(2017-08-09) Captain America Meets Nightcrawler
Captain America Meets Nightcrawler
Summary: Amanda runs into Steve Rogers and Kurt. After introducing the two Kurt gets called away and Steve invites Amanda to see his place since he's seen hers.
Date: 2017-08-09
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After a long week of splitting her time between scrying without a personal focus and working as a flight attendant, Amanda has given herself permission to relax this evening and is currently taking a stroll down 5th Avenue alongside Central park.

"Amanda," comes a man's voice from just behind her, off to one side. This isn't the harbinger of someone lunging to grab her, thankfully. Rather, it's Steve Rogers, in his civilian gear, walking along the same street. If she turns, he lifts a hand in a wave. "Long time no see."

Amanda Sefton pauses and turns to offer a smile as she recognizes the voice. "Steve. Not that long given how much time I spend out of the city."

Steve smiles. Even though he's very clearly a big, strapping man, he has a smile that's best described as 'boyish.' It's not about the shape of his face, but rather the attitude that comes from within. "Maybe when you have a day job like mine, everything just feels further apart than it really is, I suppose." He's wearing a lightweight blue jacket, zipped up almost all the way, but even on his broad frame, it seems like it might be a size too big. He opens his arms for a hug. "Careful. Wearing it on my back under this." 'It' could only mean his shield, really.

Amanda Sefton steps into the offered hug, "Well that makes it a little harder to give you a hug. How have you been while I was serving drinks and fending off men in first class?"

"I did tell you you'd have to be careful," Steve says wryly. His own hug is a light one, but perhaps out of necessity. Even a light hug from Captain America conveys a sense of his peak-human strength. Bearhugging people at will will just lead to chiropracty. "Classified," he says with a wink after the hug separates. "Though Symkaria's not all bad this time of year."

This results in a sultry laugh from the blonde. "So if I want to know what you're up to I have to scry you out then?" Amanda winks in return then begins walking slowly along the street again.

Steve walks alongside Amanda and gives a bit of a grin again. "Well, you'll either find me on a classified mission against threats to international security, or struggling to work my Roku. I'm not sure which I'd rather you see, to be honest," he teases gently.

There is a faint puff of smoke in a nearby tree followed by a nasty string of very harsh German swear words and a group of squirrels running for their life. An indigo-hued figure drops out of the tree, hanging by a tail for a moment, still swearing in German and spitting out leaves. Even Kurt Wagner misses a teleport now and then. It is positively filthy language.

Amanda Sefton knows that voice and starts to smile but is caught off-guard by the language. She pauses to look over at Kurt as she answers, "Oh you definitely want me to see you struggling with modern technology. You are a man out of his time after all." She arches a brow at Mister Blue and Fuzzy.

Steve pauses and looks too, cocking his head as he looks into the trees. It's not 1944 anymore, so the mixture of smoke and German alone doesn't exactly raise his hackles. "You say that like I'm a doddering old man," Steve says, while still looking toward the trees. Then his glance flicks back to Amanda. "I'll have you know, I can use my smartphone as well as anyone in my age group," he says teasingly.

Dropping down onto all fours, Kurt alights from the free. He starts to brush his clothing off, to get the leaves and all the rest of it off his clothes. "Oh, Hallo leibling!" He calls out to Amanda. he pushes a hand through his hair to straighten it out.

Amanda Sefton grins at that, "Your actual age group or the one you look like you belong in?" She lifts a hand to wave at Kurt, "Good evening Kurt." She glances between the two men then asks, "Steve, have you had a chance to meet Kurt Wagner?"

"No comment," Steve quickly replies to Amanda's joke about his age group, but he's clearly in good humor about it. "I don't think we've ever crossed paths for an extended period, but I'm certainly aware of your reputation." Steve puts a hand out towards Kurt, offering a good, firm, masculine handshake. "Steve Rogers. A pleasure."

"Herr Captain." Kurt says. His hand.. well is an oddity. The grip though is firm, respectful and friendly. "It is a pleasure. Mine adoptive parents spoke of how their own parents had been removed from camps. The Romani were not favorite people. It is a pleasure, sir." Kurt sounds like he means it. His smile is almost charming, if one can forgive his teeth. "You the lord's work, mein herr. Danke."

