(2017-08-07) A Blast from Someone's Past
A Blast from Someone's Past
Summary: The trustee of the St. Clair Fund comes looking for Serenity and finds Kitty and Star-lord instead.
Date: 2017-08-07
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NPCs: Howard Kildaire
Scene Runner: Serenity
Social/Plot: Social

Star-Lord comes into the foyer from the direction of the elevators, with Kitty, chatting away about some plan he has for the ship's hospitality platforms. "So after that business about ship's security, I'm thinking we should put shockers on those things…"

Kitty laughs softly "I can rig shockers. And can make them so Milano can use them as weapons, if needed. " She pushes her shoulder to his. "And we can zap Emma some time"

Though there's a no trespassing sign outside the school, some people are willing to brave the possible consequences. The gentleman who opens the front door and comes into the foyer is dressed quite formally in an expensive Italian suit looking purposeful. "Excuse me? Is there someone here who can help me?"

Peter looks at the stranger, not seeming to know what to make of him right away. He glances at Kitty, "Seen this fellow before?" he asks. He waves to the stranger anyway.

Kitty looks over and blinks a few times. "Nope" A wry grin at the man in a suit "I can help escort you to security, so you can get a visitor badge, and then who ever your looking to meet can be called."

The man moves forward and nods, "I would appreciate your help. I'm not even sure the person I am looking for is here. I am hopeful however." He offers his hand, "My name is Howard Kildaire. I am the trustee for the St. Clair Fund."

Peter says, friendly, "Come on inside, let's get you that badge and then we'll see what we can do." he moves closer to the door, as if to close it, but also has a closer look at Howard.

Kitty nods her head. "Hello Mr. Kildaire. Welcome to Xavier's" She refrains from offering her hand. The eyes flicking over him. "We do have students here, so security is crucial." She fishes her tablet out and taps a few times. "Security has been tracking you. They know I have you know." She motions to a conference. "If you could steps in there please, away from the students"

Howard retracts his hand when it isn't taken by Kitty. He nods and goes where indicated. "Very good security then." Once they are out of the student area, he explains his business, "I am not a huge follower of popular music, but I happened to see an advertisement for Parker Industries new recording division in my portfolio of possible investments for the fund. Upon inquiry, Parker Industries was convinced to give me the address of this school as the current residence of their new singer, Serenity."

Peter continues to walk with the two of them, letting Kitty take the lead on how best to respond, given her seniority.

Kitty motions him to sit "I apologize fro not shaking hands. This school has been attacked numerous times, and X gene powers can express in unusual ways" Kitty's fingers tap, looking up the St. Clair Fund using Xavier databases. She takes a seat "What's the St. Clair Fund?" She is deadpan, no reaction to the name he gives

Howard sits down and rests one hand on the table in front of him. "The St. Clair Fund is a trust fund that was set up by Beatrice St. Clair. At her instructions over the years it has funded several philanthropic endeavors, but it's primary purpose is the maintenance of the St. Claire family." This jives with the information the Kitty can find using the databases.

Peter pulls up a chair, sitting the wrong way on it, resting his hands on the back of it. "Not familiar," he says, "But I'm not from… Westchester." he adds after sounding like he was about to say something else.

Kitty look to Peter and smiles, she slides the tablet his way. She looks back and nods her head. "And you seem to think someone connected to that is connected to the school? What would be your interest in the person?" She asks, trying to appear friendly

Howard nods, "Parker Industries would not give me more than their artist's stage name of Serenity when I inquired. I am hoping that it is her actual name rather than merely a stage name. You see, I have been looking for Beatrice's daughter, Bethany and her grand-daughter, Serenity, since Beatrice St. Claire passed away. I am hoping that this Serenity is in fact the missing granddaughter."

Peter picks up the tablet and taps at it studiously, looking distracted. But his eyes flick up when Howard makes himself clear. Also, he just texted Serenity: "Hi, you around, someone looking for you."

Kitty nods her head gently. "Well, my condolences. Do you have a picture of the person you are looking for?"

Howard reaches into a pocket to take out his wallet. "Not a recent one." He offers over a picture of Serenity from several years ago. It could be the same girl but it doesn't have to be. Unfortunately there is no response from Serenity to Peter's text for whatever reason.

Kitty takes the picture and looks at it. "May i take a picture of this, run it through our database?" She smiles politely. "I am assuming this has something to due with family connections. And, if the student is a student here, I'm be happy to act as a go between if they want any contact with you, or their family"

Peter nods, and says to Howard, "I think you'll understand that's pretty standard privacy practices." he frowns at the tablet but moves it back towards Kitty.

Howard smiles wryly, "Feel free to take an image of it, but I would like the picture back. Her mother gave it to me and I miss her. So then you will not confirm whether or not she is living here?"

Kitty takes the tablet and takes a copy of the image. "We have a lot of students here. Like i said, i can check. And if the person wants any contact, i'll let you know. Other then that, you will not hear from me. Only if they want info"

Peter stands up from the chair and puts it back right way in. "Is there anything else we can do for you at the moment?" he asks politely.

Howard takes a card from his wallet and offers it to Kitty. "Here. Take my business card. It has the address of my office and both my office and personal phones. Please. If she is the Serenity I am looking for, please tell her I look forward to seeing her." He stands when Peter does, interpreting his manner as something of a dismissal despite its polite tone.

Kitty looks to the man and taps her tablet. His phone chimes "You have my contact information. And i ask, knowing you may have privacy concerns, but what do you want with the person?"

Peter pauses and leans against a wall, this question seems to interest him as well.

Howard pauses at the question. "Bethany St. Clair was my friend before she was married. We remained good friends until she disappeared. I am hoping that if the girl is her daughter, she will know where I can find her mother."

Kitty nods head head gently "Well, if the young woman is hear and walks to talk to you, she or i will reach out. There is security outside the door here, they'll escort you out"

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