The Hulk (Earth-408347)
The Hulk
Name: Robert Bruce Banner
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Place of Birth
Age: Forty-One
Aliases: The Hulk
Origin: Altered Human
Origin Earth: 408347
Present Location: New York, New York
Occupation: Scientist; physician
Team: Avengers
Alignment: (Anti?)-Hero
Significant Other(s): Significant Other(s)
Powers and Abilities: Summary of Abilities
Portrayed by: None

A father Bruce met only twice, after the man left his mother almost immediately upon finding out she was pregnant. He was named Robert in honor of the man, but the man held no honor as far as could be seen, so Bruce went by his middle name. He grew up in a house of emotionally-stunted individuals, strict Catholics who never knew love, themselves, so couldn't offer it to anyone else. He grew up in this home, before the days of services relating to the protection of children. Since nearly his third birthday, if it wasn't being cornered and beaten by his father for some imagined slight, it was his mother recounting the many and varied ways he was "evil", and saying he wasn't worth anything. Compounding this was the few times he went to authority figures, and their either shrugging in helplessness or saying he "probably deserved it".
Even at that age, a burning anger was growing in the back of his mind. Something that made him act out all the more, take every beating, give as much blood as they wanted to take from himand never stop. The Hulk was with him, even then, and stayed with him ever since. The Hulk was with him at twelve years old when he was big enough to put his father in the hospital for looking away while administering a beating. The savagery, the fury, that was unleashedthey never laid a finger on him again, but they only doubled-down on mentally destroying him.

Somehow he made it through, though not easily. He never did learn to trust people, nor how to really gauge how to handle even simple and regular friendshipsand his love life was far, far worse. Still, through it all, he kept a sense of duty to the innocent, the helplessthe powerless. He got in fight after fight after fight because someone was being attacked. He became the only nerd the bullies feared—because he wouldn't stop. He rarely /won/, but he always leapt in, and no matter how hard they beat him down, he struggled to his feet again. Better he than an innocent, he thought; he could take it. He could take anything.
This mentality followed him to college, then medical school, where he studied many of the sciences, focusing on biology and medicine, though with keen interests in other fields. He graduated medical school, did his residency, and became an actual Doctor.
Then he was given a research grant for a proposal.

The research was, in short, to try and unlock the hidden strengths that all humans have. The human body is a marvelous machine, one that automatically keeps itself from going too far, too fast, too hard. He led a very small team for the researchthey studied, and they tested. They tested, and they studied. From mathematical models to testing on pigs, rats, chimps, and anything else that was in any way comparable to the human body. After months and months and months, so many none of them could have guessed how many without their notes, they made headway. They realized that certain strains of D.N.A. that had certain genetic markers in certain locations and certain orders, when altered in a certain way by a certain strain of nanites and infused with a certain form of gamma radiationthey could enhance strength, endurance, you name it. They had, in short, taken the first step to making disease, injury, maybe even death itself a thing of the past. It would be a long road to that point, but the team had taken that first step.
That wasn't good enough, and they were about to have their funding slashed, their work given to another team to finish and see through to the end. To prevent this Bruce and Jane Valentine, a colleague, worked together in secret on a human test. The others thought the data didn't support human testing, and if it hadn't been for the growing collection ofwell, of fecesstorming overhead, Bruce and Jane might have agreed. But. They believed human testing was possible, and conveniently, Bruce almost fit the necessary genetic profile. Only almost.

They thought it was close enough, that with a few supplements of this and that, Bruce would be adequate. They were wrong. At zero-forty-seven hours, Bruce Banner lost his life, but he didn't die. The treatment worked, if only technically. What stepped put of that room wasn't human, and, it turns out, would never be human again. What stepped out of that room was a monster, driven by rage, unstoppable, and unthinking. Three of the team lost their lives when the creature rampaged through, including Jane Valentine. Bruce has been running ever since.
He's taken odd jobs here and there; he's picked up a few skills as he's roamed the world. He had to, to survive; sometimes it depended on him knowing how to clean a carburetor, or how to rewire a microscope into a one-time-use electric-shock generator, but he's had to learn a little bit of everything.
He wandered for so long, until he felt almost compelled to return to Manhattan. He didn't even get to spend a full night there before waking up in a world that was like his—yet so very, very much not.

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