(2017-08-04) Know Your Aliens (And How To Kill Them)
Know Your Aliens (And How To Kill Them)
Summary: Xavier Academy students attend a lesson on Exobiology.
Date: 2017-08-04
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NPCs: Becky, Chips, Lockheed
Scene Runner: Star Lord,Shadowcat
Social/Plot: Social

Becky, Serenity, Chips, and Kitty are gathered in the classroom waiting for Peter Quill to arrive in one of his sessions as guest instructor. The class name is titled "Exobiology and Basic Field Tactics" on the pamphlet.

Kitty sits on the back of the room, quiet. A tablet on the desk in front of her. She is dressed in xmen gear, combat BDUs in black, and a form fitting Xmen shirt in blue, a black X on right shoulder. She taps the tablet a few times. She flicks a glance up as Becky wanders in.
Becky looks and smiles wide. "Professor Pryde. Hi" Kitty shakes her head "Nope, I'm just a student here." Becky blinks "Can i call you Kitty?" Kitty grins wide "Of course" Becky laughs "Then Heya Kitty" She takes a seat near the front

Serenity is sitting, as usual, in complete silence while she waits for class to begin. She has her eyes closed for the moment. Every time someone speaks she twitches just a little. Finally she opens her eyes and offers Kitty a faint smile.

Chips is sitting in the front row fiddling with a red plastic bead on the desk she quietly waves around at people as they come in.

Kitty gives a nod to Serenity, lifting a hand in greeting. She respects the young woman's hearing sensitivy.
Beck smiles and waves to Serenity and chips "Heya, good to see everyone. Wonder what craziness will happen in this class?"

The door opens, and Peter enters, one hand in his pocket. He's actually dressed up a bit, in a button down shirt, jacket, and slacks. He seems even to have found a tie, though it may be clip-on. His perma stubble still present, of course. He's carrying a clipboard with a few sheets attached.

Peter moves to the front of the class, but avoids the podium just yet. He smiles, and says, "Familiar faces! Okay, probably no need to take roll, I'll just tick all of you as 'present'". He winks to Kitty, and then turns to the whiteboard and starts writing out the name of the class.

Chips calls out, "Captain Tight Pants!" in honor of the not present Negasonic. This causes Serenity to winces just a little again. She gives Peter a smile without saying anything.

Kitty lifts her phone and snaps a few pics of Peter teaching. She cannot keep the grin off her face.
Becky looks at Chips and giggles. Then looks back front "Hello Professor Quill"

Peter pauses when he hears the name, pointing a finger over his shoudler to signal that he heard that, then finishes writing. He says, facing the class again, "I knew I was going to hear that at least once. Ok, Chips used it up, you're all out of luck for the rest of the class, or I'll make the next person stay after and clap erasers or…" he looks at the whiteboard, bereft of anything resembling chalk dust, and continues. "…or something." He takes a breath, "I'm really excited about this, it's great to have a chance to talk about the unusual life forms I've met out there…" he gestures generally upwards. "It isn't long until you realize how often it is that to them, you're the alien."

He pauses and looks around, "Now, before I get too big of a head, I am actually only the assistant instructor for the class. It's about time I introduced you to your professor for today… " he moves to the door and opens it.

Lockheed flies in the open door. For those who have not met him, he's a purple dragon like creature. He nods at Peter, handing a scap of paper over and flies in. he perches into the table in the front holding a laptop hooked into the AV system. He lands on the desk. He is about the size of a dog.

Serenity turns her attention to the door expectantly then blinks when Lockheed flies in. She tilts her head, "You're playing assistant professor to a little dragon?"

Chips picks up the plastic bead on her desk and drops it back into the pouch she always carries. She takes out a steel ball bearing instead. Dragons breath fire, right?

Kitty stays quiet, eyes flicking around. She smiles a bit watching the reactions.
Becky shifts and looks "Wow.." She shifts and blinks, looking at Kitty then back at Lockheed. "That's Lockheed right? I've heard stories, he's an alien right?" She lifts a hand "I so wanna pet him"

Peter nods deferentially to Lockheed when accepting the paper, and addresses the class after a few moments of their reaction. "Professor Lockheed, as you may call him today, is a seasoned warrior of an alien race known as the Flock, and has a distinguished history defending Earth from extra-terrestrial threats, both as teammates to the X-Men and as a founding member of Excalibur in the United Kingdom—not to mention being one of Professor Pryde's oldest friends", he finishes warmly. Looking at the piece of paper, he continues. "Now, I see that I've been provided an updated syllabus for today… " he raises his eyebrows, and goes to the whiteboard, where as the first order of business, the class is re-titled. He crosses out the original name and writes, "Know Your Aliens (And How To Kill Them)". Then walks over to the projector, picking up a remote controller.

