Blood Spider (Earth-?)
Blood Spider
Name: Michael Bingham
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Pennsylvania
Age: 25
Aliases: Blood Spider
Origin: Altered Human
Origin Earth: unknown
Present Location: Vagabond
Occupation: Mercenary
Team: None
Alignment: Villain
Significant Other(s): unknown
Powers and Abilities: Super Strength, Super Agility, Enhanced Durability
Portrayed by: None

Michael Bingham was born to a decent enough family in a suburban area of Pennsylvania. Rambunctious and a bit of a trouble maker, he discovered a love for rock climbing and would often take summer trips with his father to seek out cliff faces to scale.

Graduating from High School, he followed his father's example and joined the army. It proved a good fit despite his rowdy nature and he soon became a army Ranger, serving in several conflicts during his twelve years of service. Here he made two, fast friends, Joe Emberlin and Timothy Karlskin. The three saw each other through thick and thin.

When released from their service, these three found it difficult to reacclimate to civilian life. With the job market being poor, they sought out work amongst the private military sector and took up a life as mercenaries, putting their acquired skills to excellent use… if not for the best causes.

They soon drew the attentions of Task Master and were recruited as part of one of his special projects. A commission to create a set of 'Nasty Avengers'. He and Timothy were enhanced, made stronger, faster. Joe, already a crack shot had his skill honed to the finest edge.

They were ready, needing only a actual field test. Task Master had them lay in ambush for Spider Man at a abandoned Hydra base. The unexpected addition of Solo turned it all upside down however… they got their asses kicked.

They've worked as a crew or seperately ever since, super powered mercenaries with all the skills that Task Master could teach them… It's been kind of rough.

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