(2017-11-17) Panther at the Zoo
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Summary: Black Panther goes to investigate the odd ice events at the zoo and encounters Iceman.
Date: 2017-11-17
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As the zoo began to close for the night, Bobby once more emerged from hiding. He was sitting with some pizza that had been left by one of the vendors. They had to throw away preppared food that hadn't been eaten. Three of the four pieces were frozen. Bobby held the last unfrozen piece of pizza in his hands. He is wearing a pair of very unusual gloves which don't seem to match the rest of his clothing. The clothing looks frosted as though it is extremely cold though the gloves do not have that frosted appearance. His entire body is made of organic ice with a semi-transparent quality to it.

The incidents have been going on for days, now. Weird ice sculptures suddenly appearing. Frozen pizza slices found around the area with no explanation. And a giant sphere of ice. Rumors, also, of a man who appeared to be frozen solid, or perhaps made of ice. It is enough that the Avengers have chosen to take an interest.

Their solution? Shuri of Wakanda, aka the Black Panther. Granted, most expect her older brother when that title is thrown around. But King T'Challa is busy back home. Shuri is here, and helping out. So here she is.

The black-hooded figure started in the Park, examining the area. She moves with the same predatory grace others expect of the Black Panther, and the costume surely fits the expectation. But she is smaller of build, and there are visible feminine curves to be found. There are other differences, but they are subtle. There's a great deal more tech in Shuri's suit than her brother ever uses. Including advanced scanners.

It is those scanners which bring the Wakandan princess and temporary Avenger to the zoo, following a trail no human eye can see. And what she spots, from atop a nearby enclosure, is a frozen man, in air that causes him to 'steam', because he is colder than that air. Attempting to eat a pizza slice.

The suit's vocoder unit alters her voice, enhancing it, making it louder through the right auditory ranges to carry further, and seem deeper, more powerful. "You look like you're having issues, Sir. And you are here after closing." Just that. No more. No quips. No threats. No questions. Just an observation … and patiently waiting.


He hadn't even heard her coming. Just suddenly, there was a voice behind him. Standing quickly to his feet and dropping the poor pizza, Bobby turns to look at the source of the sound. He was surprised again by the combination of beauty and ferocity of the figure there below him. He takes off the gloves which shows that even his hands are made of ice. "Issues? That's about all I've had. Had them so long I don't know how long its been. As for closing time?" He shrugs and adds, "The ice doesn't seem to mind." He isn't sure what this woman is planning or even who she is. All he knows is that he has to be ready. For all he knew, she could be friends with Loki or sent by the police.

"Well, the ice may not mind, but those who own and manage this place care." Black Panther offers. She does not attack, though the approach was very aggressive in style. "You say you are having issues. Do you need help with your issues?" As far as she knows, this guy hasn't hurt anyone. Perhaps aid can be lent? It's worth asking, at least.

Bobby shrugs and says, "I've tried my best to make sure I haven't messed up anything or harmed any property. I only try to eat that which is tossed out at the end." He gestures down to the frozen pizza. "Not that it does me any good." It seems like he can't control his freezing ability. When she asked if he needed help, he says, "A lot, but I'm not sure any more. When some guy, yes guy, named Thor rescued me, he said something about the Avengers helping me. But when we were coming on the double cold bridge, he disappeared. Or maybe I did. And ended up here. I met some woman who made these gloves appear. She said she would talk to a Captain American or something so I'm trying to wait." Trying being the key word. He wasn't a sit around patiently type of guy. He wanted to work and figure this out. As she continues her aggressive approach, Iceman says, "Please don't get too close. I don't want to hurt you, even accidently like I did that one guy."

Black Panther shakes her head, slightly. "The Odinson has not been seen here in quite some time. The Thor is a woman, and a friend of mine." There's a tone, there, even altered by the vocoder, that implies she doesn't name many as friend. "Captain America is as well." She inclines her head towards the popcicle man. "I am Shuri of Wakanda, the Black Panther. What may I call you?" A cab is not an option, apparently.