Serenity remains quiet now but Chips grins, "That is so cool. We could have used some of that information during your last class, Captain."

Lockheed snickers as Peter changes the name, a snort and nod of his head. He nods at Peter to advance the slides. The first few basics, the definition of alien, being of a genus and species not evolved or mutated from earth. A slide on Flock, that they are a Hive race, helped perpetuate the myth of Dragons on earth. Semi telepaths and typical weaknesses. Brunt force trauma, most weapons, less damage from electric discharge. Weapons: Breathes fire, flight, claws. Lockheed shifts and faces to the side, a small puff of fire. The turns back, head looking around.
Kitty grins "He'll pause for people to ask questions"
Becky shifts "Wow, he just breathed fire." She looks to Kitty "So he can speak to you mentally?" Kitty blinks and shrugs "Sorta, we've also known each other a while. We can read each other" Becky nods and looks to Peter and Lock.

Chips jumps at the fire and reflexively pops the steel bearing into her mouth and swallows. As she turns silvery and also flushes with embarrassment. Someone's afraid of fire maybe?
Serenity says, "I personally prefer telepaths. You can talk to them without talking."

Peter follows along and clicks ahead through the PowerPoint presentation on Lockheed's cues, as well as narrating the contents as appropriate. So far the slides have been straightforward and business-like.

He says to Lockheed, "I think they just found out more than they ever thought they'd know about you," he grins. "What's next?" almost as if he hasn't seen the slides himself, pressing the button one more time.

Lockheed looks at Chips and twists his head. He leans forward on the desk, eyes flicking over her skin. The feet shift on the desk as he clearly likes the ability. The head swivels towards Serenity. Then to Peter a nod, An image of a warwolf comes up (http://legacy.shadowlordinc.com/characters/Warwolves.jpg). The facts beside it. That it can possess a person, wear them like a skin, control the beings power, travel in packs. Very vulnerable to energy attack, susceptible to normal physical attacks but has a very tough hide. 3 are currently captive for murder and on display at the London Zoo. Lockheed nods to Peter. The next Picture is Pete Wisdom (http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/marveldatabase/images/3/39/X-Force_Vol_4_8_Textless.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140521155500), the species labeled as Dickus maximus. The weapons listed a Gallatic Toast cutters for finger, and a sour disposition. Weaknesses listed are Jealousy and lower IQ. Associated to MI.
Kitty sighs "Lockheed, knock it off, he's human, sorta"
Becky shifts, eyes flicking towards Peter. "I don't get it."

Serenity smiles at Lockheed for a moment before turning her attention to the next slide. The smile slips off her face and she slowly begins to look like she might be regretting attending this class, but then Dickus maximus appears and she's fighting back the urge to laugh just as obviously.

Chips shrinks back in her seat when Lockheed focuses on her then grimaces at the Warwolves. "That's nasty."

Peter is rattling right along, describing the high points of the informational charts, until it gets to Pete Wisdom. He blinks, then shakes his head in Lockheed's general direction, and stepping back to look at the info, trying to keep a straight face. He turns to the class again, covers a snicker with his hand, and says, "Pete Wisdom is in British Intelligence, and… clearly, Lockheed remembers him from when they were in Excalibur. I ah," he looks again, "wouldn't advise repeating this information. He wouldn't want his weaknesses known," again almost losing his deadpan tone by the end. "NEXT", he says firmly, pressing the button again.

Lockheed snickers, chastised, a long tongue stuck out at Kitty. He looks to Peter and nods excitedly, a raspy snickers of laughter. The next slide shows the Kree, detailing them out. Highlighted a weakness is they need a high level of nitrogen in the air to breath well. Then Skrulls, a picture of a huge skrull, green skin, menacing snarl. Highlighting they can shape shift. Reed Richards designed a device that can detect them shifted. Highly technology developed race.
Becky shifts and her eyes blink "So, they can be anything. Well, that is quite terrifying." She looks to Peter and Lock "Do like, security people use the devices?"

Serenity manages not to laugh and then quietly begins singing Old Time Rock and Roll in a perfect replication of Pete Wisdom's voice, gravelly smoking rattle and all. She only does it for a moment before looking up to the next slide as her smile fades away again.

Chips frowns, "Well that's enough to give you nightmares."

Peter says, "Here, I believe they are equipped. That was one of the first things they checked me for when I transitioned in. The Kree, however, I've battled in both universes and they're tough customers. Some of them take cybernetic augmentations that make them even more effective fighters. You don't usually want to face them one-on-one unless you have an advantage." he pauses to think, "In fact, that should be rule number one when contemplating a fight—don't just count on how badass you are. Have an advantage. Find one. Make one. That's how you win." he glances towards Lockheed, as if for approval.

