches things. Then wanders over to stare out the screen, eyes flicking up to the stars from Neptune's moon. The eyes wide and awed, even still, how can you not be?


Star-Lord comes out carrying a large cooler, with a thick blanket on top, the kind you'd use to protect someone from hypothermia in a blizzard. Folded up it's almost the same volume as the cooler. His head sticks out to one side. "Hmmmm maybe you'd better carry one of these."

She looks then laughs, then giggles. She moves over to him "You.. really brought a picnic, to have out on Triton" She flicks her eyes over him "You are a hopeless romantic Peter" She takes the blanket and smiles.

Peter just shrugs helplessly, "I yams what I yam." he Popeye-voices. He turns to Milano, "How 'bout now?" impatiently.

Milano says, "Still a little thin, but you should be alright, by the time it's a problem it'll be fully pressurized." the sound of the inner door to the airlock opening is heard. Peter says, "After you…" to Kitty, and moves to follow her towards the airlock.

She shifts and walks to the airlock. She blinks and hesitates then steps out. She blinks, and shifts her hands and pulls up the zipper on her jacket. She steps to the side, mouth open, eyes huge looking at Neptune. She blinks her eyes and looks to Peter, grinning.

Star-Lord leans his head down against hers, since his hands are full. He looks at Neptune for a few moments, then down to the surface. The warm oxygenated air is interacting with the solid nitrogen surface, causing an impressive misting as portions pool and evaporate. "Ummmmmmm…. I'm not sure I thought this through completely. Where are we going to put the blanket?"

She looks to him and blinks. "Um, and it we put it anywhere, with the moisture, it's going to freeze to the surface" She walks, eyes glancing around. She reaches to her thigh and unbuckles the safety strap on her blaster. She juggles the blanket. "Maybe we stand and eat?"

Peter scowls a little, looking around… then he turns around and looks up at the ship. "Hey…" he says, inspecting the countours of the top of the ship.

She smiles wide "Ohhhhhhhhh" She phases and springs her legs, landing a bit tinkerbellish atop the Milano. She smiles and looks around, eyes sweeping. "This is so.. strange"

Peter tightens his grip on the cooler, and his rocket boots activates. Not nearly as graceful, but he manages to boost up and land, only a little shaky as he's not used to the gravity levels. "There," he says. "The whole, 'air inside the force field' thing is working as well as I hoped. Who gets to see this view without looking through a faceplate?"

She steps closer. "I feel like a teenager sitting on the hood of your car staring at the moon" She grins and smooches his cheek. She shakes the blanket out, which is a bit stiff. She grins "The blanket might crack but it'll keep our asses from freezing to Milano."

Peter says, "Like we're in a drive thru parking lot, that's even retro from when I remember it." he leans in as she kisses the cheek, then opens up the cooler. Inside, standard fare. Bottled water, sodas, wrapped sandwiches that are probably from a local grocery. Well, not so local right now. Off in the distance, some kind of geyser spews crystalline particles into the sky.

She squeaks and rock to the balls of her feet, pointing like an excited child. She steps in, arm wrapping Peter. "Kiss me Space boy" She flicks her eyes over his.

Star-Lord lets off rummaging in the cooler and turns to Kitty taking her arms. He leans in and plants a good one on her, watching her eyes throughout.

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