Peggy Carter (Earth-81341)
Agent Carter
Hayley Atwell
Name: Margaret Carter
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: presumably London, England
Age: 36
Aliases: Agent Carter, Peggy Carter
Origin: Human
Origin Earth: 81341
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Founder of SHIELD
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): unknown
Powers and Abilities: none
Portrayed by: Hayley Atwell

Born in 1921 in London, England, Peggy received her education from St. Martin in the Fields High School for Girls. She was always quite brilliant and stubborn, so at the first rumors of war, she did everything she could to enlist. Through pure gumption and brains, she became a member of the British Royal Military by 1939 and quickly moved into an advisory role to the Strategic Scientific Reserve. She was an agent of the British Secret Intelligence Service throughout the 1940s and, through this position, became exposed to the world of people more powerful than humans.

She infiltrated HYDRA during her service and, after successes, was assigned as a liason by the British government to help the Americans combat Nazis. In 1943, she ended up assisting with Project Rebirth. She served as Steve Roger's escort to the SSR facility to undergo the procedure. She assisted Steven - then known as Captain America - and friends with taking down HYDRA's original installation during this time period. It was also where she lost Steve in a doomed final flight. She ended up leading an SSR team to destroy several lingering HYDRA projects.

She remained working with SSR in New York even after the war until she, and some close allies, ended up founding the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. It was 8 years into service of this new division that she was investigating old Nazi technology and got into a fight with an enemy who was still at large. After injuring her, he tossed her into an old cryo-chamber with intentions it be her death prison. Out of sheer luck, some power remained routed through ancient lines to the forgotten facility where she was trapped, lost to time until she was rediscovered by SHIELD in late 2015. She re-entered service to SHIELD and began to catch up to the modern world.

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