Kitty looks at Serenity and stares a second "Serenity, that was so spot on. Eerie even. Pete would love it" She smirks and nods her head. "Yup, Skrulls are nasty, but some of their computer tech, it's just absolute genius."
Lockheed actually looks at Kitty like she said something offensive. a derisive snort at her. He looks to Peter and nods emphatically, then a look at Kitty. Kitty shifts "And Lockheed said if anyone wants to learn how to invent a physical advantage that Peter will teach a hand to hand simulation in the Danger room, he's quite skilled"
Lockheed nods. The next slide is A'askvarii (http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix/derath_face.gif). A reptilian race, with tentacles and needles for teeth. Largely a neutral race. A small footnote (One known enemy race, see next slide). The next slide shows Peter Quill, mixed Homo sapien and unknown alien race. (https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT8XAnAmKKaTpvvpwfRRirRqTuBlyINUXAg4CihX4X7ens5FLPENw) small print under the picture 'Mugshot from arrest'. Known weakness: Shut off his music while in combat, look like Shadowcat, insult his ship. Enemy to A'askvarii as he ran out on marriage to their Princess (probable weakness, Peter is afraid of tentacles and razor teeth).
Becky stares, and shifts, then burts into laughter "Oh my goodness, wow)

Chips bursts out laughing so hard her steel self falls sideways out of her chair and clangs softly to the floor before she gets up and grins, "Sorry professor."

Serenity gives Lockheed a smile then looks down at her desk to quell her own urge to laughter.

Peter again pauses at the image of an A'askvarii… he coughs and begins repeating the information, dutifully enough. When the slide flips, he sputters off, his shoulders drop. "Really?" then when he starts reading about where the enmity came from, he walks over and stands in front of the projector, hoping to block it. It doesn't help, as it just projects the words right on him. "Ahh, yeah. Okay." he looks flustered a moment, and then realizes he still has the remote, shifting to the next slide.

Lockhead snickers wildly, wings fluttering as he floats up off the desk. As Peter clicks the slide forward the next is a picture of Peter just waking up (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/b7/41/e7/b741e7e9191c361802f192a5f1701c44--chris-pratt-chris-delia.jpg). Lock flutter forward, sure to be out of Peter's reach. Kitty cannot hold it in and laughs softly. "Locky, you naughty little man" She shakes her head. The next slide shows The Brood, an insectile race they implants eggs in people. A picture of a young Kitty Pryde looking pregnant. Kitty sighs softly. The details indicate the race is nearly extinct as Katherine Pryde phased them into a planet's core when they tried to take over Spartax.
Becky stares and looks back at Kitty "Did you really give birth to an alien?" Kitty sighs "I thought.. i thought I was pregnant with a boyfriend.. NO, it was removed" She looks at Lockheed. The dragon grins wide, enjoying tormenting people

Serenity frowns very slightly at all the slides and looks down to her desk again. Meanwhile Chips finally dusts herself off and retakes her seat.

Peter starts to relax as the infographic clicks ahead, then sees the headshot. "Aaagh!" he exclaims, "I'll get you for that," though he's also half-laughing, he jumps at Lockheed a couple of times. He settles down though and reads the next slide, trying to stay in an informative tone, though he glances at Kitty. When he gets to Spartax, he says, "Interesting." he says, "Funny thing, Spartax was…" then blinks and shakes his head. "Let's get on with the lesson… what's next?" he asks sarcastically, "Druffs?"


The next slide is Druffs. Small pink fuzzy cute aliens (http://img03.deviantart.net/3308/i/2016/334/9/5/has__druffs_by_jerome_k_moore-daq3h1p.jpg). The slide indicate they are a asexual species, mostly peaceful. Prone to mischief. The text indicating not alien races are hostile. Most just seek to live their lives out. Most should be met openly, not considered hostile. Lockheed nods vigorously and his smaller front legs tap his own chest. Everyone in the room gets the telepathic sense his race is one of those, peaceful but will fight to protect themselves and their friends.
Becky blinks and looks around "Oh, geez, wow, that was cool"

Serenity slowly looks up at Lockheed and then at the slide and takes a deep breath before slowly nodding to Lockheed. Chips just stares at Lockheed for a moment. Telepahy is not really her bag since having a tough shell cannot protect you from that.

Peter actually jumps a little when his sarcastic guess turns out to be correct. After Lockheed finishes his telepathic expression, Peter just nods and adds, "It's all too easy to dismiss something small as pests. But, even something small like that could be your best friend or your worst enemy. I'd love to introduce you all to Rocket if he ever makes it planetside here." he grins. "Any more today?" he asks, and clicks for the next slide, looking at the screen.