Amanda Sefton smiles, "Yes. You have always done very good work. Kurt and I were raised together in Germany. So where shall we go now that I have my two favorite men with me on my self-appointed night off?"

Steve meets Kurt's eyes when the other man speaks. It's clear that this isn't simply small talk to him, and he takes in Kurt's words with a focus that you normall see in winning race car drivers. (Besides, he's a guy who plays poker with Ben Grimm, so he's seen far scarier mouths than Kurt's.) "That means the world to me to hear, sir," Steve says. "I did what I could. We all did. So, no, thank you, because hearing things like that remind me of why we fought, and why we had the conviction to win." Steve lets out a quiet breath. "Sorry if that got a little serious, there. You two were raised together? Interesting. And, ah, I'm fairly easy." He reaches behind his shoulder and raps his hand on the shield under his jacket, producing a dull, metallic 'donk' noise. "Just nowhere with metal detectors, I think."

Amanda Sefton nods to the comment, "We used to have an acrobatic act together when we were young." She glances down at herself then murmurs, "I am not dressed for anywhere fancy but I can always fix that by conjuring something different. If we wanted to go somewhere nice."

"I'm not dressed to the nines either," Steve says with a chuckle. "Though considering what you've been up to lately… since I've seen your place… why don't you come see mine? That way, I can be the one serving /you/ drinks."

Amanda Sefton glances at Kurt as his phone starts ringing and draws Steve a little further off so he can answer the phone in privacy. "Just how far away is your place?"

"Not far." Steve gestures up the street. He offers his arm to link with Amanda's as they walk. He's not aware if Kurt sees this gentlemanly gesture, nor is he sure what Kurt would even make of it. But Kurt's on the phone, so.

Amanda Sefton takes the proffered arm because she knows it's just what a man from Steve's era was raised to do. "So do you happen to have German liquor in stock?"

"We don't keep as full of a bar as we used to," Steve notes. "But I'm sure I'd be able to turn some up." He walks with Amanda, keeping his pace comfortable for her. After all, no one wants to get dragged along by a super-soldier's elbow. After a short walk, Steve stops, turns, and gestures to Avengers Mansion. "My place," he notes with a wry little smile.

Amanda Sefton chuckles softly, "Of course it is. I don't know why I didn't think of that. I knew the Avengers were here on the Upper East Side. I have been in the infirmary before." She glances back down the street in the direction of Kurt then finally says, "For future reference, Schnapps is my favorite."

Steve uses his Avengers ID to gain the pair entry after they wait for Kurt a moment. "I'll keep that in mind. I'm not much of a drinker, most nights, but once in a while, with good company…" Of course Steve isn't much of a drinker. He's the supreme Boy Scout! Usually.

The halls of Avengers Mansion are, of course, tastefully decorated with photos and mementos of the team's triumphs, albeit no mementos that can actually be used as weapons or any of that. Cap's room is on the second floor, and it looks… well, functional, really. He's got a bookshelf, a TV, a laptop computer. A bed. There are a few personal affectations, like a vintage Brooklyn Dodgers pennant in a frame, but he's not the type to completely take over a living space, is he?

Along the way, a cabinet was opened up — a bottle of Schnapps, two German beers, two glasses. Steve looks to Amanda as the door is opened. "It's humble, but it's home. Doesn't seem like anyone's around at the moment — most of the team also keeps quarters off-base."

Amanda Sefton follows Steve inside. "I guess Kurt had to go take care of something." She pauses outside Steve's door and glances inside, "So do you just not like it or are you really that simple of tastes?"

Steve shrugs gently as he walks in and sets the glasses and bottles down on a desk. "I grew up in a time when getting anything at all felt like a luxury sometimes," he says, thoughtfully. "I suppose I've just never really outgrown that — I try not to take more than I need." He looks around the room, then to the bottles. "Unless you meant my taste in alcohol. In which case, no, I'm just an uneducated 'ugly American,' I think." He grins and unzips his jacket, revealing that he was in fact wearing the Captain America costume underneath, his shield strapped to his shoulders.

Amanda Sefton gestures to the German beer as she finally steps into the room. "I have nothing negative to say about your taste in alcohol. That is an excellent beer." She settles onto an available chair. "There's a very nice infirmary here."

