(2017-11-13) A Frozen Welcome
A Frozen Welcome
Summary: A frozen Iceman from an alternate universe crashes into Central Park where he meets Anduvin, a recently arrived Asgardian, and Amand Sefton.
Date: 2017-11-13
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"ARRrrrrggh!" A scream erupts from high up in the air though at first it is so far up that most people without enhanced senses wouldn't hear it. A young man, teenager, falls through the sky. At first it seems that this youth is completely covered in ice though closer inspection will reveal that he is completely made of ice. Aiming his hands down in front of him, he tries to form an ice slide but instead creates a massive column of ice, more of an ice tunnel that seems to quickly grow in size to several feet in width. The falling man and the growing ice tube seem to be heading quickly and uncontrollably towards Central Park.

A day ago, the Asgardian Anduvin Ulricson arrived on earth by way of the Bifrost. However, he clearly doesnt look like he is your average guy…either that or he's a cosplayer. Cape flowing with the wind as he explores, clearly looking for someone. He looks up to the sky to see Iceman falling from the heavens. He sighs a moment, before extending his hand swiftly, a black, yet exquisite in design, sword appears in his hand. He throws it at the falling Iceman, perhaps attempting to give him somethign to grab onto to break his fall.

Amanda Sefton can see Central Park from her apartment and just happened to be on her balcony when she saw the tube of ice heading for the park. The sound of a thousand harps fills the air as she steps through pink and gold sparkles into the park near where the ice tube is headed just in time to see Anduvin through his sword.

Unfortunately by the time the sword makes it to Bobby, the tube has become a large ball of ice completely incasing him. The growing ball of ice heads still for the park as Bobby fights to level it out. "Come on, who is driving this thing?!" He does manage to at least steer it to impact away from the crowds as the now fifteen foot diameter sphere of ice slams into the ground. Bobby seems to be stuck in the center of the ice though it is hard to tell where his icy body ends and where the ice sphere begins.

Anduvin seems to 'tsk' as Bobby hits the ground in his Ice sphere. Looks like something he would see in Jotunheim or some such. Thus does he warily approach, his hands staying at his side. He doesnt touch the ice, but he does examine it visually humming lightly. "Ho! Who doth rest in this natural machination of ice?" he asks curiously, hearing Bobby's scream.

Amanda Sefton walks over to the ice ball and frowns at it. "We should likely get him out of there. Don't you think?" She circles the ball studying it as she considers the possibilities.

Despite crashing into the ground at high speeds, the ice sphere isn't even cracked. To add to the oddity, the young man inside doesn't seem injured or even appear cold. "Ho!" He responds not sure who actually talks like that. "Yes, out, out would be good." He moves his hand to try and create an opening in the ice though it doesn't seem to move for him. He then seems a bit surprised as his hand seemed to move through the ice.

Anduvin would nod faintly. Okay, definately someone alive in that mess of a ball. Though Amanda gets his attention. "Ah, yes, Lady of this realm, do you have any ideas? If he himself is ice, getting him out could be a dire problem."

Amanda Sefton considers for a moment then carefully gestures and begins try and diminish the amount of water within the ice thus making the ice less dense.

Bobby starts moving his arms some finding that he can get some movement within this large sphere of ice that crashed into Central Park with him in it. He then tries to make some swimming motions which helps him start to make his way to the edge of the sphere. As he feels the ice starts to change in density, he calls out through the ice, "Hey, what's going on." His voice sounds odd passing through the ice as he speaks.

Anduvin examines the ice now, putting his hand on the sphere. He had no magic that could cure this, but he does feel the shift in density even where he is. He's at least that skilled. "Whatever it is you are doing, keep doing it. It appears you have found a way to free thyself perhaps. The ice loses it's form."

Amanda Sefton calls out through the ice, "I am making the ice less dense so you can try to break free. It should be easier. How did you get in there?"

"I tried to create an ice slide and this happened?" Bobby explains as he gets nearer the edge of the sphere which still hasn't begun to melt in the heat of the day. "One minute I was flying though space on with a hammer welding guy on some bridge made of rainbows, I think he called it double cold bridge or something. Next thing I know, I'm falling through the sky." Finally Bobby makes it all the way to the edge of the sphere. He sticks a hand through its surface near the two of them. His hand is completely made of ice.

Anduvin's eyes widen when Bobby makes mention of a hammer wielding guy through a bridge of Rainbows. "You speak of Thor, Son of Odin and God of Thunder. Your mode of transportation was the Bifrost. It utilizes the paths between realms." he explains. "Though…what confuses me is…Thor Odinson is unworthy of the hammer…thus is there a new Thor. Your story doesnt add up." he says simply, though when a hand is seen, Anduvin reaches out to tug on it, probably to pull Bobby through.

Anduvin's eyes widen when Bobby makes mention of a hammer wielding guy through a bridge of Rainbows. "You speak of Thor, Son of Odin and God of Thunder. Your mode of transportation was the Bifrost. It utilizes the paths between realms." he explains. "Though…what confuses me is…Thor Odinson is unworthy of the hammer…thus is there a new Thor. Your story doesnt add up." he says simply, though when a hand is seen, Anduvin reaches out to tug on it, probably to pull Bobby through.

Amanda Sefton continues her spell to remove the water from the ice as she comments, "Not here perhaps, but it's possible the Thor where he comes from was still worthy."

As Anduvin says that Thor was unworthy of the hammer, Bobby's eyes narrow. He quickly pulls his hand away from him and works to get out of the ice even harder now. There is an aggitation to his movements as he says, "No, you are wrong. I just saw him. He just saved me from …." He stops as though he just figured something out. "Your clothes. Your talk. You work for him, don't you!" Bobby fights free of the ice sphere clearly afraid of Anduvian and trying to keep his distance. His entire body is actually made of ice.

