(2017-07-08) Late Night Visit
Late Night Visit
Summary: Kurt comes to visit Amanda late in the evening.
Date: 2017-07-08
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It is raining, but not a slow steady sort of dreary rain. No, this is a cold, hard, pounding, bone-soaking sort of rain. They happen from time to time in New York. Amanda's trendy Upper West Side address is close to the park, but that only invites more of nature to it. Unless she is weather witching, her balcony is just as subject to the rain as any other. It is dark, but not overly late. The blare from street lights glitters off wet pavement. The hum of traffic never really goes 100 percent away, but this is the city that never sleeps.

The only reason he even appears there, is from a block over, he saw a light on. Feeling like a creeper, rather than a crawler, Kurt Wagner ducks through some shadows, a flash of red light and the stench of sulphur marking where he teleported from. A fraction of a second later, an identical flash, with a small cloud accompanied by a 'Bamf' of displaced air, and Kurt appears on the slick balcony. Pulling his hat lower against a thunderclap, Kurt softly swears, "Unglaublich" to himself, muttering to himself about things and being irresponsible.

After a moment's hesitation he gives a gentle rapping at the door and cannot believe he did it. His brow is slick from rain, but also a bit of perspiration. What is he doing here? He could make it home in a series of 15 to 20 teleports, at worst. he might be tired when he got home, but what of it? He just got caught in the rain! It is just rain. He takes a step away from the door, then back to it, nervous. His tail slashes. "Maybe she is nicht here." Maybe she is out with someone else? Well what of it. What it is work? What if it is someone else? Shouldn't he be 'cool' with her seeing other men. It is Jimaine, she has a right to be happy.

"Das is nicht so gut." Kurt closes amber eyes. Of course it is okay. If it wasn't, he would have to be with her. He decidedly isn't. She can do better than Kurt Wagner. She is not his Jimaine. He takes a couple of quick steps away, and pauses, and looks back over his shoulder. Which means she is all alone, Kurt. He knows loneliness. Isn't that why he is here? So, he paces a couple of steps, almost ready to flee for a moment. "Pathetic." he swears at himself.

Amanda's balcony has gotten a lot of traffic in recent months so it's not really surprising when she hears the knocking. She pushes up on one elbow and grabs the hand mirror beside her bed so she can scry and check who's out there. There was a time when if someone knocked at her balcony she would assume it was Kurt, but those days are over. She's not expecting Kurt to show up at her door. So when Kurt's face is the one shown in the mirror, she actually blinks. Then she smiles. Rather than get up from her bed and go answer the door, she gestures and teleports him from the balcony into the bathroom just the other side of the open door that leads from said bathroom into the bedroom where she is laying. "Evening, Kurt. To what do I owe this pleasure?"

Teleported by Amanda? He arrives a little unsteady, then straightens. "I am dripping water on your floor. I am sorry!" Kurt rushes into her bathroom, but does not close the door. Others might not be able to read him so well, but Amanda knows his body language. He is nervous. Agitated. Brooding. "I am sorry. I was rude!" Kurt softly calls from her bathroom. He cannot be certain she would be alone. It is fortunate she is. "I… I… should not assume you are alone, Amanda. I am sorry to be rude. I got caught out in the rain." His coat goes in her bathtub, and he comes out on all fours, toweling up the rain water. He scoots the towel behind him to get all the water. "It was thoughtless of me. I am sorry. Please!"

Amanda watches this with just a hint of a growing smile on her lips as she remains propped on one elbow in the bed. "Don't worry about the water, Kurt. I've had worse in the apartment than clean rainwater. What you're lucky is that you caught me instead of Betsy. I just got back from a flight rotation yesterday." She waits for him to stop fussing with the water long enough to notice that she's in bed wearing a lacy lavender nightgown that looks like it might be silk. "Just grab a towel and dry off then you can come out and tell me what brings you to my door."

His gaze finally settles on her. He regards her unabashedly. "I miss her. I miss you. I came because I am lonely und pathetic, and getting caught in the rain gave me an excuse." His voice betrays a bit of self-loathing. He hates himself when he is on a pity trip. "But this is late, and I do not haff the right to be here." He says it softly. "And I did not need to be reminded how beautiful you are, Jimaine." He calls her by her real name. His voice is soft, and his softly glowing amber eyes betray a hint of water to them. Must be the rain. "I am sorry. Let me clean up mein mess, und I will call ahead. This is…" Pathetic. His tail droops a little.

She’s rarely seen him like this. not since he was kicked out of the circus and into the freak show. He is uncertain around her. The last time he was this uncertain… was the first time that her Kurt had asked her out like a girl, rather than as a sister?

