Magik (Earth-616)
Name: Illyana Nikolievna Rasputin(a)
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Russia
Age: Early 20s
Aliases: Illy, Darkchilde
Origin: Infernal and Mutant
Origin Earth: 616
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Teleporter
Team: X-Men
Alignment: Heroic
Significant Other(s): n/a
Powers and Abilities: Magic and Teleportation
Portrayed by: None
  • Illyana's life started out as normal as anyone else's. She was the youngest child to Nikolai Rasputin and Alexandra Natalya Rasputina. The family lived upon a farm near Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. Their life was hard. There were times they had enough food to eat and times they didn't.
  • Life didn't change for Illyana until she was around six years old. It was then that she was abducted by a demon named Belasco to another dimension affectionately called Limbo.
  • It was in Limbo, that she would have a portion of her soul corrupted and changed, which would allow her to work magic; mostly black magic.
  • Belasco's plan was to create five bloodstones from Illyana's soul which would allow him to bring Limbo to Earth and allow him to call forth the Elder Gods.
  • Thankfully, for Illyana and the world, his plans did not come to fruition.
  • Instead, as Illyana aged (Limbo time is quite more fluid and quick then Earth time) she was taught by an alternate reality Cat and Ororo Munroe about survival and white magic. The seeds these two planted within her, helped Illyana to resist the siren call of her dark soul. Along the way, Illyana also realized that she was able to call forth the portals she often saw within Limbo. While she was unaware, this was actually her mutant abilities manifesting themselves.
  • It was only after the alternate Cat and alternate Ororo were killed by Belasco (and to an extent Illyana) that the young woman would finally make her decision to kill Belasco.
  • Accidentally, or perhaps purposefully on a subconscious level, Illyana created a sword. A soulsword. The ultimate expression of her mystical and magical powers. This sword allowed the young woman to beat back Belasco and eventually evict him from Limbo. Her realm. She could have killed him, yes, but when she realized that would turn her into him, she stopped.
  • Once Belasco was dealt with and Limbo was in her complete control, Illyana called forth a stepping disc and returned to Earth, where she ended up at the Xavier's Institute for Higher Learner.
  • From there, Illyana had many other adventures that included de-aging, death and eventual re-birth.

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