"My name is Robert Drake," he says while extending his hand as though to shake her hand simply out of habit. He very quickly catches himself and pulls his hand back. "But everyone calls me Bobby. Well, except that one guy who was of the same people as Loki and Thor. He called me Man of Ice." He shrugs again. Seems a very teenager thing for him to do. "Oh, it is nice to meet you Ms. Shuri." He then says, "All I know is that the Thor that rescued me just a few days ago was a man. Big musclely dude with a hammer. You are the second person to say he is a she, or she is he…I'm confused."

The shrouded figure shakes her head. "No. The Odinson you met has not become a woman. But he became unworthy. Another raised his hammer, and by Odin's law, she has thus gained 'the power of Thor', and is called Thor. Most of us call her Lady Thor, for clarity's sake." She explains it gently, all things considered. And she does not try to shake Bobby's hand.

"Very well, Mister Drake. I realize you are trying to learn to control your powers, and the Avengers would encourage this. But perhaps we could assist in providing you a means of safely interacting with your world, and provide you a safer place for that practice?" It's an offer, but no force behind it.

Bobby shook his head a bit and little bits of ice came off. It was a bit much to think about. Someone becoming unworthy so another taking their fancy hammer and becoming them but a different them from the them they were? Bobby reached up and ran his fingers through his icy hair. It actually moved as he did so. "Bobby is fine." He says as she calls him Mister Drake. "I had my abilities under control until … well … Loki." There is a hesitancy, almost a fear to how he says the name. "I really just want to find a way to control them and help people. I'd really appreciate some help. I figured it out the first time myself, but it is so much more difficult now."

The Wakandan listens, without interrupting. Then she nods at last. "So. Before Thor, you ran into Loki. And Loki did something, which twisted your powers out of your control, perhaps making them much stronger than before?" she questions, awaiting an answer.

"Ran into Loki?" Bobby asks with shock in his voice. "He kidnapped me and took me to wherever they live. He - he did … things to me." Again there is that hesitation and fear in his voice as he says the word 'things.' There is a world of untold stories in that word though he doesn't seem very interested in telling any details. "Thor rescued me and was bringing me back along the double cold bridge. He said something about the Avengers. When I got here, my powers are way out of control, much more powerful than ever. Take me for instance - before I could cover myself with ice, like a piece of full body ice armor, but now? Now I am ice and I can't stop from freezing things by touch. I don't know how to stop or turn it off. I can't figure out how to become normal again or even if I can be normal anymore."

All of which translates, in the end, to 'yes'. Oh, Shuri lets Bobby vent, because being heard will help him remain calm. But really, in her own mind she just replaced all of that emotion and context with one word: Yes. "Very well. Chances are that the change was induced by Loki's magic, while you were in Asgard. The choice is yours, Bobby. You can come with me, and I will take you to the Avengers. We should be able to, at a minimum, give you a safer, more comfortable, and more legal place to work on your control. At best, we may be able to help you gain control, or even potentially to reverse the change. However, I must admit that I find it unlikely we would be able to completely reverse the augmentation." She believes in honesty, even when painful.

Bobby reaches down and grabs the gloves that he was wearing earlier. He puts them on and jumps down from his perch. There is a sound of shattering of ice when he lands though he doesn't seem hurt by the process. "If this is just my power, I'd rather get control of it than have it taken away. I'm not sure how I can help people like this, but I'd like to try." He glanced down at that last piece of pizza knowing it was pointless to try. "I'm ready. Don't own anything so nothing to pack."

Shuri nods. "An understandable request. Let us hope that we can be of proper assistance." That said, she turns and leads the way, walking openly along the pathways of the zoo towards one of the gates. As she approaches, she taps at the bracer on her other arm, a few lights flicker, and the gate swings wide open as she leads the way through. The gate closes itself a bit after they depart, heading out over Central Park towards the East, and the Mansion that houses the Avengers.

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