Amanda's gaze softens in surprise when he calls her by her real name. No one's called her that in so long. She pushes up in the bed and holds out her right hand toward him, "Kurt… Stop. Come here and sit down." She pulls her blanket up a little more to cover her from just above her waist so there's nothing improper about it. "Firstly, you don't ever say you have no right to visit me. Any time. Anything. Anywhere. Remember? Did you think I didn't mean it?"

Kurt cleans the floor with a couple of more swipes and shimmies, then he takes himself over. He regards her bed, and his wet self. The look on her face makes him sit though. "Nein. I believe you." His hand reaches out as if to touch her face, then he withdraws it. Gingerly, he settles a little closer. He is not aware of his tail as it settles at her knee and curves to the contour of it, kind of like a cat that wants to be close. His hand takes her hand. "Jimaine. You have a life to live. What are we going to do? I am not the Kurt you grew up with. You are not my Jimaine, yet you smile like her. Your smile makes my heart… hurt?" He makes a face, his slightly long canines obvious as he shows his displeasure at himself.

"But, you are a beautiful young woman, and I really should not be here on a —" His eyes search the corner of the room for the word. He finds it, and looks back at her. "—pretext." He then leans down, and his hand slides broad, strong fingers up over her arm, across her shoulder to the curve of her delicate throat. Soft fur tickles her sculpted chin and face. "I am not allowed to do this."

His lips caress hers, as his eyes close. His cheek is fuzzy, warm, wet velvet as it presses against hers. His lips are open, his mouth breathy. He is wet, so he has a faint under scent of sulphur, but that is masked be his scent. Velvet, and that male, well, slightly musky scent of Kurt. His kiss starts of gentle, but his tongue will swiftly tangle with hers if she allows it. It is as long a kiss as his air and her patience will allow. His breathing comes through his nose, and his kiss turns heated for a moment. He pulls back, a little bit of spit linking them for a moment. His eyes open. "I am sorry. That was wrong of me. I… you deserve better."

Amanda closes her eyes and her lips part just slightly when he sits and touches her like the Kurt she remembers from so long ago. Her breath catches in her throat as he says she makes his heart hurt. How she manages to hold back the tears that wants to draw forth is anyone's guess but she manages not to embarrass herself in that fashion.

As his hand moves over her skin, her breath quickens and he can see her pulse pounding in her throat. Patience? Tolerance? Oh those are not necessary between the two of them. She kisses him back tentatively, almost fearfully. When he draws back, for a split second she follows him, but finally she allows him to pull back. Her tongue flicks nervously across her lips before she whispers, "Better than Kurt Wagner? Surely you jest."

His laughter is warm, and his eyes, well they dance. Pupils or not, they show his emotions. His brows lift a little. His laughter is sincere, His hand remains on her cheek for a moment. His fingers slide up, gently, uncertainly teasing at her hair. "I do not jest, and you are the one who works on an airplane. You know better than to say surely, Shirley." His tone is teasing and delighted. His thumb wipes the bit of shared spittle off her chin. "It has been a bit. I will try not to spit on you if we get a chance to kiss again."

His eyes are warm and faintly glowing. "I have no right to ask." He declares before he asks, "Who is the lucky man you are wearing that for?" His is a man, and yes sometimes he falls victim to the conceit women want to dress nice for men. "He is very lucky. You only get more beautiful." His other hand reaches over to rest a little closer as he turns his torso more towards her. His tail tightens a little, and though it is outside the covers, it slides north a bit. Boldly. About midway up her thigh. It is obvious what is on his mind. He does not pursue it though. For the moment he just sites there. He closes his eyes. "You taste the same as her." he admits. You feel the same. You kiss the same. I am so confused, Jimaine. Everything is so complicated."

Amanda cannot help laughing at the rather obvious Airplane joke. She leans forward and hugs him close despite his dampness. "I am not wearing this for anyone but me. I just got home. I wasn't expecting company. Not that I haven't… seen someone a few times recently. I've tried to date more than one someone to be honest." Honest. Does she truly want to be honest or does she just want to enjoy this closeness for a while.

Her embrace tightens just a bit then she releases him. "You are still the best man I've ever known."

He knew it! Part of him wants to growl, snarl and forbid it. Another part wants to run off with her, and do something impulsive to stop her. The third part wants to do both of those things, but he has no right to it. To her. His hug starts out strong, but she can feel her words impact him. His eyes half lid. Is that pain on his features.

"Of course you are seeing someone." The words ring hollow. Truth cuts like no lie ever could. "I, uhh, I am happy for you,." He almost makes the lie sound like the truth. "It, uhh, ja." He quickly forces himself to rebound his tone. "I mean, you are amazing. Even a blind man would see that. You are a fine, beautiful, confident, exotic, smart woman ." He starts to get up. "I, uhh, should not be here. I am sorry. I should go." Pluck thy dagger from out my breast! Why would she be single. Why would she wait for him. She’s so beautiful, and he’s just the freak, hairy, blue elf. His tail clings tight to her, then slides from her as he gets his feet under him.