Steve grins. "There is. And honestly, even if it might not look it… the place feels like home to me. Like you said before, I'm a man out of time. The Avengers helped me to not be a man out of place, too. Excuse me while I change out of this?" He turns away to take off the shield and the top of his costume, changing instead to a Stark Industries branded t-shirt that he probably got for free — but which tightens around his muscles appealingly. "So tell me more about your career as an acrobat," he says with a slight grin as he goes to pour Amanda a drink.

Amanda Sefton does not bother to look away as he changes. It's nothing she hasn't seen after all. She laughs at the request and leans back in her seat. "Kurt was the star of the act. We were fliers in the circus. He was always there to catch me if I fell."

Steve probably turned away just to avoid looking like he was showing off. After all, he wants to be a good host! But regardless, the view is very nice indeed, even from behind. "Wow," he says, genuinely impressed as he hands Amanda a drink and then twists the cap off of a bottle for himself. "That kind of trust is amazing, isn't it?"

Amanda Sefton nods, "It is. I have always had that with Kurt. I would trust him with my life." She sips from her drink then gives him a nod of approval before taking a second sip. "You've had that before haven't you?"

"A few times," Cap says with a nod. "Bucky, back in the war. Falcon. Most of my fellow Avengers, honestly. In a line of work like super-heroes, there's a lot of trusting one another to keep us all alive," he says with a slight shrug, as if he hadn't really given it a ton of thought. "But you can always tell when it's there, and it's special. It's chemistry. Not like the chemistry between us, a different kind, I think. Not to say that it's better or worse."

Amanda Sefton smiles, "I generally don't do teams so Kurt's really the only one I trust that way. I mean I've had other people I trusted, but not the same way."

Steve nods. "You don't do teams… More of a one man at a time kind of woman, right," he says, deadpan, then lets the corners of his lips move into a smile. Why, not only is Captain America drinking a beer, he's cracking a dirty joke.

Amanda Sefton blinks. Despite everything, she simply doesn't expect that kind of joke from him. Finally she murmurs, "When the right man's available why would one want anything else?" She offers him a brief salute with her glass then sips again.

Steve's a soldier — he's heard some of the filthiest talk on the planet, and probably said more than a few curse words himself, though he'd never admit it until pressed. "A nice way of looking at it," he says, saluting back. "Goes back to only taking what you need."

Amanda Sefton smiles, "When you can conjure what you want, taking things seems rather pointless at times." Her drink is finished off and the cup is set aside.

"There are some things that aren't the same when just conjured, I'd imagine," Steve says, offering Amanda a refill. His own bottle is going at a slightly slower pace. "Like a friend, or a lover."

Amanda Sefton smiles, "No. Friends I still have to come by the hard way. Get attacked in a random alley and be rescued by a passing hero." She chuckles and flashes him another wink.

Steve grins back at the wink. He sets his bottle down… and then leans closer, to offer Amanda a kiss. Nothing fancy. Just the good, old-fashioned kind.

When Steve leans in, Amanda accepts the kiss briefly then turns her head so he has her cheek instead and gives him the proper hug she couldn't give him with the shield in the way.

Steve accepts the hug, putting a bit more of himself into it than he did before, since he's not wearing his Cap costume. But that lack of Cap costume also means that his strength can be felt more, along with the definition of his musculature and the heat of his body.

Amanda Sefton whispers, "Ah, Gaje… you are appealing to my gypsy side right now."

Steve continues to hold Amanda, while whispering back, "And you're appealing to my red-blooded American male side."

Amanda Sefton laughs very softly, "I'm not doing anything but sitting her. You're the one who started the kissing."

Steve laughs softly as well. "Like a red-blooded American man would do," he teases back. "Though if some part of you is telling you to continue… well, I think I agree with whatever part of you says that."

Amanda Sefton admits softly, "I'd have to be dead for there not to be some part saying that. I'm a gypsy. However, I also committed to breakfast with my roommate who will be back in town tonight. I can't postpone it because she's leaving again tomorrow night."

Steve nods, still enjoying the closeness to Amanda, but not holding her in place or anything like that. "I understand," he says, as earnestly as anyone ever could. "Maybe sometime we could have a more organized date, then, if you like."

Amanda Sefton turns her head to kiss his cheek then murmurs, "Well you have my phone number if you want to get in touch to discuss something like that." She draws away from him and stands, "I should probably get to bed."

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