Colossus (Earth-616)
Name: Piotr Rasputin
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Ust-Ordynski Collective, Siberia
Age: 40ish
Aliases: Peter, Colossus
Origin: Mutant
Origin Earth: 616
Present Location: Westchester, NY
Occupation: X-Man, Artist
Team: X-Men
(formerly) Magneto's Acolytes
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): n/a
Powers and Abilities: Transforms into Organic Steel
Portrayed by: None

The Rise

Piotr "Peter" Rasputin AKA Colossus, was born on a form in the good ole Soviet Ust-Ordynski Collective. When his sister was in the way of a run-away tractor, Peter threw himself in the way and his powers manifested. Soon after, he was recruited by Xavier and traveled to the Institute. There, Colossus acted as a long standing member of the X-Men.

Colossus' family, ultimately, came to be his weak point as after years of service, his sister was kidnapped. She was tortured and used as a test subject to manifest mutant powers in normal people. After she was rescued, she was brought back to the Institute to recover. However, it wasn't long before she became the first victim of the Legacy virus and perished.

After this tragedy, Piotr was convinced to join the Acolytes. There, he tried to temper them with the philosphy and teachings of Professor Xavier. However, his stay with them was short. He truly could not put his heart into the standings of the Acolytes and, after seeing what the true depths of their actions were, he left and returned to the X-Men.

The Fall

It was not long after his return to the X-Men that Piotr was caught up in the battle of the Morlocks. Pietr, along with the rest of the X-Men, endeavored to save the Morlocks from the Marauders. During these battles, Colossus saw the fall of many friends and when the pain of injuries and rage from so much loss became too much, he lost control and killed a Marauder. He soon succumbed to his wounds and guilt.

Pietr was heavily injured after the battle. Given their history, Magneto offered to help heal Colossus. However, this left Colossus unable to maintain either human or metallic form. Colossus remained off active roster for many years, instead choosing to paint and make a rather surprisingly successful career of being an artist.

The Return

A life of peace and painting was not meant for Pietr though. His cousins were targeted and murdered under mysterious circumstances. It turns out that Pietr Rasputin was a descendant of THE Rasputin. This led Colossus to rise up once more to protect what was left of his family. Now, Colossus remains with the X-Men on active duty once again.

IC Events

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