Deadpool (Earth-69)
Some middle-aged banker behind a keyboard.
Name: Wade Wilson
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Somewhere in Canada
Age: 40's
Aliases: Deadpool
Origin: Mutant
Origin Earth: 69
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Mercenary
Team: None, yet
Alignment: Anti-Hero
Significant Other(s): No
Powers and Abilities: Healing, Physically Enhanced, Fourth Wall Awareness
Portrayed by: Some middle-aged banker behind a keyboard.

Stuff That Wasn't In the Movie

  • I was born, somewhere in Canada. You don't really need to know where, other than it was cold and yes, my parents loved hockey.
  • I lived a horrible, mal-adjusted childhood where I was locked in a closet and only brought out for special occasions involving clown porn and stale Oreos.
  • That's a lie. The Oreos were fresh. Actually, it was a depressingly boring childhood. I couldn't wait to leave and ran away as soon as possible. At least, I'm assuming so - truthfully, I've forgotten what my childhood was like. Huh. I wonder if my parents are famous…
  • Regardless, what's important is that I joined the army. I know what you're thinking - Canada has an army? They do, look it up. I was so good I was in the special forces and started killing people for a living. Ah, good times.
  • Once out of the army, I took my specific skill set and *really* started to earn some buck from it, becoming a soldier of fortune. I was like the entire A-Team wrapped up into a package that looked way better than George Peppard or Dirk Benedict. Well, maybe not Benedict. Still, I was good. Worked a lot at Sister Margaret's - a real hell house of a place, but good for steady work against people who deserved it.

Stuff that Was in the Movie

  • You can skip this part by watching my movie. It's on Blu-Ray now!
  • Met Vanessa. Best year of my life. Then I got cancer.
  • Cancer - worst year of my life. Vanessa wanted to stay by me, damn her. Cancer was so aggressive I finally split to save her from dealing with the mess. Got so bad I signed up with some black-suit types for an experimental program to not only cure the cancer but to give me super-powers. Yeah, I believed them. I was desperate, okay?
  • They tortured me, but I did get super-powers - at a cost. Super healing, but I ended up looking like a moldy peach dipped in acid. With eyes. It's not pleasant. Don't worry, I wear a mask a lot.
  • Couldn't bring myself to tell Vanessa about what happened. Don't judge me, I make small children and old ladies shriek out in some horrible combination of fear, horror and pity.
  • Knowing I had only one course of action ahead of me, I enacted a lengthy and righteous plan of vengeance against the organization that had mutilated me. My goal? To force the head torturer, Francis (Francis!) to fix my face.
  • It was arduous, bloody, and left more dead bodies in its wake than the Game of Thrones, but after working my way from the bottom of the heap on up, I finally knew when and where I could find that sack of dick-tips. Victory was within my grasp!

Um, Deadpool: The Sequel?

  • Since this is the 3rd BG page, I'll recap to date. I'd been hunting up the crap-licking Brit Francis so that he could give me my face back, after which time I'd be able to be with Vanessa again and maybe, just maybe, live a normal life. I'd finally found him, and victory was about to be mine!
  • Then - just as I was about to get him to fix me, Colossus and some brat from the X-Men showed up.
  • They started to go on about being goody-two-shoeses and all that when everything went white. I swear, I thought the movie reel busted, except I knew it was filmed digitally. Data corruption, maybe?
  • Next thing I knew, I was here. Which was sort of like where I was before, except: No Francis, No Vanessa, and a whole shitboat of super-heroes in the news that I hadn't seen in *any* of the movies.
  • Even weirder? I seemed to belong here. I had my own place. Money. Lots of weapons - open contracts. Seems so real that part of me wonders if everything else was just some sort of fantasy I made up. I figured, what the hell. I seemed to be stuck here - so I may as well settle in.

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