Moon Knight (Earth-711)
Moon Knight
Tom Hardy
Name: Marc Spector
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Place of Birth
Age: 32
Aliases: Moon Knight
Origin: Altered Human
Origin Earth: 711
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Vigilante/Cabbie
Team: None
Alignment: Antihero
Significant Other(s): Significant Other(s)
Powers and Abilities: Summary of Abilities
Portrayed by: Tom Hardy

First Phase|Marc Spector grew up the son of a rabbi, his Israeli father moving to New York just before the birth of his youngest son. Where his father was intellectual and gentle, Marc had a harsher temperament. Naturally athletic, he liked to get in trouble and rebel. He bullied other kids at school, enough that his father enrolled him in boxing classes, hoping to channel his son's raw, violent energy into something productive. In some ways, it worked. Marc became a competitive amateur boxer, an Olympic contender. He also showed the first signs of mental instability, sometimes lashing out or being overwhelmed with paranoia. Still, he held it together enough to pass the tests to get himself enlisted in the Army out of high school.

Dark of the Moon|Spector's path was pretty straightforward, if not wholesome. The Army lead to the Rangers and Special Forces. Special Forces lead to the CIA. Along the way, he picked up skills - infiltration, stealth, assassination, demolitions. He became an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant, known for his brutal efficiency. He also became known for violent outbursts and occasionally having to be pulled off of enemies even after they were dead.

Eventually, even the CIA couldn't tolerate it anymore and he found himself out in the cold. Marc became a mercenary, focused in the Middle East and Africa. He didn't have any particular morals, willing to work for whoever paid most. Or so he thought. When he began working for a regime that employed child soldiers and expected the slaughter of whole villages for disobedience, he found the limits of even his conscience. His refusal lead to him being beaten, tortured and driven into the desert. He wandered for three days with no water or food until he stumbled upon a lost temple in the wastes. The Temple of Khonshu, Egyptian God of the Moon. The God of Vengeance.

Moon Rising|In the temple, Marc was given a vision of Khonshu. Hardly a savior, Khonshu demanded loyalty for salvation, Marc's soul for another chance at life. With nothing to lose, Marc gave it. Wrapped in a shroud from the temple, he returned to his former encampment and dismantled his former mercenary allies. Dedicated to the service of justice and vengeance, he became Moon Knight.

Marc had put together quite a nest egg from his mercenary work, most in Swiss bank accounts. It enabled him, with his connections, to build a costume, buy equipment, gear, tech. It gave him a false identity - Steven Grant, international art buyer and collector, and a nice mansion in New York City and, for the purposes of research and undercover work, the identity of Jake Lockley, a city cab driver. And, of course, the most important identity of all - Moon Knight.

Broken Mirrors|A combination of recent chaos and the stress of balancing his identities, however, has taken a toll. Marc's mind has begun to fracture - hallucinations, voices in his head, disassociation. His various false identities have emerged as their own personalities, distinct personae within the single man.

For now, they seem to be holding together, working for a shared purpose and, in some ways, have given him benefit, his broken mind difficult to break or control. But his mental stability becomes more and more unglued as time goes on and who knows what happens if it breaks entirely?

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