Amanda reaches out to grasp his hand as he tries to slip away. "Kurt don't do that. Please?" She pauses then gently tugs him to try and bring him back down onto the bed. "Let me explain before you go running off please." She holds in a breath then lets it out slowly before trying, "I missed you so much… but I could see how hurt you were that I wasn't the same woman you remembered. I was trying to move on. To give you the space I thought you wanted."

"Of course." Kurt says, "No one would wait for me. You should not wait for me, particularly with more than one beau. I mean, what can I offer you? Freak children?" He almost makes himself wince as he says it. Kurt’s tone is not at all hurtful towards her. In fact, it is apologetic. The venom is reserved for the freak. For the blue furred misfit mascot who thought he was a man there for a moment. "It is nicht like you can take me to an office Christmas party, unless maybe I wear a pointed hat and carry presents?" he laughs at himself. "Jimaine. I will always love you." He misspeaks and states what he is not supposed to. "You have to take care of yourself though. Mein Gott, can you imagine what your mother would say? Dating some abomination?" He jerks his head. "I will get my coat. I am sorry I imposed. I was wrong to think you were still a fool. I am happy for you, Jimaine." He sounds happy for her. "You are not letting me hold you back. That takes courage."

Amanda simply stares at him when he calls himself a freak and an abomination. As he moves away to get his coat from the bathroom, she almost stares too long. Then she straightens and asks quietly, "Did you think that little of her? Or is it just me who gets that privilege? When did I ever treat you like a freak? Like anything less than one of my favorite men. And you know as well as I what…" She pauses… "Or was your relationship with her so difference from the one I remember? Did Margali treat you as a freak in this world? In mine she treated you like one of her sons."

"It isn’t you Amanda!" Kurt softly cries. "You made me feel .. you make me feel handsome, and special, and not normal! Never normal. You make me feel special. But what am I ever going to offer you? What sort of life can I give the woman I love and cherish? Children so different that they are abandoned to be raised by others? What sort of social life can you have with me? Who can you explain me to? It is nicht you, Jimaine. That is why it hurts!" He taps his chest. "I forget what I am when I am with you. You make me happy. You make me special. You make me happy. All I can do to repay you wundbar gifts is ruin your life."

"I mean, your best case scenario is I just never come back. Magneto, or Mister Sinister, or the Reavers finish what they started in the sewers. Then you would be free. I am sorry I am so weak, Jimaine. You deserve a wonderful life full of wonderful things, and wonderful people admiring you for your charm, beauty, and wit. Not to be the gorgeous woman shackled to the freak. I would bring you down." He starts to shrug into his coat which sends water droplets everywhere. His tail slashes in self-loathing. In self-inflicted, raw pain.

Well that certainly snaps her out of it. Amanda tosses aside the blanket and gets out of the bed to grasp his arm in a hurry. "Don't go like this, Kurt." That lacy lavender gown only falls to mid-thigh apparently. "I walked out on you that day and left you in pain because I was hurt that you could ever think I might have used my magic to make you love me. I was wrong to leave. I won't let you threaten me that way then just walk away. Never again." Her hand tightens on his arm and she tries to draw him back toward the bed. "Stay."

His jaw drops. She’s seen it happen before. She is right down his alley. She is the measure of all the other women in his life, and he has gorgeous, powerful, strong, willful, amazing women in his life. But the image of Amanda Sefton, in a little purple, wispy gauzy breath heavy and it is gone bit of lingerie is enough to make his jaw drop. His tail sticks almost straight up in surprise and something else. It’s like hitting a reset switch. His eyes are like saucers. He’s seen her in less, and he’s seen her in racier. He just wasn’t in the right headspace to see her in that!

He sorta half-heartedly tugs against her, but even as he is, he is pulling his coat off. He is normally very careful with his clothes. Growing up they had so little, he takes care of what he has. It just pools there on the floor. "Ja." he manages to say. "I was wrong then. It is not magic. It is you." He says, paying her the most sincere compliment he can. "Or rather, it the magic of you, and not the magic you wield."

Amanda takes it for an invitation. Her arms go around him and she holds him close, savoring the feel of him against her. Her lips find his after a softly whispered, "And don't you ever forget it." Then she's kissing him for all she's worth. Being an acrobat is to be a performer. Being a gypsy is to be sensuality born and bred. Amanda is both and she is ever so much in love with this man. She lets him feel everything she has inside her through the touch of her lips against his and her tongue playing with his. She steps into him as though she cannot be close enough. How long has it been since she's held the man she really wanted to hold… too long.

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