Anduvin blinks a few times when Bobby seems clearly afraid of him. "By 'Him', you certainly must mean the All-Father Odin. I know not of whom you speak of. Peace, Man of Ice." he lifts his hands up. Capable of fighting just choosing not to.

Once Bobby is free of the ice, Amanda suggests, "You should be more careful with your powers. You could really have hurt someone."

Bobby looks over at Amanda as though seeing her for the first time since emerging from the ice sphere. "I don't want to hurt anyone. I didn't mean to do that." He gestures towards the ice sphere which causes it to swell in size. The temperature of the air around is starting to drop by several degrees. Police sirens can be heard off in the distance. Speaking with a feared hostility still towards Anduvin, he says, "By him I mean Loki. Thor saved me from him, and now you speak badly of Thor. Clearly you must be for Loki then." Unfortunately, Bobby knows nothing of Asgarians or Odin except that Loki hurt him and Thor Odinson saved him.

Feeling a fight coming, with an extension of his hand, it almost appears like a sword manifests out of thin air, and it looks sharp and dangerous. "I do not wish to fight you, Man of Ice. You are clearly not a Jotun…too small." he tilts his head then. "I do not work for Thor's treacherous brother. I work for their father." he states simply.

Amanda Sefton suggests, "You're going to want to distance yourself from the ice unless you want to spend the night talking to the police. They're probably less than five minutes out since a bunch of people no doubt reported this. And if you can turn your ice off, I'd do it."

Bobby isn't sure he can trust the sword wielding guy, but the woman has a really good point. He looks at Anduvin and says, "I don't know what you are talking about. Who are Jotun? Why do you speak badly of Thor and yet call Loki a treacherous brother?" He then glances at the womand then looks around. "Um, okay, but I'm not sure where to go, and what do you mean turn off my ice?"

Amanda Sefton sighs, "I mean you should change back to your normal form if you have one. The ice is going to put you on the police's radar. I'd stick around to help mediate, but I have a flight early in the morning so I have to get some sleep. I hope things get better." And she really cannot afford another brush with the police. The last time the Hulk broke her apartment and she doesn't have MI13 to get her out of trouble at the moment. She slowly backs away from the Asgardian and his ice friend. Pink and gold globes of light begin to gather around her.

Anduvin narrows his eyes at Bobby. "You do not call this reality home do you? In these realms, Thor yet lives, but he is without Mjolnir. Mjolnir, the hammer you speak of, lies in the hands of Jane Foster." He tilts his head then at Bobby, shaking his head lightly.

Hearing the sirens get closer, Bobby starts to move away from the ice sphere towards the Reservoir in the north part of the park. He watches how the woman disappears though he has no idea what she means by his 'normal form' because he doesn't know he is living ice right now. Glancing at Anduvin, he is clearly still on edge in case the man does anything. "I don't know you mean. I was coming here with Thor because some people called Avengers might help me. Next thing I know, he was gone, or I was, and I was falling through the sky."

Seeing the tension die down a little, the sword in Anduvins hand dissipates the same way it arrives. "Hm…Strange indeed." he looks then to the sound of the sirens. "We won't be safe here." then back to Bobby. "Hm. My duty is to watch over and guide Thor. I care little for the more treacherous of Odin's sons in Loki. Regardless, this area is not safe."

Bobby keeps talking as he approaches the Reservoir. "I, I don't want to think about your people. I've met two, well, before you I met two. I guess you make the third. The first one I met tortured me and messed with my powers. The second saved me and then disappeared." He hesitates a bit and doesn't say the last thing he was going to say. It's obvious he is leaving something out. When he reaches the Reservoir, he starts to walk around the edge of it trying to get away from the melting ice sphere and the sirens which are but seconds from the sphere.

Anduvin does not look amused however way you cut it. "If you let fear rule you, you will become like the worms that crawl through the ground." he starts to approach Bobby at a slow pace. "If you come with me, I'll take you away from this place. Afterwards, your fate is your own. If not, your fate is still your own."

When Anduvin starts to come at Bobby, Bobby starts backing away which leads him closer to the water. The police have reached the icy sphere and are meeting with eye witnesses. "Go with you? Where? My travels with your people haven't be overly helpful yet." He is now just a couple steps from the edge of the water and still walking backwards.

Anduvin keeps approaching, though he does turn towards the police, then back to Iceman "If you wish to fall off the ledge into the water, best make it quick. We are out of time. I care very little if my people have been helpful to you or not." he looks back to the police, narrowing his eyes a moment before looking to Iceman. "The choice is yours. as for where, simply that rooftop." he points a fair distance away.

Anduvin finaly approaches him, extending his hand to the -far- younger human. "Here, I'll help you." though this was certainly secretly a bad idea…..

Bobby hesitantly takes a step twards Anduvin. This clearly is a difficult decision for the youth and takes great courage. Finally, as though making a sudden choice, he reaches out for the Asgardian's hand. The instant Iceman touches him, Anduvin starts to freeze over. The ice forms at the point of contact and quickly grows until he is completely covered. Bobby takes a step back suddenly. "I, I didn't mean…."

"Hey, you. Freeze!" Yells one cop at Bobby. Iceman looks from Anduvin and then to the cops. He gestures to the ground and a wall of ice wall several feet thick and ten feet high suddenly grows up from the ground. "Frozen." He turns and starts to run away trying to find a place he can stop and think.

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