Nightcrawler (Earth-616)
Name: Kurt Wagner
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Castle of Baron Christian Wagner, Bavaria, Germany (in the Bavarian Alps)
Age: Early 20's
Aliases: Nightcrawler
Origin: Mutant
Origin Earth: 616
Present Location: Westchester, NY
Occupation: Adventurer
Team: X-Men
Alignment: Good
Significant Other(s): unknown
Powers and Abilities: Teleportation
Portrayed by: None
  • From his earliest years, Kurt Wagner had a hard road to hoe. Born as the product of adultery between his mother Mystique, who was married to Baron Christian Wagner while impersonating a German noblewoman, and Azazl from La Isla des Demonas, Kurt's conception was steeped in mystery as Azazel had told Mystique to raise their child as if it were the Baron's. Raven agreed, and while her husband was suspicious, his "accidental" death ensured that no unsavory rumors were leaked to the public. However, when Kurt was born with blue fur, pointed ears, iridescent eyes, and a tail alarm was risen. Combine that with the fact that Mystique accidentally revealed her true form during the pains of child birth, and the two were soon chased from the town by a torch-toting mob. Mystique passed out, and left the infant Kurt floating down a river during their escape.
  • Rescued from the river by a sorceress by the name of Margali Szardos, Kurt was brought back to the circus where she lived as a cover for her sorceress abilities. He became friends with her two children, unofficially adopted into her care. Kurt's teleportation abilities had not yet manifested, though he was quite gifted in natural agility and by his adolescence had become the circus' premier acrobat and aerial artist. As things go, however, Kurt's shows brought less and less of a crowd, and the circus' ringleader decided to sell Kurt. Fearing for her "adopted" son, Margali freed Kurt and he fled the circus. While fleeing, Kurt accidentally knocked over a torch and set fire to the circus, enraging the ring leader who chased Kurt with his goons through the forest. Finally cornering him, and bringing a gun to bear, Kurt teleported to safety and took refuge in a church. Eventually he was tracked to the church, and the building was set on fire, likely as repayment for Kurt burning the circus. The situation was getting quite dangerous until Charles Xavier intervened and froze the mob searching for Kurt and programmed their minds to remember him dying in the fire. Eventually, Kurt made his way toward Germany where his unofficial brother, and child of Margali, was. Seeing that he had lost his mind, and killed several children, Kurt fought with him and killed him accidentally. The villagers, however, discovered Kurt and thought him a demon, until he was once again saved by Xavier and now recruited to the X-men.
  • When on an operation, he was depowered… and eventually when it came back, it left him exhausted. Another fight left him in a coma… and when he finally recovered, he believed his friends dead. So, went to England. Formed Excalibur.
  • X-men returned (not really dead) and Kurt returned.
  • Spends more time devoted to the church.
  • Soul searches for a bit, feeling as if he doesn't have a place after the loss of Kitty and the fact that there are other teleporters that do 'his job' better than he. Soon enough, he leaves for Germany again for a time, only returning to the US to help the X-Men.
  • This time, things get messier. Having a hand in rescuing some of the X-Men and 'saving' others, and he's leading teams with seasoned mutants.
  • Kurt is killed protecting Hope Summers, but he's not truly dead. He aids Wolverine in one of his battles against a demon, even if the other telepaths believe it was a figment of Logan's imagination.
  • Rescued from Heaven and aided by the X-Men to save Heaven from Azazel, Kurt is once again on this Earthly plane, though soulless.

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