Nightcrawler (Earth-616)
Yurren Von Schlicten
Name: Kurt Wagner
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Germany
Age: Early 20s
Aliases: Fuzzy Elf
Origin: Mutant
Origin Earth: 616
Present Location: NYC
Occupation: Adventurer, Swashbuckler, X-Man
Team: X-Men
Alignment: Good
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Teleportation, agility
Portrayed by: Yurren Von Schlicten

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  • Born to Raven Darkholme and Azazel (though Raven was married to Baron Christian Wagner at the time.) and chased out by villages. Kurt is abandoned, tossed off a cliff and rescued by Azazel, to be taken by Margali Szardos and raised in a circus.
  • Performed as a trapeze artist and acrobat.
  • Circus was bought out by Arnos Jardine and Kurt ended up in a freak show.
  • Rescued and Kurt went home to Germany. Found out his foster brother was killing people and 'stopped' him. Accidental death. Village found out, was getting chased out as they believed he was the one killing village children. Rescued by Xavier.
  • Taken to Xaviers to live and work.
  • When on an operation, he was depowered.. and eventually when it came back, it left him exhausted. Another fight left him in a coma.. and when he finally recovered, he believed his friends dead. So, went to England. Formed Excalibur.
  • X-men returned (not really dead) and Kurt returned.
  • Spends more time devoted to the church.
  • Soul searches for a bit, feeling as if he doesn't have a place after the loss of Kitty and the fact that there are other teleporters that do 'his job' better than he. Soon enough, he leaves for Germany again for a time, only returning to the US to help the X-Men.
  • This time, things get messier. Having a hand in rescuing some of the X-Men and 'saving' others, and he's leading teams with seasoned mutants.
  • Kurt is killed protecting Hope Summers, but he's not truly dead. He aids Wolverine in one of his battles against a demon, even if the other telepaths believe it was a figment of Logan's imagination.
  • Rescued from Heaven and aided by the X-Men to save Heaven from Azazel, Kurt is once again on this Earthly plane, though soulless.

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