(2017-11-16) A Helping Glove
A Helping Glove
Summary: Amanda Sefton arrives at the zoo and helps Iceman with a pair of gloves.
Date: 2017-11-16
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The activity in the Zoo was a bit slow at this time of day. Most of the people were already starting to file their way out. None of them happened to noticed the unplanned addition to the Polar Circle of the zoo. Admist the pinguin and polar bear exhibits was a man made entirely of organic ice. Bobby had found the best place to hide was among the frozen sections of the zoo while he tried to figure out what was going on. If everything here was already so cold and frozen, then at least he couldn't freeze things quite so easily. He was getting pretty good at hiding from guests though since he figured most of them were gone, he wasn't being too careful. Probably the oddest thing some guests have noticed was the slices of frozen pizza in the area.

Amanda Sefton has the day off today so she decides to take a stroll in the park. She wanders a bit and finally finds herself in the zoo. She hears a rumor about frozen pizza and finds herself following said rumors to the polar circle.

Bobby has managed to find an area of the polar bear exhibit that is free of the bears. After their feeding time, they tend to go back to protected pens to sleep. Once there he takes a deep breath and points at a wall. A wide column of ice shoots from his hands and quickly coveres the entire surface of the wall. He lowers his hands and stops the spray seeminly unhappy with the results. He turns to walk away and notices the woman approaching. He tries to hide but there aren't many hiding places here so he ends up moving behind a rock.

Amanda Sefton catches the shooting of the ice column even though she isn't close enough to see who caused it. She also is smart enough to have a good idea though. She heads in that direction and when she gets there says quietly, "I know you're here."

Bobby waits for a few moments before finally coming out. "I'm not doing anything … oh, I remember you. You are the lay who was there when I first…well, crashed into Central Park." He walks in her direction though he stays several feet from her. "How did you do that disappearing trick of yours? That would sure come in handy."

Amanda Sefton smiles, "You mean my teleportation? I don't think my methods will help you unless you'd like to practice magic for years."

Bobby tosses up his hands a little bit which causes little bits of snow to fly from them. "Oh, I doubt that will help. I can't even use what I'm supposed to be able to do." He shakes his head then looking up he says, "I'm Bobby, by the way. I'd shake your hand but…" Instead of answering he points to one of the frozen pizza slices.

Amanda Sefton nods thoughtfully, "Have you thought of getting training? I could possibly put you in touch with someone. Or I could turn you into a bear so you can hide more easily."

"Training sounds great," Bobby says with typical teenage enthusiasm. "The bear part? Not so much. Thor, the guy who saved me, yes a guy, said he was going to help me. Said something about Avengers, but then I haven't seen sight of him since the … double cold bridge. The guy I met in Central Park said Thor was a woman, which I still don't get." Bobby gets a bit quiet and soft when he speaks of the Asgardian Anduvin. "I touched him….before I knew what my touch did."

Amanda Sefton purses her lips thoughtfully, "Well I do know one of the Avengers. It's not Thor though. It's Captain America." She frowns a little, "You didn't hurt him did you?"

"Captain America?" It is clear from the way Bobby says the name that he has not heard of him before. "Sounds very patriotic. Do you really think he could help me though?" When she asks if he hurt Anduvin, Iceman looks down. He is silent for a moment. "I … I froze him. Solid. Didn't mean to. He was going to help me get to the top of a building and away from people. I froze someone before, on purpose, but I never froze them. Only around them. Not like that."

Amanda Sefton hmms softly, "So… you can't stop freezing things even if you want to?"

Bobby's icy face looks remorseful. "I can't. Loki did … something to me." From the way he says 'something' it was both something horrible and something he doesn't want to talk about. "I can't control my powers." He gestures to the wall there says, "I was trying to freeze a small section. I can't even turn back to normal. I look like … this."

Amanda Sefton nods slightly, "Well you really cannot hurt me doing this. I can put up an elemental shield to stop the ice from touching me so don't worry about that in my case. I won't let you hurt me."

For being frozen, Bobby's eyes still got rather large. "Doing what? What are we going to do?" He takes a step back not from fear of her but fear of hurting her.

Amanda Sefton smiles and summons a pair of sub-zero proof gloves for her hands with a quick gesture. She then holds out one hand to Bobby. "Were you able to control your abilities before?"

Bobby looks at the gloves amazed how they just appeared out of no where. "That's … cool." He then remembers that she asked him something. "I had control. I practiced a lot once I found out what I could do, but now? Now, it seems like it's too much. Like before? I could cover myself with an ice bearer, but now I am ice." A bit of dispair sounds in his voice as he says that last part. He walks closer to her now that she has the gloves on. As she reaches out a hand, he barely touches her pinky finger for just a brief moment.

The touch of the ice makes the finger freeze, but the freeze does not actually go through the gloves. Amanda murmurs, "Magic can be fun. There has to be some way to undo what Loki did to you and get you back to your control. I would normally suggest you see the X-men but you might be a bit dangerous for the school."

Bobby watched as the glove froze but her hand did seem to be okay. She wasn't scream or turning solid which was a good sign. "The X-who?" This Bobby never met the X-men, was never rescued by Professor Xavier and Cyclops. "I hope there is a way to undo what he did…or at least control it." He then looks at her hand again before looking at her face. "You know, normally I wouldn't give a second thought to when a beautiful woman wants to hold my hand, but what are you going to do?"

Amanda Sefton gives him a smile, "Well, if the gloves prevent my hands from being frozen by your touch, they might also be able to allow you to touch things without freezing them. Would you like a pair?"

Bobby thinks for a moment and then says, "If you don't think wouldn't freeze solid over a long time. I wouldn't be able to wear them all the time because I have to try and get some control. Do you really think your Captain American can help?" He almost gets the name correct.

Amanda Sefton murmurs, "I'm not sure he can help but he has more resources available to him than I do. And it will at least let you eat your pizza without freezing it solid first." She makes another gesture and summons a pair of gloves for his hands that have the protective material on both the inside and the outside along with an extra layer of thermal insulation to keep them from freezing completely. "How's that?"

Bobby takes the pair of gloves and tries them on. "Hey, they fit." He flexes his fingers a bit in the gloves. "The weird thing is: I'm ice, completely made of the stuff, but I'm not cold. Even a little." He looks up at her and says, "Once I figure all this out, I'll find a way to repay you. Promise." He then asks, "How do I met Captain American?"

Amanda Sefton offers him yet another pleasant smile. "I don't mind helping out. As long as you take them off twice a day, those shouldn't freeze solid like you were worried about just leave them off until they are above freezing inside then put them back on. I embedded a small thermometer in the fabric so you can see the temperature of the inside material. As for meeting Captain America, I can call him and have him meet us somewhere if he's available."

"Wow, that's great." Bobby says. "I practiced really hard to get good with my powers because I want to help people." Sounding a bit less enthusastic and more rational he admits, "I'm not sure how much help I can be seeing I can only freeze things. Maybe I can save the world from one heat wave at a time." He chuckles a little bit.

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