The next few slides list races that are know enemies to earth, with pics and details. Lockheed looks around and shifts, flying to land on the floor. He walks closer to Becky. The student gingerly reaches out and touches him, feeling the scales, his skin, looking at him. Becky grins wide "Thanks, amazing."
Kitty grins watching her friend allow the student to touch him. "He says if anyone else would like to touch, feel free, but he could sense it from Becky." Kitty looks to peter and smiles wide "And Lockheed is right, Professor Quill has an innate knack of finding physical advantages where he should not. If anyone ever wanted to do a danger room simulation, where he could teach you to look for them. I'd be happy to program a few scenarios. Sometimes brute force is not the best answer"

Serenity tentatively raises her hand, "I would like to have some help in that department if you don't mind. I don't know what use I'd put it to as a singer, but it's probably a good thing to know anyway." She holds out her hand toward Lockheed.

Chips just shakes her head then asks, "Can I be excused Professor? I'm not feeling too well anymore."

Peter walks closer, "I hope that tumble didn't do a number on you? Of course you can go if you're not well. Do you need a medic?" not used to being a teacher, it comes out in a flurry of concern.

Lockheed shifts and wanders over to Serenity, a smile on his muzzle. His claws making skitter noises on the floor. He flex's out his wings and floats over the last few feet, nearly silent.
Kitty grins and looks to Peter and Chips, twice she opens her mouth to say something and Peter covers it. She lifts her tablet and snaps a pic of him looking concerned, a dopey look on her face, she's smitten. Then a glance to Serenity. "So you've meet Pete Wisdom"

Chips hurries to assure him, "No. I think it was just something I ate."

Serenity smiles faintly at the irony of something Chips ate making her sick given her particular power then reaches out to touch Lockheed with a stronger smile for the floating. She nods, "Yes. He happened across me when I was playing back when I was still homeless. He made some interesting requests."

Peter nods and says, "Hope it clears up quickly…" then his ears perk up at Serenity's anecdote. He strolls over, and pantomimes a hand reaching to throttle Lockheed as his other hand holds it back. He quickly drops both hands with an innocent grin.

Kitty also finds the fact the the young woman who ate a ball bearing is upset by something she ate amusing. She nods at Serenity "Lockheed hates Pete, but he is a close and dear friend of mine. You got his accent and that gruff gravel perfect. He has very eclectic tastes"
Lockheed hovers and shifts, moving her hand like a dog or cat would. He flicks a look back as Kitty laughs, eyeballing Peter but clearly missed it.

Serenity nods, "The last time I saw him he sang for me because I messed up his voice when I sang in his voice in Central Park. He's not a bad guy but he can be quite a jerk when he isn't trying to be nice."

Peter glances at Kitty, "Probably the most short, truthful description of his personality that I've heard. I'm going to remember that slide for a long time, Lockheed." he grins. "We make a good team." Turning to Becky and back to Serenity, he comments, "Thanks for coming…. and Serenity, we can try out a danger room session soon, if you're up for it."

Kitty grins wider at Serenity "Sonic boom voice, perfect mimickery and a good judge of character. Call him a limey git, his face turns purple" She smirks watching Lockheed hover. Lockheed shifts and swoops towards Kitty, his size decreasing some and lands in her lap, like a puppy, pushing his head at her. Kitty gives him a rough shove "Get off me, you cretin, putting that pic up there of me" Lock snorts and heads to Becky who happily pets him. "Great lecture Professor Lockheed, and Professor Quill" she chimes.

Serenity smiles at Kitty, "Good to know." She turns to Peter and says, "Sure. Anytime I'm at the school will be fine. I've got a recording session in the morning for my new cover album, but I should be free in the afternoon. They don't have me scheduled for any public appearance this week."

Peter says to Serentiy, "I know where to find you usually. Call it a plan." He sits on a desk sideways, a bit awkwardly. "Smaller than I remember," he remarks, and takes a moment to grin to Kitty.

Lockheed shifts all around, having Becky pet him. The chirruping purr noises grumble from him.
Kitty grins at Peter and winks. She shifts at the desk, eyes flicking around. "good class." She shifts to stand up "Lockhhed, stop begging for scritches"

Serenity gets up from her seat without making any noise. "Thank you for the class even though I could have done without some of that information. I think I might have nightmares." She lowly begins to move toward the door.

Peter waves, and says to Kitty, "Aww, cmon Lockheed deserves his fun, that was a bang-up lesson. Hi five?" he holds his hand out towards the little dragon in Becky's lap.

Lockheed lifts up and swooshes over, knocking his claw/paw to Peter's palm. He loops the room. He sends a thought to Serenity that he'll guard her dreams. Kitty looks to Serenity "I hope not, but Lockheed will not it for next lecture"

Serenity pauses in the door to look back at Lockheed as tears shimmer unshed in her eyes. She stands there wordless for a moment then turns and runs from the room. In completely uncharacteristic fashion, her footsteps are audible.

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