Mantis (Earth-616)
The Celestial Madonna
Name: "Mantis" Brandt
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Vietnam
Age: 29
Aliases: Mantis
Origin: Altered Human
Origin Earth: 616
Present Location: New York
Occupation: Celestial Madonna/Psychiatrist
Team: Avengers / Guardians of the Galaxy
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Significant Other(s): :P
Powers and Abilities: Psychic, Chlorokinesis, Healing, Pyrokinesis
Portrayed by: N/A

Guardian of the Galaxy.
Celestial Madonna.

Mantis has been — and remains — all three. The heroic sacrifice of her lover brought her to full Avenger status, and she defended Earth against alien threats. Many an adventure honed her skills and gave her a life she never would have dreamed of, in the monastery deep in Vietnam's countryside. Yet it was merely a stepping stone.

In time, she fulfilled the prophecy of her birth by ascending to become the Celestial Madonna, mother to a child destined to inherit the force cosmic. Unimaginably powerful beings hunted her down or interceded to see her delivered safely. Forces conspired against her taking a direct hand in her son's upbringing, however. Turning away from her sorrow, she took to the stars.

An active member of the Guardians under Star-Lord (her version, anyways), Mantis swore herself to the defense of the galaxy against some of those titanic threats. She was well and truly suited to spanning interstellar distances with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Some of her tales sound unimaginable, though, even to one who has lived it.

Then something happened. Words were shared. Visions piled on, too potent to ignore.

Mantis came home.

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