Blindfold (Earth-616)
Name: Ruth Aldine
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: North Carolina
Age: 18
Aliases: Blindfold
Origin: Mutant
Origin Earth: 616
Present Location: New Jersey, New York
Occupation: Student
Team: X-Men
Alignment: none listed
Significant Other(s): none listed
Powers and Abilities: Psychic Powers
Portrayed by: none

All About Ruth

Ruth Aldine was born without eyes, a condition that her family saw as part monstrous and part omen. Deeply ashamed, she was hidden away from the world, kept sheltered and largely abused. Her father ran away, in time, and her mother took her loneliness out on her. Her older brother saw her as almost demonic, blaming her for their parents' divorce and holding her in contempt. Eventually, her brother went mad and, in that madness, attempted to kill his sister. Their mother, for all her own sins, tried to stop him and, in the process, was murdered herself. He was sent to prison for his crime.

The worst part, of course, is that Ruth foresaw it all, her gift having awakened just beforehand, but her own terror and her own confusion made it impossible for her to do a thing about it.

Taken in by social service, Ruth has never quite adjusted to being torn from her home. While she was abused, yes, she also never knew anything else. Now she's surrounded by strangers and inundated by thoughts and visions that she still works to understand. Because of her strange gift, her manner of communication is odd, mingling past and future and present together, alienating her even further even from those who would offer her sympathy.

Perhaps she will find someone to help her with her gifts, someplace where she can belong. For now, though, she's run away from those who would institutionalize and 'care' for her, choosing instead to strike out on her own and make do the best she can.

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